Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pregnancy Update #Week31

Time for weekly update again!

This time I had B to help me take a photo.hehehe

Wearing this Aleena tiered maxi dress from FashionValet. Non-maternity piece but could fit my enlarged belly very very well. They restocked more colors this week but the blue one sold out within hours. Mommy's sad =(

How far along? 31 weeks and 5 days!! Alhamdulillah =)
Size of the baby? My baby is the size of a medium size coconut. Last check-up showed that Baby is now 2kg already.
Weight gain? Still around 64kg. Hehe
Belly condition? B said my belly looks like a watermelon, with the stretchmarks.haha You know watermelon has stripes right?hahaha maybe because I eat watermelon everyday =p
Energy level? Fit 3rd trimester level.hehe
Sleep? Now that B's around, I slept very well. hmm....mystery....
Maternity clothes? Symptoms? Swollen feet. Tried to slip on high heels the other day, couldnt even fit half of my foot. Y___Y
Comfort level? Nothing new to update.hehe
Cravings? I want cekodok pisang!
Best moment of the week? Went to see Baby A during last check-up. Got to see him moving his limbs, arms and his nose. He has B's nose =). Couldnt get to see his whole face tho. He has been covering it since the beginning. Wanna surprise mommy eh?

What I miss the most? High heels
What I look forward to?  Fasting month. Hope to fast for 30 days =). My doc said fasting will never affect the baby as long as I eat for sahur
Weekly Wisdom? Go mommy go!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

He will be around....longer...

Right now, B is supposed to be on a plane, heading to Bintulu. But now, he's sleeping in the room. =)

Today we were on the way to Tesco to buy Gardenia for him to bring back when suddenly he changed his mind. He wants to stay longer. Of course I'm the happiest whale today. Thank you Allah =))

He then called necessary parties then bam! He will be here till next Saturday. Muehehehe I didnt force him, I didnt told him I wanted him to stay, he just follows his heart.

So baby, Daddy will be around for another week. But because of this, dont expect him to come home often for Ramadhan ok? =)

You will have more days to kick daddy's hand ok?
Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pending Birthday Gift

Hello lovelies....been quiet because Hubs in town =)

Yesterday B called me into the room and asked for a towel. Dug out one from the closet and gave it to him. He later went to the closet and asked me what's in a bag.

He was being weird so I peeked in and saw a woven bag. Took it out and checked what's inside.

There was a box and a black shirt.

I pulled them out.

There were my birthday presents.

Kinda late but B managed to surprise me =))))))))))))))))

Thank you so much love! I didnt expect it, at all!!!

What's inside the box:

a normal black mug. But when you pour hot water inside....

A picture of us in Korea with wordings: Happy Birthday Mommy! Love you Always

Mommy loves it to bitssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And another one is a basic black tshirt from Modernmum. Thanks Hubby =))))))))))))

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Keeping Fit

One of my hobbies since I got pregnant is I love to walk around shopping malls. It made me feel alive and healthy. I know people say I should rest whenever possible but resting and doing nothing make me feel weak and unproductive. 

Mom is worried because I go to shopping malls too frequent. Sometimes 5 days per week.haha I went there, walked around for at least half an hour then went home. Exercising is good right?????? So today as usual after school I stopped at Jusco just to have my walking routine after 2 days resting at home. There's a small booth selling home made cake, cupcakes. Nyummssssssss

Red velvet cake. Been craving for one since Naim's wedding reception. But cant lawan the one from The Whisk la....

And chocolate moist muffin. Ya Allah, if not because of Mom (she stopped me halfway), I would have gobbled all of them. By the way, 6 out of 8 are safely tucked in my belly. Miahahahahaha

 I'm not a sweet tooth person, but if the feel comes, I can gobble one whole cake. =)

I have finally gained 20kg since the starting of my pregnancy. and I still have approximately 9 weeks which means I will keep gaining more.....20KG is a lot but what can I do.......I just hope my baby's fine. But after delivery, I'm a piece of work. Expecting lotsa exercises to shed the extra kilos T____T

Monday, June 24, 2013

School's closed so I ngerepak =p

API reading yesterday for Melaka exceeded 400 so the Ministry ordered all schools to be closed today. One extra day to rest I suppose. But at 10am now, I'm super bored. Prefer to work but not with the haze though.

