Monday, January 31, 2011

me vs mom

Few disagreements with mom.

  • I dont care what color my dress is. already bought it. VS  Mom wants it to be white. Suci katernye. She's willing to sponsor a new one.
  • I want to use plates to be the bases for hantaran. VS  Mom wants to use Bakul like this.

I want these!!

Mom wants something like this.

  • I want to use cheap brown paper bag for door gifts. VS Mom wants something cuter and pricy.

  • Siapa sangka ini hanyalah brown paper bungkus goreng pisang!! =P

    CANTIK!! But pricy!
    • I want to give Chocolate Indulgence for my hantaran to him VS Mom said fondant cupcakes look nicer

    yummeh. I am a heyyyyyuggeee fan of this cake. Sampai buat hantaran.


    Here is my rebuttal:

    1. Initially, we wanted white as well but you know how hard it is to find ready made white dresses?? Plus, with my size it is a tough luck!
    2. I am going for practicality. The plates can be reused for eating meals. If so many bakuls, maybe only 1 or two will be used. the rest??
    3. I dont want my mum to spend so much money. Plus this is just an engagement. Kalau wedding??? Mesti laggi emos.
    4. I am going for reality. Who doesnt like Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe?????? Fondant cakes might look better. But I dont like the taste of fondant. Cantik tapi tak sedap.

    Bottom line, I want to do something that both of us will be satisfied, because I want my mom to be happy too. Not because she's the main sponsor, but this is hers too. What ever she wants, I'll try to fulfill.

    p/s Ambun, maybe tema kaler ya tukar gik =.='

    p/p/s All pictures from Google Image
    Sunday, January 30, 2011

    New engagement dress?

    Today I accompanied Mak and Adik shopping. My brother got an offer to SBP School in Jempol Negeri Sembilan so we went out to shop for all the necessities. Best ooo dok hostel. Anything you want we'll be granted!! My brother got new PVC shoes, sport shoes, 3 socks, 5 new shirts, 3 pants and other stuffs. NICE!! Teringat zaman aku dok hostel dulu. hihi

    So while we were in the clothing shop, my mom's eyes fall on this white baju kurung. She fell in love with it. No, not for her, but for my E-day. Though she knew I already bought one, she insists on WHITE baju kurung on that day. She said that's the common color for engagement. Then she continued luring me into changing my mind by saying the dress will look pretty with ARIANI hijab. Ok la mak. But I told her that I have no more budget for a new dress. She's willing to sponsor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oops terlebey sudah.hihi Suka hati mak nyah!!

    I love the design above!!! except at the wrist part. I love it love it love it. OK DIAM LA!!!

    Another update is that my mum decided to do Kenduri Tahlil as well for my late grandparents on that day. Maybe it will be earlier that morning. So now, we have an addition to the door gift. Mom wants to have Yassin + Tahlil book plus food for our door gift. But the book will only be given to those who attend the tahlil.  I have started doing some research on the door gifts. Hopefully we can get the best price!! And yup. mom wants to have BUnga Telur oso for the door gifts. =.='

    Actually, my mom has become reallllllllllllllllllly excited with all this things. I know so. My 2 elder brothers did not engage before they got married. So I am the first in my family. Even my dad suggested for me to look for hantaran idea in the internet.hahahaha My dad is the kind who never bother with all these girly stuffs. So when he suggested that, it is big for me especially.

    I think that's all. Tomorrow I am gonna clean my room and throw unnecessary stuffs.Scared that I wont have  time later.hee and also the whole house. This cheeky boy is coming tomorrrrrrrrrrowwwwwwww!!

    Saturday, January 29, 2011

    I cannot measure up to that.

    I am a bit stress right now. But that's a whole different story. Currently on my CNY holidays. I only have 2 days for myself and the rest of the holidays for my cousin's engagement. I will be busy with her preparation as well.

    Apart from that, my mom is really going all the way for my engagement. She has invited all her colleagues which are around 100 guests for my E-day. and she wants to prepare door gifts. *stress level skyrocketing*. I could say no but I am afraid she would feel offended. Just follow what ever she wants la. Since I am the only daughter. and for the door gifts, she wants something like the picture above. She got the idea from my cousin's baby kenduri Aqiqah. She said it's cute! =p

    pic googled.

    She finally agreed with my E- baju kurung. Phewww....I dont like heavy outfit with laces, manik2 because you see, I AM SHORT. Kalau heavy sangat, I'll look like a decorative Christmas tree ok!

    Enough with engagement stuffs, I am anticipating a busy schedule after the semester break. Because my classmates and I will be busy with preparing and practicing for our drama production. I am going to play Lakshmi, the lead actress. I will have to dance as well. So i might have a day for dance practice, a day for drama practice, a day for costume preparation and props. hihi Busy bee. and also what ever days left to run back home helping mom with the preparation. See, busy rite?? and yea, I have classes from Wednesday till Friday. 

