Monday, December 31, 2012


My second brother and the wife are in KL now, at my first brother's house specifically. Which means the 2 apples of my eyes are playing with each other now. Eh not 2, 3 apples including Ayfa.haha

Last night around 11.30pm. Still too excited to go to bed.

 This morning.

aaaaa Maklang is sooo in envy now. If not because of the gotong royong in school today, I would have driven to Shah Alam. tskkkkk....


Please expect more jiwangs, psycho, bitchy, whining posts in the future. I am emotional most of the time. and my condition allows me to be so.hahaha

But' I'm only emo in the blog. Generally, I'm okay =)
Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rindu Part 2

'no matter how expensive the pillow is, it could never be as comfortable as my husband's shoulder'.

I was blog-hopping when I encountered those words. Mula la mata ni rasa nak banjir-banjir je.. I have trouble sleeping lately. Discomforts and trips to the bathroom 2-3 times at night have been a daily routine. I'm not being romantic. B's shoulder is as hard as a rock but it is the most comfortable pillow for me. or his thigh. or the best one; his tummy. hahaha 20 days since I last saw him. Be strong Nurul!

Sometimes, it's not I want to be immature, whining because I cant see him. I got friends who always told me I'm lucky that I'm staying with my parents, they are more couples outside who live apart from the spouses and family. I know that. But sometimes, when time gets hard, I need somebody to reason with me, to tell me everything is okay, things will get better. My parents and I are casual. I have never discussed anything too personal with them. So it's hard to explain how I really feel to them. It's just they way we are. Even when I wanted to get married, I told mom 'Mak nak kawen' and she asked 'When?'. Our conversations were always direct. tak pernah la ada selami perasaan gituuuhhhh.heheh

Or when I told mom about B's application to transfer got denied, I told her 'Mak sepul tak dapat pindah' then I cried. Mom just said 'takpela takde rezeki'. No hugs no kisses. I'm not complaining tho. Mom was raised like that and that's how she raised me. We are that simple. But i know she loves me.hehehe

Back to the story, being away from the husband is hard. Even boyfriend-girlfriend tak jumpa pun dah jiwang semacam, ini pulak laki bini khennnnnn. 

Nasibla, I kan ratu recycle gambar.hahaha

B, We miss you.
Saturday, December 29, 2012


Cair tak? Cair tak??

Ayfa was wearing Pak & Mak Lang's gift.hehe

Ayfa, Mak Lang is missing youuuuuuuu

p/s InsyaAllah next year Ayfa will get another cousin =)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Penny crazy

Who's not crazy about penny right?ha-ha penny is money.

But I have a new penny crazy. THeseeeeeeeeeee!!

I bought one for a wedding and I fell in love. I couldn't stop after that.hahahaha But I have no picture of me wearing them. heh

Yesterday I was working so I asked B's help to buy. Such a sweet husband, he helped me to buy. Love uuuuuuuu!!

Anyhoo, B bought more than I asked. Thank youuuuu agaiiinnnnnn.

This time he didn't complain. Cos I have a heavy concrete reason. tee hee hee *wink*


Earlier this month, B followed us back to mom's kampung in Kedah. We stayed there for one night only because B came back just for a short trip. Anyhoo, before we went back to KL, I drove B around Gurun town, just to check out if our future lies in the small, quiet town.heheh anyhoo, I used Jeniang -  Gurun road. It was a 2-lane road with no speed limit sign anywhere.

I drove around 90-100km/h when I noticed a policeman about 50m in front of me. I slowed down but I guess it was too late. Because yesterday, Mom received THE LETTER. Dang!!!

 I'm sorry I've done everything but this picture just wont rotate =__='

Before I pay this summon, to Kedah state, please please please please put up the speed limit sign. I remembered asking B if he hd seen any sign. I also remembered driving around 80 - 90 -100 km/h coz i wasnt sure the limit.hehe

Apparently the speed limit was 60km/h. Kamonnnn...this is not jalan kampung!

Ok bai!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Murtabak Maggi senang and sedap

Yezzaaaaa Internet has finally gone back to normal.hehe the other day, my bro and I were watching tv when we both got hungry. It was around tea time.hehe so I wanted to try the new recipe I learnt from my cousin Diera a while back. lets cekidauttttt!

A heads up for you: this is not a nutritious meal. Try at own risk.hehehe

What chu need are: a pack of curry maggi, shallot, chilli and 2 eggs. 
 Boil the mee then toss the water. Meanwhile, slice the shallot and chilli.

