Saturday, January 22, 2011

I have a date today, ngeeeeeeee

Yesterday went well. We have bought 90% of the gifts and I still couldnt believe it. I never knew we made such good team Ya know why? Before going for the shopping part, i did many many research where and what to buy for the engagement gifts. I mean a lot. I read people's blogs undergoing the same experience as amateurs. One thing in common that most of the girls experienced were ended up in arguments about the gifts with their partners. I personally thought i would face the same thing as me and him are 2 different personalities.

But I guess it was all different. I still wasnt sure what had gotten into me but I let B chose everything with some of my opinions along the line. Even when choosing the ring. The promoter at Habib ended up 'enticing' B to buy the jewelleries, not me.hihi We chose a ring in just 15 minutes. Some people took days ok!

But I love it when B took charge of the process. It felt he was serious with all the engagement business. To girls out there, sometimes your men dont show that they are excited too. Most of the time you are left alone feeling like 'syok sendiri' where your men just made dull faces. In reality, they do care.haha

So since all the works were done yesterday, I have an extra day which is today for a date. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. We are not sure where to go yet but for sure I am having a date after 6 months.yipppeee.. K people. enjoice the pictures from our journey yesterday.

Mcd Ciken bubur

my engagement dress. Bought because was too tired to choose other dresses.

Habib's the best. The Kakak who entertained us was soo nice. And we got 2 mineral bottles though we said we were just surveying. hee


tHE biggest and yummiest lamb chop at Sogo food court. 

can you spot me?? was waiting for B trying clothes for engagement gifts.

Orang ini sudah berpuasa McD selama beberapa bulan because there is no McD in Bintulu. First hand on Big Mac!

Okay. Heading out in 45 minutes. I feel like a teenager again. Going for date. =)

p/s Have a great Saturday everyone. I know I will!!


valentine87 said...

sik sabar mok menghias tok...yeah..mek suka~~

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