Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snippets =)

  • I just return from visiting my brother in Shah Alam. Had a good time playing with my nephew.  He could not stop babbling and i could not understand a word he was saying. When he opened his picture book, he babbled. I guess he was imitating his mom or dad reading the words to him. Siap tunjuk2 lagi.hihi so cute.and he can now walk. before this, he was not confident to even stand on his feet. my boy has grown =)

cara berdiri pun comel. little teletubbies. =)
  • My car had his 1st car wash service today. A 4-yr-old car finally experienced being cleaned thoroughly.hihi and this is my first time also sending my car to car wash. I usually wash the car myself but since the condition was really dirty, i had no choice. Plus, i am away from home. Thank you ain for accompanying me this morning.

  • My throat is still hurting and finally i gave in today and bought the medicine from the pharmacy. A bit costly but i hope to recover soon.

  • The quiz on Thursday went well despite all the difficulties. I was having mild diarrhoea the previous night with very terrible headaache and had to skip class that morning. I only got to read 1st chapter. But last minute discussion with friends helped to sit for the quiz. Thank you amigos!!

  • I had  auditioned for many roles for our class major drama production yesterday. The casting panels have chosen me to be the main actress in the play, Rumpelstiltskin - Indian version. I am gonna play Lakshmi, the lady who signed the deal with the devil rumpel. Thank you for trusting me with such an important role and i promise to give my best to be Laksmi. I cant wait to wear Saree....hihi
my words stumbled many times due to sore throat. Thank you panels for your understanding =)

i want saree like this. pwetty!!
  • If you have been following my blog, i used to complain about my acne problem. I just wanna inform that the problem has almost gone and left me with the scar. I am gonna blog about this soon. FYI, i also took some pictures to see the difference and now couldnt be happier with the result =)))))).

  • My friends and I are planning for our final sem trip. The destination is yet to be decided. I cant wait since this will be our last chance spending time together until the next chance arrives. Where to people??? Langkawi? Lost World of Tambun? Pangkor??hihi

this is serenity...
  • Allowance is still nowhere to be seen.T___T
Tomorrow will be the much anticipated day!!!!!! =D


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