Then mix the mee, shallot, chilli and eggs. and oh half a packet of maggi perencah. dang! my english is rusty...

Heat the non stick pan then just booshhhh everything onto the pan. Ala-ala telur dadar gituh

Tadaaaaaaaaaaa! Fry till it becomes quite crispy. Serve with sauce. My cousin served us with sambal ikan bilis. lagi giler sedap.hhehe

Happy trying! =)))
Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Internet problem

I want to blog but the internet connection at home has turned into a snail since 2days ago. Whyyyyy.... I can still blog using my phone but cannot attach many pictures. Uuuui

Ayfa is 1 1/2 month.super chubby. And she's a good girl.too. Very easy to soothe her.haha

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

MANGO Quilted Handbag

*******This is a sticky post. Scroll down for latest entry*********


Read Vivy's blog just now about the friends' solemnization. There was one part where the bride received 21 trays of gifts from the groom. Apparently it was a Sarawak tradition. How come I didnt know? Worst, how come B didnt know?? @.@

Unsatisfied, I messaged B straight away, demanding my rights.hahahaha I told him I could have gotten at least 4 handbags from him.

Sweet as always, he backlashed jokingly by saying:

'nak handbag hantaran ariya pun sik terpake'
(till now you havent used the one I gave for hantaran)

Oppsss.....sentap but true. I guess I am more comfortable with sling bag...tee hee hee..

Anyway, I'm selling this black beauty for RM90 including POS LAJU. Bought at RM128

Used once and kami tidak serasi bersama. Am more comfortable with sling bag.hehe
  • Brand: MANGO
  • Dimension: 30cm (L) x 22cm (H) x 15cm (W)
  • Material:
    - Composition: 100% polyurethane
    - Lining: 100% polyester
  • Weight: 571g
  • Design: quilted bowling bag
  • Colour: black
  • Zip fastening top
  • Short handle, and adjustable and detachable strap
  • Includes inner zipped compartment
  • MANGO logo plate on the front
 So sayang seeing this beauty left unused. So better let it off to a new owner. Interested?? Email me Price is still NEGOTIABLE.


I feel so bloated now. Ate too much of mom's nasi ayam. I want to blog. But i have nothing more to crap. cant wait for the school to start. I can nag about my students

Monday, December 24, 2012

Selipar Jamban

At home, I have a bathroom all for  myself. When B came back, he would use it too. The other day, the old selipar jamban ended its life so I had to get a new one. I did and it's the cheapest on the rack.

Sorry B, I giggle everytime I picture you wearing those cuties. hahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahah

Now we can call ourselves, Prado Gang. *battle eyelashes*
Saturday, December 22, 2012

My First Time

Mom was working today as her school was having book sales for students. That could mean one thing which I was left to prepare lunch. We had nothing in the fridge except two siakap fishes. The problem was, they werent cleaned yet.

I have never cleaned a large fish. So of course I was having difficulties. Lie to you not, in the process of cleaning the two fishes, I cried a lil bit, cut my fingers and called out for mom several times. HAHAHA I cried because it was soooo hard to cut open the fishes and cleaned the guts. ewwww in the process of struggling with knife and a pair of scissors, I cut my fingers with the fishes' scales and what's that..sirip. I did feel like I was doing experiment, cutting open the fishes. hahaha I called out for mom because if she was around, I wouldnt have to go under the torture. I took almost 1 hour for 2 medium size fishes.huhuhu

Anyhoo, I steamed one fish for lunch. Ikan Siakap Stim. Basically, I made this just to use all the left overs vege in the fridge.hehe

Thanks fish. A great experience for me indeed.

p/s After all the dramas with the fishes, I called B and wanted to make a deal with him. When we live together, he will do all the fish cleaning.haha But of course he said no. He said 'dua-dua buat'....hmphhhh..

p/p/s on a different note, we made a deal tt if we ever have children in the future, he is going to do all the poop cleaning. WINNN!!!!! HHAHAHAHAH
Friday, December 21, 2012

In Your Hands

Ya Allah,

Permudahkanlah  urusan kami, urusan suamiku. Kau lembutkanlah hati-hati orang-orang tertentu untuk kami, kau bukakanlah pintu rezeki untuk kami seluas-luasnya. Kau berikanlah kekuatan ke dalam hati suamiku untuk berjuang, permudahkanlah Ya Allah, permudahkanlah Ya Allah. 

Sesungguhnya Engkaulah pengatur yang paling agung bagi hamba-hamba-Mu.


