Sunday, January 30, 2011

New engagement dress?

Today I accompanied Mak and Adik shopping. My brother got an offer to SBP School in Jempol Negeri Sembilan so we went out to shop for all the necessities. Best ooo dok hostel. Anything you want we'll be granted!! My brother got new PVC shoes, sport shoes, 3 socks, 5 new shirts, 3 pants and other stuffs. NICE!! Teringat zaman aku dok hostel dulu. hihi

So while we were in the clothing shop, my mom's eyes fall on this white baju kurung. She fell in love with it. No, not for her, but for my E-day. Though she knew I already bought one, she insists on WHITE baju kurung on that day. She said that's the common color for engagement. Then she continued luring me into changing my mind by saying the dress will look pretty with ARIANI hijab. Ok la mak. But I told her that I have no more budget for a new dress. She's willing to sponsor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oops terlebey sudah.hihi Suka hati mak nyah!!

I love the design above!!! except at the wrist part. I love it love it love it. OK DIAM LA!!!

Another update is that my mum decided to do Kenduri Tahlil as well for my late grandparents on that day. Maybe it will be earlier that morning. So now, we have an addition to the door gift. Mom wants to have Yassin + Tahlil book plus food for our door gift. But the book will only be given to those who attend the tahlil.  I have started doing some research on the door gifts. Hopefully we can get the best price!! And yup. mom wants to have BUnga Telur oso for the door gifts. =.='

Actually, my mom has become reallllllllllllllllllly excited with all this things. I know so. My 2 elder brothers did not engage before they got married. So I am the first in my family. Even my dad suggested for me to look for hantaran idea in the internet.hahahaha My dad is the kind who never bother with all these girly stuffs. So when he suggested that, it is big for me especially.

I think that's all. Tomorrow I am gonna clean my room and throw unnecessary stuffs.Scared that I wont have  time later.hee and also the whole house. This cheeky boy is coming tomorrrrrrrrrrowwwwwwww!!


QieYaH said...

waaaaaaa...kmk indah gik excited baca post tuk.best2..hehe.. arap semuanya berjaan lancar ho. sik sabar na nunggu your E-day eh. hik2..

Nurul Razak said...

kak zack, tauk sik plan kmk duak sepul just merik cincin kedak kitak ngn bg apis ya?? huhu alu dah jadi gtok koh. doa kan semua lancar k.hihi

QieYaH said...

bena? hehe.. tedah. p mak ktk dah excited, sikpala. turut jakla nak dipdh mak ktk. kita mike ambik berkat org tua k. insyaAllah. benda baik, harus sentiasa dipanjatkan doa :)

sword said...

hehe apa boleh buat..trimak jak lah..hehe

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