Monday, September 27, 2010

i'm bored~

B has started his working shift today so i am left 'single' for 12 hours..woo...his shift starts at 7am this morning and will end at 7pm in the evening. what am i gonna do for the time being?

ceh gedik je..assignment berlambak kau mengada plak. So far, i'm focusing on our discourse. quite happy with the progress. soon, we'll start discussing about literature final project as well as life science module. at least got some progress. for my mini thesis, there's nothing i can do now as my interview session will be this Friday with my mom's students. so for the time being, i edit and reedit the questions.hehe jeles okey orang dah start buat chapter 4 =(

the tudung business is blooming. i got another round of order this week so this thursday mommy susie and i are gonna hit Jalan Tar again. before this, orang selalu cerita jalan tar, sogo best2, syurga la hapa la. tapi lepas aku banyak kali pergi sana..nah...nothing pon ekceli.tapi yang best, i know some shops offering cheap tudung. big bargain la wa cakap sama lu.hehe

susie and i are thinking about doing online business because we thought that's gonna be a great idea since we ol salu lepak jalan tar la kan.but at the moment, very the busy so maybe akan terlaksana time study week kot.haha..but i tell you, our shop is going to offer the best price that you can never find anywhere else. we;ve done a lil bit of price survey on other online blog my my some of the price were ridiculous. for example, the price for one tudung in jalan tar, if you buy in a bulk is like rm16. but some sellers sell it for rm45. matila`.it's about double the price.gila betul.

be smart people.and at the mean time, anyone want to pre-order any tudung/shawls/kain ela from jalan tar, just pm me olrait. special prize for you. =)
Sunday, September 26, 2010


just came back from Shah Alam for my nephew's birthday. He's 1 year old now. how time flies~

i am now in the mode of struggling to do all the work. the stress is definitely there. but if i can go through this, i'm so gonna reward myself later..Amin..

despite being 'positive', i'm still cranky. i dont really entertain people now. i ignore my room mate's gedikness, if i am hungry i dont bother to ask anyone to go out or they want to tapau or not. and i find myself being amazingly calm when i am all alone.i want this period end fast!

i've started doing my data gathering now. this week, i have to go back to interview my mom's students.leceh nye..k la.bye!
Friday, September 24, 2010

yea i burst out like a volcano

yesterday, i finally reached my limit. all the boiling emotion came out bursting like nobody's business. but be me as always, i did not show it to anybody. i prefer the traditional way: crying in the shower.

i am losing control of everything.Yesterday afternoon, i finally got a reply from my super.and again, i am not sure what she wants from my interview questions. I sent the 2nd draft like 2 weeks ago after she mended some parts of it and yesterday, she wanted the questions to be almost the same like what i did in the first draft.i am so confused of what she wants. she seems unsure or i think she forgot about her previous comments.

Some comments are repeating.although i have explained why i do this and that in other paragraphs, she still ask why i do that, why is this. this is frustrating. i dont even know whether she read the whole draft of focusing on certain sub topic.

so being a gloomy nurul yesterday, i finally cried.i can feel the tense building up piling above the ever present tense from before.i dont know how to express the feeling so in the evening, i drove alone to Tasik Cempaka, parked my car and called B.and of course we fought for a while over the phone. you know one thing i love  about us fighting is when i am angry, i will blurt out mad woman i was, i screamed and cried in the car.i can see some joggers slowed their pace to peek into the car and saw all the drama.

the fight helped to express what's inside so i feel much better. but the reality will always be there as mountain of works are waiting to be done.i;ve decided to take a risk by not sending anymore draft to my super. just proceed with everything because i am afraid i will need to wait for her reply like if she doesnt like what i;m doing, i let it be in the Almighty's hand because either way, i am jeopardizing my mini thesis. I only have 3+weeks to complete this and if i send my draft and have to wait for 2 weeks for her reply, i 'm not gonna do that. if anything turns bad in the end, during the presentation or even more comments from my super, i'm so gonna be a defensive bitch because i've tried my best in this but because of lack of cooperation from her side, i am lagging like 1 months behind.i dont mind if she wants so many things in this project but a quick response from her could have been a big help.

yea i sounded like a talking bitch here but this is so stressful. i have 2 big projects waiting and one project require me to go Terengganu and all the preparation have to be done before that. and to my super, if you ever read this, i have no intention to bad mouthing you it's just i am desperate to fulfill everything you want and at the same time racing against the time.i am sorry if this post is ever insulted you in any way.

