Friday, November 30, 2012

Panda Eyes

I was feverish since yesterday. And i only had panadol activfast in my possession. I took one pill in te morning and went out jalan jalan.

When we returned back to the hotel room, i took another pill. One hour later while watching Kuch Kuch Hota Hai with B, i felt uneasiness with the eyes. The eyes became watery and itchy. Checked infront of the mirror, it's confirmed. THE RETURN OF THE PANDA EYES!!!!!

I am allergic to all pain killers. Maybe activefast has more dose that mad the eyes swollen. So this morning B brought me to BMC. Even.the doc was scared to prescribe any medication.hhe so in the end, i went home with normal panadol,flu pills and cough syrup.

Will.spend another 4 days in Sibu before going back to Melaka.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


We attended a cousins wedding last Sunday. Welcoming another person into the family. Congrats Chana & Mito :-)

I love her wedding dresses. Rasa nak kawen lagi. Of course B turned down the idea. He said too tiring =____=

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I'm so bored that I feel the need to update blog many times in a day.haha B is bringing me out for a special dinner tonight.

Told me to dress properly but he sticks to jeans, tshirt and flip flops =___='

Unwashed Bra

Do you remember few years ago there was a picture circulating on the internet about the effect of wearing unwashed bra??? I cant find the picture but just google it for yourself.hhe actually i cant look at the picture without feeling the tinge of uneasiness.haha

Anyhoo, there was a picture in my hotel room. I think I have found the source of the photoshopped picture of infested nipple.hahahahaha

Ewwww...wanted to put away the frame but it is stuck to the wall. Ewwww have to live with it till Friday @.@

Monday, November 26, 2012

Suprise of the Day

Today unlike usual I was among the last pax to disembark the plane. Because my cabin bag was super heavy i didnt want to look like a fool balancing my cute body with the bag.hahaha

I took the bag from the overhead compartment and as expected i looked like a fool that i used the head with 2hands to balance the bag. Alu senget2 tudung yg memang dh senget.hahaha

So slowly walked to the terminal and went straight to the coupon taxi counter. B was working so he couldnt fetch me. While queing at the counter i Took out my phone,changed the plane mode, waited to get the signal then texted B about my arrival.

Hit send button, looked up and there he was standing and smiling in his super bright yellow coverall. Of course i was over the moon!! I was super hungry that i didnt shout.
B has the best working colleagues and Boss. The boss let him out for awhile and the colleagues helped to cover his area while he's out surprising me. Super supportive! Thanks Babyboo! You made my day.

He sent me to Tunehotel, checked in and then left for work again.

Little things count!

Bye kuching

Left Kuching this morning. Due to tranportation problem, B and I didnt get to go around. But we spent time with hus extended family which was my first experience. Hehe B flew to Bintulu yesterday and left me with his family.

I was scared tht i couldnt get along with the family without B around. Boy how wrong I was. I am the daughter in law. I was with them,mingling lepaking. Hehe

Will be in Bintulu for 4 days then off to Sibu, B's real hometown. :-)

Saturday, November 24, 2012


I'm lying next to B now. Waiting for another group to drop by before going for lunch. Both with phones in the hands.hehe

I cant sleep at all last night. Might be due to change of sleeping place. Am a loyal person. Loyal even to my sleeping place.haha having headache now but B is wimme. To hell with the pain.

Have a great weekend!!
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kamek Maok Pegi Kuching!

Not a common sight in Peninsular Malaysia to 'borong' gardenia this much. Definitely a head turn at Giant this afternoon. hahaha

Sarawak has no Gardenia. They are proud of their products more, which is good because indirectly helping their people to expand in business. B asked me to smuggle these bad boys.haha

I'm flying to Kuching tomorrow. Attending a cousin's wedding =))))

p/s I cant blog without Pictures. ergo, by closing one eyes, I upgraded my storage to 25GB, which I have to pay $2.95 per month. crazy me. @.@ 
Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Till Death Do us Apart

Read a news from TheStarOnline today.

