Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oh yeah!

Thanks for those who sent congratulations messages to my phone and my Facebook inbox. Not forgetting those who mentioned about my Risik in their blogs. Many many thanks =) Hopefully everything will run smoothly tomorrow.

About the issue yesterday, I have told my friends that I will not bother anymore. So this will be the last post regarding that matter. For me, everything stops after I click the 'Publish Button'. This is my final semester. This is the only time for me to go crazzzzyyyy with my buddies. This is the final time we'll ever have since we'll be parting ways after April. Cant wait!!!

To that person, I am really sorry if I ever hurt you in any ways. I try to rationalize for what you did and like Oprah has put it, 'Some people were mean because they were hurt'.  So maybe in some ways I have hurt you. I am sorry for that. But what ever you did to me, I am going to put everything behind. I wont talk about this anymore. I will try to pretend this has never happened. =)

OO let's talk about something else. I am freakin' nervous waiting for tomorrow. Freaking jee!!! This afternoon, I sent B to his aunt's house in Senawang. There were many of his relatives. Sumpah I sweat like a bucket. Salam here and there. Awkward silence, then salam again meminta diri untuk pulang. I guess I ruined first impression. I wish I am a chatty person. Less embarrassing i guess.waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Pray for me ya. Hopefully I can be less jantan  tomorrow.hihihihih

Dola Re Dola

This is a song from the well known hindi movie, DEVDAS. I love the song. psst, I'll be dancing this song.heheh I found the translation of the lyrics and now I can understand a bit about the song.

Our dance routine is inspired from the movie above. Enjoice people!!!

Dolaa re... he Dolaa reSwing, swing, sway!
haa'e Dolaa dil Dolaa man Dolaa re DolaaOh, my heart sways; my spirit swings!
lag jaane do najariya gir jaane do bijuriyaLet the evil eye strike; let lightning fall!
bijuriya bijuriya gir jaane do aaj bijuriyaLightning, lightning, let the lightning fall!
lag jaane do najariya gir jaane do bijuriyaLet the evil eye strike; let lightning fall!
baa.ndhke mai.n ghu.nghruuHaving strapped on ankle bells....
pahanke mai.n paayalHaving donned anklets...
baa.ndhke mai.n ghu.nghruuHaving strapped on ankle bells....
pahanke mai.n paayalHaving donned anklets...
jhuumke naachuu.ngi ghuumke naachuu.ngiiI'll dance, swinging, spinning!
dekho jii dekho dekho kaisii yeh jha.nkhaar haiLook, sir, behold this jingling (of anklets)!
inkii aa.nkho.n me.n dekho piya jii ka pyaar haiLook into her eyes, behold her love for her beloved.
inkii aavaaz bhii ha'e kaisii thandaar haiEven her softened voice resonates with conviction!
piya kii yaado.n me.n yeh jiya beqaraar haiIn memories of her beloved, life is restless with longing.
maathe kii bi.ndiya me.n voh haiHe's in the bindi on my forehead.
palko.n kii nii.ndiyaa.n me.n voh haiHe's in the sleepiness of my lashes.
tere to tan man me.n haiHe's in your body and mind.
terii bhii dhaRkan me.n voh haiHe's even in your heartbeats.
chhuRii ke chhan chhan me.n voh haiHe's in the jingle of bracelets,
ka.ngan ke khan khan me.n voh haiHe's in the clash of bangles.
chhuRii ke chhan chhan me.n voh haiHe's in the jingle of bracelets,
ka.ngan ke khan khan me.n voh haiHe's in the clash of bangles.
baa.ndhke mai.n ghu.nghruuHaving strapped on ankle bells....
pahanke mai.n paayalHaving donned anklets...
jhuumke naachuu.ngi ghuumke naachuu.ngiiI'll dance, swinging, spinning!
tum ne mujhko duniya ne diiYou gave me the whole world.
mujhko apnii haa.n khushiyaa.n de diiYou gave me, yes, so much happiness.
tumse kabhii na hona duurMay he never be far from you;
haa.n me.n bhar lena si.nduuryes, marry him!
unkii baaho.n ka tum ho phuulYou are the flower of his embrace;
mai.n huu.n qadmo.n kii bas dhuulI'm only the dust under his feet.
baa.ndhke mai.n ghu.nghruuHaving strapped on ankle bells....
pahanke mai.n paayalHaving donned anklets...
baa.ndhke mai.n ghu.nghruuHaving strapped on ankle bells....
pahanke mai.n paayalHaving donned anklets...
jhuumke naachuu.ngi ghuumke naachuu.ngiiI'll dance, swinging, spinning!

