Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wedding henna Melaka

I browsed through wedding album and saw the pictures. hehe my henna for the wedding.

If you dig out old post, there's one post where I talked about having henna for the wedding. The plan was to have a simple one at the finger tips but momma wanted something more dramatic. A good daughter I am, I searched the internet and found one henna expert in Melaka =)

I stumbled upon this blog Chanteq Henna Creation and few other more. After few comparisons, I opted for this because based on the pictures in the blog, the drawings are neat and I like the maroon-ish color. Deposit paid and few months later....

In the making....The butterflies...ahhh they looked so free till I accidentally rubbed that area on the forehead. Time tu dahi tetiba gatal.haha


I just have to love it. I did drawing on both feet too but I dont have the picture. A clumsy girl that's me, I scratched head, bumped a foot to the chair, touched the wallet when the wet henna's still on. So banyak comot2 gak but managed to be covered.hahaha sorry Kak Henna. Pengantin selebet. =p

Anyhoo, if you are looking for a henna expert in Melaka, this kakak is highly recommended. She also did for Iera and Sally and boy the drawing were so fine. The longevity (over pakai word camni..hahah) of the henna for hand is about 1 week. Both my feet still have the faded drawing for about 3 weeks. HEHE


Tuesday, June 26, 2012


How do you pronounce that?muahahah

I was doing school work this evening when my eyes stuck at the date shown on the laptop. 26 June. Hmm.... something is familiar with that number 26. then... tinggg!!!

 I ran into the room where my phone at and called B. Dial tone... then heard his voice. Then I said,

'hby hby hby hby hby hby hby'

many times until the call was disconnected. Usual problem with touch phone screen if you have plump cheek.hahahahahha

Called his number again. Then I asked him what's the date today, what's the significance for the day. A man he is, he couldnt answer. Then half shouted, I said 'Happy 1 month anniversary!!!'

You know what was his reaction?

'Cheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy it tot I miss somebody's birthday'


Anyhoo, it's been a month ride. I still feel like we are dating. not feeling all wifey yet. The only change I realise issssss I'm not as stubborn as before.hahaha but realli. Everytime I feel like making a scene, I would think 'gosh, my heaven is under his feet now'.

Lame but true.hehe now if I wana go rayau-rayau also I would text him asking for permission. Though I'm 99% he wont against it, I just feel I need to ask. weird.

We really really really really should start taking pictures together. Haish. I dont have that many recent pictures of us. Now have to use these babies to make this post less lame.

Adam and Ikha at Wisma Sanyan in front of Speedy. They were oblivious of the surrounding watching cartoon. They sure caught many attention for a while there. hahahaha

Haish now I miss the babies too. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A month

we are hitting a month,getting married to each other. after a wedding comes a usual and familiar question.

'Dah ada isi belum?'

at first i responded ok because i know friends and family are curious. but when i'm being compared with other newlyweds,it's getting on my nerves. if they are pregnant,it's the part of their rezki. B and I are not planning anything.if a bird decides to drop a baby on our doorstep,we would be the happiest couple on earth.if not,we would enjoy our honeymoon phase going travelling.

at some point i was angry too. last week i felt so tired and my appetite was almost impossible to fulfil. i ate a lot and wanted to sleep most of the some people said it's a common pregnancy symptom. at first i didnt buy it. but when you've been told over and over again,you started to believe it.

i admit i was naive. i told b about the says and he was hoping too. i got a nerve to buy a pregnancy test kit.though i was skeptical but i had hopes. a little hopes.

i did the test. and the single line i felt like it was glaring at me. it's negative. of course it's negative.i know my body too well. and i was angry for trusting those people.

i told b about the test over the phone. and he sounded disappointed. and that got me angry too because i built his hopes. yesterday when i asked him bout that fake alarm, he still looked sad. damn!

we are staying separately. i want to enjoy all the times we have when we see each other. and i dont think i can handle being pregnant away from him.

ergo, i have few plans for us to go travel.hihi i dont want to listen to all that pregnancy thoughts for the time being. i want us to enjoy this period until our baby decides to pop.

p/s hv a great weekend everyone!
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fly to Bintulu

I will fly to Bintulu tomorrowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Been waiting for the day to arrive since last week. I miss my B. We have been busy with work since we got back to work after the long holiday. I've dumped with paperwork since PK Form 6 appointed me to be a secretary for a programme coming in July.

B on the other hand has worked for 11 days straight without even a day off. He worked for 12 hours per day but since 3 weeks ago, he worked for 14 hours per day. The plant is shutting down now. They are only allowed to take a day leave after 6 days of working. B is saving his day off for me. lebiu b!