    So I dont care if you have a child ke, a husband ke, a girlfriend/ boyfriend to entertain and say "Aku gik busy dari kau". Fuck up to that. I cannot measure up to all of your busyness. Aku pun busy in a different way. I know there'll be some people say ' You have time to go out with friends but cannot do this". HEllo! I cannot be working 24/7 ok. Wind up is a good practice.

    Oh yea, I am working part time right now. Doing some writing work to earn extra cash. But it is a bit slow so have to keep looking and do better.huhu.. sama mau kasi duit free?? hihihihihi
    Thursday, January 27, 2011
    sometimes i am tired of trying to make everyone happy. If you know me dearly, you know how far i would go for you. i would everything i can to serve you. That's me. But sometimes, after all the works, you still cannot see it. And I am left to be blamed. Sometimes it's circumstances that i cannot do what i should do. Above all people, i hope you understand. You never did.

    p/s i hate last minute notification. I have plans too, in case you dont know.
    Wednesday, January 26, 2011

    Fitting baju tunang

    Just now I asked for my room mate's comment about my engagement outfit. No, i did not rent any dress from bridal boutique. I bought a simple baju kurung to wear on my engagement day. 

    I was worried at first that the baju kurung would be too simple. But Ain assured me that it is just nice. It's gonna be for engagement only, not akad or wedding reception anyway. Though my mum urged me to tailor a new baju kurung or rent at bridal shop, i decline her offer. If possible, I want everything to be as simple yet memorable. It is enough if friends and family are there on that day.

    I dont need mini pelamin, or fancy dress or expensive photographer. Because engagement should be simple. No need to spend money on unnecessary things. Anyway, tepuk dada tanya selera. My selera would be simplicity. 

    Aaaanywayyy, i fit into the baju kurung perfectly. And the shawl also matches with the baju kurung. Tadi siap rehearsal salam ngan bakal mak mertua.hahahahah GELI geleman aku.

    So far, the preparation on my part has gone reallllly well. The only work left now is to arrange all the gifts beautifully. I put all my  trust on my two pons, Leen and Ambun as I believe they have what it takes to gubah the hantaran.hihi

    After CNY holidays, we are gonna hit Nilai, finding stuffs for all the arrangement as well as some stuffs for our drama production. CANT WAIT!!!!!!

    Acne product reviewed!!! With pictures!!

    Hello there, good morning!!!

    As I have promised before, I am going to post about my acne problem recovery. Let's get down a little bit to memory lane. Before 2009, I have no major acne problem at all. It all started when I further my study to UKM. I believe it's the water condition or pollution. I was so stressed out with the problem. My face literally looked like moon hit by meteors.hihi

    Let's take a look. This pic was taken at the end of August 2010. Major stress dont cha think???

    I believe if I used much better camera, the result would be unbearable. Since i was using compact camera, the disaster was not really appealing.hihi As you can see, i had bumps of pimples, black head, uneven skin tone. what a wreck. And my pimples were always the hard stone ones. Jerawat batu!

    Now let's move on a little bit.

    There is a slight improvement. The large acne dot below my lips had shrunken, few bumps were visible. This picture was taken a month later. at then end of September 2010. I was really happy that time. My skin tone has also improved. So does my eyebags.hihihihi

    Now, the time much awaitedd............taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

    I am so proud of my face.hahahah major improvement if you compare with the first picture. Better skin tone, no more bumps and eyebags pon so so only.hihi This picture was taken last week, January 2011.

    Now, let's put all the pictures side by side, shall we? =)


    All pictures were not edited at all except to crop my face since I didnot cover my head.hihi

    So, wanna know the secrets?????

    The secret started on August when my mom bought me a product as she was also worried with my skin problem. Ye la the only daughter. opkos la kan. She bought the product from her colleague as she said her colleague also suffered the same problem as me but has recovered tremendously. So she bought for me and forced me to use it. I was reluctant at first but now thanks to her. The product is ...



    Yes, Eumora Soap bar. hihi

    But I also used it with another product:

    T3 Mycin!!!

    When I first used Eumora, there were pimple breakouts all over my face. even worst than the initial problem. I  wanted to stop using it but my mum urged me to continue. Since she has sponsored the product that i couldnt afford to buy myself, i continued it. Though few MONTHS after that my skin has improved, there were still many many breakouts. So my sister in law suggested me to use T3 Mycin. She said the gel is only available at the pharmacist counter. I used it walla! The combinations have helped me a lot  dear readers.

    So how much they cost??

