Sunday, June 22, 2014



Havent been writing for so long now. Still finding my muse to blog again.

Anyhoo, I woke up this morning feeling frustrated. Just lemme vent my frustration and i'll be new again.

Here it goes.

First of all, lemme stress here that i am not being judgemental because that's the worst thing to feel, as a new mom to feel judged.

I dont know how but somehow my journey as an EP mom knew by some people i've known for years, since school, degree years, distant relatives. Maybe some birds passed the news or they happened to stumble on this boring blog.hahha so I started getting messages be it on fb or whatsapp asking for tips.these are people who are just like me, cant breastfeed our babies for some reasons.

I was sooo happy to help, to encourage and happy that they are people who struggle just like me. For a moment there i feel useful. I try my best to help,giving tips how to pump,when to pump how to store how to manage basically from A to Z.

Ok here comes the disappointing part.

For all the efforts and times spent on these ladies, a couple gave up.i dont care you want to give up or not.i'm.not judging that part because i know how hard this journey is. But the stupid reasons, i cant stand.

One mom told me she gave up because her supply was very low. Like 3oz a day. So i asked how many times you pump in a day? She said ONCE.  I stop replying after that.

For your baby's sake, pump at least  every 2-3 hours laaaaaaa.aigoooo you pump once then no direct feeding. Miracles dont happen in a day. I took 3 months to make my supple stable.

The second mom told me she quit because she got tired of pumping. She ws using a manual pump. Not only tired, that manual pump hurts too. I told her to buy a double pump, electric pump. She refuse coz she dont want to waste money.

Fine. But you dont mind wasting my time. Investing for the baby is not wasting money. It's your baby.if you can spend so much on smartphones, why not for baby. There are many good and affordable pumps nowadays,especially this year. You can get Spectra, Lacte Duet, Malish under RM500.dont strict yourself to just medela.

I am frustrated because they give up, without full efforts. What evs. Just next time dont come crying whining "i cant feed my baby" tone but do nothing to change the situation.

WHhh kellas kau mak.lama tak blog tetiba meroyan.

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Long hiatus it has been.tee hee hee too caught up with work and family. And struggling with some issues too.

But hey, that's life. Normal peeps go through the same things too.

I just miss blogging. And I miss me.

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