Saturday, April 30, 2011

Holiday, eh?

I am bored! Just now I wasted 3hours of my life watching Hindustan Movie on TV3. Havent done that in yearssssssssss. About the plan to stay with my brother in Penang, MOM SAID YES!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

My initial plan was to take a short course at Kolej Komuniti Masjid Tanah since the fee is only RM15. I want to take either sewing course, cooking or baking. But none is available at the moment. =(. I love sewing..ok tipu...but really want to learn how because I want to sew my own Baju Kurung. I know how to cook already, just want to learn new recipes. Ok tipu. I have no problem with recipe. I have problem with estimating ingredients. Sometimes too much coconut milk, too much ketchup, too much water. But never too much salt. weird.haha As for baking, I love to bake. I want to widen my skills from just baking cookies to cakes. I've baked few cakes before. But I am craving for more..Kak Ana, my cousin inspired me to take cupcake class. But that is a whole different story. 

Unfortunately all the courses are not available. I dont want to work. though deadly broke. I'll be a full time teacher in 2 months. Enjoy the free time while it lasts, eh?

By the way, B and I have started planning for our wedding. We might hired a wedding planner for B's side since the date for both receptions are few days apart. Dont wanna risk anything, dont we? Because of that, I am more excited to plan for B's side. Sebab ada planner. Boleh demand yo! By the way, the planner is B's good friend in Bintulu. So we can get cheaper price. As for the theme, so far we have one. Might stick to it tho. Cannot tell yet since it's a long way to go.hihi B's mum has also started to plan. The other day, she called B early in the morning just to tell him how many guests will be invited. cute. as for me and mom, we still take things slow. She said, do what ever I want but I am pretty sure it's not gonna be that way. Even for engagement pun we disagreed in most of the things. Oh yes yesterday was the royal wedding of Will and Kate. Abah missed most of the live cast but he made it during the perarakan in the carriage. Terus abah said:

Nurul, nanti kawen nak berarak tak? Pakai motor besar. Nanti abah call member2 motor".

I just laughed but it wasnt a bad idea after all. Then Mak asked:

Kalau berarak naik motor, pengantin naik ape?

Abah answered:

Melaka kan femes kereta lembu. Naik kereta lembu la...

bahahahhaha. My parents are really cute.

Ok's time for CSI. bye!

p/s One more time baby, I am going to Penang. yippppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thursday, April 28, 2011

Genting Highland, April 2011

Last Monday, I finally got to go to Genting Highland. How lame was I??Haha It was a 2day 1 night trip and we stayed at First World Hotel. We took a bus from Hentian Kajang at 11.30 and arrived at the top around 2pm. Yea we took longer time as we waited for Julian.Hahah then we have to wait another 2 hours to check in into our room. By the way, we got our room free. I am not sure why it's free but Ambun said it was a promo for his birthday or something. We got 2 rooms, 1 for the boys and another one for us, girls.thee hee

in the bus from Kajang. By the way, the bus ticket from Kajang to Genting is only RM7.30 one way. =)

At the cable car station. Unfortunately, it was closed for maintenance. We continued our journey to the top with shuttle hoo =(


Our hotel at thE 12th floor. Somewhere at the dark bluE line.hahaha

View from our room

Our room. I forgot to take picture of the toilet and shower. But the room is very small. Lucky there were only 3 of us girls.haha

Live band at the hotel lobby

Hotel Lobby

For most of adult rides at the theme park, the minimum height is 153cm and maximum weight is 75kg. Phew, my height just cun cun.haha

I really truly honestly love this picture. We the sakais at the parking lot.hahaa

us, girls

the 2nd most favourite picture. ala2 cover movie okeh.hahaha

Because of us, the couple next to us looked so uncomfortable to date.hahahahha

There was no picture of us at the theme park because I didnt bring my camera, only Nad did. *nad,please upload the pics faster!!*

I was terribly sick that I didnt really enjoy my time there. Thanks to the food at Kajang. But overall, I enjoyed the laughter, silliness, loudness of us at Genting. And thank you to Julian for carrying my bag, for Nad to stay in the room with instead of meronggeng with the rest, to Ain, Sapik, Jenal, Nik, Ambun for your concern. I am truly sorry if I have spoilt some of your moments there with my sickness. *cursing the restaurant*.