Couple together in life and death


A COUPLE who were married for nearly seven decades were also united in death.
Malaysia Nanban reported that the woman, T. Bagyalakshmi, 82, collapsed and died within minutes of hearing the death of her husband E. Palayam, 91.
Bagyalakshmi was 12 and Palayam was 21 when they married each other.
It was reported that Palayam, who lived in Punnapakam village in Tiruvallur district, about 55km from Chennai, died suddenly on Sunday morning.
When the news reached Bagyalakshmi, who was in her son's house in a neighbouring village, she collapsed. She was rushed to a private hospital but was declared dead on arrival.
> If you have a similar story to share, email us

I have a similar story to share. It's not me though. It was my late grandparents, from mom's side. I called my grandpa 'Che' and grandma 'Tok'. Mom told me Tok got married to Che at a very young age, around 14 years old. Mom told me they were very loving couples, living happily with 4 children. Mom said, Che gave all his earnings to Tok, and Tok took good care of the family expenses. Not a single penny with Che. Unlike the parents their age, Tok and Che believed in education. That's why Mom was the second girl from the village to break the girl's tradition and went to university. Girls in her village married young.
Anyhoo, both of them passed away already, in 2004. Che was the first one to leave us. We went back to Kedah about 3 weeks before he answered the calling. I remembered when we were there, he was already sick. Not too sick though. He still could get up for a morning walk or just around the house. So 3 weeks after that, when we were in Miri, our home phone rang. Che left us that night. Mom took the first flight back to Kedah. Che left Tok.
2 weeks later, it was Tok's turn to leave. Exactly 2 weeks. again Mom took the first flight home. My brother was in Penang at that time. So he went to the funeral. He overheard the villagers talking about my grandparents. How loving they were. And how they both passed away not long after each other. 
That's till death do us apart huh? In Syaa Allah.


Apparently I've reached maximum storage space. Hence, I cannot upload any more pictures unless I upgrade to 25GB which costs $2.49 per month. Haish. No credit card. 

So can we do with picture-less post starting from today? haha

*scratch head*
Tuesday, November 20, 2012


We are all struggling everyday. Struggling to find the meaning of life. Struggling to be strong.

I know some friends who are struggling to key in marks into the system.

I know some friends who struggle to get jobs.

I know some friends who struggle to find life partners.

I know some relatives who struggle to expand the family.

I know some neighbors struggle to keep their houses safe from stormy rain.

I know some people struggle to make ends meet.

I know some kids struggling for the exam.

Most people I know struggle to be happy.

Most people I know struggle to be rich.

Most people I know struggle to live.

Me is no exception. Struggling is part of living. Heck no. Struggling is Living.

Monday, November 19, 2012


This is Ayfa @ 7 days all. Gosh I want to munch her cheeks!!!!

Brotherly love. Adam and Ayfa =))

It's the second week of school holidays. I am super bored, I gained weight again.. because not doing any walking like when I was in school. Plus nasi lemak for breakfast everyday ish... and when I got bored, I munched. =___='

Sunday, November 18, 2012

School mates are the craziest

So yesterday my ex-schoolmates, Iera shatiti and Paus came to visit me in Melaka. Ok tipu. Came to visit Suzi's dotter and 'menguras' in Melaka. We met at Jusco for makan-makan, shopping and gossip.haha

From left: Suzy, me, Paus and Shatiti

In 25 years of living, I have many sets of friends. Primary, secondary, maktab, UKM, and working place. But tell you, secondary school friends are always the craziest and most comfortable to be with.hahah the last time I met Paus was in Form 5, SPM. I met her again yesterday, still crazy and noisy as always.hehe

I guess studying in a boarding school wasnt bad at all. We grew up together as sisters =)
Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ayfa Nazneen

Alhamdulillah, on Monday morning, our family welcomed another bundle of joy, Ayfa Naznee, baby sister of Adam =)))

it's either the camera hates me or i'm just not photogenic. I always look exaggerated when posing. that's why I hate taking pictures =___=

Without the cap. Sleeping so quietly. I tried everything to wake this sleeping beauty but she couldnt care less . HAISH!

This manja boy is an elder brother now. He was sulking because his abah left him at home while he went to see the mother. He was sleeping and when he got up, abah wasnt home.hahahaha Toughen up Adam! You are big brother now!

Anyhoo, Ayfa looks so much like Adam when Adam was just born. Except Adam was chubbier =)

This was Adam...few days old. Tak nampak sangat but if you see Ayfa in real, she really looks like Adam. Namepun adik beradik ape? haha

Maklang is happy =)))

p/s andofthecoz people asked: Maklang bila lagi? Tunggu la ai order kat burung. esok lusa ada la baby dropped in front of my door k? =)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Communication is vital

Being married, we learn things on daily basis. Wayyyy before I become a wife, I've read in newpaper columns, magazines, online forums or just friends' facebook statuses about the importance of good communication in a marriage. Especially in a long distance marriage, good communication is all we got.