so to my dear friends if you are reading this, early apology if i dont appear me after this as i need all the focus on my work.we have about 4 weeks left so let's aja fighting together ok!
Thursday, September 23, 2010

seriously i want to cry~

everyone hates to wait. i too. currently i am waiting for an email from my supervisor. Do you know how it feels when you wait for something, you pray so hard for it and at the end it's still a silent? everytime I sign in into my yahoo mail, i have this habit closing my eyes while waiting for the page to load. I hope when i open my eyes i would see what i want to see.

and it is such a huge disappointment when there's nothing! nada! it's like waiting for your husband to come back from a war and there's no news. whether he's alive or dead. ok i dont how one feels when the husband is fighting for the nation but something like that la. i have been waiting for almost 3 weeks now and she hasnt replied. and we are going towards the end of the semester. 

of course like other normal human being i would have all the negatives thoughts swarming my head. Does she hate me? Have i done/said something wrong? Is my drafts really that bad? have i insulted her?

Please madam. i need it fast. i have about 3 weeks left if i minus the presentation week. Please be fair. i dont want to talk bad about you but  i almost reach my limit already~
Wednesday, September 22, 2010

uuu i am a mess~

i've been subjecting my eyes to my laptop since morning and now having a headache. the reason being: have to hand in one assignment tomorrow.haha

i have so many things to think right now. mainly about assignments. My madam supervisor hasnt replied my email again though i've sent another draft last Monday. If still no response, i will need to go and see her face to face this Friday. Pray for me ya!

oh ya i have a great news that i really really want to tell here but still cannot. have to wait for another confirmation.then i'll tell ya. oooo i tidak sabar.hehe

My tudung business is getting ok. got another request and this time for 20 tudungs! before this selalunya 10 jah...uuu hepi hepi.

what more eh?
Sunday, September 19, 2010

Good Luck B!!

Tomorrow will be a new beginning for B. He is starting his new and first job as a technician in ABF, Bintulu. I am honestly proud of him. A boy I've been dating since high school has turned into a new man.

Congratulations B and you know I am so proud of you!

B on the first day of Raya in Sibu~

p/s B, let's pray for our future and hope all the plans will go smoothly.  *love you!*

d'ya see my stress meter?

well it is rising every second when i think of heading back to UKM tomorrow.dammit. why the because? lemme explain.

list of awaiting assignments:
1. Thesis
2. Literature second assignment
3. Life science project.
4. discourse and pragmatics project

lemme explain one by one why the because i'm so stressed out. you see, is not that i cant do some of these during my Raya holiday. in fact i really want to. but for some external reasons, they are all stuck!shit!

1. thesis: like in my previous post, my lovely madam supervisor is yet to reply or response to my email though i've sent tonnes of it. if she does not approve the previous drafts, how can i proceed? i did proceed with some chapters but still need her approval. so, this is not my fault. i dont think she realises that i have yet to gather my information or data which is like the most important chapter in any buat aku rasa nak menyumpah ni. 

2. for this task, we need to come out with a lesson plan to teach literature and teaching aids. the problem is my partner does not have any internet connection at home so the discussion just stop there.we have at least 3 days to complete this since the due date is next week..matila..

3. for this project, we are having problem with our tutor since she hasnt approved our proposal, she seems not sure of what she wants and definitely affect those who are under her. she doesnt check her email, she does not update any news on our media (wiki) or yahoo groups. how to proceed liddat?

4. for this project, i face the same problem like number internet connection at home so we cannot discuss anything.

my nightmare is going to be added up when the last task for Literature is coming and due on the final week.matila.....

i dont think i am going to have any fun the coming 4 weeks of this semester.i;m gonna lock myself inside the a zombie for the time being. ish benci!
Saturday, September 18, 2010
all is back to normal. we are together in this. l

let's  pray for the best =)

how can i not be sad?

right now, at this moment, i just want to sleep. i want to shut everything out of my life, my mind. i want to sleep. i want to have those dreams i've been dreaming for the past few days. i want to smile. i want to laugh. i want to be ME.

you, yes YOU, broke my stone heart last night. it was brutal. the pain was unbearable. in fact i'm still having the pain right now. you lie to me. alive. you broke my heart. you let me think, be, and feel like i am the most lucky girl in the whole world. you stomp me in fact. you know i am fragile and i still cannot accept what you did. i am the scape goat for you. i know you have other more important people in your life and you chose me to be the one you consider can be hurt.