I miss him

It's been almost 2 weeks since I last see B. We bought the ticket for our next meeting already which is a month and a week from now. I know i know with the school is starting, time will fly and i will not even notice it.

There were times when i was totally ok. But when the loneliness crept in, I could almost kill B's bosses in my head. For denying the fact that with a single signature, B could be next to me. But life isnt as always what we wanted right?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Best of Both Worlds

Since the drop of the news, I'm healing, accepting the fact that maybe I have to ask for transfer to Bintulu. I grew up in Sarawak, I have no problem living there. I speak the general language, I eat most of the food, I know basically the culture. and I have friends there too. Just the thought of living my parents... hmm but to be fair, B must have felt the same things too if we were to settle down in Peninsular. Plus, he's the only child!hehe

Right now we just have to make the best of both worlds. Apart from leaving my parents, I hate the thought of leaving my work place, my crazy colleagues too. and yeah, hard to admit, my students. I work in the best school where I have learnt a lot and still craving for more. and when the situation got tough, I had the best work buddies who shared the same feelings too. The school has accepted me well. The clerks, the colleagues, the gardener and even the Principal whom is called Boss. Boss helped me through B's application for transfer too. That's why am so emotional because I feel needed at the school.huhu

To be fair, B also has a set of friends that I would say the best. Because they are crazy, playful, hardworking and super supportive. B has never told anyone about his application but once the news broke, none of them condemned what he did, instead words of encouragement were passed. They understand our long distance situation, they understand how stressful it is can be when you are away with the spouse. B loves his buddies. and I know he must have torn between me and the friends.

We both have strong reasons to hang on. But we have stronger reason which is to live together. =))

Let's pray for the both worlds. The Urea expert and the English teacher!
Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Faces of Ayfa Nazneen

I have another niece joining the Razak's boat.hehe Ayfa is 1 month ++ now.

Brother and Sister. Adam loves Ayfa so much. When they dropped by last weekend, Adam kept kissing Ayfa's nose. Tho he said Ayfa 'busuk' he still kissed her.hehe Cute!

 She totally looks like Adam when Adam was a baby. Gosh! Her eyes are super beautifu; like greyish..haish sorry Ayfa Mak lang donno how to describe your eyes...

She was born not even 3kg but now she's 4kg ++ Super Bulat!!

Anyhoo, the brother has started school. Can you believe it?? I was baby sitting him when he was 2 months old and now he is in pre-school??

He's turning 4 next year =))

Monday, December 17, 2012

4 hours after that

It's been 4 hours since we received the news. I would say I'm okay now. My parents have been told about this and as usual they are super supportive. This morning I admit I wanted to rage, I wanted to slap the bosses' faces and I even prayed their children would experience what we have been through too. Astagfirullah.

This could be another blessing in disguise. I have slowly healed, though it's too fast. I need to heal fast. I need to accept this plan made by Allah and act maturely. B needs me. He doesnt need my whining, crying, throwing tantrum like a small girl. We are both in this together. We will work it out.

I think the next step is me applying for transfer. The chances are small but still it counts. It's hard to ask for transfer when the school lacks of subject teacher. What ever it is, I'll leave it to Allah as He is the best planner of all.

So Bintulu, are you ready to have me join the community? hee


B called. He didnt sound happy. Our nightmare has come true. B's proposal has been denied. The bossess said it is not the right time. They dont have enough man power.

I broke down and cried. In fact i'm still crying. All the tough faces i've put up since the struggle began now have melted and wash away by the tears. My whole body is shaking, trembling. Why is it so hard for us to live together?

Right now shut the world around me. I'm battling the defeat without B around. I know he's hurt too. And we cant be on each other's side to talk the pain away.

I dont know how to tell Mak and Abah this news coz they fought with us along the way.... i'm sorry...

Sunday, December 16, 2012


I've been lazy. But I still need to ngerepak.haha So lemme k? =p

1. The other day I went out with m cousin wearing my poplook blouse and a shawl. Before we went back, we entered Carlo Rino boutique at Mahkota Parade. The SA there suddenly asked where I came from. I told her I'm from Melaka. Then she said: Oh I tot you are from KL coz you dress like KL girl.hahahahahah then my cousin rolled on the floor laughing (ok tipu) and said 'KL ke? Dio orang Londu der!!" hahahahahahahahhaahhaha

2.Two days ago I changed my FB profile picture. It's an old picture, taken about a month after we got married. our jalan2 at Melaka City.hehe The picture received 19 likes. haha Leen said it's kinda exclusive coz I seldom upload any picture of us together. Dunno why. I seldom did that when we were dating, and even after we got married, I find it cheesy. Boleh gitu??

