Sunday, October 28, 2012
baru bangun tido. kecik ati sangat2. =(


So we went for a short getaway in Port Dickson last Wednesday =)

As a surprise for B, I booked one of the rooms at The Lexis (formerly known as Legend Water Chalet) for a night.hehe Initially I told B that we were going to stay at a homestay and B you could never hide your disappointed face. Cmon, getaway at a homestay? Not romantic at all.hahaha Technically, I booked the room which was own by an individual, not the hotel generally. So I considered it as a homestay la. Anyhoo, let's enjoy the pictures!

This bed, among other hotels that we have stayed. was the best so far! WIN!

The TV reception was bad, 4 blurry channels available.

Our balcony. The opposite was The Grand Lexis, units that have private pool for each. Wanted to have that but Miss Red was in town. Wont be fair watching B cannon ball-ing while I sit and watch.hahahahaha We could hear kids screaming with joy.huhu

Our own big bath tub. Woo hoo!

Above the bath tub, we had this. ahhh this is life.

Alrite smile for the camera!!!

The publish rate for the room is around RM400++. I booked individual unit which had no relation to the hotel for half of the price. Go here if you are interested =))

I'm looking forward for many many short getaways with B in the future. I have found a partner who enjoys going places as much as I do so we both are excited for many destinations that we would go next.hehe

So what's next? I'm thinking these two =)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Eid Adha


He's going back to Bintulu in 5 hours 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Real Hero

Like I promised yesterday, the picture of the thing that caused the whole school to become soooo chaotic yesterday.

The real hero of the event was the wall clock. It survived without a scratch only a small smudge.hehe

Anyhoo, the burning smell still lingered in the staff room. All the teachers were busy cleaning, wiping, complaining, wiping, rearranging. 

One good thing about this incident is all of us rearranged our stuffs and everything looks so organize now.hahahahahaha

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chaotic Week

This week, which I still have a day left before I could call it history is very truly dramatic, chaotic, hectic, antique. haha

With heartbroken drama with my students, last straw drama with mom and today, fire drama in school, I could almost scream.

Today, early in the morning around 7.30 am, I was in the principal's office finalising the draft for something when the office got a call saying our staff room was on fire. The office and the staff room is about 100m away. I went out, I saw Form 6s students looked busy, and my nose catched the smell, burning smell. I walked slowly because if the fire was serious, I would have heard screaming but no. Our principal was much faster than me, he arrived there, checking the condition. Apparently one of the air conditioner units blew up, triggered fire and thick black smoke. Fortunately, we had a very efficient worker who ran for the fire extinguisher and voila, the fire was gone but the smoke remained. Few minutes later, the firemen arrived with the fire truck. Quick inspection, we were assured that the fire was 100% off. Since the thick smoke was still around, we teachers were nomads till school ended today. We had no place.

If no one was around, the whole building could be burned into ashes. The building was very old, and made of woods. It's considered a historic piece hence it cannot be renovated but restored only.hehe

Cant see the end.... Our tables were covered with black and white dust from the burning. Tomorrow must clean!

The smoke was bad for the lungs and throats. I got my sore throat back. Some teachers were asthmatic. Some started coughing. Toxic smoke. ewwww

I didnt take picture of the blown air conditioning. Will try to take it tomorrow.hehe

A silver lining from today chaotic event was...... *drum rolls* 


Since I had to station myself at Exam Unit Room so I must appear busy. To appear busy, I must do work. Do work means I have nothing much left on me plate. ME love!

Anyhoo, I cant wait for the weekend. My bro's graduation will be on Sunday at UTP, Tronoh. Road trip!!!!!!! My dear husband who I truly crazily miss and havent seen since a month ago will fly home on Monday. Anddddddddddddddd On Wednesday we gonna go for a short getaway. This week is crazy. I hope next will bring more good things! =)))

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

a silver lightning

Today was a pretty bad day for me if you ask me to sum up. Mostly the bad part was done by only one bad student, a lower 6 student. He always mocked me in class, calling me and when I responded, pretending he wasnt the one and made the whole class laughed. Not only he disrupted the lesson, he played with my integrity, my ego and my profesionalism as his teacher. Basically he's just a bad clown in the class. If you follow my twitter, i spent about some times this morning raging my frustration. If you didnt know me, you would have arrived at a conclusion that I'm a bad teacher for bad-twittering (origine: bad mouth..hahaha) my student virtually. But I've had enough of his antiques, his nonsense. He has been doing this since the beginning of the semester so you could guess how long I've been putting up with this attitude. Today was the day I decided not to bother anymore. Plus, words of encouragement from my seniors made me feel like some people out there understand the whole thing.