Taken from here
I was tad emotional yesterday. Of course because I was tired. Dealing with unnecessary things when I have bigger matter to focus on made me angrier. I am OK now. I did lots of thinking last night. I am going to let everything go. Whatever that person wants to say about me, yes you go ahead. You wont tore me down dear =) Oh ya, whatever story i heard yesterday was my final straw. You know before this I heard many many different stories but I chose to ignore because I thought it was stupid to even bother. But i guess i was tired yesterday due to waking up early, going for drama practice, and did some dance routine till 1pm then didnt have time to take a nap then went to Faculty to meet the Dean. Then got class some more. So when you are tired, you get angry easily. So yesterday was my final straw. Eh no, i would say quarter final straw. You DONT want to see my final straw. alu kau quit belajar simok jumpa aku gik. Habis straw kau ku gigit kelak!!! hehe sekda ba.

Beginning of this semester I made promises to myself that I wont get myself into trouble with anyone. I just want to have fun. THIS IS MY FINAL SEMESTER!!! We should be hanging out together, go for trips and have fun. Not preparing knives to stab some one from behind. So what ever it is, let go. Be nice, be grateful. Eventhough they are people who's not happy with me, nothing i can do unless they come forward and tell me what is wrong with me.

Speaking about trips, I am looking forward to enjoy my self at the waterfall. Playing laser tag. Eat good food *did I mention I gain 2kgs?* shit. what ever. Meeting B this afternoon. hihi

Friday, February 25, 2011


Stress for various reason:

  1. I gain 2 more kilos! KO HADA??????????????????????????
  2. Risik team is coming on Sunday.
  3. Orang still lagi bergosip pasal aku. Helo, cerita last semester pon kau jaja sampai sekarang ke? Kau nak tengok aku drop, menangis, hilang semua kawan baru kau puas hati? For all this time, i kept my mouth shut. Kalau aku bercerita pun cuma dengan geng kereta myvi aku je. kau siap satu kelas ko jaja cerita. I warned you in my blog last year. Stress orang bagitau aku kau cakap aku macam ni macam tu. Aku tetap diam. Aku malas nak besar cerita because honestly, you are fucking childish. Bole tak dah final semester ni berbaik, happy together. ni tak, makin kau nak tengok aku jatuh kan. what the heck. I am telling you this. Aku akan diam je sampai lebam and one day you'll get everything. Apa yang kau cakap aku macam2 datang balik. Best kan bila dah kutuk-kutuk aku, boleh pulak mintak tolong pasal assignment.
Seriously, aku dah fed up. I cant even look at your face.

I'm nervous , the risik team is coming this Sunday!!!

Phone beeped:

Me: Helo B.
B: Syg, have something to tell you. Boh kitak terkejut
Me: Pa ya ka?
B: Guess how many people are coming for risik?
Me: *initially about 5-6, so i tot lesser are coming*..err 4?
B: 15 orang!!!!!!!!!


Seriously, like having 6 people staring at me isn't enough. Now another 9 are going to join the fun. Instantly, i got goose bumps OK! I called mak straight away to tell her the big news. I tot she might be surprised but you know what, she laughed!! Bole??? We talked for a while, discussing what menus to cook -- yes we are going to cook. Apparently the only thing that worries mum is not enough chair to eat at the dining table. So all guests have to eat on the floor. Cute nya mak aku.haha 

I have been preparing mentally that 6 people are coming you see. So such a short notice, I dont know how to handle 15 people coming to see me. Ceh, popular jap orang datang check me out.hahaha a lil bit stress because my skin tone is darker from the trip. Kulit kat muka macam bercepuk2. Malu mak nyah!

cant see the uneven skin tone. still wana put this picture.hahaha *belik mat muka pakai shawl*

Today B's mum is flying from Bintulu. B will be coming tomorrow and I;ll pick him up from LCCT. I tot want to go dating for a while since the change of plan, we will go for lunch together then I'll send him to Senawang. Head straight back home and help mum with the preparation.

My mind went like this =.='

Are you as nervous as I am???

Picture from Bharat Tea Plantation --- *breath in and out*
Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mudahnya kau terasa

I write my mind dear readers. I dont know how to show. I write instead.