    You can buy a box of Eumora with RM250 per box consisting of 4 soap bars. One bar can last for about 2 months if you cut it into half. Jimat jimat.

    T3 Mycin is only RM22++ but definitely below RM24. One tube can last longer too since you only need few tiny drops per use. Jimat2!

    Another testimonial without picture: My mum also uses Eumora soap on her skin. My mom is in her early 50s but her skin is much younger than that. Sorry i dont have pictures of her. But she told me many of friends keep asking about her secret.hihi Not even friends, relatives too. 

    So readers, that's all perkongsian di pagi rabu yang hening nak hujan.

    p/s iklan ini free takda kaitan dengan eumora ataupun T3 ye. It's fun to share something with people. Hope you get something out from this.

    p/p/s All these products work because of Allah 's willing. Kalau Dia tak izinkan, pakai apa pun tak berkesan. Sekian.

    Tuesday, January 25, 2011

    Fat money this thursday

    Yea it is confirmed!! that we'll be getting our allowance the day after tomorrow. woot woot. Not only i can proceed with the preparation for my engagement ceremony, i can go places with premons!!!! woot woot!!

    Where will we go??? Pangkor? Ipoh? Genting? PD? Kelantan? Ganu? eeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii excited. now i feel like a rich nigga with fat pocket.hihihi

    Monday, January 24, 2011

    Ular kepala tujuh

     Hasrat tiga pemuda dari Kampung Ngulang, Kangar untuk memancing di sebuah alur berhampiran Ampangan Timah Tasuh, baru-baru ini terbantut selepas terserempak dengan seekor ular dipercayai jenis tedung selar berkepala tujuh. Dua daripada mereka dikatakan demam selepas terserempak dengan ular berkenaan. Gambar ini dirakam dengan telefon bimbit oleh seorang pemuda yang kebetulan memberanikan diri dan selepas itu mencetak gambar itu di kedai gambar. Inilah kebesaran Tuhan supaya manusia berfikir kerana sesuatu kejadian atau benda yang pelik tentu ada hikmah dan pengajarannya. - Foto BERNAMA

    Credit to Mstar Online

    Macam geli je. Tak caya ada jugak. Kesian demam terus nampak ular ni. Ala - ala greek myth to, Medusa.

    Candy BRA, Anyone?

    It's the season of celebration and love everybody!! Why? Because Chinese New Year is approaching plus Valentine's Day too. Adding to that, I've got few wedding invitations coming this CNY holiday. Couldnt be more excited than that.hihi

    Thinking about the greatest gift for your friends? I have just the perfect one. It's the,

     CANDY BRA!!! 

    yES you read that right. Before this, I thought this thing will never be available in Malaysia but yes, it is!

    Pretty isn't it??


    It comes with a box. Item guaranteed!!

    This bra is perfect for Honeymoons, great for Bridesmaids gifts, unique birthday present, anniversary and any other special occasions. It is also a real treat for Valentine's Day!!

    Interesting facts about this Bra!:

    • One size fits most (Free size)
    • ONLY 20 CALORIES!! Will surely not affect your diet plan =p
    • No fat or sodium included
    • Colorful, sweet and unique!!

    Now you must wondering where you can get a hand on this, right?? Sweat not because just in few clicks, it can be yours!!!

    How much eh??

    ONLY RM99 include FREE POSTAGE to all over Malaysia.

    They also provide WHOLESALE service for interested buyers =)

    Wanna find out more?? Go here. They have Facebook page and also a website.

    So, to avoid giving lame gifts or your friends end up with 4 irons from her wedding present, better give something unique that no one thought off. Your present will be the most memorable one for her.hihi

    the lady without hijab has more manners than the lady with one

    Just now I went to the College office to pick up a parcel my mom sent last week. In order to claim your parcel, a college card must be presented first. I have lost mine since ages ago. I dont see the use of sooo many cards if there is one function right? I already have my school id card. what's the need for another just for residential college? A waste of money la.

    So I honestly told the lady at the counter I have lost mine. And was ready to pay for the fine. No mood to argue eh. Just pay la. But the lady with the hijab was soo rude. The makcik scolded me bla bla bla though the money was already on my hand to pay. Then she asked for a passport photo. I dont have anymore. I told her I am in my final semester which is about 2months left before finishing the course. Then she mumbled to herself. I gave her RM50 note because that's all i got. She rudely asked me to go change at the cafeteria. It was frustrating. Cakap baik2 tak boleh??

    So  i went to the cafe. Not much choice. I bought 2 kuehs and a muffin which total up to RM1.80. Luckily the  guy at the register was kind enough. He didnt complain though I gave him RM50 for that small purchase. Then headed back to the grumpy makcik. I gave her RM10 for the fine. She didnt even look at me and asked her friend to pass the receipt to me. And she continued to  mumbled, babbled by herself. Honestly, I was not being rude at all. I dont know what's her problem.