Basically, here are the tips for those who want to go to Genting:
  1. You can go there by bus or drive. I would advise to go by bus because the road is damn steep *scary* plus the parking lots are not that much. All the places there are accessible by foot. No need to go by car.
  2. Room rate starts from RM165 - basic room. Complete with hot tap for shower.hehe
  3.  outdoor theme park ticket cost RM46, indoor RM32 - BOTH parks ticket is about RM60++
  4. Food is really expensive -  bring extra food, bread, maggi if you dont want to spend so much on food.
  5. Be prepared for a huge crowd of people. Notice that we went on weekdays (low season) still have to wait for 2 hours before we got our room.
  6. The temperature can be extremely cold at night, bring extra jammies if you cannot stand cold weather.
That's all i can think at the moment. If you really need more information, just drop a comment.i'll get to you asap.

p/s planning to go for our honeymoon here.hahaha I want B to ride Space Shot!! Can ah B??? =P
p/p/s I was sick, hence not many pictures of me. and I forced to smile most of the time.hahaha the most memorable trip indeed.


it's creepy when you know someone is stalking your facebook. your blog. copying all the terms you used with special friends. And to know you've been using the same topic to talk to my friends after i used them?. see my goosebumps? By the way, I have watched The Roommate the other day. And you showed the tell tale signs of Rabecca. =.='

get a life dear. or copycat from other people. Mine is lame. not worthy of your time to copy mine.
Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm coming home =)

Am leaving UKM for good baby. gosh, has it been 6 years?haha never feel so excited to be home.

But am sad to leave shambun, shain, shnad grandma, shathirah, and my classmates. When are we gonna meet again after this?

My plan for holiday? Going to stay with my brother in Penang. If mom permits la. yet to persuade her. But i wanna. nak baby sit ikha pulak as part of slimming routine. Bole tak gitu amir?hahaha

anyhoo, my stomach still hurts. now can continue pooping in my own toilet at home. yippaa!!

oh btw, gonna blog my horrible trip to Genting and how no rides at Genting terrified me at all.haha

bye peeps. home sweet home!
Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm not smarter than a 5th grader

Haha....I've been to all the states in Malaysia. But today I am going to a place that is popular but never been to. Genting Highland y'all!!!!!!!!

Since young, I really wanted to go there but nothing could change my mum's mind. So today I'm going with friends.

Sakai much??hahaha wish us for a safe journey ya. see you tomorrow =))

p/s B, miss you =p
Sunday, April 24, 2011

Malaysian Soft Skills Scale

The other day, a link was posted in UKM Year 4 group regarding Malaysian Soft Skills Scale. Apparently all final year students were asked to answer the survey by Jabatan Pengajian Tinggi KPT. I was bored so I clicked the link. I did not know anything about Malaysian soft skills.haha premons k??hahah

OMG, There were about 200 questions to be answered. But I answered honestly since I was curious about the application. After almost 15 minutes, I got my result.

Finally...Only one did not achieve the target:

KK - Kemahiran Keusahawanan...

No wonder la my spirit to do business is like tide at the ocean.haha

Anyhoo, this application is to find out all your soft skills i.e. communication etc, the strength and weaknesses. Nasib only one je yang tak cukup syarat.hhuhu

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What's next??

I have an announcement to make.hehehehe *excited*

After much argument, tears, sulking, reasoning, finally we have come to a decision. Both families have agreed. The wedding date for B and I will be end of May next year during Malaysia School Holidays. Alhamdulillah. The final discussion was made 3 days ago when B's mum insisted of calling my mum herself to discuss. I still dont know the real deal but the date is confirmed next year.hehe Now we have to wait for the school holiday calender for next year to really confirm the date.

The rough plan is like this. The solemnization and reception days will be at the beginning of the school holidays. B's reception in Sibu will come in the following week. It's a bit rushing but that's the best we can do.

Now B and I are still discussing on the theme of the wedding, photographer, caterer, dais, colors, guests, bla bla bla. eeeeee happy happy.

us, 2007, Santubong Beach

Us, 2010, KL

us, 2011, Lendu

So, what's next?? =))

Mak pesan: save money, save money, save money...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good bye Leen. See you soon =)

Actually I am feeling melancholic here. This afternoon, I sent Leen to the airport. It felt surreal that we have come to this end of our journey. We are parting ways and going to enter the new chapter of our lives. We might or might not see each other anymore. Who knows?