3. Since school holiday started, I've been crazy about Penny dresses from Poplook. Matilaaaa.... It all started when I bought a Penny-look-alike and wore it to Kuching reception. B loved to see me in that so I think I went overboard and bought another 4. I insisted buying every design - plain, polkadot and patterned that made B scratched his head. Even my mom is at lost seeing the constant visit of a mail man delivering my parcels. muahaha so far I've only worn 3 of the dresses. But no picture to share. blerghhh

4.I dont know why but I feel my posts about me pouring my thoughts might have hurt somebody. I'm truly sorry for that. I was a mess, with the hormones raging for Miss Red's visit, with the uncertainties of our future are sometimes too much for me. I wont ask you to be in my shoes but a little understanding will do. I would suggest you to be in the shoes of people in Gaza, in Syria or the parents of shooting incident in the US. They could be facing bigger obstacle than me.

I dont go to people crying, telling my problem. I just need a little space to pour my thoughts and I will be fine sooner than you think. My problem isnt that big tho. Just a tiny speck on the face of the earth.

I have a husband. We cant live together. Well that's my problem.hahaha seee, very simple. Nothing much.

Ok la. I miss him. But not sure when we'll see each other. might be next month. Might be in February. But for sure I'll see him in March. We'll go jalan2 weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Melt away

During this school holiday, I received many facebook requests from whom I believe were my students.haha even without using real pictures or name (in school, I am known as Ain), they could find me. These kids are soooo perseverance. So today I tot I might as well use real profile picture.haha just fyi, my stand is never add any student into the friends' list coz I've seen cases of abuse of privacy i.e. pictures by the students. just want to be careful.

Anyhoo, I wanted to have B and I to be in the profile picture. So I digged out B's photo collection. And found one, that melt me heart away...

Taken in 2010. He went to study in Terengganu and after that doing his intern at his current workplace now. While he was in Bintulu, he lost so much weight coz he just couldnt get Tganu's food except Lekor.haha so he was thin. I izz melt okay. Anyhoo, I didnt use this as profile picture. Too cheesy doncha think? =P

But I like him now. Coz he's so huggable.hehehe

Ok bye!
Friday, December 14, 2012

Dose of the month

B and I were at The Curve last Monday. After a quick (not so anyway..haha) shopping at IKEA, we walked around and found Popular Bookstore. I was broke since the salary came out early last month. My youngest bro told me to buy Mitch Albom's latest book. I entered the store and went super crazy instantly.

I love books. I would choose book over handbag, shoes or clothes. That store was having sale and many great offers. There was one section with 'Highlight' tag on it. All the books were sold at RM7.90 and there were all from popular authors. so opkos I went gaga.

Catch of the month. All by my favourite authors; Cecelia Ahern, Anchee Min and Mitch Albom =D

 I bought Anchee Min's for only RM7.90. Score!!

B loves the Diary of Wimpy Kid series. So I bought him the rest of the collections that he didnt have. Puas hati mak! But officially broke after that. I spent the last few pennies of my kaching. Y___Y

I'm happy coz finally B has started to show interest to read English book. Before this, he would stick to only Sport section in English newspapers.hehehe 

Today I checked Popular, Mahkota Parade Melaka shop. It didnt have offers like the one at The Curve. Why ah?

Reading makes you rich. Start reading people!

Tune Hotel Bintulu

This is a long due post.hehe In this post, I will review about Tune Hotel, Bintulu. I stayed there 2 weeks ago when I went to Bintulu. As B and I have no place to call home, we have been staying in many different hotels every time I went there. So this time around, we opted for Tune Hotel =)

I've stayed in Tune Hotel Kota Kinabalu in 2009. Compared to that hotel, the Bintulu branch was much more comfortable. But I wont complain tho coz I paid RM15 for 3 nights at KK Tune Hotel.hehe Anyhoo, since my decision to go to Bintulu was a last minute deal, I paid RM330 for 5 days and 4 nights stay at the hotel. I still considered it a good bargain given how satisfied I was staying there.

I also pre-booked for early arrival which means I could check in early at 11am. B was working on that day so I tot to check in early. B surprised me by fetching me at the airport. He later sent me to hotel and helped with the check in process. We were entertained by a staff named Rentap, and Iban mixed Chinese guy. I would rate him 10/10 for his friendly and fast service.hehe He kept checking on us from day to day whether we need anything or not.