Since I got back to work, many colleagues, my form 6 PK and even the principal personally asked me what's the plan after this. The plan here refers to who's going to follow who. Either I go to Sarawak or B will join me here. As for now, B is coming here. He's applied to transfer to Melaka and now we are praying that he will get it. But if there's no answer till September, I'll apply to go there. Please please please pray for the best option for us =)

The other day my bro asked whether I'd buy a new car or not. Nope dear. Car is not even on my to get wish. What i really want right now is to own a house. I like to read the ads about new housing area. Although the area is in Pahang.hehehe and I'll start dreaming of my own dream home. There are many many housing areas in Melaka and I hope my prayer will be answered some days. hehe

Anyhoo, I'm too excited to see me amor tomolo. 


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Comfort Zone

When I just came to this school, I was told to teach form 6. MUET specifically. I didnt have the nerve to argue back with the principle and took it as a challenge. Few days in school, I was bombarded about how challenging it would be to teach these young adults. Inexperienced I was, I got scared. And my self esteem almost hit zero.

A cluster school. The school is one of the best schools in Malaysia to further pre-u. No wonder our students came as far as Pahang, Johor, KL leaving their family behind. Their target: to get the best education. From these lil info, I know that the students' expectations are high. Towards the learning environment at the school. and especially, the teacher.

I'm doing my hands-on right now which is teaching. From the past 4 months, I was in my comfort zone where I seldom got the chance to teach. The school was allocating the Lower 6 for me. I followed my mentor to her class and observed how she taught MUET. I had the time of my life.haha and now, I'm on my own. I got 2 classes: from Arts and Science streams.

It's scary. Especially among the Science stream kids. These are advanced students who scored many many As in their spm. And they meant business! As for the Arts, I have imbalanced level in English proficiency. I have the weakest (who fails his English paper for SPM) and many many from IJC - another cluster school (niche area is English). So I'm still finding the right way to teach because I couldnt teach very basic simple as it will bore the advanced kids and vice versa. Plus my Arts total up to 61 kids in one lesson.

Anyhoo, it's time for me to step out from the comfort zone. 

My Arts group is too big. I'm facing problem to find a suitable place to cramp them in and also trouble in marking. The principal is aware of this and they might split the class soon. They take away my Civic class (hooreyyyy) and will replace those periods with English Form 2. So I'll be teaching Form 2. Hmm.... Another challenge as I am too comfortable teaching young adults.hahahaha

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

All About Me

Last week I asked my students to write an essay to introduce themselves. I believe it would be a good way to start off writing and also for me to learn a lil bit about my students. Mind you, I have a total of 94 MUET STUDENTS! DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. The management is aware of this and they are doing something to split the class.muehehe

Anyhoo, from the essays I learned that most of my ARTS students want to be lawyers. The girls are crazy over KPOP. The boy talked most about how to be rich.haha cute.

Today I marked one essay. Unlike most students who wrote 1-2 pages, this fella wrote 3 full pages. What caught my intention the most is how this student poured his feelings and thoughts. He confessed about his unstable emotion due to something that happened when he was in Form 4. The essay sounded intense. He was pouring his frustration about the world and I think he's angry. An angry teenager.

I didnt know how respond to his writing.

What would you do if you are in my position??
Sunday, June 17, 2012

Reception in Sibu =)

A week after the reception in Melaka, we had another one for the groom's side in Sibu. The Razak's flew all the way from KL to Kuching then to Sibu to merry the celebration. The style was a bit different there. The occasion went for about 2 hours only, unlike the usual 6 hours in Melaka.hehe andddd the bride and groom arrived wayyyy earlier than the guests. The trend is all the guests and the newly weds will sit and eat together-gether.

when we arrived, there was no kompang. I looked so serene and calm here but actually I was cursing inside. My train got stuck at the car door.miahahahah MIL was had to behave.hahahaha

We arrived early to thank and welcome the guests =)

The dais. pwetty!

Alright, once all the guests were seated, it was time for our lil parade. Behind us was not the bride's family. Because my family was ushered to their respective tables before the event started. The groom's family joined the parade.

At the dais. The MC read about both bride and groom's biographies. A lil bit history of how we met each other. Then the tepong tawar started. We didnt have tepong tawar in Melaka so I kinda enjoyed this.hehe only that the water stained my dress.

ok dah penat salam salam it's time for makannnnnnn. I looked grumpy. ekceli I was trying to peel the shrimp kulit using fork and spoon. =.='

The whole clan from Melaka. =)

Not even half of the clan from Sibu.hehe cousin mousin suma tak naik lagi waktu ni.

