Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wedding henna Melaka

I browsed through wedding album and saw the pictures. hehe my henna for the wedding.

If you dig out old post, there's one post where I talked about having henna for the wedding. The plan was to have a simple one at the finger tips but momma wanted something more dramatic. A good daughter I am, I searched the internet and found one henna expert in Melaka =)

I stumbled upon this blog Chanteq Henna Creation and few other more. After few comparisons, I opted for this because based on the pictures in the blog, the drawings are neat and I like the maroon-ish color. Deposit paid and few months later....

In the making....The butterflies...ahhh they looked so free till I accidentally rubbed that area on the forehead. Time tu dahi tetiba gatal.haha


I just have to love it. I did drawing on both feet too but I dont have the picture. A clumsy girl that's me, I scratched head, bumped a foot to the chair, touched the wallet when the wet henna's still on. So banyak comot2 gak but managed to be covered.hahaha sorry Kak Henna. Pengantin selebet. =p

Anyhoo, if you are looking for a henna expert in Melaka, this kakak is highly recommended. She also did for Iera and Sally and boy the drawing were so fine. The longevity (over pakai word camni..hahah) of the henna for hand is about 1 week. Both my feet still have the faded drawing for about 3 weeks. HEHE


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