Anyhoo, back to checkin story, I guessed our room was not ready so Rentap upgraded us to executive room. Please dont expect their executive room to match any other hotel. Tune hotel is a budget hotel, remember? Executive room offers bigger space and a heyuugeeeee fridge! Let's check out the room, shall we?

I have always loved hotel room with huge mirror. 

The work station. The only thing I didnt like was the wall picture.hahahahaha

Small toilet and bathroom but I have no complaint tho

Since I stayed alone when B went to work, I only used room service twice in that 5 days. Hehe

Now let's check out the views:

Executive room was located at the top floor i.e. the 5th floor so the view was great especially in the morning.

The room was facing the sun set. naissssssss

A full moon. Taken using my phone, the picture quality didnt do justice for that pretty moon =(

 For your information, most hotels and inns in Bintulu are always fully occupied due to the massive SKOR project. Bintulu receives many outside contractors, engineers etc. We met many Japanese staying at the same hotel too. Rentap told us the hotel was always fully occupied. If you go to Bintulu, Tune Hotel also offers walk-in customer for RM78 inclusive all which means everything from towel to internet are provided. But the room is very very small lah.

If you plan to stay here, make sure you request the room that is not facing a night club or you'll have trouble sleeping at night. The hotel is situated at a commercial center, so food, groceries are easily found. Even night clubs, rumah urut, karaoke lounge are just within walking distance

Alright, that's all for now. Interested? Book your stay here =)

p/s I sounded like Tune Hotel ambassador.hahaha

Thursday, December 13, 2012

8 years down the road

This song became so famous 8 years ago. B and I had just started dating and were waiting for SPM result. I would stay at home, turned on MTV and finished house chore. This song was always on play at the time.

I told B about this song, he loved it as much as I did and this song became one of our love anthems. amik kau anthem tuuuuuuuu

I've waited all my life
To cross this line
To the only thing that's true
So I will not hide
It's time to try
Anything to be with you
All my life I've waited
This is true

8 years down the road, our path still crossed and we are married. I love B!

P/S a friend tweeted about this song and I found myself youtubing for this.haha memoriess....

Kad Perakuan Nikah

Finally, after  6 months waiting, I went to pick up our Kad Perakuan Nikah. Tee hee hee Kinda excited coz it's like another thing to proof that we are married. Yup till today, I'd randomly ask B this 'Are we married??' It still feels surreal to me.hehehe

Now B you can throw the crumpled copies of our marriage certificate from your bag, your car and home.hahaha yesss he kept that many around. Just in case coz I've been told I look underage. Ok perasan muda sekejap.muahahahaha

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Asamboi Buah Pear

Let's talk about something not depressing shall we?eheh

When I was in Sibu, B and I together with parents in law went to attend a wedding in Lanang. A usual wedding where I found something unusual. Once we arrived, I noticed that most guests' fingers were reddish at the tip. I tot to myself they must have had malam berinai or something with the inai stain left on their finger tips.

So after greeting few relatives around, we moved towards the buffet area. Usual dishes till I saw something so brightly red in one of the containers. They looked like potato wedges, dipped in bright red color. I had never seen it before the day. I skipped it and went to find a spot to eat. After I finished with my plate, Mom in law came and showed me her plate, with the red food on it. It's MIL so couldnt refuse..hahahah so I took one wedge and bit the tip. Emmm...nyemmm....another big bite, munch munch and before I knew it, I almost finished all the red stuff.hahahahahaha

I asked B what was it. He said, it's pear, the fruit, mixed with asamboi. Donno the real name tho. But they call it Asamboi Buah Pear. A perfect dessert. I was told it would taste better when it's served cold.huhu.

So I googled about it but couldnt find many info. Here's the recipe. It's super duper easy to prepare. Follow the formula and you are done!

Pear + asamboi, stir stir tadaaa!!!!!

Recipe and picture were taken from here

Haishhh terliur pulak tengok gambar..Must prepare this one of these days....

Anyhoo, happy trying! =)))

Depressing week

Things have gotten so depressing around me. And with no B around, I get pretty emotional too easily nowadays. For once and for all, lemme ramble about pregnancy stuff and I'll be done with it.

I've been married for 6 months (yeayyyy and Alhamdulillah). and because of that, people expect me to have that baby bump by now. becomes too hard for me to bear, the expectation that is. And when the people around me are popping babies or expecting babies, I feel stress. But the stress has never come from me or my husband. We are happy to wait, but not the community.