Anyhoo, yesterday I took out all Baby's clothes to wash. Taking one by one, cutting the price tag was supposed to be a quick task but you know, excited first time mothers, I took all the sweet time in the world running my fingers on the fabric, talking to Baby about his new rompers, towels, mittens and booties that I took almost 1 hour.hahaha Excited khennnnnnnnn!

B told me to take pictures of the clothes so I laid them out according to groups ; day wear, night wear, accessories. Good thing oso because then I realised how limited the mittens/booties/socks are.

Yezzz only these many =____=

I thought we have bought more.....So this week we gonna buy a few more sets, just enough for a week I guess. Ni sebab kedekut la ni. Nak beli yang boleh matching ngan semua baju.haha

Due to haze, I postpone the plan to wash. Dowanna the clothes to smell of smoke.

Anyhoo, last night for the first time in my life I had to sit on a chair to pray. I couldnt sujud anymore due to the bulging stomach. I felt weird though and I had doubts whether I did it correctly or not. Hopefully I did well.

Another thing is since few days ago, I could feel big movement from inside the belly. Really big that sometimes i feel like my skin was gonna tear.haha So i looked through Youtube and found this one video that almost similar to mine. Very exciting to watch =)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pregnancy Update #Week30

Hitting the 30th week yallsss!!! 8-10 weeks left =))

Kinda blurry due to light reflection.

How far along? 30 weeks and 5 days!! Alhamdulillah =)
Size of the baby? My baby is the size of a large cabbage. Do you know how big a cabbage is??? wow!
Weight gain? 64kg I kinda went out from my portion control plan.haha
Belly condition? Itchy and pregnant looking.haha
Energy level? Depends. If I didnt get enough sleep the night before, I would be sooo tired the next day. If I got enough, I could join a marathon the next day.haha
Sleep? So - so
Maternity clothes? Symptoms? Back pain, fatigue, lazy......
Comfort level? Ok-ok la...
Cravings? I vant tortilla wrap or anything cheesy....sedapnya!!
Best moment of the week? Happened last night. Baby A kicked super active from midnight till morning and I couldnt sleep because of that. He was never that active before so although I lost my sleeping time, it made me feel happy. I know he's healthy =)))))

What I miss the most? My husband. He's coming home in 3 days. weeeeeeeeeeeee
What I look forward to? Buying more baby stuffs - SHOPPINGGGGGG!!!! andd ohhhhh next appointment with O&G which means we get to see baby!
Weekly Wisdom? God will provide! InsyaALLAH
Friday, June 21, 2013

The Bad Weather

I've been ranting about weather lately, on Twitter lah. It's very uncomfortable and it makes me agitated. The API at home isnt so bad but at the city center, which my school is located is getting worst. And lately my nose has started to bleed. It's normal for pregnant lady but it didnt happen before this. The hot and dry weather could be the culprit.huhuh

Anyhoo, I wore a mask most of the time in school even in the staff room because you could see and smell the smoke even inside! That's bad okay. I dont wanna google the effect on the baby just hopefully he's strong inside. One good thing thou that my baby always cover his face with the hands. Kinda protecting oso la right?hahaha

A cliched photo.haha in the staff room.

Today I woke up from my afternoon nap and saw roti jala picture on Facebook. Gosh...the urge to have it I made for myself. That's a miracle coz you see, my pregnancy hormones have washed away my mood to cook. It's almost impossible to see me cooking but this afternoon was an exception. Even Mom kinda raised her eyebrows.hahaha

And funny thing about hormones too. I spent 30 minutes standing, aching both legs and tail bone to prepare this. But I only ate 3 pieces only and instantly the appetite died. Just like that. =_____= So Mom had to finish it. 