    Then the kakak who passed me the receipt tried to have small talk with me. Maybe she could see on my face that i already hate that makcik. This kakak did not wear hijab. But she has manners. She asked me when I am gonna finish my study and she agreed that 2 months left is not that long. She smiled at me and that made a world different.

    That is why I have no issue with women who wear hijab or not. Tapi jangan sekejap pakai sekejap tak.that's a different story. I have met some wonderful girls who are not wearing hijab but have more manners and common sense that the ones who are wearing it. It is such a shame, doncha think?
    Sunday, January 23, 2011
    I sent B to the airport this morning. Then headed back to hostel and slept till noon. When I woke up, reality slapped me pretty hard. He's no longer here. The 2 days I spent with him felt unreal. It's like it never happen. I feel so lonely. Really.

    I called B many times today. I told him what I feel. I feel lost. I have nothing to do. He is not here. He is across the sea.

    I miss him.


    Hi, I'm Adam. I 1 year old plus months months. I learn to walk fall up fall up. I have 8 tooties. . I love to eat porrrish. I love to wash Baney and Tom Bak Bak. Nice to meet you
    Saturday, January 22, 2011

    I have a date today, ngeeeeeeee

    Yesterday went well. We have bought 90% of the gifts and I still couldnt believe it. I never knew we made such good team Ya know why? Before going for the shopping part, i did many many research where and what to buy for the engagement gifts. I mean a lot. I read people's blogs undergoing the same experience as amateurs. One thing in common that most of the girls experienced were ended up in arguments about the gifts with their partners. I personally thought i would face the same thing as me and him are 2 different personalities.

    But I guess it was all different. I still wasnt sure what had gotten into me but I let B chose everything with some of my opinions along the line. Even when choosing the ring. The promoter at Habib ended up 'enticing' B to buy the jewelleries, not me.hihi We chose a ring in just 15 minutes. Some people took days ok!

    But I love it when B took charge of the process. It felt he was serious with all the engagement business. To girls out there, sometimes your men dont show that they are excited too. Most of the time you are left alone feeling like 'syok sendiri' where your men just made dull faces. In reality, they do care.haha

    So since all the works were done yesterday, I have an extra day which is today for a date. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. We are not sure where to go yet but for sure I am having a date after 6 months.yipppeee.. K people. enjoice the pictures from our journey yesterday.

    Mcd Ciken bubur

    my engagement dress. Bought because was too tired to choose other dresses.

    Habib's the best. The Kakak who entertained us was soo nice. And we got 2 mineral bottles though we said we were just surveying. hee


    tHE biggest and yummiest lamb chop at Sogo food court. 

    can you spot me?? was waiting for B trying clothes for engagement gifts.

    Orang ini sudah berpuasa McD selama beberapa bulan because there is no McD in Bintulu. First hand on Big Mac!

    Okay. Heading out in 45 minutes. I feel like a teenager again. Going for date. =)

    p/s Have a great Saturday everyone. I know I will!!
    Friday, January 21, 2011

    What is love?

    The other day, a good friend of mine popped this question to me. I took some times to answer. Not because I was hesitant or not sure. I just didnt know how to answer it. Even until now. But not to upset my friend, I said 'Acceptance'.

    Up till today, I have no valid reasons why I still in love with the same man for 7 years. There is no reason to love someone. Just like your family. I still love my mom though we argue a lot. I still love my abah though he has always been missing. I love my brothers though they always got on my nerves. Even for friends. This apply for your significant other too. We accept all their strengths and weaknesses as a whole package. We don't pin point what they lack. We don't care if they love us back. That's I call love = acceptance.

    Then my friend asked, 'How long did you take to realize you love Sepul?' Another awkward silence. Honestly I don't know. I guess not too soon in a relationship. Maybe months after we become a couple. A quote from How I Met Your Mother: 'You know it when you know it'.

    I believe no one is perfect. I am not perfect. But you will know when some one is perfect for you. =)

    Have a great weekend everyone. I know I will!!

    Thursday, January 20, 2011

    Snippets =)

    • I just return from visiting my brother in Shah Alam. Had a good time playing with my nephew.  He could not stop babbling and i could not understand a word he was saying. When he opened his picture book, he babbled. I guess he was imitating his mom or dad reading the words to him. Siap tunjuk2 lagi.hihi so cute.and he can now walk. before this, he was not confident to even stand on his feet. my boy has grown =)

    cara berdiri pun comel. little teletubbies. =)
    • My car had his 1st car wash service today. A 4-yr-old car finally experienced being cleaned thoroughly.hihi and this is my first time also sending my car to car wash. I usually wash the car myself but since the condition was really dirty, i had no choice. Plus, i am away from home. Thank you ain for accompanying me this morning.