I am never at all bother at my students' proficiency level. I just cannot tolerate bad attitude. I have a very weak girl in my class whom i swear everytime I highlighted her weaknesses that I saw her small eyes not welling up. But she is so determined to at least get Band 3.I'm with her in achieving her goal. I want her to succeed. Not for me,but for her. To all students out there, a really good teacher will never give a shit about how weak you are as long as you try to do the best with the right attitude. Jangan bodoh, tapi sombong!

And there is also one boy in my class, S. He came late at the beginning of the semester with this attitude, kampung boy who thinks having a motorcycle is all that matters. However, after few exercises, I found that he has some language skills based on his writing. I started complimenting him in any way and sometimes scolding him when he got on my nerve. Today, in the same class, I returned back their writing paper. Minutes before I walked out of the class, S came and asked 'Cikgu, caner ah nak kasi essay saye ni ok sket?" Yess till now he calls me cikgu instead of teacher or madam =_='.

It was an uxpected question for a kampung hero to come and asked how he can improve his writing. I guess all the positive and negative reinforcements I used work!!haha

To sum up this ngerepak post, be nice students. We  teachers are not trying to make your life miserable. We want you to succeed. And when you succeed we never ask any recognition, certificate to acknowledge what ever we have done for you. And we never miss to say 'pelajar2ku/ all my students' in our prayers. We never ask for any material things. Just for you to work hard for your own success.

Ok now I sounded like an old auntie. Got to go. Bye!
Monday, October 15, 2012

Camera for Travelling

So I spent the day searching, googling the best compact camera for our trip next year. I use both languages i.e. English and Malay because I needed to understand the functions of the cameras. For someone who buys things according to cuteness rather than functions, I need the best guide.hahaha

So, I googled in BM and Auto filler showed:

Did you see it? Kamera untuk mengintai (camera for peeping tom)

I was like........whatttttttttttt???

But seriously guys, what's the best camera for Travelling? I'm tired of using phone camera because of its low quality. Paying so much for the trip but crappy picture quality??
Sunday, October 14, 2012

Be careful of what you wish for.

Yesterday I did something under the drizzling rain. Few hours later, my body felt funny. And I prayed I could get a fever because I dont want to go to school on Monday. Lazy!haha

This morning I woke up with a throbbing head. and a very uneasy sore throat. I'm not feverish thou =.='

So instead of fever, I'm having sore throat. and throbbing head. I dont think I'm gonna be on leave tomorrow. Will have to go to school tomorrow. uwaaa

Next time, dont wish for anything stupid Nurul. Dont!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Friday, October 12, 2012


So I decided to go for a vacation with B next year and burned a hole in our pockets. Told mom about it and opkos she nagged for a while and then let me moved on with life.hahaha I think some how she understands that we are living far away from each other and it's okay to go places once in a while. Ok not once in a while. We go places almost on monthly basis now.hahahaha end of this month we are going for a short beach getaway =)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I think my priority has changed. Before this, I hold on to my money to buy a house or if B and I were to get any transfer. Since it's been forever and there's no news about it, I'm letting loose on my money and spend it away.hahaha but mostly on food (hence the weight gain lately) and also to go places with dear Hubby. I hope B and I can take many many many pictures of us in different places and create new memories for us.

not so interesting picture.hehehe

Thanks to Groupon, Streetdeal, Mydeal, Milkadeal and basically all only coupons website for making traveling more affordable. I love u guyssss!

p/s now need to save save save for our big vacation next year!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


itu adik aku yg tengah jobless

Last week suddenly mom entered the house from gardening outside and said 'let's put a gazebo in our yard!!!'

ok not exactly like that but that's the gist.

She's been hating the innocent bamboo trees since they became overgrown and made her clean the dry leaves.hahahaha

Anyhoo, we'll be getting a gazebo! Suddenly am reminded of Ted Mosby when gazebo is mentioned. hmmm

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Today around 5pm I called B, telling him to check his email. And I told him to forward the content to my email. He said ok and hung up. 10 minutes later, he called back. He sounded chirpy and out of breath. He told me the content. He was surprised and excited.

I love surprises. Especially for him.hehe

Today I came back home, heading straight to the laptop, typed, few clicks, secured payment, voila! A getaway gift for my hubby! I knew he would be over the moon. Initially I wanted to surprise him with the news when he comes back for Raya Haji, but the excited me lost the battle hence the incident in the 1st paragraph.tee hee hee 

Anyhoo, InsyaAllah, we'll be there next March =))

B, I love you. And this is for you =)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012
When unexpected things rolled into your doorstep, all you gotta do is save, save, save.

Money, please grow on trees. Eh, one tree is all I need =)
Monday, October 8, 2012

Fudge Life

I read back some of my previous posts. Gosh I was such a depressing person.hahaha

And because of that I have decided to 'fudge life' and live my life to the fullest. I wont let anything control me from being happy. am gonna make the best everyday. InsyaAllah.