the moment you said those words i really couldnt breath. as if my heart chose to stop at that refused to inhale the i understand how some people feel when they heard a news and they couldnt breath. for the first time last night, you let me experience that. thank you.

did you know that the pain is so unbearable that i feel like drifting away from you? and i am not sure how to react, response or even answer you call. it feels totally different.totally. my body is on autopilot mode where it acts to protect me from being hurt again, especially from YOU. yes your words now are meaningless.

how, how are we going to mend this problem?
Thursday, September 16, 2010

saya suka membazir~

hari ini keluar shopping lagi bersama abang, isteri abang dan juga anak abang. ye saya tau bunyi post ini agak gedik. demam berblog dalam bahasa 'ibu lidah' belum berakhir. penat lagi agaknye.

hari ini pergi membeli belah di Jusco bandaraya. dekat Melaka ada dua Jusco: Ayer keroh dan bandar raya. yang bandar raya sangat besar jadi fefeling kaya kekdahnya kami ke jusco bandaraya. dahla besar jadi berbaloi berhabis duit.jusco ayer keroh kecik je cuma sekangkang anak buah aku je..miehehehehe

sampai jusco kitorang pergi makan dulu. best dapau 'pau' duit abang sendiri lalu menuju ke Kenny rojes. seronok makan ada orang lain bayar..order macam biasa quarter meal dan 3 side dishes: garlic parsley, macaroni and cheese dan fresh fruit garden. sejak mengenali kewujudan abang kenny tak pernah order yang lain. cuma sebab ada orang belanja nak order air mahal. selalu kalau bayar sendiri order air mineral je sebab paling murah T_____T ye aku memang pathetic..lame giler tengok menu nak order air ape..last last caffe mocha jugak sebab harga die rm9..niat nak pau abang sendiri kan..tunggu punya tunggu order pun sampai. mak aih..air caffe mocha itu nampak biasa je..slurrrpppp...rasa air nescafe aku buat kat rumah..cehhhh!!!!!!!!!! tak menarik langsung.

lepas sesi makan-makan minta diri dengan kakak ipar nak merayau sendirian. berjalan survey harga baju lelaki untuk buah hati jantung pisang sempena ulang tahun cinta monyet kami yang ke 6. sumpah susah nak decide sebab selama 6 tahun ini banyak gile dah bagi baju kat jantung pisang..cukup nak bukak butik gamaknya..tapi last-last amik jugak kemeja..untung jantung pisang mempunyai kulit yang cerah..pakai ape pon molek je..

time nak bayar tetiba TERlalu pulak ladies area.nampak baju longgok 50% diskaun. kejam sungguh jUSCO ini saje nak perhabeh duit aku.time terlalu tu TERambik pulak 2 tshirt.yang cikai bawak pakai pergi kuliah je. epp epp..tak mahal pon cuma campur dua2 tak sampai rm20..pastu time nak pergi cashier teringat niat mahu membeli 'pakaian bawah'. mata pon pergi ke arah tempat itu. carik yang paling murah.haha benci bila area baju dalam wanita banyak pula lelaki tersadai di tepi tepi lorong. malu nak pilih rembat apa yang patut terus pergi bayar.

lepas tu pergi survey hadiah besday anak buah pertama. Adam. ternampak yang berkenan terus call adik tercinta untuk memastikan harga barang dipersetujui. berjaya. lepas tu pergi carik abang yang terpisah beberapa ketika tadi.

sebelum balik, pergi ke tempat hadiah anak buah untuk beli. tidak beli awal-awal sebab terlalu besar untuk diangkut.oh ye anak buah kedua, ikha turut dibelikan hadiah oleh ayah dan salah..ayah dan ibu cuma pilih je..tapi dibayar menggunakan duit raya ikha..haha ok lepas beli semua keperluan kami pun berlalu pulang ke rumah.

singgah di stesen minyak Cheng tetiba Ikha memberakkan dirinya di dalam kereta. satu kereta bau najis itu dan kami hanya mampu bersabar sampai ke rumah.