    • My throat is still hurting and finally i gave in today and bought the medicine from the pharmacy. A bit costly but i hope to recover soon.

    • The quiz on Thursday went well despite all the difficulties. I was having mild diarrhoea the previous night with very terrible headaache and had to skip class that morning. I only got to read 1st chapter. But last minute discussion with friends helped to sit for the quiz. Thank you amigos!!

    • I had  auditioned for many roles for our class major drama production yesterday. The casting panels have chosen me to be the main actress in the play, Rumpelstiltskin - Indian version. I am gonna play Lakshmi, the lady who signed the deal with the devil rumpel. Thank you for trusting me with such an important role and i promise to give my best to be Laksmi. I cant wait to wear Saree....hihi
    my words stumbled many times due to sore throat. Thank you panels for your understanding =)

    i want saree like this. pwetty!!
    • If you have been following my blog, i used to complain about my acne problem. I just wanna inform that the problem has almost gone and left me with the scar. I am gonna blog about this soon. FYI, i also took some pictures to see the difference and now couldnt be happier with the result =)))))).

    • My friends and I are planning for our final sem trip. The destination is yet to be decided. I cant wait since this will be our last chance spending time together until the next chance arrives. Where to people??? Langkawi? Lost World of Tambun? Pangkor??hihi

    this is serenity...
    • Allowance is still nowhere to be seen.T___T
    Tomorrow will be the much anticipated day!!!!!! =D
    Wednesday, January 19, 2011
    severe headache- coughing- sore throat- diarrhoea - nauseous - weak - starving.

    B, can you come sooner? =(
    Tuesday, January 18, 2011


    I have just had my topical presentation cum microteaching today. I believe everything went well despite the lack of preparation and being not too well today. I forgot my medicine at home *gerammmmnyeeee* so i am still having sore throat.

    Only for topical presentation I stumbled many many times. My throat hurt. For microteaching, i enjoyed myself despite the lack of participation from the students. But I love it when I saw Dr. laughed at my spontaneousness. And I am proud of myself to come out with an idea for microteaching while doing laundry last night. =) Thank you Allah!!

    The only not so good part is i couldnt sleep last night. The last time i opened my eyes to check on the time was at 4 +++ am and woke up again at 7.30am which mean i only had 3 hours sleep. I am having a very terrible head ache right now. I am not sure why i couldnt sleep but i think it's because my mind was not at rest. I kept rehearsing for microteaching in my head (padan muka sapa suruh last minute prepare). and also planning for where and when to go when B is here =)

    On a different note, my friend told me that it seems impossible for us to be getting our allowance this week. =( means that  i have to use my life saving to buy all the gifts this weekend. This is the only not fun part for me.

    Anyhoo, have a great week!! =D
    Sunday, January 16, 2011

    Sirih Junjung

    I am still a bit feverish. It's raining everyday. How to recover? I am raging against time. ceh, raging tu.hehe I have  topical presentation + microteaching on Tuesday and quiz for Contrastive Analysis and Error Analysis on Wednesday. And those will happen in 24 hours. Talking about luck eh? I managed to do few slides for my presentation and zero for microteaching. With heavy heads and aching body, i have no mood to brainstorm for ideas. Worst to worst, i'll just babble for 5 minutes. Oh ya, we are given only 5 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for microteaching. That's why deep inside i know no need to push so much. hihi

     yesterday Mum told me that Sirih Junjung is a must. $%^&*(. Apparently it is a must-have for any hantaran gifts. I dont mind actually but i believe it is a waste of money. Unless i opt for artificial sireh. But the elders will not like the ideas. You know if you ask any shop to do sirih junjung it usually cost about RM30+++ depending on the ingredients. why waste the money because in the end the sireh will end up rotting and be thrown away. Unless like i said just now, go for artificial ones.

    I love this so much. but sure expensive as hell since it's using fresh flowers and sireh =.='

    I try to nego with mak but she also not sure about the adat. She said, just wait for Anis's engagement ceremony. 

    Yea B is coming in 5 days. excited excited. Hopefully i'll be better when he comes. hihi

    p/s Sogo is having super sale right now till 14February. A destination to shop for engagement gifts =)
    Saturday, January 15, 2011
    I am not well, again. I tot I have recovered from fever+flu+ cough last week. I should. But the fever comes back last night due to extremely cold weather. Maybe because of heartache also.

    Yea had a good argument with B last night. Normal la tu.

    Managed to pujuk mak into doing things as simple as it could be. No mini dais, no lace outfit. I told her i will just buy a ready made baju kurung. so that it can be worn many2 times. If too many lace, bling2, bila je nak pakai kan.