Haishhh i oso dont understand my hormones la. Who does?hahahah

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bun in the Oven

Means being pregnant =)

Just learnt the expression few minutes ago from a book.hehe

B has been working since 6 days ago.There are some problems at the plant so he is needed to help with the work. I'm bored. and I miss him. Baby misses him too. We both miss him. 

But he's coming home next week. And we'll go see Baby A on Thursday. weeeeeeeeeee 

 Korek-korek gambar lama. First thing came into mind - Kecik nya aku time ni.hahahahahaha

#throwback Seoul Tower. Temperature - around 14'C

Hubby, I miss you. Come home soonest okay.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mean mothers

Since I got pregnant, I've joined many forums or groups discussing about parenthood, tips for pregnant mommies, tips to breastfeed, tips to feed a baby, etc. I find it helpful to read about the tips because I have almost zero knowledge about being a parent. However, not all the mommies in the groups are nice. Some were really mean.

It is understandable that you might have more experience than other mommies especially to those first timers but it doesnt mean you can undermine the latter group. I find that these two topics are the hot ones where some mommies brag or undermine others.

1. Breastfeeding
2. Vaccination.

I need not lay all the infos. Google and you can find it. Some comments were really sick, to the bone.

Riak betul sesetengah ibu yang berjaya breastfeed anak sampai dua tahun sehingga merendah-rendahkan ibu yang tidak. Susu ibu tu rezeki anak. Kalau dah tak banyak, bukan rezeki la. Kenapa nak kutuk2 ibu yang tak ada rezeki susu melimpah? Kalau kau berjaya, Alhamdulillah, berila tips atau sokongan dengan ibu-ibu yang tengah berusaha. Kalau Allah tarik balik.....

Lately, the issue about vaccination in Malaysia has become a hot topic. The same thing like breastfeeding, some mommies can be super mean. And you call yourselves moms? =(

My mom fed us Formula Milk and never missed any vaccination appointment, we grew up well, went to school, went to university, have good careers and now expanding family. Malas pulak aku nak sertakan hadis segala tapi we all have our own goals.

What ever you believe in, what ever your method is, all mothers have the same common goal, to give the best for the kids. One way might not work for general population so dont be mean mothers. and stop bragging please. It's sick!

ok that's all for ngerepak post =)
Monday, June 17, 2013

Drama for the day

I had cherry berry (diarrhoea) the whole day yesterday. It started from Saturday night till this morning. I was mostly tired and the hazy air made my body and respiratory system harder. Told Mom I wanted to skip work today. But being the senior teacher....cut short, I was already in school at 6.55pm.

I was till I went for another round of cherry berry. I started sweating profusely and my stomach felt uneasy. I had two buns for breakfast so I didnt think it was due to empty stomach. While walking to the assembly spot, my soil turned to jelly land.Luckily, it happened at the right time, near the biology lab. I entered and quickly settled on the cushion settee. Headache, nauseous, stomach pain and the world became blurry. And not to forget, the sweat. Asma was there so she fanned me, and kept repeating 'You look pale, you look pale'. Kesian pulak aku tengok kau.hahaha I hate attention so when the teachers started to notice my condition, I felt even more uneasy.

I went back and forth to the sink, scared I would throw up anytime but luckily I didnt. I couldnt really remember the details but after the assembly, I went to the canteen, had a glass of milo (i hate milo), went to the staff room, doze off for 10 minutes and went to see Boss. By looking at my face, Boss straight away said 'Pegi balik amik MC. HAHAHAH' By 10.15am, I was driving out of school and went straight to the clinic in Alor Gajah.

Doc said I was slightly dehydrated but the rest was normal. She gave me a day off. Went back home, had lunch and slept.

