Tuesday, June 19, 2012

All About Me

Last week I asked my students to write an essay to introduce themselves. I believe it would be a good way to start off writing and also for me to learn a lil bit about my students. Mind you, I have a total of 94 MUET STUDENTS! DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. The management is aware of this and they are doing something to split the class.muehehe

Anyhoo, from the essays I learned that most of my ARTS students want to be lawyers. The girls are crazy over KPOP. The boy talked most about how to be rich.haha cute.

Today I marked one essay. Unlike most students who wrote 1-2 pages, this fella wrote 3 full pages. What caught my intention the most is how this student poured his feelings and thoughts. He confessed about his unstable emotion due to something that happened when he was in Form 4. The essay sounded intense. He was pouring his frustration about the world and I think he's angry. An angry teenager.

I didnt know how respond to his writing.

What would you do if you are in my position??
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