Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oh yeah!

Thanks for those who sent congratulations messages to my phone and my Facebook inbox. Not forgetting those who mentioned about my Risik in their blogs. Many many thanks =) Hopefully everything will run smoothly tomorrow.

About the issue yesterday, I have told my friends that I will not bother anymore. So this will be the last post regarding that matter. For me, everything stops after I click the 'Publish Button'. This is my final semester. This is the only time for me to go crazzzzyyyy with my buddies. This is the final time we'll ever have since we'll be parting ways after April. Cant wait!!!

To that person, I am really sorry if I ever hurt you in any ways. I try to rationalize for what you did and like Oprah has put it, 'Some people were mean because they were hurt'.  So maybe in some ways I have hurt you. I am sorry for that. But what ever you did to me, I am going to put everything behind. I wont talk about this anymore. I will try to pretend this has never happened. =)

OO let's talk about something else. I am freakin' nervous waiting for tomorrow. Freaking jee!!! This afternoon, I sent B to his aunt's house in Senawang. There were many of his relatives. Sumpah I sweat like a bucket. Salam here and there. Awkward silence, then salam again meminta diri untuk pulang. I guess I ruined first impression. I wish I am a chatty person. Less embarrassing i guess.waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Pray for me ya. Hopefully I can be less jantan  tomorrow.hihihihih


QieYaH said...

wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh............sik sabar nunggu update pasal merisik.hehehe... sik lamak gik, sik lamak gik...wuhoo...

valentine87 said...

WWWEEEEWWWWIIITTSSS....tetiba mek excited sama...*rasa dirisik juak* hahaha...btw gudluck...iboh ur self~~

Alex said...

*ber-cheerleading di tepi* Wooohoo!!!!!!!! CONGRATSSS!!!!!!!kasgfhgsdljk

Nurul Razak said...

kak zack:huhu nebes2. updated news: mebi 20 org dtg. *pengsan*

ambun: cannot be too much of myself. lak berteriak2 kedak kita lam keta myvi.hahaha

nad: arigato hait boss!!!huhu

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