I dont believe that wife should swallow everything and be a good wife. It might have worked long time ago but  I was brought up with 4 males siblings where my opinions were equally heard. I dont believe that girls opinions should be shut off and leave unheard. Women are equally educated as men so please dont use sentences like 'My mom bla bla bla'. Women nowadays dont grow up in the same generation like your mom.  Sorry if you dont agree with me.

But, if you feel like you need the husband to know something, talk slowly, patiently, softly. Dont be a demanding bitch that the sun and the moon move around you. It takes two to tango in marriage, much like in other relationship. 

I'm not good in giving advice. Alhamdulillah, I am married to a man who always have ears to listen to my grumble. and he manages to tame my wild anger, never retaliates with bad or harsh words. Eventually, I stopped being harsh in discussion or when I was angry. Alhamdulillah for such a great husband.

Just a thing to ponder. What ever happen to a spouse, might also affect the other one. For example, the husband wants to change his career and facing some problems with it. So dear husband, be sensitive too that your wife must have worried about you but since you never ask, she would have swallowed her feelings. What ever changes in a marriage, it will affect both spouses.

haish, dah taip taip rasa lame... anyhoo, my point stands. Communicate people, communicate! Dont assume!

You jump, I pull you =)

p/s Suka letak gambar kawen sebab album ni tak dapat sampai sekarang

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Early birthday present

This is random. My cousin Aisya is in Europe right now. She gives herself the ultimate birthday present, Eurotrip. I almost died with envy. But definitely, she inspires me to achieve what I want.hehe Have a blast there cous!

I did break up with my bestfriend. But I'm still stalking them.hahaha so today I visited Milkadeal, well, I visit on daily basis. This offer caught me eyes....

Comfortable Support Pillow
Fancy a plush you can hug, sit on, flop on, or lean against without fear of squishing or deforming it? Wonder no longer as the Comfortable Support Pillow is here to save the day! With a unique shape that ensures your back and arms can be properly supported, you can now use it to your heart's desire!
It's soft, comfortable, and steady. You'll never stop using it once you have it.

You see, I read every night before going to bed. at least one chapter. Sometimes I got too indulged in reading that I read up to 4 chapters.huhu and it got too achy for my back. So I believe, strongly believe this pillow could help with the discomfort while reading. My birthday falls on 4th June. But I'd appreciate any early birthday gift. Anyone??hehehehe

and oh...I want black karer pillow plisss...tee hee hee

Monday, November 12, 2012

Chill =)


Hehe last night my cute cousin whatsapp-ed me asking whether we (B and I) are okay. We stumbled, yeah but definitely okay. That's the thing in marriage that sometimes problem came in seconds, and we were not prepared. Like Sandy storm, this period will end and all the misery will pass.

But B and I are totally ok. Ok in term of we still love each other, still together, still married.haha

I just love to recycle picture.hahaha 
Saturday, November 10, 2012

Strong is all that we have

B and I are struggling right now. I never expect this to befall on us. And in our 8 years relationship, this period is indeed the toughest. We found ourselves in constant insecurities but we knew we had each other. I have no other words to express the emotion but Allah knows. He has something for us. He is indeed the greatest planner of all. InsyaAllah

Maggi Goreng sedap giler!!!

So I went home from work one day. It was raining the whole day and I was starving. We had nothing in the fridge except frozen meat. So I asked my brother how he made Maggi goreng the other day coz it tasted soooo goooodddddd.

Of course he explained it well but the lazy me decided to force him to cook for me. muahahahahahaha.

A nice brother he is, he did!

Unlike the usual dry maggi goreng, his version was wet err....not wet..err....

What you need is a pan. Pour 3/4 cup of water and wait till it boils. then add in the mee.

Wait for the mee to soften and stir like in the picture. Add the seasoning- the perencah la and kacau-kacau some more. By the time you kacau-kacau, most of the water would have dried up, leaving you maggi goreng moist and sticky. LOVE!

I know the picture isnt tempting but trust me, super sedap!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Staff Annual Dinner 2012

Last Sunday, I attended the school annual dinner at Holiday Inn.