I dont understand why certain people still 'sentap' with me though most of the time I am talking about myself. Really I dont. You dont know me. But since young, i love to write. When I was happy, i wrote in my diary - yes i have diaries since primary school. when i was angry, i wrote in the book. Whenever I was feeling neglected, I wrote. and the practice continues till today.

I dont only write the feeling towards other people. but to myself. Kadang-kadang ada post yang emos tu bukan aku kutuk sapa2 pon. It's me!!! honestly. aku suka kutuk diri sendiri in writing. I dont do monologue. So bila orang nak terasa-terasa ni yang aku malas. kadang-kadang aku jadi blur bila orang bombard aku with questions why i write this, i write that. Yeah sometimes i did kutuk other people. But if i do, i will write directly. kalau macam ada subtle messages tu, i write for myself.

so no more sentap sentap dengan mak k nyah~~~ Lagi satu, kalau tak buat kenapa perlu sentap???? Fikir fikirkan yeeeeee

Jaring memang carik pasal

My roomie and I are having this problem with internet connection in our room. It's so $%^&*()__)(*&^%$#@#$%^. We cant go online further than 9am up to midnight.the only time available for us is early in the morning. what a %^&*(

We are missing out a lot of information - drama practice and what not. yang penting, i need my shots ok, including gossips--haha, news, youtube, blog hopping. when i can reach those, i feel my day is not complete. got what i mean? am not internet junkie but internet definitely makes my day.

at the moment, my roomie is on the phone complaining to Jaring service center. actually this is the 2nd time she complains.

what a wuss!
Tuesday, February 22, 2011

tired you know

went for a short trip with friends for the weekend. Now my body aching all over due to extreme use of energy and lack of sleeping. Some who know me know that I get tired easily even for simple outing. what more a trip.

nothing much to is getting lesser. ahahhaa but i am happy. Drama practice every Wednesday and Friday. 

I am gonna get risiked this weekend. Know what risik is? It is when  my boyfriend's family come to visit my family. Checking for my relationship status, background and etc. But my mom doesnt like to put it that way. She said it's for getting to know each other. Traditionally a girl will be getting a ring once she has been risiked. But mom said there's no need for one. Just come over for lunch and chit chatting. My parents hate too much protocol. So my risik experience gonna be simple. Honestly, this part of my parents i love it. I dont need many rings. and it's burdensome to put them on at a time.

My E-day preparation is going fine. There's nothing much to do actually. Am gonna be busy starting next month during school break. *aku ada hols ka?haha*. I dont know about catering services and canopy. Maybe mom has booked them.

Gonna have to draw map to my house after this for B to come this weekend. Am feeling nervous already since this is the first meeting for both families. and first time my parents meeting B. Are they gonna like him? I think they will !!!! =)
Monday, February 21, 2011

Is it wrong =(

Is it wrong:

  • if i keep quite whenever i feel tired?
  • if I choose to forget unhappy things?
  • if I want to go anywhere without telling anyone?
  • if I decide to dump friends who treated me like a door mat?
  • if I spend my money on food?
  • if I drive my car aimlessly?
  • if I use all my free time sleeping?
  • if I eat expensive food once a week?
  • if I let myself unwind sometimes?
  • if I read books twice a year?
  • if I prefer to clean than to cook?
  • if I drink plain water?
  • if I hate lipstick?
  • if I watch TV all day?
  • if I choose my friends?
  • if I like to watch the Kardashians?
  • if I speak my mind?

Sometimes people around ME ask very very stupid questions. AND MOST OF THE TIME I CHOOSE TO IGNORE.

p/s to you all stalkers, get a life. Why wasting your time stalking others lives when yours are pathetic?
Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to store bananas in a very limited space

Tips of the day! How to store your bananas in the hostel =)

These are bananas

Just hang it on liddat!!!

Space friendly, no???

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Peringkat peringkat wanita. sila baca!

Ini berdasarkan pengalaman sendiri ok. Korang semua macam mana?

1. Kanak - kanak
Masa peringkat ni yang aku ingat nak beli kasut yang ada tumit sikit especially time raya. Sebab nak show off dengan kazen mazen kasut aku tinggi. Dah rasa-rasa dewasa pkai mekap suma.haha Around this age conversation bersama rakan-rakan kebanyakan pasal nak main masak-masak, nak tidur rumah sapa malam ni. Itu je aku ingat.