In fact, I've just prepared a surprise get away for B. Not so surprise now aint i?hahah this was an impromptu thing as i took about 10 minutes to google, think, contact and pay deposit. 10 MINUTES YALL!

B and I have decided to put aside all the worries, and enjoy our honeymoon period till all pieces found their spots in our lives. We will baby, we will!

Anyhoo, below is my current ring tone. As I'm one of the most hardworking, resilient, outstanding  excellent (sarcasm intended) teachers, I need to be able to answer my phone every single time. The ring tone is loud enough and cute also. My students from FORM 2 up till FORM 6 loveeeeeeeeee the song.hahaha I know answering phone during lesson is prohibited but what to do, 'saya yang menurut perintah'.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Part of Me

Last week I downloaded this movie randomly and today I got a chance to watch it. I've watched many documentary movies before but this one was something different. I got goosebumps the whole time watching this. I got goosebumps for when she was happy, frustrated and sad. Especially when she was sad. 

Katy got a divorce call from her husband when she was doing tour in 2011. Specifically when she was in Brazil. Watching her cried hours before the concert, seconds before she appeared on stage was heart breaking. She really did love Russel. There's no mention of why their separated but I think partly is due to her tour where she was away most of the time. Be strong Katy!

Long Distance kills. I hope it wont kill us =(


I have many things playing in my head. Initially it didn't bug me but recently I found myself to be in gloomy and sometimes depressed mode. B and I are in uncertainties. Of what to happen with our future. We cant do anything, we cant plan anything. Everything is blurry and just frustrating. I tried not to bitch about it but sometimes it gets too overwhelming for me to handle.

The initial plan when we just got married was I will spend my year end school holidays in Bintulu. But many things came up last minute. Up-to-date, we still couldn't find a temporary place to rent. We found few decent rooms/apartments to rent but the rental is our concern. It's either too expensive or not furnished. Few days ago I finally talked to Mom about my concerns and she suggested for me to stay in Melaka. We should be patient until this period is over.

Not only that, I found the flight ticket to Bintulu is getting more expensive.  I used to get tickets below RM200 for return journey but now...we burned at least RM400 for every trip. I am devastated. Bintulu is expensive. Are you rejecting me, town?

I have never told anyone before simply because I'm scared of the response. The words 'itula sape suruh carik org jaoh' could turn me into a monster, if i ever heard those live. Some people I know are already clapping with joy about our situation. 

Be strong Nurul. You too B. I love you and soon all these shall pass.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

KFC Zinger Double Down

was at home with brothers when craving for something chicken-ny arrived. Persuaded bro to go buy and voila!


Gobbled down in seconds but I didnt finish the whole burger  Why? I felt so guilty towards my body. I ate too much at a wedding reception today, now with's heartbreaking. But seriously, the taste is da - bomb!

In case you are wondering, I've JUST googled the calories in the burger. IT'S FREAKIN' 540 calories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or around that figure. sorry belly. I let you down Y__Y

Tetiba tp...memang sedap .....
Friday, October 5, 2012

Wedding Montage

I have had a fair share of nightmare dealing with irresponsible wedding vendors. One of them is the videographer. For all the brides out there, you DONT really need a videographer. I hired one because I was stupid, following my nafsu and I was just plain stupid. =__='. I created my own nightmare by hiring them.

After 4 months into marriage, after countless of emails and finally the last one demanding for my deposit back, I received a parcel with the videos. Last week I email-ed them saying  I couldnt take all their nonsense anymore and if I didnt get my video by next Friday (today) I want my money back. Funny enough, in less than 10 minutes I got a reply from them and the rest is history.

Anyhoo, the parcel arrived yesterday.

Dont ask me what's inside the 4 cd cases. I dont know. Took a lot those cases/cds for a while and shove them into the drawer. Yesss I merajuk like that. Not interested at all to watch them.

Be careful with whom you hire for your big day. I had problem with this so called pro videographer and now another problem with our Sibu reception photographer. Till now, we havent received the albums and I'm getting tired of them. The reason given was the printing company rosak la bla bla bla. what ever.

Ok bye!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Additions

Our house was built about 3 years ago. And because of the period, our fans are aging gracefully, including the one in my room. The speed has become slower although it's the maximum speed. I used to wake up randomly at night sweating and my hair was soo wet as if I slept in a pool. I have an air conditioning unit in the room but my kampong body cannot bear with the temperature. Too hot salah, too cold pun salah.=_________________________________=''

So after a long thought, I decided to buy a table fan. Couldnt take it anymore. It's  apparently summer in Melaka where the weather usually very humid even at night.hehe So today after school, I dropped by Jusco and bought one table fan. Muehehehehe

Ouuyeahhhh baby! Sleep like a bawseeee tonight!

