Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Not well...boo hoo hoo

I came back yesterday. You know Malacca is super hot right now. There were hints that rain was coming but they all ended up as false alarms. For the 4 days I were at home, not a single drop. When I arrived in Bangi yesterday, the weather was super cool.

And the collision of two body temperatures = Sickness. yea i am sick. Started yesterday evening. I felt uneasiness in my nasal, throat and ears. Well they are connected. I drank almost 5 glasses of water in 2 hours. I felt it became worst. I cleaned the room, wipe wipe here and there and at 8pm I drove alone to UKM pharmacy to get some medicine.

Returned to room and continued wiping the floor. =.='. After taking my shower, took the flu medicine as the gush of water coming from nose.hahaha felt dizzy but cannot sleep. took Panadol. wrong step. the whole night i couldnt sleep. Nasal block and uneasiness.

This morning woke up looked in the mirror. Messy hair + reddish eyes. OMG. i tot i saw pontianak ape dalam cermin. LOL. it was me. i dont know why but my eyes are a bit swollen and reddish now. maybe the combination of flu + panadol pills???

yeah what ever. i am getting ready to go to Jalan Tar after this. Please pray that i wont collapse.haha i have to go since the customer has already paid so kenala pegi amik stock. Hopefully i'll get better in time. if not have to go see doctor la.i dont like seeing doctor alone.

B i wish you were here.

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sword said...

sian nya...

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