I wore my super heyuuugeeee Poplook dress that I bought in July. The size is meant for UK Size 8. I am 4. I had to alter but it still looks too big for me. Anyhoo, I still wore it.hahaha But it's super comfy and needed no ironing.

anddddd for the first time ever in my life, I won a lucky draw. First time ever!

The door gift. It's a calculator by the way. I have the picture but there's a name of our school on it sooo...dont feel like sharing.hahaha

It was well, just a dinner for me. Nothing too fancy or over the top. I miss my Maktab dinners. Superb and happening.

Anyhoo, this is a lame post.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Beau

My Carlo Rino...

My old sling Carlo Rino had served so well but its on its deathbed now. To honour its excellent service, I bought a new handbag (how is that even related?hahaha). I bought this Mango bag through my best friend (Groupon that is)  a month ago, before I decided to cut all connections with all of them. 

However, the size was bigger than I expected. Well at least I can shove a water bottle, novels and of course, fooooooddddd inside.muahahahaha

Mom said it looks so Datin-ish =__='

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


It's a tough time for B and I. B has had sleepless nights recently and I'm worried about him. The distance is not helping us either. I want to be there for him, support him, hug him and tell him everything will be fine and all these will pass soon.

The best I can be at this moment is cut all relationship with my bestfriends (Bye Groupon Y.Y) and be the most supportive wife in the world. hehe

Dont you just hate uncertainties? We dont know what would happen next year, heck even next week. Ya Allah, show us the right path, I beg you.

Monday, November 5, 2012


During my uni years, I would spend a lot of my allowance money on food. I would go eat anything that came across my mind. To have friends with the same mind and the accessibility of food around KL didnt help either.that's how I gained almost 10kg last time.

Now, I'm working, I worriedly found myself with a new obsession, which is to splurge unnecessarily. Everyday I woke up, returned home from work I would spend some times browsing online stores, coupon websites. I tot it was ok at first until this month. I got my monthly salary last week and today, a week later, I'm penniless. No joke. Why?

I want to blame it on something. Today I did a long hard thinking, reflection on things recently. And I arrived at a conclusion. There's a hole in my life that I find constant needs to fill. I love shopping. (Which girl doesnt? pfftt) Everytime I feel sad, or lonely, I would use the excuse to shop.

The hole is of course my husband. He's not here. I see him once or twice a month depending on our schedule. The travel is tiring for the both of us. Physically, emotionally and wallet-ly. is that even a word?hehe

I dont know when this will end. I hope soon. Sometimes I tot I couldnt handle this anymore. Sometimes I would break down and cry. Sometimes I just shopped. Sometimes I just ate like a pig.

I can appear to be whiny, needy. But it's the feeling that sometimes I couldnt contain to myself.I could appear strong, chirpy, happy in my writing, with friends and family. I could excitedly write about our past trips, future trips, sounded so interesting and excited but trust me, those were just vocabs to veil my emptiness.

Stop whining Nurul.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

School Trip with 14 year-old boys

I was one of the teachers who were responsible to go for a school trip to Terengganu with 36 Form 2 boys. The objective was to visit PKG Tok Jiring in Kuala Terengganu as the place had an English Theme Park. The Park had several stations for english games bla bla bla.

Please dont expect any picture because I didnt take any. I went there as part of the job and did not go wholeheartedly. In fact, the whole time when I was there was spent praying that time would pass so fast and I would be back in Melaka.

Anyhoo, this was my first school excursion as a teacher not a student. So I had few fun moments with them. Please be informed that for some of the boys, this was their first trip outside of the state, first trip without parents, first trip staying at a hotel, first trip on their own. hahaha

We went there on Monday night with the school bus. We left the school compound at 10pm. The bus first stop was at Tangkak petrol station to refill. For some of the boys, the petrol station was like Jusco for them.hahahahahaha they splurged on junk food, bags of chips and can drinks. haish.. in the 8hours journey, most of them did not sleep at all. They were chatting, playing phone games, singing (=___='), eating. We arrived at Kuala Terengganu around 6am. zzzzzz....

Let's skip the visit to the PKG and go straight to hotel check-ed in. It was a small hotel, small entrance. The boys...ahhh let's say..I wish I was not there.some of their acts were too embarrassing especially when people were looking. It took some times to check in because of our big number. Once it was settled, off everyone to their respective rooms. I tot they would be tired and nap. Boy I was wrong.