Aku yang paling menyerlah disitu.haha

2. Sekolah Rendah
Almost macam zaman kanak-kanak. tapi towards the end, Darjah 6, mula menyedari perbezaan antara perbezaan gender. Masa darjah 6 ni la aku mengalami perasaan suka dengan budak lelaki. Tapi masa ni diam-diam je. nak cakap dengan kawan pun malu. Tapi masa ni bakat jadi stalker dah mula bertapak.hahaha

3. Sekolah Menengah
Zaman mencabar. Bak kata ustazah Nooranita, time Form 3 zaman penentu masa depan. Sebab Form 1, innocent busuk-busuk bau stong lagi. Naiveee. Form 2 dah start buat grouping (apply untuk yang tinggal hostel saje ye). Masa Form 2 banyak la group2 pemes. Group Masin la, group Power Ranger la, Group Toyol la. Ok budak sekolah agama pun hebat! Form 3, group dah kuat, dah bertapak mula nak tunjuk perangai. Tu sebab ustazah nooranita selalu membebel masuk kelas. Betul agaknya. Aku pernah kurang ajar sekali ngan die sebab dia kutuk nota aku tulisan buruk. Aku geram. Buat muka dan hempas barang.hahaha kenangan. Masuk Form 4, ok sikit. tapi still berhantu jugak. Ni zaman gatal. Girls mostly dah ada boipren. Kalau takde pun, jadi stalker. hantar surat menyurat yang kadang-kadang dilayan dan tidak. Masa ni kalau time prep malam, pakai baju samer color dengan admire pun dah berbunga habis dah hati. Konon sehati sejiwa.hahahahahha   Form 5, baru betul-betul ok. Dah matang sikit kan. Nak SPM pun. tapi takde la SPM sangat. Aku suka Form 5 sebab boleh potong barisan kat dewan makan sesuka hati, Juniors takleh cakap pe la. hahahahah

Time Form 4

4. Zaman Pre - U dan Universiti
Zaman berkenalan dengan environment baru. Jauh dari rumah, jauh dari buah hati. hehe masa ni seronok jumpa kawan-kawan baru. tapi zaman ni bagi aku sangat teruk . Back stabbing tak yah cerita. aku sekali join group tu.(pengakuan exclusive). maybe masa ni tengah carik sense of belonging kat tempat baru. adaptation to new environment. Tapi towards the end, semua dah ok. Sebab dah matang kot. Tapi ada la jugak yang still masih stuck zaman jahiliah. tak habis2 pedajal orang. tak suka tengok orang senang kot. masa ni jugak perempuan dah mula mencari pasangan hidup. dan fokus perhubungan juga serious - Kahwin!!. 

My coursemates =)

5. Dah Kahwin
aku belum kahwin, tapi dari pengalaman begaul dengan orang-orang dah kahwin - serious banyak gila kawan aku dah kahwin.hahaha. mostly mereka akan bercerita pasal husband sahaja di mana kadang kala, kadang kala ok aku rasa bernanah gak telinga nih. tapi biasala, kita kan bercakap mengikut perkembangan sekeliling kan? husband termasuklah hal keluarga mertua, ipar duai dan segalanya. itu ok jugak. Ada jugak yang bercerita tentang sex life *gulp* mereka dimana bagi aku tidak appropriate. aku old skool sikit. whatever happens in your chamber of love, better keep it for the both of you.aku tak minat nak dengar. lagi pun kalau dalam Islam dosa per.. Ada yang dasyat siap cerita kehebatan suami di ranjang! ok fine aku tak perlu tau.hahahahaha kenapa aku gelak?? sebab aku geli.hahahah

6. Dah dapat anak
Aku belum ada anak, tapi berdasarkan pengalaman kakak2 ipar dan rakan taulan, mostly at this stage perempuan akan bercakap pasal anak. yang ni aku ok sebab aku pun suka budak2.hihi ibu2 suka bercerita pasal baby, breastfeeding, baby stuffs, baby development, baby burp, baby puke, baby poop.haha masa ni bunyi pasal husband pun tak dengar dah. comel ok. Adakah aku akan jadi begini jugak??? =)

Sorry suz, gambar tok seswai ngn tema.hahaha sebab iera tengah pegang perut.

Ikha and Adam. Comel kan? Kan? kan? Sila cakap comel!!!

