Thursday, April 26, 2012


Today, Head of PSS asked me,

"Ain, macam mana hal radio sekolah?"

My mulut yang gatal tak sedar diri benda tu belum sentuh pun cakap:

"Dah cikgu. Minggu depan start sebab saya nak tunggu masuk awal bulan 5".

He gave me a thumbs up.

At that moment I felt like chilly-ing my mouth. I've not touched even an inch on that matter. Found few kids to be DJs but havent got time to train them. How to train if  I myself dunno how to operate the school radio stuffs? Haiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Tomorrow I hv to move fast. Learn how to operate the stuffs, brief the students and eat.miahahaha It's a short day tomorrow.

On a different brighter, sweeter note, a month baby. A month =)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Alhamdulillah =)

I guess many of my friends who got posted in January are smiling ear to ear today. We have received our first salary, as working adults.hehe I couldnt help but smile reading all the tweets or fb statuses of my friends who are temporarily rich today. We are indeed happy.

Typical me, when I didnt have money, I wanted to buy so many things. Now that I have some, I dont know what to buy. =__='. As for now, my plan is to return back to parents as a filial daughter (kelllasss ko Nurul), pay back debt and save more until the wedding is over.hehe

It's quite stressful to have a certain amount of money but dare not to spend it. Just because I have a wedding in a month. But I'm not complaining though. In fact, I feel lucky and bless to have it around this time -the time where the money is there, sitting quietly in the bank.hahaha

Saving for a wedding is stressful. Aside from keeping some for the event, for sure you'd have some other things you want to spend or buy. But the condition limits you. That's how I feel.

Takpaaaaaa lepas wedding I need not to worry about the shortage of money anymore.muehehehe 

A month or so. =)
Monday, April 23, 2012

Payless Shoestore Mahkota Parade

One of my daily doses is Kak Jumie. Her recent post was about a shoe shop, Payless.

Today, I had an impromptu trip to Bandar Hilir with Ziela the cousin after tahlil at nenek's house. I wanted to get a foot massage so off we went. 

After massage sesh followed by tea session, we wanted to go back but at the escalator, my eyes caught a glance at this newly opened shop with bright orange. The sun bright color was enough to seduce me to enter the women's sanctuary. Only then I noticed the shop name. hehe It's Payless.

I then dragged the cousin to enter the shop and gosh, it was indeed a heaven on earth. I swear I was drooling so much that the SA needed to mop the floor.haha

 I love the arrangement. You can try both shoes i.e. a pair instantly. No more hassle waiting for the SA to get the pair or need to face awkward moment when you decide not to buy any shoe.hahaha

That mysterious toe is not mine.hehe

The store caters shoe size from UK6 to UK11. I tried on soooo many pairs from flat, pumps, wedges (ooo i love wedges), sneakers, oxford, flip flops you name it.hehe

I tried on this shoes and all i can say, GAJI BILA NAK MASUK??!!!

Slipped feet into this and I feel like Kim K already.muahahaha

Tried this on but.... to high...

OPPSSS...before I forget, the price range for all the shoes is between RM70 - RM99. I couldnt find any shoes with the price more than RM99.

Both of us walked out of the store with a promise - to come back when we get the salary.hahahaha Ziela also found something that she liked so did I. hmm.... 

Will Wednesday bring happiness to me? We'll see.

credits: Payless Store

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tudung Aidijuma

I was so frustrated when I didnt get to shop fpr tudung in Jalan TAR last week. To mend that broken hearted, I shopped virtually. I've been.eyeing the dual tone bawal since it came to famous last year but financial situation prevent me from splurging.

This time I couldnt handle it and with few clicks, my virtual cart was filled with 6 tudungs.muehehehe

Each tudung was priced at RM15 each except for one tone bawal at RM7.50. I'm happy with thw quality as it's not too soft or hard and easy to manage. I wanted to borong at Jalan Tar as the price was wayyyy cheaper but we didnt hv enough time.

Nehmind. I'm a happy and satisfied Bawal lovers. Heh

P/s tudung aidijuma is a brand by Datin Nurjuma Habib :-)
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Chocolate Lava from Secret Recipe.

Rating 3/5
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I miss Brunei

I was driving home from school last week when I noticed this.

The light was red so I took it and scrutinized it for a while.

It's an admission form for vehicle to enter Brunei. A form you must fill at the Brunei immigration post before you are allowed to enter the country.

This form dated back in 2008. A year before we moved back to Melaka. 

Looking at this form, I miss Brunei. It has been almost 4 years since I last stepped my foot there. I wish to go there again. I bet all my brothers and sisters feel the same way too. Brunei treated us well. We had an easy laid back life there.

No one in my family bothers to throw this old wrinkly form away. I guess it's just part of us that still hold on to the past. =)

Monday, April 16, 2012

6 weeks

One of my missions when B came to visit was to take a photo for our banner/canvas printing picture. It didnt happen. Because first, we didnt have good camera. Second, mom was always there so we were shy shy fat cat to take picture. Thirdly, I was tired most of the time Might be due to the whole day at the stadium for MSSM and lack of caffeine.haha This is the only picture we took. Sometimes I wish we would camwhore more but we both dont like taking pictures. hmm..

This is the best that we could capture. At Jalan Tar =). I lost few kilos, he gained few. hehe

Anyhoo, captured this picture, a group of students was demonstrating, demanding for free education bla bla bla. I agree for free education to be given to those who deserve it i.e. students who excel or will work hard to excel in their studies. The rest, dont waste our time please.

Total catch. ehee Mom told me to buy a new luggage for me and B. I bought purple one.tee hee hee... 

As for now, I've bought all the things that should be bought.