To Leen, though there were times when you got on my nerve, annoyed, irritating and merepak a lot, I didnt know that your presence means so much to me. I am shy to admit that somehow along the journey you have shaped me into someone today. You showed me that friends means forgiving and loving each other despite all the conflicts.

I feel lost today. She was like a sister I never have. Funny thing, many people thought that we are sisters. even her own mother said that we look alike. So does my sister in law. So does the lady at Nail Parlour. The hairstylist at Hair Ballroom. and many other strangers.

Khidmat Masyrakat SK Jagoi, 2009

 Cohort 3 Tesl Dinner 2008

Kajai Retro Night, 2009

Bangi Ice Room, 2010

Ikea, 2011

Malam Ambang Graduan, 2011

Ain's sister's Wedding, Taman Maluri, 2011


After I returned from sending her to the airport, I did lot of thinking, reminiscing our time together. She is significant in my life. and I didnt realise it until now. =(

  • When she converted to Islam, I was one of the witness at Pejabat Agama.
  • When she got married, I was her bridesmaid.
  • She helped me through a lot of assignments.
  • She helped me during revision week
  • Because of her, my pointer got better every semester. and thanks to her, I got into Dean's list twice.
  • She helped me through my thesis writing.
  • She helped me to survey for engagement gifts.
  • She help me to decorate the engagement gifts.
  • She insisted on going to my engagement kenduri despite her morning sickness.
  • She is the one who was eager and really excited when I told her about my engagement.
  • She is the one who shows the most excitement when I told her that I am getting married next year.
  • She accompanied me when I was getting my nails done for engagement.
  • She joined me in getting our hair done though she was short of cash.
There are a lot more about her that I did not realise. Sedih aieeeeeeeeeee. Leen, I am so going to miss you. I pray for bright future for you, husband and future baby. Hope to see you on my wedding day or when the time permits. InsyaAllah. =)

Port Dickson, 2011

Bye makcik!!

p/s I just realised that I always on the left side and her on the right side of the pictures. Coincidence much??hahah

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy =)

Today marked the last day of me being the undergraduate student after 6 years. Alhamdulillah I have been through a lot for the past years (ceh...cliche much?). I survived and moving on.

Today's paper was a total disaster. err...not total, maybe half. I was pretty bad and very much not to my expectation. It was a 2hour paper but I  answered it in 45 minutes. Another 45 minutes to termenung. and went out of the hall half and hour earlier. Confident eh?hehe

After that, Ain, Leen and I rushed to Ampang since we bought this amazing deal from Milk A Deal. We bought a coupon:

RM88 instead of 335 for Rebonding / Perm / Color / Highlights or ANY Chemical Works + Wash + Cut + Blow at Hair Groom --- semangat!!!

We all went to get our hair done. I am happy now as my hair is neat and tidy. Happy happy!! At first I was worried if the service would be bad because we paid cheap maa.... but I was totally wrong. We were entertained by the senior hairstylist (he's kinda cute =p)) and the service was tip top. The staffs were friendly and tak lokek to share tips for hair. Love them.hee and also the ambiance of the salon was relaxing.

nice chandelier

Tomorrow my classmates and I are going to PD for our final trip together. Woot Woot!!!!!!!!!!!!! Expect more posts with lotsa pictures.Cant wait!

p/s still thinking what to do in the next 2 months =.='

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This is for you, Nad =)

Nad, this is how I looked last time.hahaa
Monday, April 18, 2011

Much better

Today am feeling much better. Mostly thanks to La Tahzan book.hee and also my friends, Ambun and Leen.

One of the advise in the book is do not lock yourself in the room when you are sad. And do not take all the problems in the world and put it on the shoulder and blame yourself for it. Go out and meet people. and that exactly what I did today.hehe

Actually it sounded better in the book la,aha but I really took those advices seriously and I am feeling better today.Alhamdulillah.

The revision session with Ambun and Leen also helped me a lot. Catching up, laughing, shouting, screaming at the cafe, in the car really made my day today.