7. Anak dah besar
Masa ni perempuan heboh nak cantikkan badan sebab umur dah meningkat. Betul ke? Ini pun dari pengalaman. Standard la tu. Suka je dengar discussion akak-akak pasal benda ni.Dapat gak tips.

8. seterusnya...
Tak tau dah sebab takde geng umur 40 an. makcik2 ada la...nak share???

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I will be

To B, for all the rough patches that came and will keep coming our way, Kmk syg kitak. auuuuu

Let's take one step at a time. We can do this.

Monday, February 14, 2011


All in bullet points:

  • This morning sent myvi to workshop. Just now Abah and I was about to take the car using Nissan. But Nissan broke down. something is wrong with the gear. You know how much to fix it?? I know. My dad scratches his head. Pity Abah. 2 cars in a day.
  • Abah and Mak went to visit Adek at his new school yesterday. Mak said he seems happy. Good for you Adek. Hope you find your sense of belonging there =)
  • Arguments with Mak regarding hantaran has not subsided. Whenever the topic comes up, i feel frustrated. Because I cannot satisfy everyone. =(
  • Might have to find a new set of samples for EA. Dr Khaz didnt seem to be happy with the samples.
  • 2nd quiz for EA on Wednesday. Can I get higher than 6?
  • Argued with B last night. I feel like going through all the pressure alone.

I still have money in the bank. Food on the table. Family at home. And B across the sea. Whatever comes my way, I am going to be grateful =)
Sunday, February 13, 2011


Makes you wanna get married too, no? =p

Yesterday we went to attend Ain's sister's wedding in Wangsa Maju. Am proud of myself getting there without GPS. And with the help of Steve too.hehe ok I am not that good. I studied google map the night before.hehe

Here are some pictures:

Congratulations to Abg Hafiz and Kak Yen =)

Adik pengantin on far left.

Love this picture. nang emos klaka! hahah

After the wedding, we drove around KL - actually we didnt know how to turn back to Cheras. We passed by Sogo and instantly, "Jom pegi jalan Masjd India"!!! Off we went. Parked at Sogo. We were searching for our drama costumes. Searched it at Kajang and a bit pricy. We entered the first shop, Madras something. boy it was having sale!!  The saree worn by Leen below cost only RM62. in Kajang it costs RM100. Woot woot!!

the akka helped Leen to tie the saree. In 2 minutes, it's done. Simple rupanya pakai saree..

 We bought 4 kurtas, a saree and accessories. BTW, Ambun paid for the saree because he plans to give it to his sister later. And the kurtas were really cheap. The Anney (abg) who entertained us sukati jak tukar harga.haha we asked for discount and he changed the tag price. we really save a lot. One kurta is about rm20 jah. 

After that, we drove around KL and found KL Girl park!!! Ok, i was too excited when we saw the sign and shouted TOK KL GIRL PARK!!! Actually KL Bird Park.hihi the fee is RM20. Plan to go there sooooonnnn. Wanted to stop by TUGU NEGARA but terlepas simpang la pulekkk...

After that, went to Alamanda for dinner. Jauh perjalanan luas pemandangan. 

I bought chocolates for our hantaran. But I might change B's chocolate to Beryls Chocolate. Gonna find it in Sri Kembangan soon. oh yeah another road trip.

p/s bila la nak jumpa kasut cantik ni =.='

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Geng keta myvi @ geng kepam!

Thanks for everything you guys did for me =)

Relationship, friendship and what ever ship needs work. You guys work for our ship. I'll work my ass for our ship too. I am one lucky girl.

Thanks for always being there for me.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jalan-jalan jumpa Pierre Andre and Khatijah Tan

Semalam, kelas pukul 12 tiba-tiba cancelled because the lecturer was not around. My friends and I wanted to have lunch. and suddenly, the plan to go to Midvalley just popped out. oh i love impromptu trip! So off we went. Bawa sekali junior, Greg sebab dia dan Steve nak cari hadiah Valentine's Day.