sampai di rumah terus merilekkan diri,

itula serba serbi kejadian harii ini. saya gembira kerana walaupun telah pokai, saya telah membeli barang keperluan jantung pisang masak lemak cili padi saya, hadiah anak buah saya dan juga barang saya sendiri. sekian melaporkan untuk blog sampah ini =)
Wednesday, September 15, 2010
sepiking melayu ari ni ye.penat.

hari ni bangun tido tiba-tiba rasa cemas. sebab malam tadi mimpi jumpa madam supervisor kesayangan pasal thesis and terus chapter 4 dan 5 kena approve. sangat gembira. sampai salam dan peluk madam supervisor. siyes ini mimpi malam tadi.

lepas tu bangun cuba fikir balik tentang kegembiraan malam tadi. reality menikam dadaku. chapter 2 pun belum approve. draft protocol pon belum. lepas cuti ada 5 minggu je tinggal. tak masuk minggu kena bentangkan hasil mini thesis.mati la matila.. itu tak termasuk assignment Literature dan juga diskos dan juga sains kehidupan. rasa nak pengsan lepas bangun tidur. adoi penat penat.lepas mandi cuba-cuba edit chapter 2. kembali runsing sebab perjumpaan terakhir sebelum cuti madam supervisor nak yang ringkas sahaja. adakah 7 muka surat dikira ringkas? terus tak ada mood nak buat. sudah siapkan draft awal-awal lagi sebelum madam supervisor keluar statement supaya buat ringkas-ringkas. ni yang malas jadi rajin. terlebih buat.

lepas tu beberapa hari ini asyik bergaduh dengan B. benda yang remeh temeh je pon. entah macam mana gaduh-gaduh pujuk pujuk, kami sampai ke satu keputusan.keputusan yang macam terburu-buru. semoga kami tabah dan berada di jalan yang betul dengan keputusan ini. keputusan apa? tunggu dah confirm saya akan bagi tau.

banyak betul benda nak fikir minggu ni. tapi kebanyakannya sebab thesis yang dah terkandas sebab madam supervisor tak reply email. sudah hantar banyak kali tapi masih sunyi sepi macam talian talipon yang terputus. nak hantar email banyak-banyak nanti takut mengganggu madam supervisor dan takut beliau akan membenci empunya diri. apa nak buat?die super diriku hanya...ape antonim untuk super?

benci macam ni. tak ada mood nak buat assaimen lain selagi thesis tak berjalan.menci tau...ape tah direpekkan ini.macam makan kerepek. krukk krakk krukk krakk..telan masuk perut. eh..ntah hape hape..

duit raya tahun ni sangat membanggakan sebab di kala umur 23 tahun, kutipan tertinggi sejak dah dibelanja semua semalam beli benda yang agak penting la jugak. takpe..lepas ni tak de merayau lagi. duit elaun banyak dah masuk tabung haji, simpan buat kawen. yang lebih2 tinggal diharap mencukupi sampai habis semester ini. semoga diriku tidak boros. malu dekat orang tabung haji. awal semester bangga masuk sampai 2 ribu lepas tu nak hujung-hujung semester mesti ade yang keluar.nak buat macam mana akak tabung haji, ambo belum kerja lagi.

ape lagi nak melalut ni?
Tuesday, September 14, 2010
frustrated, angry and disappointed. the 6th year eh? so what?
Monday, September 13, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya

i know it's a bit late for raya wish right now but i've been lazy to turn my laptop on except for facebooking and checking my email.

so dear family and friends,


Maaf kepada yang terkasar, terpukul, tercubit, terkutuk, terjerit dan segala yang 'ter'.

enjoy some of my favourite raya pics =)

itu je kot....bye!
Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i was a super woman today~

i felt so tense reading all the fuss about politics and religion issues for the past few days. so today, i just thought about raya.


so far, all the preparation went well. i dunno but i have the sense that this is going to be a great Raya celebration. with a nephew and niece. am excited to bagi angpow to them.woot woot!!

i baked 3 cookies this year. the taste...nah..not that great..just so so.mak wants to bake a chocolate cake too.maybe tomorrow.

today i spent 3-4hours ++ cleaning the house. this time really really hard. semua bawah tikar belakang almari bawah kusi ku bongkar..haha reason: so that my bros' kids can crawl happily. takde la kena habuk ke hape.

and my dad just done putting up the deco light.last year takde hoccay lampu lampu nih. and also ade lampu pelita depan rumah...baru rasa suasana kampung.