OO, my wedding could be much earlier.hee has to wait for more info. I'll update once I get the confirmation olrait.heeeeeee
Sunday, April 17, 2011

La Tahzan ya Nur Al Ain

I have been caught up with many distressful emotions for the past 2 weeks. From personal matter, relationship matter, family matter. And the recent one, the brutal death of a dear cousin. Till today, there is no update about the culprit. Hopefully the person is to be found soon to end all of the mystery. Today I visited arwah's facebook profiles many times. The speech, words from friends and family make me sad. Arwah is blessed with the people who love him dearly.

So today, I drove alone to Jusco, just to clear my head. I walked around aimlessly then I entered Popular Book Store. being in book store always make me happy. I spent about one hour there and walked out with a new book. I am broke, honestly but I put aside those thoughts and bought a book. I have no intention buying anything initially. So when I grabbed this book. read few pages, I was hooked. It's like the author was speaking to me, advising me. Trying to console me. It is a motivational book. La Tahzan, which means, Dont be Sad.

Honestly, few pages that i read, flipped randomly were like telling me to buy the book. Senang cerita, setiap muka surat yang aku baca tu macam sesuai dengan keadaan jiwa aku. Sedih, gelisah, marah, terkejut.

I have read about 60pages of the book and I know I will get better after reading the whole book. Now am off to continue reading.

La tahzan nurul =)

Be strong as we always have Him

Alhamdulillah, we have safely arrived from Singapore for my cousin's funeral. His funeral was yesterday's afternoon. His body arrived from the hospital around 12pm, dimandi, dikafan, disembahyangkan dan ditanam di Singapore. I did not perform the jenazah prayer nor went to the tanah perkuburan. I guess I wasnt that strong.

Many people came today. Mostly were families and friend. From his friends, you know arwah was a very good person. He is described as someone jovial, humorous, full of life. His friends, from all backgrounds - caucasians, malays, chineses, indians etc came to pay their last respects to him.

I got to see his face.there were bruises. and bengkak. Ya Allah..please forgive all his sins and bless him.

When I think about arwah, how he spent the last minute on earth, alone, I cried. I never thought that death can be so scary. Especially when you were lying alone, no family, no friends beside you. Maybe there is a hikmah behind this. Somehow it made me wanting to be a better person. Life is indeed short. Why waste it?

I am rambling. because so many things are going on in my head. You know how our mind works? When I was young, I read a book about how our mind will store information just like in a cabinet, drawers etc. And that's my mental picture to remember things. When someone in your life died, you tend to dig into that drawer, looking for specific memories you have with the person. That's how I spent my time since yesterday. I recalled back our childhood memories, what we did together, how he annoyed us, when he chewed his chewing gum and many other things. Sometimes the memories brought smiles to my face. but most of the time, I cried. I cried because i know there is no chance for me to create another memory with him.

When I heard the news, I didnt cry. But when  I saw his body today, I cried like nobody's business. What ever happened to arwah, it was brutal. and for certain, none of us were ready to hear it.

I got to talk to his sister today. She said, all the tell tale signs that he was leaving were there. Her sister said suddenly he cleaned his room in the middle of the night. He threw out the rubbish, swept the floor and mopped midnight. Then few weeks before the tragedy, he went to his nanny's stalls to lepak and bermanja everyday. He also waited for her to come home. His girlfriend said when they went out for dates, he always termenung. 

This post was a bit long and all jumbled up. I typed what ever appeared in my head. too many of them so i need to get them out asap. for what ever it is, I hope arwah will be blessed and may his soul rest in peace. Al Fatihah

You can read about what happen here. This became quite a news in Singapore. and please, bacalah Al-Fatihah untuk arwah.
Friday, April 15, 2011

Dari Allah kita datang..

I was having my breakfast this morning when the phone rang. Like 11 years ago, my heart felt uneasy that I didnt take it. My dad did. Few short conversations, my dad hung up. He looked at me and said: Ali anak Maknah meninggal pagi tadi eksiden".


Ali is my cousin. I am not closed to him but we did play together as kids. He was the rebel since he was young. I  remembered he built his own made rocket using small firework and firecrackers. He invited all the small cousins to join him and they launched the rocket. The rocket landed on my auntie's roof and he got scolded real bad. When we were younger, he would buy boxes of chewing gum and he was always seen munching it. Chewing gum   is banned in Singapore btw. During Raya Puasa, he would go all the way to the villagers house to collect ang pao when the rest of us were satisfied with the angpau we received from relatives. When I was 11, he lent me his walkman with 'FIVE' cd in it. That' how I remembered the song lyric, Baby when the lights go out'.