    Again, life is not always about you. You cry, you happy, you angry = all come from you.

    Just a reminder for me.
    Thursday, January 13, 2011
    I'm tired. Mainly because the classes ran from 8am to 5++ pm today. The rest just the drama I've been trying to avoid but failed miserably everytime.

    Can I not enjoy the final semester of my 6-year course? Well, shit happens. We cannot satisfy everyone. So be it.

    I will have another class on Friday. I remembered bragging to my mom that classes will only be on Wednesday and Thursday. Change of plan - until Friday. And the class on Friday will be ONLY from 3-4pm. God has better plans for me. Be thankful.

    The only thing that keeps me sane this week till next week is the fact that B is coming next Friday. I wish the time would run faster until next week. I just realised how I miss B and be around him make a world different to me. This is no shit. I really feel this way. Even this time the comfort of my family cannot match the comfort i felt when he is around.

    You cannot imagine how i long to be near him now.
    Tuesday, January 11, 2011

    Everyone will be there

    Am so happy. I just bought a return ticket for my brother, Daus for my E-Day. woo hoo. Total return ticket MIRI-KL is only RM130!! Dayyeemmm!

    Now for sure everyone in my big family will be theere. Yeay. Plus, only a week left before i get to choose my engagement ring. and Habib Jewel is now having CNY + Valentine promotion. woot woot.

    ok tak tau nak cakap pe dah.
    Sunday, January 9, 2011

    Hamis reply wall msg aku.

    klik untuk tumbesaran

    Aku minat Hanis. Sebab gaya penulisan blog dia yang sempoi dan tidak pretentious.. dan juga sebab dia cantik dan aku rasa, tak kerek. Popularity mengalahkan dato Siti. Tak kenal??? Maka anda bukan pembaca blog tegar.

    Hari tulis kat wall dia cakap dia macam Gyuri KARA. Aku perasan lepas tengok Happy Together kat KBS smalam. Gila dedua comel.

    Yang penting, Hamis reply msg aku.ahahhaah aku kembang sekejap. at least aku tak merapu2 kat wall dia puji dia cantik segala. walaupun dia memang cantik.

    Nak kenal dia? Pegi sini

    P/S Baju tunang tempahla. beli kain ada lace. -- Emak tersayang.

    punah harapan nak pakai baju kurung moden kaler pepel T___T
    Saturday, January 8, 2011

    merisik: Relevan ke??

    ok tak nak stress. tak nak merungut. tak nak salahkan orang. tak baik.

    kitorang yang pilih nak kahwin. we had all these coming. we deserve it. kahwin tak senang. kalau lelaki, simpan la duit banyak2. perempuan pun jgan nak harapkan lelaki je keluar duit kalau bakal suami anda bukan la pewaris empire NAZA. muehehehe

    minta maaf sebab kutuk2 pagi tadi. sebab emosi. first timer. baru paham perasaan orang-orang nak tunang. kalau kahwin mau jumpa psychiatrist aku ni.hahahah

    orang cakap merisik dah tak practical lagi. dah couple seabad buat apa merisik? lepas fikir2 balik aku rasa perlu sebab family kami tak pernah berjumpa. mak abah aku tak pernah jumpa B. dalam family aku yang pernah jumpa dia pun abang sulung aku. itupun very very sekejap about 5 minutes. so aku rasa merisik ni penting untuk merapatkan kedua belah keluarga. sebab kami jauh seberang laut. walaupun 3G, FB ada, still tak best kalau tak face to face.

    Tiket dah book. rombongan merisik akan datang hujung bulan 2 nanti. aku nervous.sebab tak tau macam mana. tak ada pengalaman. mak abah pun takde pengalaman ada rombongan risik. since aku anak perempuan sulung. 

    soalan cepumas: aku ke yang kena masak diorang datang?? bole tak nak kaw tim dengan mak, mak yang masak tapi nanti cakap aku yang masak??hahahaha

    B and I have agreed to make the best out of everything. We are one step closer each day for our big day. why waste it? Cherish the moment =)


    5pm. in the car, near Bangi exit toll:

    Me: B, I am heading back now. Should be home in 1 hour
    B : oK Drive safe. I need to discuss something when you arrive.

    So the whole journey my mind couldnt stop thinking about what B wanted to discuss as he sounded a bit serious on the phone. Arrived home, went straight into my room and dialled his number. After few beeps:

    Me: Mok diskas pa tek??
    B: this........

    So his mom wanted to come to 'merisik' though we have agreed no need to. She insisted. I was panicked. ok exaggerate. Not panic but i susah hati la. more money, more sacrifices. The plan was to make everything simple as much as we can. no need to follow the adat so much. Ok adat melaka sangat banyak kalau betul2 nak ikut.