It becomes worst when every uncommon thing people will relate it to me 'expecting'. Like for examples;

When I craved for certain food

When I got headache

When I binged eating

When I shopped for Poplook like nobody's business

When I drank lotsa plain water

When I seemed tired most of the time.

It's tiring to fake that smile and to explain there's no bird dropping any baby soon.

We all crave for food. Not just when you are pregnant, but during PMS period too.

I always get headache, especially when the day is too bright for my eyes. That's why I hate being outdoors.

I binge-eat when I'm stress or when B is around. Still no baby.

The reason I bought 5 Pennies from Poplook was because B loves seeing me wearing them. Not that I'm expecting any baby girl.

My throat is always dry and I have a potential to get tonsillitis. I cant drink too much cold beverages. Just last week I took a sip or two of carrot juice and fever visited me for 4 days. That's how sensitive my throat is. 

I am always tired. Ask B if you dont believe. When B and I were dating, I usually dozed off in the car, in the cinema at certain time of the day. I took supplement but still am easily tired.

Seeeeeeeeeee, I have explanations for everything. And I'm not pregnant. So stop all this nonsense. Please.

Some assume that B and I are planning our family. That hurts the most. I dont know why but it hurts me.

I know I dont owe any explanation to the people. I'm strong but I do feel paranoid sometimes.

I once told B if I cant give him children, we'll adopt. It seems easy but every single word I uttered to him my heart broke piece by piece. It's like admitting that I'm a disabled person.

This is not a random post. I've been having this pressure months ago. I hope I will never talk about this issue ever again. Allah knows best. HE KNOWS BEST.
Tuesday, December 11, 2012


If you happened to read my stupid post yesterday, I'm truly sorry. I wasnt thinking. I was emotional. Too many bad feelings mixed at the same time, same day. It was a stupid post. It was even stupider to curse at people. People make mistake. I made mistake. We all need a second chance.

B has gone back to Bintulu. It has been a long time since I feel like what I feel now. Lost, lonely, sensitive and a bit angry. We are uncertain. Every time we received some good news, it would be followed with endless waiting. Ya Allah!

After this meeting, B and I are not sure when we would see each other again. We dont want to buy any flight tickets in near future coz things might change 180' in days ahead. We cant afford to waste any moolah for our March trip. This thing makes me sad. 

I feel hopeless. I seldom feel like this because I constantly remind myself to be strong as good things are waiting. But I did fell sometimes. and now is one of it. I want to cry. I want to shout. I want to be angry. But I dont know to whom.

It sucks also to see everyone is happy but it's their part of rezeki. They might have fought their own battles before and found their happy ending. I am happy. Happily married with the man of my life. Our biggest obstacle comes after we got married. And all the fights we had when were dating were super stupid. Real challenge starts when you fight to keep things where they belong, not to go overboard, and to remember the heaven is not in the parents' hands anymore.

It is also painful because I dont share things with people. All I got is Allah and B. People did ask and it stopped there because I dont think people understand. I have never offered other than casual things. I have never shared how I felt. Oh right, I have my blog too. But even so I dont feel pouring everything because I know there are more individuals with bigger obstacles than me. Mine could be as big as an ant and others could be as big as a galaxy. Shit, Typing this while Adam and Hawa is playing makes me super emo. haha cun2 ada part Azie said 'Mungkin ada tersimpan hikmah yang kita belum tau lagi'...

My motivation is fucked up. I need to work so I can stop my wandering mind. January, can you please speed up and arrive quickly? I need to be stress about work, not personal matter. =(

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Garfield in real!

On my final night in Sibu, B's auntie invited us for a dinner at their crib. A week living with take-aways and fast food, I craved for real home-cooked meal.hehe So I was looking forward for that night. B's aunt and uncle are fond of cats. They have several fat furry cats that look like furballs.haha but that night, only Bony was around coz the rest were taken to Kuching.

The name is Bony which is so ironic. Not boney at all. Should have called him Furball.haha

After he got tired playing with human, he just lied down and slept!!! tengah-tengah jalan terkangkang.hahahaha

I didnt play with him coz he bites. he bit FIL's hands quite deep.

The tissue box as a benchmark of its size.hahah serious very fat and furry.

This cat is just like garfield. He moves slowly and lazy. He was sleeping when suddenly he woke up and went to a spot.Closing his eyes, he enjoyed the aircond blew on to his face.hahaha series cute. with all the fly away fur.siap kepala tu pusing left and right. like iklan shampoo.

B likes cat. He wants to have some when we have our own home. I dont really like cats. any animals actually. But I'll compromise.hehe

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