B said I was 'derhaka' to him this morning. He told me to rest at home.hahaha sorry B. =p I hope this thing wont happen again in the future. But on a bright side, Baby A kicked more today.hehehehe

What a post without a picture aite? Unrelated to the post tho.

Taken during Min's reception. I knew I am big but never knew this big @.@.

My belly hid half of Makteh's body.hahaha

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pregnancy Update #Week29

Wee Huuuuuu getting closer to hit the big 30!

A maternity blouse I wore last week. It was the last time I'll wear. Dah terjongkit bhagian depan. If the wind blows, all hell break loose. Nampak perut.haha Maternity la sangat khennnnn

How far along? 29 weeks and 5 days!! Alhamdulillah =)
Size of the baby? My baby is the size of a butternut squash. Actually cant really trust BabyCenter's size coz my baby grows much bigger.haha
Weight gain? 62.8kg last thursday. Portion control works!
Belly condition? Evil lines everywhere. When the weather was humid, skin became painful. Pedih sangat sangat sangat. =(
Energy level? I walk snail-slow these days. And always tired.
Sleep? So - so
Maternity clothes? Symptoms? Pressure around pubic area. Going to toilet more often now
Comfort level? Hmm....
Cravings? I vant tortilla wrap!
Best moment of the week? Ermm....ermm....

What I miss the mostRolling on the bed.haha

What I look forward to? B will come home end of this month. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Weekly Wisdom? Every kick means the baby is healthy =)

Scariest Moment

I've had the scariest moment in pregnancy today.

Baby A last kicked around 8.30pm last night and kept quiet till 8.30 am this morning.

By now I am pretty familiar when he's moving, his most active hours and it's at night.

Usually I could feel him playing while I was sleeping at night but last night, none.

I woke up feeling scared and called B. I was in a panic state but tried to control my emotion. 

Told B about it and decided to go to the hospital by noon if he still doesnt move.

I was super scared.

I have had many things running into my head like the possibility of giving birth early. I dont care. All I know is I want Baby A to be safe and sound.

I had my breakfast then I only felt him kicking actively. You cant imagine how relieved I feel. Alhamdulillah.

I think I pushed myself too hard since few days ago. I'm tired so I think the baby is tired too. I should rest more. I hope no more scary moment liddis.

To Baby A,

Dont scare mommy like that again ok. Mommy is sorry if mommy pushed too hard at work since few days ago. Daddy isnt here so let's take care of each other. I know I complained a lot about carrying you but Mommy loves you too much to not having you. You are the best thing that ever happens to mommy (aside daddy =p). Mommy will complain in the future but doesnt mean mommy dont love you ok?

A couple of months then we can see each other face to face. Hang in there lil hero. =))

*Belly high five*

The only 3D I have when you were 14weeks old. Now you are reaching 30 weeks. few more weeks to go =)))

I will be here to protect you as long as I live. *hingus meleleh*
Saturday, June 15, 2013

Congratulations Min & Pika!!

My cousin Naim got married last week. But today was the reception on the groom's side. I was late for the event due to stupid ladap in school. Yea it's stupid and wasting our time.

Anyhoo, I really really really really really love the dress. AND It's purple!!! =))

The Dais.

Very few pictures because by the time I arrived, I was too tired and hungry.

And I didnt get to meet all the cousins from Singapore. Dahla ada yang bertaun2 tak jumpa =(

and didnt get to play with Adam. Because of that Ladap. arghhhhh

I wont complain if i can learn something new from a course. But today's course was just to me a form of brainwashing. blerghhhhh.

Next will be Aisya's Wedding.weeeeeeeee 
Wednesday, June 12, 2013

of lately

I have nothing interesting to blog about. But blogging is a must.hehe so lemme show you the things that happened lately.

Forgot to insert in the previous post. This is a birthday gift from me for myself.hehe but this beauty isnt wimme. She's with B. yeapp it's a she.haha

A colleague went to Kelantan during school holidays and bought this for Baby A. Thank you Auntie!!!!

