Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Baby Update #Week14

Another weekly update yalls!!!

The emergence of baby bump. The real bump not fat.haha

How far along? 14 weeks! Alhamdulillah! As usualy, B reminded me yesterday when I was listening to MUET candidates =)
Size of the baby? My baby is the size of a lemon. It weighs around 100gm only but Mommy has gained 5 kilos to date Y__Y
Weight gain? It has been static since last week. hehe
Stretch marks? Nope. Applying Bio Oil like my life depends on it.hahaha
Energy level? 50-50. There were days I felt really tired but also days I felt like I could do bungee jumping.
Sleep? Still having fortress around me. But constant urination at night has returned. woooo
Maternity clothes? Cant fit in any of my old pants. Bought one maternity dress yesterday God it's wayyyy to big for me. As a petite pregger, I feel left out.hahaha
Comfort level? Ever since I found Yu Yee oil, life is a bliss. 
Cravings? Pasta, Pasta, Pasta
Best moment of the week? Saw my baby moved when the doc scanned my belly. Its' hand was moving from ear than to nose area than back to ear. =)))The feeling is indescribable.

What I miss the most? My hubby =)

What I look forward to? Next check-up a day before our big trip which B will be around at that time. InsyaAllah =)

Weekly Wisdom? All is well (sambil tepuk dada)
Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Valuable Experience

Today was the end of my first journey as a MUET Speaking Examiner. I really look forward to be one again in the future as I enjoyed the whole 5 days listening to discussion. Before I bid farewell to my partner Mr. Wee, I felt a little sad. He was a stranger but we became friends in just 5 days. Apart from cracking heads to give marks to candidates, we also shared soo many things like common issues, education, school and IPT. He's a lecturer so when I enlightened him about the current situation in school, he was glad I did. Soooo much has changed since he left school. He has a few years before retiring age arrives. And again, like I said before, he made me feel like a partner, equal to him and never once made me feel like I dont deserve to be there

I learnt a lot from him too. Not just to be an examiner, but to many things especially as educators. Thank you Mr. Wee. You walked into myself just for seconds but definitely left a huge footprint.hehe May our paths cross in the future. Would love to work with you again =)))

Now, now, it' time to return back to school, to my Form 3 especially. Kids, be ready, Mdm Ain has returned!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Please understand

One thing I learn about pregnancy is everyone has different experience. Be it the symptoms, the cravings, the attitude, the emotions. Initially, at the beginning of my pregnancy I was a bit worried because I couldn't find anyone who has the same things I had. One thing for sure is I didn't have morning sickness.And because of that, I gained 4 kgs in 1 month.

Apart from that, I love pasta soooo much. Till now. At first I thought I like Western Food. But when I tried chicken chop, lamb chop and basically everything on the menu under 'Western Food' nothing satisfied me like pasta did. I love pasta guys. I can eat them everyday! I even googled 'Pasta and baby gender' to see if this is a sign of baby gender.hahahahaha but of course the result was none.

I have few people telling me that I shouldn't really follow my cravings, some were being cynical about me being 'high standard' though I couldn't even relate to what being high standard means. At first I was like 'okay' I should eat more veges, fruits or basically have a balanced diet. I tried people, but still pasta always appears in my head like a rolling advertisement. haha So in the end, I ignored those comments and just eat what my baby wants to eat (isokay to blame your baby...hahhaa) because wanna know why??

I experience heartburn, frequent bloating, and headache everyday. Mix all these symptoms, one likely has appetite to eat. All you want to do is rest, sleep and fart as much as possible. But that don't happen too. I have to eat. If I don't eat, I become weak and feel like vomitting. And it that condition, you just want to eat what you feel like eating.