Raya will fall on Friday. so tomorrow is the 'bantai' day. aku pon tak sure why the elders call it bantai day. maybe we all berbantai bertungkus lumus masak esok?hehe

k la peeps. makin lama makin boring blog aku. dah ilang semangat. takpe..janji raya yob!!
Monday, September 6, 2010

Do Muslims or Muslims in Malaysia nowadays being too sensitive lately?

this is my 50cents from my immature point of view. be nice.

Lately i've read tonnes of blog posts or forums regarding sensitive issues related to Islam. Illuminati, advertisement this and that, Gaga's video clips. and the comments or responses from the Muslims mostly they are concerned with what's happening.

some of the comments were very rude and they started to bombard hatred and prejudices to other religions. and of course this stirrred up heated arguments where the followers of the other religion will back up what they believe. and mind you, these muslims who appeared to be the night shining armour of the religion started to throw curse words la. be nice people! Islam never teaches us to like that. 

I have different friends from various background and religions. and we go along just fine. so do other people i believe.especially those people who gave out hatred comments. can you imagine you said all those nasty comments right in front of your friends' faces? would you? i believe you be nice wherever you are. because you are carrying your religion when you open your mouth.

and do we muslims become overly sensitive? i've seen that some groups of people have become overly obsesses analysing, scrutinizing every elements around them. i remember the stage setting of AJL or concert held by TV3 few months back. people were debating that there's some influence of illuminati. then the newest is the raya advertisement again from TV3.

i believe the producer of the advert was trying to show their 'creativeness' by mixing all the religious elements. i am not saying it is right. it definitely raises some doubts from the muslims. what i dont like is that the responses from these muslims. suddenly they started to blame other religion like trying to convert the muslims la..being prejudice and rude.

why are we splitting hairs about this? why should we be afraid of what's coming into our way? we should do something about that of course. but not by lashing our Christians, Hindu or Buddhist friends with sarcastic and rude remarks. focus on strengthening our inner faith. believe in God. we cant never change the world. but ourselves. That i truly believe in.

Ni sampai nak ubah perlembagaan la..halau orang tu balik sane..haramkan itu ini...what the hell? The Islamic way of life should be practiced individually. that means changing your self first. educate your family. not by changing others. you think by cursing other religions will get you into heaven meh? not likely.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

it was a long day~

yesterday was a loooong day indeed for me and Mummy Tum2...hence the reason i woke up at 10.30 this morning.

My day started the night before where i couldn't get any sleep. my eyes refused to close its lids. so at 10 am in the morning, Ambun, Steve and I went to meet our thesis supervisor. As i expected, there are lots of things to be mend.especially the interview questions part. I did not adapt the questions from anywhere. They are mine 100%. I dont mind about that. but the way my supervisor questioning me made me feel stupid. and it was done in front of my friends. definitely lower my self esteem.i felt like screaming in the room. And the best part it, i've sent my draft last week to be particular. and she took her time to read that morning. and i have a week left before raya. i want to have a raya celebration without having to worry about the progress of my assignment, damn it. but enought with that. i dont want to back talk her. tak baik and tak berkat! just madam, please do your homework too aite?

so, the frustrated Nurul went back to her hostel. vowing to buy a new baju kurung, one hand bag and stilettos to mend her broken heart. After loading all the stuffs into Myvi's butt, off she went with Mummy Tum2 to Midvalley. oh before that, there was a last minute order for instant hijab the night before so we had to go to Jalan Tar to get them. we parked at Midvalley since it has cheaper parking rate compared to Sogo. Then we took the train to Bank Negara station and walla..we're in Jalan Tar.

The weather had no mercy on us. Excrutiatingly hot.we were in Jalan Tar for almost 3 hours. fulfilling our customers orders. i wanted to shop at Sogo but we spent too much time looking for hijabs and we didnt have much time. there goes my vow.and the people were just unbelievable. the crowd was insane.and most of them were women. because of Friday prayer so men were not around. we women really are the back bone of our economy.haha

after our hands were loaded with stuffs, to walk back to Bank Negara station seemed forever. dah la puasa kan...luckily the train came pretty fast to Midvalley. The people in Midvalley pon very the ramai. Many people chose to do last minute shopping because the price offered were unbelievable. The price for baju kurung, kebaya or any fashion you want dropped as low as rm30...sape taknak?