First batch of durian for this season. Mak Buyong is happy =))))))

Rupa aneh so kena besarkan.

A gift from hubby to ever-backache-wife. hehehe use this to support my back when sitting on the couch. Even my family members enjoy this 'benda aneh'. Yea I call it 'benda aneh'.hahahaha

I'm bored.
Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Me =)

Kinda late for a birthday post but this year's was too sweet to let it be passed.

I turn 26 on 4th June this year. A quarter of a century is gone. Alhamdulillah for all the blessing You have bestowed upon me. All the people, the experience, the ups and downs have shaped me into what I am today. But just like a dough, the future might shape me into someone else.hehe cherish every moment.

Just like last year, this year birthday was celebrated in Sarawak. Last year was no celebration because we were tired of the wedding reception.hehehe This year, I had my bestfriends and family celebrating with me. Mak Buyong is touched =')

2nd June 2013 - early birthday suprise 
They waited for B and I to arrive till the 'happy birthday' burned a lil bt. Cake sedap from Ieer, Sally, Masty, Abg Macho Redzuan and Fatin. 

Sorry sekda amik gambar kitakorg ariya...huhu

Thank you thank you thank you. You all made me feel like I was 16 again, still in our hostel room, all giddy and excited. 

The next day, B and I drove back to B's hometown, Sibu. We arrived in Sibu around 4pm. Rested for a while before headed to B's auntie's house for which I thought for family makan-makan.

Little did I know my husband, who's the worst secret keeper when it comes to suprise had gathered his family to throw a suprise birthday dinner for me. and not a slightest clue was dropped as I had no idea at all...huuuuu It was so sweet of you B =)

Celebrated birthday with lil cousin, Azam =)

The aunties made me wear this Iban traditional piece =__='

Not used to be a center of attention, I sweated like hell. Malu tapii mahu giiiiiteeewwwwwwwww

Food picture should always be the largest. ahah the spread of food. We had KFC, Sate, tomyam, kijang and specially requested by B for me, Mi goreng and nasi goreng Normah =))) I'm a big fan of B's auntie's mi and nasi goreng.heheh

I flew back to Melaka on the 5th of June. I arrived home around 11pm and found a small secret recipe box in the fridge. A slice of blueberry cheesecake from le sister, Iffa. No picture though coz I gobbled all in minutes.hahahaha

Received many birthday wishes through Facebook, Whatsapp and SMS made my days. I even received one birthday wish through SMS from my student name Dorothy who I cannot remember who is she at all until now (my bad). But she remembered me and even my birthday. *nangis lok*

No words of thank you could put how I feel inside. I feel loved, appreciated and grateful by all the kindness I received from the people around me.

Thank you, kamsahamnida, arigato, syukran, terima kasih.

I am one lucky person.
Monday, June 10, 2013

Maternity Pillow #Part 2

Remember this post about maternity pillow? Finally I got the chance to test it for several nights already and this will be a true review from me. No lick butt kinda ok?

This is the weird looking pillow. I call it 'The Bantal'.

The Bantal is just the bomb!!!!!!!!! It supports my body really well that I've had 3-4 hours sleep without interruption to switch position effortlessly for few nights already. Before the bantal arrived, I woke up every hour just to toss or switch position. Now to be able to sleep 3-4 hours straight is just a super blessing. =)

Anyhoo, here's some of the position that I use to sleep better.