That's why people, sometimes pregnant ladies want to have maggi soup, vono soup, carbonated drink once in a while not because they don't love the baby but to ease the discomfort in the belly. Trust me, If we can control when to fart, we dont need those forbidden liquids.hahaha

Remember a colleague who is as pregnant as me? She has to be admitted to hospital about 4 times a week due to dehydration. Her morning sickness is sooo bad and it doesnt seem to go away although she has graduated from 1st trimester already. Her condition gets worst coz she has no appetite to eat. Who has with the constant gagging? She is much smaller than me and she lost 4kgs in 3 months. For a small pregnant lady like her to lost that much, it's highly risky.

That's why in school, it's always the singles or those with no experience being pregnant who would condemn me about my eating habit. For those with experience they would say 'Ok la, at least selera makan dari tak makan'. seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee???? I'm not upset with those who condemned me because I used to be one of them. Now I know.

I want to share about a story told by my colleague. Before she and the husband got married, the husband laid one condition for the wife which was to never fart in front of him. So they got married and the wife got pregnant. The wife experienced a very bad symptoms, bloatedness and indigestion that made the wife sooo sick. Worried about the wife's condition, the husband said 'honey, please fart as much as you can!' hahahahahahaha ok I'm not sure whether this is funny for you but for me it is.

The story is not about me and B. I have farted in front of him yearssssssssss before we got married =p

Before I end this super boring post, lemme share with you tips about The Myths and Facts about pregnancy by Dr. Phil. Click here

p/s My niece has become super chubby at 3months ++.


Hye, I'm Ayfa. Thanks for reading Mak Lang's boring post =))

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Of Kerang and Liver

So I went for another check-up last Thursday. The result was devastating. Ok, I think devastating is too strong haha. My HB (Hemoglobin or red blood cell) has returned to its original reading. The normal reading should be at least 11 and above. Mine is at 9. So the nurses have started to worry bla bla bla and when they are worried, I'm scared.haha

This is Iron tablet. Nurse has added my dose from 2pills once a day to 4 pills. The taste is just......

I also asked about the possibility of having normal delivery or caesarean if my HB remains unchanged. She said I could have either one but for sure they will put my case under GREEN code which means risky so my delivery hospital is kinda fixed already which is at Malacca General Hospital. Let's pray with me so I can get a female O&G okay? =))

People around me who know about my condition urged me to eat lotsa cockles and chicken/beef liver to increase HB level. I'm a cockles-phobic after they gave me food poisoning till I passed out at Kuching Airport in 2005. I had 2 servings of cockles goreng kicap coz it was damn good but I spent that night away in the toilet. I was so dehydrated that when I was waiting for my flight to go back to Miri, I passed out in the toilet. I was even denied from going on board for my flight coz I didnt seem as fit to travel alone but when the attendance was not looking, I sneaked into the plane. huahahaha I couldnt afford to buy another ticket. So since then, I HAVE NEVER TOUCHED cockles. and will never in the future.

For liver, the sandy feeling it gives when you chew is uncomforting. I have never eaten it except for few incidents where I mistook it with meat.haha

Next week I'm going to another check-up at Putra Specialist. I guess in my condition having a second opinion is good to give me better insight. So I'll stick with this routine where I will go for both government and private check up. And next week I'll get to see Baby Tangerine as the doc will scan my belly.

If you ask me the difference between government check-up and private, I would say both have their advantages. For government, the doc has not scanned me belly but she fixed a date in March. For private doc, she scanned me belly for every visit and updated me with the baby's progress.hehe


I miss B. Baby misses Ayah too. Come home soonest.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Venture

Few weeks ago, my PreU PK asked whether I'm interested to be a MUET examiner. I told him yes but I'm inexperienced. I should wait at least another year before I'm eligible. He insisted on sending my name because he said whether I got it or not, it doesnt matter. So I guess he sent the paper.

A week later the office clerk passed me a letter.