    Initially, no engagement ceremony. Just a simple visit with a ring.
    -----> change to a ceremony with all the caterings, gifts bla bla bla

    No merisik, as we combined merisik and bertunang in one go
    ---> that's not happening.

    Just now my mum told me she wants to have door gifts for the engagement. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....see, told ya mak is too excited already.

    if this is up to us, just beli cincin, pakai pastu bagitau parents, we're engaged!! simple! but but but but......we one both family to unite, be introduced to each other, get to know one another. both dah jadi excited. semua nak ikut adat bla bla. yang keluar fulusnya anak2..adoi
    Thursday, January 6, 2011
    Tomorrow we;ll have a replacement class hence the ever existence of me here, UKM. Alhamdulillah, my flu has subsided but all the phlegm are now parked somewhere around my lung. I prevent myself from laughing or taking  deep breath because it will put pressure on my chest = non stop coughing with ewwwing sound. So today, i was quite most of the time except when responding to friends because of the obstacle described above. (seems like 'obstacle' has been my favourite word of the day =p )

    I have no appetite to eat. So today, Ambun Leen and I went to our usual hangout spot - ceh tak bole blah, Alamanda. Semalam pon dinner at this place too.find this place kinda homey and comfortable with no weird kids or strangers hanging around. It feels safe to be there. I opted for Lamb Chop for dinner which become a heeyyuge disappointment. It was tasteless - due to my illness and it was just not nice. So far the best lamb chop ever you can find is in Mydin Melaka food court. No kidding!

    Tomorrow the class will be at 3-4 pm. planning to go back after that. cannot stand to be here another day in this condition. it feels lonely.
    Wednesday, January 5, 2011

    dIZZY Dizzy

    Getting better....but only when the pills are working. Meaning the period after i took the pills till 4-5 hours later before my eyes started to become watery again. And as expected, i started to cough since last nite. Been having two sleepless nights already. I hope tonight will be different. I want to go back home badly. want to. Dont judge. At home, no one will cook for me, or look after me. i am still looking after myself there. We are not that kind of family. We dont show that much affection. But being at home give me comfort. =)

    And yeah, for the cursing in my blog yesterday, thousand apologies for those who feel uncomfortable with it. it's just how we roll in Malacca, or at least among my cousins. We dont mean the word SIAL as it is but just a mere expression like 'ngek' 'bodoh'. And BABI also is an expression. Nothing goes beyond the word. So if any of you plan to teach in Malacca, prepare yourself mentally because the students there curse or at least use these kinds of expression i.e. 'babi, sial, lahabau, bangang, tolol' etc as they please in the classroom. Take nothing to your heart.=)

    Okay cant wait to go home. I think i am heading back tomorrow as soon as the class end. Be it in the evening, still want to. Plus, next week am not gonna go back since i have to prepare for Quiz+ topical presentation + microteaching coming the following week. PLUS, B is coming. ok takyah nak repeat banyak kali cakap dia datang. meluat tau.

    K bye peeps. have good dinner and for me, return back to bed and sleep.

    Tuesday, January 4, 2011

    i hate flu

    today was a bad day. I am still not well. This morning i left UKM about 9am heading to KL. Initial plan was to park at Bandar Tasek Selatan station. Went there and guess what, the parking was full. Apparently the usual car park is closed dont-know for what reason. Hopefully not to build anymore buildings. What's the point having beautiful skycraper if you have no where to park right?? this is what happening in Malacca. If you go to the center of attraction during peak season, you should pray hard the night before your plan to get a car park. True story. I dont know what Ali Rustam has been doing to the state but he should consider building parking lots too since Malacca is tiny small state congested with cars. not just ours but from Singapore la and all car from the whole peninsular and sometimes Thailand.

    ok rambling. so no car park. had to change plan. went to Midvalley instead. what a waste of time and fuel. The traffic was slow. so i reached Mid around 10 something. Bought a water bottle. and tissue. took the train to Jalan Tar. In my conditiion, i hate haggling. but i did since it's not my money. hanggled haggled then got the price low but not the lowest. and i lost my water bottled somewhere. shit. one final destination looking for customers' order. this fugly man is a pervert. i ended up spending RM50 my own money buying more so that he let me go. he looked at me one kind, pervert look, said with the sexiest voice he ever made "Adik, belila...abang jual murah". AkuGELI BABI SIAL. and with accent pakistan, bangla $%^&*(