As we grow up and my family moved to Sarawak, we grew distant. He's just another cousin of mine. And we rarely see each other. The last time I saw him was last year during her parent's new house kenduri. Though he is a rebel and has mind on its own, he is still a nice boy. He still said hi to me when we met. He's been in and out hospital few times. From his facebook pictures (yea that's as far as i know him) he's into surfing, jungle trekking and other extreme sports. He's a biker too. scrambler to be exact. been into many accidents, scratches. 

That's all from me. I just need to express how I felt inside. Definitely sad. For all muslims who read this, please recite Al Fatihah for him so that he can be in peace. Al fatihah.

Ali in the middle, sitting at the back. Raya day when we were younger

Ali in blue, standing at the back. Raya 2008

May you rest in peace Syed Ali. InsyaAllah

p/s update: My auntie has sent out smses to the relatives. Ali passed on in the ambulance at 5am this morning. He's body will be at the hospital for post mortem and will be claimed tomorrow. My parents and I will be off to Singapore this afternoon to pay him the last respect.
Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I feel lonely right now. Adam has gone back to his parents' crib in Shah Alam. Everynight, for the past few days, I would be sitting in front of the tv, feeding him porridge while watching Barney. Nana is sad now. (Adam couldnt pronounce MakLang, it becomes Nana instead =))

Sometimes my mind would wonder. I hope that Adam will peek behind the chair. Or pull my hair from bahind. Or his giggling heard from next door.

I want to have my own baby =(
Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I wanna be nice

I am one tempered girl and not liking a bit of it. I am in awed with people who can control their anger and look cool all the time. I want to be that but i know it takes a lot of courage. You know in Islam, one is considered really brave when he or she can control his or her anger? Guess i am not brave enough. =(

Anyhoo, Adam will return to his parents' crib tomorrow. His maternal grandparents will swing by and fetch him up to Shah Alam. Am sad auntie.

Today I saw a cat pooping in my mom's flower vase. I dont know if cat's poops can kill the flower but it seems lifeless by day. Poor flower.

Yesterday finally I went to see a doctor regarding my skin problem. No, not my face but allergy reaction on my feet skin. It is really really really itchy. I dont mind to use kniFe as long as the torture goes away. And i am rm51 poorer. But today I scratch less. I guess the medication works. Alhamdulillah.

I want to be better. really bad. the only thing that is stopping me is my self, specifically my anger issue. Damn you. If i were to get married, I should be mature, not entertaining stupid teenage-with-pimples issues, not sulking over stupid matters or dont give a damn of what people want to say.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mood ruined

have a courtesy to smile/nod back when people smile at you. How would you feel when you smile at the other party ignore or worst, jeling2? If you dont like people to smile at 
you, hide your face in the paper bag. I am done with you ruining my mood. gah!

That was my Facebook status just now. I am still upset about that person. For all these years I have been tolerating with your attitude but this morning you were just too much to take in. 

You know to have a good day is to start early in the morning? My mood was okay when I woke up. Due tiredness and lack of sleep, plus I was unprepared to sit for my first paper, my mood was considered ok la. Not too good not bad either. So I was walking towards my car, ready to the exam hall when I bumped into this particular person. Because I know her, I greeted, smile and said Hi. She turned away and jeling!!! Terus naik darah aku sampai ujung rambut alex madagascar aku ok!

What the hell? I am sorry if you dont like me or something but next time dont bother to turn around. You totally ruined my day. I cant help it but the words 'jeling..jeling' hopped off my mouth. I dont care really if you could hear me. I am done tolerating. It's just the wrong morning to show such attitude, lady.

Then I continued walking to the car when suddenly an orange Proton Saga passed by me. The stupid driver drove it really near to me and when I turned back the driver, the passengers were laughing. Guys with no balls. Since I was still angry, I shouted 'KO RASA KO NYEM???'. Seriously I was so pissed off. I continued glaring at them. Seriously muka kau sik nyem. sik nyem sik nyem sik nyem. arghhhhh! why such people of all nyem people out there?? Cuba la Fahrin Ahmad ka, Barney Stinson ka...or worst Justin Bieber ka..sik juak ku kesah. 

