Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wedding in Sibu

One of the reasons why B and I went to Sibu was to attend B's good friend's wedding. 

Congratulations Runoff and Camilla on your wedding!!!

And this was my first time attending an Iban's wedding and I was super giddy to go.hehe and the moment we arrived, my eyes were going wild, observing the people, the music, the setting.

We were welcomed by the family at the door, there was this guy wearing traditional Iban clothing.hehe

And I felt a bit shy too because I was the only one in the whole hall wearing tudung.tee hee.. opkos people turned to look at me. I shy...

and it was my first time meeting B's colleagues. We sat at a halal table and I was the ONLY girl too. haish! B's friends need to get married so I'll have gossip partners.haha

Anyhoo, the event started with the newly weds entering the hall with Ngajat dance. Then a prayer was cited and followed by speeches from important people. I was told that among the guests invited were Tuai Rumahs (head of long houses) so it was quite formal. After that was cake-cutting ceremony. many things actually and I couldnt remember the sequence.hehe but there was one part that I find it cute. The newly weds were asked to kiss each other for 10 seconds. But that was pretty normal. what's cute was even the couple's parents were asked to kiss.hahaa it's cute to see the moms all shy...hehe

anddddddd... B and I were constantly teased by his friends. I tell you his friends were all super crazy and happening but they made me feel welcomed into their circle. hehe 

I kasi extra large this picture.bukan senang nak amik gambar gitttewwwwww.

apart from everything, I had such good times washing eyes too! but not on the men, but the girls. Gosh, Iban girls are super hot! Hot body, hot looks! Plus with fancy clothes, make up, and hair do, made me go agagagaga. Jealous ok! yang berterabor coz i typed which ever appeared first in my head.haha

have a great day everyone!!

pictures credit to B's friends' FB =))
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