    So, bought 5 plain lycra tudungs which i know i will never wear. planning to give it to mak. so angry, feverish and blurry, walked back to KTM Bank Negara, lucky the train arrived on time, got down at Midval. at midval, seriously i felt like was gonna pass out. so called B. at least some one should know la.B told to go back straight away. BUT NO. i came with another mission to survey for my engagement ring. so went for lunch. gather a lil bit of energy and started surveying. I am the shy type and i dont look rich. so i ended up surveying the rings at the display window. ya i am pathetic.

    walked around surveying possible hantaran gifts. oh ya, i did enter WAH CHAN jewellery shop. so far they have the best offer but i am waiting for B to come and for CNY sale too.if lucky, Valentine's day sale too.hoho

    alamak jaoh gila aku melalut dari tajuk. ok why i hate flu??? because my flu comes in a package. Sore throat, watery eyes and red nose. can u imagine me walking with red, watery eyes as if my boyfrend just dump me in Midval? i got all the stares from people but what can i do?

    I am sure i'll be getting another one: coughing. ok nurul be grateful.

    p/s nak pegi klinik tak???

    Not hoo hoo

    I came back yesterday. You know Malacca is super hot right now. There were hints that rain was coming but they all ended up as false alarms. For the 4 days I were at home, not a single drop. When I arrived in Bangi yesterday, the weather was super cool.

    And the collision of two body temperatures = Sickness. yea i am sick. Started yesterday evening. I felt uneasiness in my nasal, throat and ears. Well they are connected. I drank almost 5 glasses of water in 2 hours. I felt it became worst. I cleaned the room, wipe wipe here and there and at 8pm I drove alone to UKM pharmacy to get some medicine.

    Returned to room and continued wiping the floor. =.='. After taking my shower, took the flu medicine as the gush of water coming from nose.hahaha felt dizzy but cannot sleep. took Panadol. wrong step. the whole night i couldnt sleep. Nasal block and uneasiness.

    This morning woke up looked in the mirror. Messy hair + reddish eyes. OMG. i tot i saw pontianak ape dalam cermin. LOL. it was me. i dont know why but my eyes are a bit swollen and reddish now. maybe the combination of flu + panadol pills???

    yeah what ever. i am getting ready to go to Jalan Tar after this. Please pray that i wont collapse.haha i have to go since the customer has already paid so kenala pegi amik stock. Hopefully i'll get better in time. if not have to go see doctor la.i dont like seeing doctor alone.

    B i wish you were here.

    Pic from google
    Monday, January 3, 2011

    Be thankful.

    My motto of the day is BE THANKFUL. Sorry have to capitalize it because I meant every single word. I read back all my posts dated few weeks back. God I complained so much didnt' I? Especially bout money. hoho pardon me with that. So today, be thankful. I still have family, friends and food on the table. why the whining??? =)

    Yesterday a dear cousin of mine, Anis told me that she's getting engaged this coming Chinese New Year. YOu wont know how happy I was, i mean am. Anis and I are the same age, in fact I have another 2 female cousins on the same age. Actually Anis's engagement ceremony has been postponed since last year due to work committment and time. She is about to be commission as what i donno la and her boyfriend works as a Navy captain so they dont see each other a lot. Anyhoo, happy for them!!!

    The Panca Sintara from left: Diera, Nurul, Anis, Sya
    (hahahahaha look at me hair..bahahaha)

    From left: Nadrah, Nurul, Anis, Sya, Noi, Diera
    Back: Sarah

    Present 2010 from left: Nurul, Anis, Sya and Busu Ros.

    Have not we all grown up??? *shed tears....*

    Saturday, January 1, 2011

    It's new year everyone.

    How are you people? I hope everyone is starting their new year with good starts too. For me, I helped my mum setting up new curtain at her rent house. On Thursday, mom messaged me about a new parcel has arrived for me. Instantly i knew it was from B since he told me he was sending me a new planner.

    When I got home, i quickly undressed the parcel, It was a planner given by Petronas to all her employees. It is covered with leather and i feel rich that instant.hehe

    The front cover - leathery

    He is not someone who loves to have a planner so he gives it to me. It's quite heavy though to be carried around. Must find a way to fit that in my handbag. Anyway, seems like i have nothing much to be planned for. Except for my engagement day which is nothing much oso. So my friends and I plan to go places for our final semester and hopefully we achieve what we target. It's final semester and months before we embark into working world. So why not enjoy this moment??hee

    On a different note, B just got a new haircut. I asked him to get a new style coz it's kinda boring looking at his 'nerd' style. So the other day he went to a saloon and put all his trust to the hairstylist to cut his hair in what ever means.haha . 

    This was last year



    This is now. Ok please dont laugh. I am not  used seeing him like this also but i love it!

    I also want to get a new hair cut but need to wait for the allowance first coz girls haircut aint cheap sista! That;s all peeps. Enjoy your new year break!

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