The shape of the pillow makes me feel like someone's hugging me from the back. Even B could provide that comfort no more. Sorry B! =P

This afternoon i took The Bantal out of the room to watch tv on the couch. My bro was intrigued by the weird looking shape and asked what is it. I told him to give it a try. He did while watching tv. He approves of the comfort I've been bragging about.hahahaha

I wanted to take his picture but he refused. Tak macho he said =____='

Anyhoo, if you are interested to purchase this genius invention for pregnant women, contact this kakak through her FB

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pregnancy Update #Week28

Officially into the final trimester

*belly five Baby A*

Guest star this week - Makngah Ieer =)

How far along? 28 weeks and 5 days!! Hopping onto the final trimester. Yeaaa!
Size of the baby? My baby is the size of lettuce.Measuring about 38 cm. Last scan estimated that Baby's weigh is around 1.4kg. Baby's size is 3weeks bigger than it should be.hoho mommy eats a lot eh?
Weight gain? 62kg last Thursday.=D
Belly condition? Evil lines everywhere. Couldnt care less. Just sooooo itchyyyyyy
Energy level? Plummeted. But that might be due to 2weeks of holidays. Cant wait to start working tomorrow. Weeeeee
Sleep? Luxury. But maternity pillow helps A LOT!
Maternity clothes? Symptoms? Normal ones laaaaa
Comfort level? Once in a while
Cravings? Durian Durian Durian Durian Durian
Best moment of the week? Entering the final trimester. and ohhh see the priceless expression of le bro when my belly wobbled.hahaha

What I miss the most? Lying on my belly. In 3 months, InsyaAllah, i can!

What I look forward to? August.haha

Weekly Wisdom?  When a woman is pregnant with a child, all the angels will make Istighfar (repentance) on her behalf. Allah SWT will, for each day of her pregnancy, write for her 1000 good deeds and erase from her 1000 bad deeds. (source)
Saturday, June 8, 2013

We miss you

I stayed with B for 12 days straight, the longest since I married him. Now we are back at our place, ready to head back to work. I miss him. Now no one can entertain my 'ngada2' mode. I haz sad =(.

Now entering the final trimester, I could feel the changes with my body. My energy level plummeted. I can barely walk for 10 minutes without stopping to gasp for air. My breathing is troubled. My back hurts. My pelvic area feels like swelling.And sleeping is a luxury now.

I'm not complaining the downs of being pregnant. I love being pregnant. I love when Baby A kicks. I love when my belly wobbles and freaks the person next to me (it did to my bro...hahha). I love when Baby A reacts to my voice...

It's will be better if B is here and share the moment with me. =)

God bless all good husbands out there. Who treat their wives like queens especially during pregnancy. Thank you Allah for granting me such a doted and wonderful husband. 

I hope B's boss will be in super good mood in few weeks to come so he can fulfill his promise much much much much earlier.hehe
Friday, June 7, 2013

Strangers - Friends - Family

One good thing about going to boarding school is you get to know every students from every form. It's weird to me when my students do not know other students from the next class because I could remember all my friends from the same batch although we were in different classes.huhu That's when strangers become your friends and a few will stick and be your family. 

I'm glad to follow the decision to go to Bintulu because I got to meet the bestest friends from high school. Mommy was in love for a day =)))

Started on Friday night when Sally and I went to fetch Shatiti from the terminal bus. and Sally bought us dinner at a fancy place too. hehe

Then continued the second day for Aya's solemnization.

Cgek jak la gambar ho sebab mak buyong sakit belakang.haha

Then the Reception day when many other schoolmates attended the wedding.

Ze gurlss

Ze boysss

My belly became a hit that day. Too many touches received.hahahaha

Some were not in the pics as they had to leave early =)

Since the reception was for 2hours only, we had time to kill for the rest of the day. All decided to go for karaoke. yeay!

B owed me one song as he didnt sing during our reception. He thought he could make it for karaoke session. No way B. I still want one song in large crowd. Muehehehe


Managed to balance the bottle on le belly.muehahahahah

Honestly, before this, I never knew  they all have good voices. I jewww yg takde..hoh
For the closing, we all went to Tanjung Batu for a dose of ABC and Ais Kacang.


they surprised me with a birthday cake =')

Mommy kept her cool and didnt cry ok.

Thanks guys......I know I looked emotionless but my head was sweating from excitement.Mommy kan brutal =p

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