It was a long day for me. hahahahaa at the hotel, the boys were screaming, running along the corridor, went in and out their friends' rooms, knocked on the door, played with the door bells. Initially, I was pissed and of course, malu also la coz am the teacher. after a while, lantak pi la. as long as no tenant would complain.

Not only their friends' rooms, they also knocked on my door, played with my door bell, called my name..if you have watched Hantu Kak Limah before, there was a scene where Johan and Usop were calling Awie from outside the house.

a scene before this one. Couldnt find the specific scene.

And they called me around 10.30pm while I was sleeping. But because they mimicked the scene, terus tak jadi marah, rasa nak gelak adala.hahahahaha I survived the night.

The following day, we went to Taman Tamadun Islam and before we went back to Melaka, we stopped to buy keropok lekor. Ya Allah bebudak ni beli keropok...they spent the remaining pennies buying all the keropok at few shops. Sampaikan Teacher Ain ni tak sempat nak beli.. T___T. I managed to buy only 2 packs of keropok lekor,,,the rest were bought by the students. Berebut-rebut...

On the way back, on the bus, I tot they would be sleeping like logs. Again I was wrong. They stocked up on can drinks and junk food, Some of them I think had sugar rush. Active and noisy.....till we arrived at the school compound around 11.30pm...

Indeed it was a tiring trip but I did enjoy a lil bit especially with the boys.hahaha But I hope there will be  no more trips to the east coast.hehe unless, I'm going there with B. B, can we go to Perhentian Island, orrrr Redang Island..pleasssseeeeeeee???
Friday, November 2, 2012


So Air Asia is having their famous free seat promotion. And because of this too, I've burned not a hole in my pocket, but my bank too T____T.

Hamek kau sebesarnya aku letak =)

Trust me, I didnt not plan at all to even bother about this free seat Honestly. However, on Monday morning, as usual I woke up at 5am, with Alex-the-lion hair, I went facebooking. There were many shared-s on FB about this free seat promotion and I thought to myself, 'There's no harm by checking out'. So I click the link I did and 10 minutes later I found myself in...well, the last page of payment.hahahahahha

So this time, I bought a return ticket for B and I toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..........


Ok Bandung je pon, Rilek la eksaited bagai apesal =..='

Alrite before we all get too excited, this trip might be cancelled last minute because...I might be involved in extra class for mid year school holiday. Yerpppp! I took the risk of buying it because for 2 pax return tickets to Bandung I spent ONLY RM190! yess that cheap. So one person about RM95. If let say the extra class is on, Bye bye Bandung. Hello Form 3 kids! (I'll be teaching Form 3 next year).

And I also bought another return ticket for Mom =))))). She has been asking me to accompany her to Bandung since forever. I felt guilty for it so I bought one for her. Cant wait to go Jalan2 with mom. yippeee! Mom will arrive a day later than us. I bought her later that afternoon and when I checked, the price already went up to RM233 one way. So I bought her the following day which was RM30 onleyhhhhh. If the trip is confirmed, and if I have extra rezeki, I will buy a new ticket for her so that she will travel on the same flight with us. =)) InsyaAllah.

After this trip, B and I might go to Bandung again end of next year, this time we will bring my in-laws pulak =))) When you are married, be fair to both families. InsyaAllah =)

I bought this Bandung trip ticket without telling B. I asked him to check his email then only he found out.hahahaha he's excited of course but he said, please no more surprise. Too much travelling he said. hahaha

p/s I burned my pocket not because of these tickets only. because another ticket I bought for early December to Sibu. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ticket to Sibu so expensive?? *nangis* anyhoo, I'm going to Sibu for B's friend's wedding reception and also my mom-in-law is making Mee Jawa especially for me.tee hee hee! She wanted to prepare mi jawa for Raya Haji but she is postponing it till I get back. awwwww =))
Thursday, November 1, 2012

Perfume Atomizer

I have a confession.

I'm a Groupon, Milkadeal, Streetdeal, Mydeal addict. Any coupon website you name it, I am addicted to them. Gosh!

Anyhoo, one of my recent purchases was .......

 *drum roll*


Reason for wasting money on this: I need to carry my perfume. Ok I know it's lame. They come in many cute colors, So i think some of you might guess already what color I chose.

Miahahahaha purple of course!

This thing is super portable. It's light, it's convenient, it's refillable and of course, it's PURPLE!!!!

Interested? Currently my bestfriend MILKADEAL is having this. Go grab now!

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