Sesampainya di Midvalley (bestnya traffic clear ) sakit kepala nak carik parking. Biasala lunch hour. Tak campur lagi driver2 yang kurang ajar. Banyak juga la terlepas parking. Tapi tuhan itu adil, kami dapat parking betul2 depan pintu masuk. Who's the boss now you driver in Avanza? ceh emos kejap.

it says: Hug Me =)

Dah sampai je Steve bought us lunch which is at Kenny Rogers. Thank you Steve. Then dah pusing-pusing almost 2 hours, only Steve got what he wanted.hehe I was looking for my hantaran shoes. Tak ada yang berkenan. So another plan popped. Let's go to IKEA!

sO Off we went. We toured The Curve, Ikano and lastly IKEA. Greg couldnt find any suitable gift. But we ended up shopping for ourselves including Greg. Haha I bought 2 pair of slippers sebab kaki dah sakit pakai Crocs T____T.

It was my turn to belanja dinner so all of us had meatballs, chicken wings and rice. Bak kata Ambun, kenyang sampai dada.haha. After meal, we toured IKEA. We met Pierre Andre and Khatijah Tan and her husband. Boleh Ambun cakap husband Khatijah tu abg Andre.hahaha.


Nak tgok gmbar???hihi

K time to go back. bye =)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dear cousins

I think all of us have grown really really fast. It felt like yesterday we played 'masak-masak' together, packed in Nenek's bathroom and showered till the makciks had to bang the door to get us out, we had a group hug when Syasya was crying for her family matters. It was years ago.

Then my family moved to Sarawak. We never lost contact. I remembered every year when we went back to kampung, all the cousins were already at Nenek's house. Waiting for our arrival. They had gifts in their hands. I recall receiving music box, fancy pencils, note books. I know they bought them at Baba's shop. haha what a  memory.

So last Friday, me and them went out together after sooo many years. The only one missing was Syasya. We went for a movie, a karaoke session and eating!!! oh oh and also waiting almost an hour queuing up for a shot of Coconut Shake!!

Ok dah penat type. Enjoy the pictures.

Bandar Hilir at 10am. wait till 11. you wont see the road.haha

Watched Yogi Bear. Sumpah sangat best. and 3D is necessary. kalau takde 3d, tak best.hehe

ni la makcik yg nak kawen end of thisyear. engage this june.

food is a must, no?

my 1st attempt to wear shawl. dont like it. hence, only few pictures of me.haha

If you go to Malacca, this is a must. a small shop at the road side. We were lucky to get this among many2 fans. the shop is just next to Caltex Klebang.

I love you guys much much!
Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My brother in SBPI Jempol now!

Yesterday, my parents and I went to Batu Kikir Negeri Sembilan to send my brother to his new school. He got admitted to SBP Integrasi Jempol which took appx 1 hour drive from home. Initially my parents were not keen with the idea to go to school that far but my brother insisted. If you know him, his choice kinda appalled my parents and me also. Anyway, my parents relented and off we went.

AR - Asyraf Razak

The sun was still hiding when we left.

arrival: the school field

The girls' hostel

The boy who refused to look at the camera

The flow during registration

The offer letter. Am proud of you adik!

Hostel schedule from Monday- Friday

On Saturday

The girls' hostel entrance. So much like my school =)

The surau

The basketball field is just next to the boys' hostel

The entrance

The masterpiece on the mattress.

I doubt it was this neat everyday. maybe only for yesterday.haha talking bout experience.

FORM 5 yang diva!

View from top floor. They have dobi service which is not fair. during my time, we did the washing on our own!

They spell 'baru' as 'baharu' now? BM is complicated *sigh*

I thought integrasi school is the integration of many races. Nope. I was wrong. This type of school integrate many streams like Agama+ Science + Technical. 0000000)

Taklimat for parents

My dad watched LIV vs Chelsea the night before. He couldnt help himself from passing out few times. My mom and I couldnt stop giggling watching him.hahaha sorry abah!

Basically, this school reminds me a lot to my time when I was in SMKAM. Really. Oh I miss my school. Oh, my bro's school has separate hall for dining. The girls and the boys dont eat in the same hall. boo hoo. tak dapat tengok awek!!haha during my time, masa makan is one of the most anticipated activity of the day. You could check out on boys. See whether your boyfriend was eating or not. Kalau tak, pegi canteen beli makanan pastu time prep bagi.ceh ceh ceh..caring la kan..hahahahha


oh before we left for my brother to embark on his new journey, my mum kissed him on both cheeks and hugged him. Habis la tak macho jadi anak mak.haahahaha 

and now the house feels empty without him. I have no one to bully. Especially to help me with the preparation. And the chances for him to be on my e-day is very very thin. T___T.
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