Notice the 2 books?hehe

B gave this as our 8th year anniversary. The book on the left is for those who are in marketing/advertising/creative industry. He bought it for me coz he toto teachers should be creative too. Damn he's true. Some of the advices, heck all the advices in the book are really practical for teachers.hehe the second book I have yet to flip.hehe

May Allah Bless us. I love u!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


MAG INC 2012

is brought to you by STAR-NiE and PIZZA HUT, and endorsed by the Ministry of Education.
Basically, schools can send many many teams for this competition with maximum 5 members in a group. What the students have to do is create a 3-page magazine using the original layout or participate in the video clip category.
This is the first time my school joined this and the participation was quite disappointing. Despite numerous reminders from me and my mentor, close to the due date, from 7 teams formed at the beginning only 1 team handed-in their hmm.....magazine. Anyhoo, one of the takes for this competition is you are guaranteed to receive a pizza hut voucher for every entry.mueheehehe even the coordinator teacher got it.

Anyhoo, last week The Star agent called me through the phone telling me she was already waiting at the front gate to pass the letter of participation for our school anddddddddddd pizza voucher baybeh!

Shortly before she left, she said something so painful to hear but super true:

"High School only send ONE team ah?"


That's what we call expectation people. Prestigious school but....ahahhaa

olrait. adios amigos!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


It's funny sometimes how life works. Today my eldest brother tweeted about how he and kak maz might be transferred to another uitm branch. My second brother will be transferred to KL from Penang at the end of this year. My younger brother might get his first posting in KL in few  months.. Me and B? We are still not sure.

B, me, my parents have been working on getting him a job position in Melaka. Every time when I lost hope, there was a small light at the end of the tunnel to lit my hope, raising my motivation. It's been months and slowly the spirit is honestly fading. And a news from Abah yesterday almost put off the scrap of hope left in me. Honestly, I'm tired of waiting.

Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet, they say.

I try to stay motivated, positive every single day I open my eyes in the morning, telling myself over and over again, in prayer that today would be better than yesterday. Indeed my days were better at some days, some were not. But I'm waiting for the only good news, the call, letter, sms from whomever is concerned that might change our lives forever.

I miss B. Sometimes too much that I lost the coolness and started to find faults, be it among my students, car drivers or the weather. I want to be angry. I want to find the scapegoat for something none should be responsible for.

We travel across the sea, living in hotel rooms, on a monthly basis. It sounded lavish but trust me, I wanna have my own home. I wanna have my own kitchen where I could prepare Maggi for B. ok just kidding, real food, real meals for him. I used to be sakai - fascinated with hotel rooms but now I wanna puke just by thinking staying in any of the room. I'm tired of eating take-out food, fast food. I want home cooked meal.

I'm rambling. I'm tired.  I just want answer. If he didnt get the job, it's fine with me. At least we can move on, finding a house, or plan the future. Right now we are left hanging, unsure and we cant really plan anything.

B I miss you. Terribly. Hence the long post.
Monday, October 1, 2012

So we played...

Genting Day -2

Since it was the day we spent playing at the theme park, we couldnt take many pictures. it's either we were on the rides, we forgot to take pictures or just too tired.haha

underestimated this ride till we reached the top.we sat at the far end. experienced 'belly-out-of-body' moment.hahaha

flu attacked. runny nose the whole time we were there

seeeee not many pictures of us. we tried all the rides except kids rides, space shot and cork screw. Cork screw was closed for hoo..... Space shot...because the queue was forever, ok I lied. Failed to convince B to try.dowan to go alone.hahaha

It was closed......i haz sad

Flying Coaster, tried this....hmm....not as scary as I tot.

Space Shot...tried this in last year. Heart-stopper it is.

Anyhoo, it was a great getaway for both B and I. We had so much fun. We are planning to go some where, maybe Universal Studios. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee cant wait!

While in Genting....

After checked-in and prayed, we went for a stroll around Genting.hehe

I bought a groupon to enter Ripley's Believe It or Not for RM25 for 2pax onleyhhhhhhhhhh! Published rate is RM25/pax.muehehehehe 

A crime chair

That's Ripley

Only 1 in 1000 can do that!

An auntie I just met. Hi!

B also met a new uncle there!

There's a sucker born every minute!

Remember the picture about rolling the tongue? There was a mirror there so I did practice in front of the mirror. Little did I know a little way down the road I would be seeing the mirror again from the opposite view. I made a total fool of my self.Mesti orang kat situ dah gelak2....huhhu

There were 4 teens making a fool of themselves there. We had fun laughing at their acts.hahahahahahaha

Same tak? Same tak?

When you see from one angle.

The other angle, only the towel was there.

And below is the sign.hahaha

ahahahahahah i was sooo tired at this point. Walked around in wedges. forgot to change to my flip flops. heheh

that's the end of day 1.

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