Ok a bit emo. But after I wrote what I have stored in my head for the whole day, I will be okay. 

I have 10days break before the next paper. sheeshh...what should i do to fill in the time???heheheheh

see...i'm ok already. phew~
Sunday, April 10, 2011

Boring weekend

  • Honestly, I havent started revising. It's about 20 hours left before sitting for my 1st paper.  Lazy.
  • My hair is playing with my patience everyday. I am tempted to cut it short, i mean really short. It's frizzy, rough and thick. Imagine Alex the lion in Madagascar only mine is black color. sheesshhh
  • I am broke. Really broke.
  • Still considering whether to work, sleep or do something before start working this July. I want to work but still not sure about KISSM or whatever you call it. Induction course to start my adulthood. Yeah I am yet to become an adult thee hee
  • Batuk la pulekkkk
Driving back to UKM in hour....err... no after feeding Adam his lunch. See ya. Toodles!
Friday, April 8, 2011

Tak ada rezeki

My friends informed that our thesis allowance has just got in. For the 1st time, I dont feel excited. Because I lost my glasses on our drama night. The money will go straight to the Optometrist pocket =(

I am at home baby sitting my nephew. His mom is admitted into DEMC, and now his abah is feverish too. Currently, he is talking to himself while watching Barney.hehe his the only my light of joy at the moment.

Oh exam in 3 days. I dont have time to open the book and revise. Ok tipu. malas. nak balik ukm pun malas because the car is yet to be fixed.
Thursday, April 7, 2011

Keperluan dan persiapan bertunang- make up, baju, hantaran...

Cey...tajuk sungguh tidak tahan.hahah I have few things to share since many of my friends asked me about the make up, the dress, the hantarans.hihi

Let's start with the mekap first.

It was my auntie, Busu Ros who did my make up. She's a professional make up artist and her current big project is as one of the make up artist for the singing programme, MENTOR. Her services include wedding and engagement make up with accessories, TV Show, magazine photo shoot, Dinner and any function basically. Yang best harga boleh dirunding.hehe She has been in this field for almost 6 years.Hee She's based in KL but boleh jer nak pergi sampai Pahang pun. You can contact her through email: or handphone: 0126870839. Mekap beliau tidak tebal, cover yg perlu je, boleh bawak berbincang i.e. kalau tak nak cukur kening, dia tak kesah.Yang penting puas hati..ehe

Looks natural in the camera...ngeeeee...suka =p

The  dress.

Actually my baju is not custom made. I bought it at Jalan TAR jer...kedai tu bersambung ngan hotel...i mean depan kedai, bahagian belakang hotel. Forgot the name. Harga sangat murah considering it's full lining with detailed embroidery. Actually I wanted a white one but has no size to fit me =(. Pepel pun jadila...Oh ya the real price was RM180 but as a desperate bride (nampak masa depan) it got down to RM140. Mom said i could get lower than that tapi orang tu pun cari makan kan...baik tak??haha oh if you are more to Online shop, I have this one e-boutique which sells baju kurung very cheap ones. Tak caye? Click here. Please compare their prices with other shops. Baju tunang aku tu kalau online more than RM200. From this shop around RM140 jahhh...

Tiada gmbar perseorangan...

My hantarans

As I mentioned before, my hantarans were done with the help from Ambun, Leen and my mum. For B's side, the hantaran was exclusively done by Ambun. He's a good friend of mine. Yang best nya ni first time dia gubah. and dia Iban ye.bukan melayu. Dia memang minat benda2 gubah ni. Hopefully I gave the first stepping stone for him in this field. Beliau terus bercita cita nak buka kedai gubah hantaran ye...

makcik makcik suka dengan gubahan ini. Makseh Ambun...