From the picture:

1. One luggage for us.

2. Bunga telur and bunga manggar. Bought at Semua House. Quite cheap compared to Melaka.

3. Hijabs from Ariani. Mom insisted that I bought all my hijabs i.e. Solemnization, bride reception and groom reception from Ariani. Reason unknown.hahahah But not expensive ones. All below RM50 coz Ariani was on sale except for groom's side. Thank you B =)

4. Reception heels - I bought from Carlo Rino boutique in Midvalley. Will be worn for both receptions. 

5. Wedding hantaran - both sides settled. hoyeahhhh.

6. I also bought 3 cotton baju kurung from Jalan Tar. Quite cheap wehhhh. So I borong all.muehehehe except I didnt get to buy any tudung bawal. Must go there, again!

B has safely arrived in Bintulu. We didnt get to be all mushy or sappy coz Mom was there all the time.hahahaha 6 weeks left baby!!

p/s Oh gaji, why you no show yourself? T___________T

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wedding Invite thru FB

Yeapp finally I created the invite after delaying the thought for so long. Reason being is I feel shy. I am not sure why but I was shy. Stupid betul. If shy, no need to get married la.haha last night, when I started inviting people, I could feel that my blood was rushing to myhead. Sebab malu punya pasal. I was sweating too. haish.

I thought of inviting people at the end of April/ early May. However, since many of our friends keep asking about it, we decided to create it last night. Alrite. Virtual invitation has been sent. Now collecting the address to send the invitation cards. hehe =)

Ambik berkat kenduri Crystal.hehe taken at Edmond & Crystal's reception.

I was searching for our pictures to be put up as the main picture for our FB invitation. and also for banner. and also for Canvas printing. I just realise that we dont have many pictures together. hmm.... kena amik gambau banyak-banyak nih. But we both are shy to take pictures together. no kidding. check my phone. only one or two pictures of us. 

Hopefully can get good pictures when he comes this weekend. Mak, tolong amik!
Monday, April 9, 2012


From the past 2 weeks, we have been getting free eggs from our neighbour's hen, EVERYDAY!. With his permission, we are allowed to collect and cook the eggs. The hen has chosen our shoe rack as her nesting place. My parents did everything they could to disturb the 'comfy' nest so that the hen would choose other place but the attempts were to no avail. The reason we tried to chase her out was mainly because sometimes the eggs would roll and fell off the rack and mom had to wash and clean the mess. Anyhoo, freshly-laid kampung eggs yawww!

I took this picture last week. She was there, nesting the eggs. Unfortunately, we have taken the eggs but she was still there, waiting for her baby to crack open the shell and chirp. I did ask mom why she's still there and mom answered, it's her nature.

Right now, at the moment of typing, the hen is still there, sitting quietly at the corner and perhaps praying for her chicks' safety. It makes me sad. The eggs are still in our fridge. I hope she will not wake up one day and realise that the eggs are not there. That would be so sad.

Good luck to you hen. and thank you for providing us with fresh eggs =)

Sunday, April 8, 2012
I've got people dear to me telling me they might not be able to come to my wedding and I think i've handled it well. Till one of the most important person in my life texting me she couldnt make it, i lost all words. Although she has a solid reason for it i couldnt help but feeling broken hearted.

It is as if B is calling tje wedding off. That's how bad i want her to be there. Because when the thing and B started almost 8 years ago, she was there. She was the one who told me that we would be a couple wayyy before B expressed his feeling. She was there years ago when B and I wanted to end our relationship.

Maybe I'm over reacting. But i hv my reasons.
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Friday, April 6, 2012


I found this vegetation at my mom's rent house. When I was younger, I used to pluck this fruits and threw it to my cousins. Mom said if it was yellowish, it could be eaten.hehe

Used to find this a lot before we left to live in must have been almost 18 years since i last saw this till last week.

Ahhhhhhh memories. What would your life be without them? B-)
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


A live band performance by the students. Our team will enter the state level competition soon. Congrats!

I have yet to get my own MUET class to teach. and honestly, I miss teaching. I miss to conduct activities in class. I miss to speak proper English to the students. I miss teaching. Because of that, I channel that extra energy into my Civic Education class.

Today, I prepared powerpoint slides to teach the various kind of music and dances in Malaysia. Some of my colleagues were surprised to learn that I put soo much energy into this subject. well. 

Since the beginning, some teachers would laugh at my idea about teaching Civic. They said the subject is not important, students wont learn bla bla bla. At first, I thought what they said were true. However, almost 3 months into teaching this subject, Alhamdulillah my students look eager to learn. When I asked why, they told me they learned so many things, especially about different cultures through this subject. And that moment I felt like I've won something =)

So I guess is not that the students dont want or are not interested with the subject but it's due to the teachers. Just today I was told that some teachers who are responsible to teach this subject seldom enter the class. Or if they did, they just chatted through out the lesson. I'm not saying all. Only a few.

But when they coughed off my idea before this, I answered 'takpela, at least gaji aku berkat'. I believe it was the right answer but I think I've offended them. aigooo~

This is just my 2 cents. I think Civic is one of the ways to inculcate 1Malaysia spirit, to teach the students that they live in multicultural society, to change their mind set to accept other cultures, values and beliefs. The  thing that keep me going is the day i was offended by my students' comments about the people in Borneo. It showed how narrow minded they were about other people. They thought they only live among the Malays, Chinese and Indians.

Today when I showed them the Ngajat dance by the Ibans, I heard not a single offensive word. Instead they were fascinated about it when I explained the symbol of the dance.tee hehe he

Waaaahhh I've talked too much here. Last words, teachers, be responsible about your responsibility. Do your work properly.Dont steal bone hokeh!
I miss ngerepaking in blog.

Will get back soon.
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