Ikha as usual was inspecting. Actually she was intrigued by the train. rasa macam suma benda dia nak langgar.hahahah

The event started about 10am and by 11.30 am the hall was almost empty. by 11.55am the bridal crew came and took down the clothes for the background and the flowers. and they changed them into peach color for another reception at 2pm. That fast so I didnt really get to feel all bridey.haha

That's the end for Sibu Reception.

Apart from the reception. I got to experience another culture, eh not culture. ermm..practise maybe where the night before the reception/wedding, the family will held an event call 'bermukun'. 

A group of people will play the instruments for bergendang event. Then they will berbalas nyanyian between female and male singers. Almost like Dondang Sayang melaka. The lyrics will tease and sometimes critic both genders which is fun.

The guests/relatives are welcomed to dance too!

And of the course the bride was the person they wanted to see dancing. We just arrived from kuching so pardon the selekeh face.and oversize shirt.muahaha At that time B was hiding because he didnt want to join. =.='  but not for long baby!

He came out from hiding then got caught by me. mana boleh i sorang2 hoccay. terpaksalah kan tho macam kayu.hahahaha

Like I said, bermukun happened the night before the reception. There was another gathering happened the night AFTER the reception.

Karaoke yall!!!!

And again, we were forced to sing a song before we cabut. B and I planned to stop by for a while (we stayed at the hotel for 2 nights) and left. But of the course we were caught to sing before we were let go.huhu they wanted us to sing Ombak Rindu but honestly I dont know the song (i seldom listen to Malay songs) so B and I settled for Kau Mawarku. The note was too high for me so I ended up singing only several parts. Yelah Siti Nurhaliza vs Siti Nurul Ain. mana boleh!

After the lame show from us, we bid goodnight and returned to the hotel. Perantin penat hoccay! 

Anyhoo, those experiences are valuable and I might not have the chance to go through anymore. =)))))

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Before I got married, whenever I got teased about the long distance marriage from colleagues, I would laugh it off. I didnt think anything would change after the wedding. I am living with my parents till today. B is in Bintulu. I never thought that my life would feel so lonely and empty without him.

I still come home after school to see mom and abah at home. Mom still cooks for me. Basically my daily routine hasnt change a single bit. Just like when I was an anak dara.

But I feel terrible everyday. Because I miss him so much. Please dont think dirty. It's nothing like that.

I hate it when the male colleagues made dirty jokes about me and him. I either ignored or faked a smile. 'Go home and fak your wife pleaseeee' has always been my mental come back for them. Isokay to joke like that among males, among your type. Not for me, especially not in front of other female colleagues. Senior female colleagues. And NOT MY MENTOR IN A 100 YEARS!

Ok. I feel better getting out what ever was  in my head.

Yesterday,I bought a return ticket to Bintulu. I'm broke. To be honest, I'm flat broke. No saving, no money. I'm hanging on till 25th June.hehe Back to the story, I bought the ticket because I couldnt bear to not being with him.

Saiful Fikri, you are terribly missed =(

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wedding Photobooth

I dont dream for my wedding. and pretty much everything for my wedding was decided by Mom. You could dig out past entries about how I surrendered to all mom's demands and let her decide everything.

However, there's this one element that I tot would make the reception merrier. PHOTOBOOTH corner!!!!  MUEHEHEHE

At first I tot of candy buffet but the problem is the weather could be too hot and melt all the chocolates. and also it needs somebody to be in charge. I dont want any member of my family to be 'cuffed' at the same area. I want them to walk around, chit chatting with other family members and have a good time. So one day I came across this idea, about photobooth. and the story continued from there.

I want to thank Diba and Saiful (not my B tho..haha) for all the hustle driving from KL and got lost finding my  house. Your service brought smiles to the guests and family members. All the smiles in those polaroid films sometimes brought tears to my eyes. I'm not kidding! I'm touched to see the happy faces and all the wishes and prayers from parents, family and friends. Thank you so much!!


Adik beradik antara penyumbang wajah terbanyak.haha

The guestbook. Included in the package =)

This is a picture of me and the bridesmaids - iera and sally. The left this on the dressing table before the left. Nangis sikit tengok kesucian wajah kami.muahahaha makseh tokrang!!

Howeverrrrrrrrr, there's one little problem. I ordered 50 polaroid films. After the reception, I counted how many were pasted in the guestbook. The number is close to 40. About 10 films went missing. huhu I guessed some were too excited to have their own pic in the film so they took it with them. Neh mind. At least I know people were interested. This includes my mom-in-law. I remembered we took a photo, B,me, MIL and FIL. But the photo wasnt in the book. When I was in Sibu, mom-in-law showed me the photo. She keeps it in her purse. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Ok diam nurul!hahaha

Alrite,if any of you are itching for the people who are responsible to contribute to making the wedding merrier, here are the details.


