Wednesday, January 5, 2011

dIZZY Dizzy

Getting better....but only when the pills are working. Meaning the period after i took the pills till 4-5 hours later before my eyes started to become watery again. And as expected, i started to cough since last nite. Been having two sleepless nights already. I hope tonight will be different. I want to go back home badly. want to. Dont judge. At home, no one will cook for me, or look after me. i am still looking after myself there. We are not that kind of family. We dont show that much affection. But being at home give me comfort. =)

And yeah, for the cursing in my blog yesterday, thousand apologies for those who feel uncomfortable with it. it's just how we roll in Malacca, or at least among my cousins. We dont mean the word SIAL as it is but just a mere expression like 'ngek' 'bodoh'. And BABI also is an expression. Nothing goes beyond the word. So if any of you plan to teach in Malacca, prepare yourself mentally because the students there curse or at least use these kinds of expression i.e. 'babi, sial, lahabau, bangang, tolol' etc as they please in the classroom. Take nothing to your heart.=)

Okay cant wait to go home. I think i am heading back tomorrow as soon as the class end. Be it in the evening, still want to. Plus, next week am not gonna go back since i have to prepare for Quiz+ topical presentation + microteaching coming the following week. PLUS, B is coming. ok takyah nak repeat banyak kali cakap dia datang. meluat tau.

K bye peeps. have good dinner and for me, return back to bed and sleep.


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