so at 3.30, we left midvalley and headed to Tanjung Malim. oh yea, i helped Mummy Tum2 to get her red card (for pregnancy check up). she forgot to bring it. the journey was smooth. since OPS Sikap started yesterday, we counted there were 4 pondok polis pemerhati on the way to TM. we arrived around 5 or 4.30. oh yea, the traffic at Federal highway was moving bump to lambat la we ol sampai.

we left TM and headed back to Rawang. we used MEX to go back since we thought there'd be less traffic. damn we were wrong. again my Myvi had to sniffs other car's butt - meaning bump to bump la... the massive traffic made us caught in the jam for almost 2 hours! this time i had to call for extra Chakra since my body was dehydrated and weak.we left MEX highway and stopped at Seremban RnR to break fast at 7.15pm..and the queue line at KFC was just great. panjang mak bedah!sabau je first we wanted to eat there but after many thoughts, it's better to keep moving since we scared we'll got caught in the traffic jam from Seremban to Senawang exit. so makan dalam kereta jah~

i sent suzie to her house in Ayer Keroh, Melaka and drove back to Lendu. and my parents were at the mosque!!! no body's home so i waited in front of my village old mosque till terawih i reached home about 10pm/

that's how my day went.after bath, prayer (i was a err..what's that word for people who travel more than 90km?? damn it..i only can think of muallaf, khalifah...ahh musafir...hehe) and stuffing my belly with home food, i said bye bye and gudnite at 12am. a bit late but yeah..tgok tv is a must.hehe

so people, i travelled 300km yesterday. what did you do?hehe

p/s going to bake cookies love it!!
Friday, September 3, 2010

How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you~

this is a post for dear friend..nad~

i know you've been worried sick bout the kitten. hope this post can put a smile on your face aite!this is the least i can do =)

this is soooo cute but..beware of the message below~

nad! take note olraite!!

p/s did i make u smile??hohho

pics source: here
Thursday, September 2, 2010

why am i sooo moody today?

why i'm being moody today?

PMS? nah...not too soon

hungry? it's fasting month dude!
money? still got la..

B? we are fine..

sleepy? Definitely and it's just 10 am..

stress? supervisor hasnt replied my email..i need to get things done fast!

tired? oh good night people!
Wednesday, September 1, 2010

who like to be in a dilemma?

have you ever felt torn between how you feel and how the people around you feel?

have you ever felt that you've had enough?

have you ever thought of running and hiding somewhere where people couldn't bother you?

well i have.

i like to have options

i like to go whenever i want to go

mind this, i like being spontaneous.

if i say i want to go to Midvalley, damn straight i would without much thought.

but putting in many people in your plans sometimes made the plan not fun anymore.

too many heads, too many feelings, too many 'touching'~

and the plans usually end up not done.

why cant certain people go whenever or wherever they want to go, and i dont tell me about their plans, and surprisingly i dont get emotional being left?

but when i want to go whenever or wherever, with people i thought sporting enough, and dont tell the rest, they would get cynical towards me?

or why some people i really want to see, I've put efforts for the plans, carefully considering many schedule, always say 'I'm busy'?

or when they want to see me but i am not available, they cant let me off without being sarcastic?

sometimes i do feel i have nothing to offer.

when i have nothing more left, i would be mean.

my words become sarcastic

i would ignore people

i would throw 'menyampah' look

i would go home

friends are supposed to be family

that's why the terms friend and family always go together

but are we family?

p/s yea ..i am hurt..but who cares? do you?

Break fast menu~

i hate it when i have nothing to eat to break fast. Bazaar food? nah..this is the year where i dont feel like eating any bazaar food. i am stuck here in UKM. i feel like going home. i dont mind eating simple meals as long as its home cooked. here UKM, i dont have much choice.

i only have my eyes on fast food. or restaurant food. or expensive food in particular. it's like these food can replace my home cooked food. how pathetic is that? *eh sukati aku la nak makan ape..duit aku..janji halal*

i just woke up. there are thousands of food i want to eat. the only problem is i got no company. My room mate is going to break fast at the faculty. takde selera bukak pose ngan orang lain..fefeling cik bien pulak aku...matila~

why i like to eat with my rumate"
- she eats everything

- she doesnt think about the price - aku benci orang suka kutuk aku makan makanan mahal. at least i spend my money on food. and more importantly, i dont ask for theirs!

- she's talkative.

Good combination. oh Ain..balik la..i want to eat Steam Fish instead of sardin~ ..T.T
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