Contact No: 0162065767 


1.renting polaroid camera
2.renting easel /art stand
3.canvas printing
4.package renting easel & canvas printing
5.sell easel/art stand
7.renting backdrop (1,2 or 3 panel)
8.DSLR package
10.shoot & photobook

Descriptionklang valley,selangor (They charged RM70 to Melaka) 

I can guarantee that you will not regret it. =)

p/s All pictures credit to THEPHOTOBOOTHCORNER

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My wedding dress (s)

I had 3 wedding dresses. One belongs to me. the other two were rental.hehe I have love hate relationship with all the dresses.

Solemnization dress.

I forked out own money for this dress. The material is beaded chiffon bought at Gulati's Jalan TAR. Actually I wanted to buy from Jakel but I was confused between Euromoda and err...something Moda which turned out to be Gulati's. Nehmind la. still love the dress though.haha it's a modern kurung with lining. I love the dress coz it fits nicely. Not too tight not too loose either.Just nice. And super comfy too!

What I hate about the dress is the color. Dirts are easily spotted. We had outdoor shoot at a bushy area. At the end of the day down part of my skirt collected dirt. nangis mak ok! But honestly, among the 3 dresses, I love this the most. andddd it's mine.muehehehe

we all mengharungi semak samun for outdoor photoshoot.luckily I didnt choose reception day for outdoor. After nikah off we went.

muka with no make up. the night after the photoshoot. 

Since I love the dress too much, have to paste 3 pictures.haha

Lendu Reception Dress

The only thing I love about this dress is the color. The rest...nahhh! It's too heavy, the train is too long for my liking. I specifically told the bridal that I want a one-piece dress with NO TRAIN! and simple beadings on the chest area. I got a total opposite. But I was too happy on the day that I ignored the blerghh feeling. I feel like the dress made me look fat. and the fact that I always hunch my back didnt help at all. I tried to find any picture of me carrying the train in my hands but couldnt. bottom line, i dont like the dress.

The train is about 1 meter long *nangis* at the end of the day I had to carry it around like a handbag.

see, i'm a hunchback. My auntie always reminded me: Nurul, tegak sikit,tegak! jgn bongkok.haha i think i look fat. and short too. well let's face it. I memang short.muehehe

Sibu Reception Dress

The 2nd dress that I love after baju nikah. It's newly made for me by the bridal in Sibu. The first time I laid my eyes on it i was in loveeee.haha I went for dress fitting the night before the reception. Arangg, the bridal manager tailored the dress according to my baju. it's a bit loose i.e. I've lost some inches.muehehehe

I love the color which is turquoise, the detailing and the cutting. A one-piece dress that made me feel like a pwincess that day. auuu!

it has a half feet length train =)

alrite that's all the story of love-hate relationship with my dresses. If I could turn back time, I want to go back on the day of the solemnization.heeee

Have a great day everyone!
Monday, June 11, 2012


I'm back in Melaka. B is in Bintulu.

Yesterday I tot I would cry at the airport. I didnt. I tot he would look sad too. He didnt. I was too tired.haha and he had an urgency to go to the toilet.hahahahaha

I am on CRK today. I'm so glad I did. Need a day off to sort back my life. My room is a mess. The house is a mess too. I need to go to Majlis Agama Islam too because B's ic on the marriage cert is wrong. haish.

And I need to catch up on RUnning Man.hehe

We are still not sure when we'll meet again. He is now busy with work for plant shut down stuffs. Unlike usual day shift, he'll work 6 days per week. Me kenot go there since this month I'll be packed with school sports day.

Hope to see him before Ramadhan. And also during ramadhan.hehe

The other day a friend asked me, what have I cooked for him since the wedding.

A cup of maggi cup.hahaha

I have no time or opportunity yo!
Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hello from kk

i miss blogging.but our constant moving from a place to another forbids me from updating or rambling on blog.hehe since the akad,i couldnt get a hold to any phone is my savior.sayang phone.

we have been on the go since last week. 3 nights in kuching,3 nights in sibu,one night in bintulu. we'll be spending 3 nights here at the land below the wind. what's fun since last week is that we didnt stay at the same place for more than 2nights.hhe there were kind hearted people sponsoring rooms at the hotel or opening their door for us to stay.or homestay.

though i enjoy the shift but it's started to take its toll on me n b.we are always tired (epppp dont think dirty alrite.miss red is in town.ahaha). we cud almost fall asleep instantly anywhere.

today we r driving up to the highland, Kundasang n will be spending a night's a two hour drive journey. my hero needs more sleep.

have a great day people.i try to shove off the tot that holiday is coming to its end. sik best!!
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