Engagement ring

I bought this ring at Habib Semua House. Initial plan nak survey jer tapi akak yang entertain tu sangat-sangatla peramah terus tergoda dan beli terus. Yang best nya, sebab first time beli brang kemas, masuk kedai 15minit je dah terus beli. Sebab segan. takut jugak akak tu tunjuk cincin beribu-ribu kan...I know some people say that Habib is overpriced. But in my opinion, they offer the best of quality for their jewelleries. Because back in 2008, i bought my first gold ring from Habib Kuching. The shine dekat cincin tu masih ada sampai hari ni. Sometimes orang akan tegur aku pakai cincin baru ke. Padahal dah bertahun pakai dan tak pernah pulak pergi cuci emas tu.hehe Jadi, saya sokong HABIB!! Siap like facebook page ok.haha

Love it....hehe

Door gift

Alahai takde gambor pulak for door gift. Door gift for tunang ialah Mug putih dengan gula-gula pastu balut pakai kertas hamper. Total cost for each gift tak sampai cuma RM2 je. Murah kan???hehe sebab mug tu kitorang beli time sale dekat Romantika. Jual satu RM1.50. Gula-gula beli borong. Kertas hamper pun cuma 60sen kot semeter. Satu meter dapat balut 4 mugs. jimat2.

Tapi jimat jimat pon...honestly I burnt almost 2K using my OWN money for this engagement. Tak campur duit mak lagi.fuiiyooo....Luckily i have some saving and allowance pun masuk on time. But right now I am broke.seriously broke. Duit tinggal untuk makan je....woo woo...

I guess that's all. Stress orang baca pasal tunang je.haha nurul, bukan ko sorang je ye yang bertunang dalam dunia ni.

p/s Lepas ni stress untuk wedding pulak. Estimate to burn more moolah $$$$ especially for tiket flight. Tu la nurul, mak suruh carik orang dekat2 je ko pegi carik orang jauh. Amik kau!
Wednesday, April 6, 2011
I should be happy, no?

I came back here with the happiest mood I ever felt.

People were angry, I have no idea.

Been 2 days, still angry.

And my happy mood is lost.

I wanna go home.
Monday, April 4, 2011

I am engaged!!

Alhamdulillah, I am engaged to my high school sweetheart of 6 years on 2nd April 2011. I am so happy and grateful that the event went well despite few problems arised that morning. I am engaged!!! Still cannot believe that I have been 'booked' =)

fat fingers =.='

B's mum - in my room =)

Beautiful picture from Shafiq's. Thanks Sapik =))

Dear classmates, thank you so much guys for coming =))))))) Sanggup konvoi dari UKM. 

Orang kuat majlis - my beautiful mom...


From B - (clockwise), ring and cheque, Sarawak Layer cake, fruits, chocolates, shoes, kain ela and tudung and sirih junjung.  Hantaran digubah oleh member, Ambun. Fyi, this was Ambun's first attempt but we all love them to bits =)) Thanks jee.

From our side: (Clockwise), shirt and pants, chocolates, sirih junjung, fruit tarts, sneakers, book and sejadah, kuih muih and secret recipe cake. Hantaran digubah oleh Leen, di edit oleh mak tersayang..hehe

I gubah the choclairs into grapes. A proud girl who has no creative bone at all...haha

My classmates, my bro, and uncles..

The most sporting auntie, Cik Emot =)

With Kak Ap and her daughter, Iman..=)

Large clan from B's side

with B's aunties ..hehe syebess...

Too many pictures to be uploaded. I am one happy girl...hehe

In summary:

  1. I love my make up to bits. Semua puji cantek. suka suka. Oh btw, it was my own auntie who did my make up.hehe She's based in KL. She is a professional make up artist okeh..hehe
  2. I love my outfit. Nasib tak membazir beli baju puteh..heheh
  3. I love the kenduri food.
  4. I love my friends who came on that day: Ikha, Iela and Kak Lun, thanks for being there as the 'bridesmaids'. Without you guys, I must have cried alone (ceh dalam hati je la..haha) my classmates: ain, leen, ambun, steve, ka phin, crystal, edmond, nad, julian, wawa, sapik, jenal, nik, menn. God knows how happy I was.hehe
  5. I love the 'suasana'
  6. My family got to gather and watch movie together.
  7. I got to play with the most adorable babies in the world, My niece and nephew.
  8. Received many congratulations messages and wishes from friends and family. Thanks everyone =))

Alhamdulillah, I am still happy =). InsyaAllah next year, I'll be happily married to the man of my life, Saiful Fikri. Doakan ye..=)

p/s Pictures were taken from Sapik's and Ambun's facebook. I left my camera at home. Cannot tahan anymore to update =.='. Sorry ambun and sapik..
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