Of course I was shocked. But at the same time I was excited. So I went for the briefing at Bukit Katil. It was a one day course to brief the examiners how to examine the candidates. Oh forgot to tell you, it's for Speaking paper. At the registration, I was told that I'm just a Reserved because my experience doesnt qualify me. They told me 'maybe next year'. Weird enough, I felt relieved at that time. Why? Because I was the youngest person there, around 30++ experienced teachers and lecturers from schools and IPTAs. 

I sms-ed B and told him about the news and how relieved I felt. At least I have another year to improve my skill. However, God has a funny way to carve my path. About 45 minutes later, the boss called my name. and told me I would replace one examiner who couldnt make it. At that time there were another 4 reserved teachers who have experience as examiners. I told our boss that this would be my first time bla bla bla but she said 'doesnt matter. sooner or later you'll have to do it'. So I accepted the brown envelop with my code written on it.

There are 2 examiners for speaking. The ketua is called 'Q' and the second examiner is called 'R'. I'm 'R'. All the Rs were asked to sit next to their Qs. So I was introduced to my Q, Mr Wee. He's a lecturer. I was so intimidated - yes intimidated to be partner with a male Q who have 10years of experience. I was soooo hoping to get a female partner.haha

Long story short, after 3 days working with Mr. Wee at our first center, I really enjoyed the experience. He's a very happy go lucky man, never stingy with his knowledge and never once he made me feel like I dont deserve to be an examiner despite my young age. After every session with speaking groups, he would ask my opinion about the candidates and he listened attentively to every words I spoke. Sometimes he disagreed but most of the time he seconded my opinion. To receive that much from an experienced examiner meant so much to me. And if there was doubt, he would give me advise how to give marks to candidates. 

We had breaks together and he bought me nasi lemak or kuehs and mandarin oranges. He's more like a father actually.hehe

To date, I am so thankful that I got posted to a school who believes in me tho I'm still young, to become an examiner although I dont have a minimum of 3 years of experience, to work under a Q who b sees me as an equal. All these definite boost up my spirit, my self confidence and I trust myself even more that I can do things if I really work hard for it. Allah is great. Allah is great. =)

There are so much more to come and I look forward to it everyday. InsyaAllah.
Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Baby Update

I really really really need idea for blogging.haha since I blog about my current situation, I find that I talked about baby too much. I hope I dont bore you coz this is another pregnancy post.hihi

Sebab sgt chubby, tanak kasi size besar. hahaha and very selekeh. Taken when I was in early week 12. Most of my colleagues bet that this baby is a girl coz I cudnt care less about my look even to work =__='. 

How far along? 13 weeks! yeay! B reminded me yesterday coz I was too caught up with work...hehe

Size of the baby? My baby is the size of a tangerine =))))

Weight gain? Y____Y Do you really have to know? Let's just say I am 2kg heavier than the ideal weight...haha

Stretch marks? Hopefully they will NEVER appear. So far no tho I felt a little tight around waist area.

Energy level? Back to normal. Yeay! I dont feel sleepy at noon but still go to bed early at night.

Sleep? I build fortress of pillows around me for my back and tummy. Sometimes uncomfortable but overall ok =)

Maternity clothes? Can still fit in all my shirts and blouses. Having problem with pants and skirts

Comfort level? Average. Comfort has become history in my life since I got pregnant. =)

Cravings? Almost everything that crosses my mind.haha

Best moment of the week? We graduated from the first trimester safe and healthy. Alhamdulillah =)))))))

What I miss the most? Menggeliat kuat-kuat time bangun tidur. If I do that now, my whole belly will experience excruciating cramp and feel like my skin is gonna tear .hahahaha

What I look forward to? Be happy and enjoy the journey.

Weekly Wisdom? Allah will provide. I need to stop worrying about the things I cant control. InsyaAllah.

p/s Found few mothers' blogs having questionnaire every time they hit the weekly milestone. So I tried by adjusting some of the questions. And when I read back all the things I wrote, I feel so happy and warmth insde. So guys, bear with me. This is going to be a weekly post.haha Toodles!


I was so stress at the beginning of this week. I know I've promised to be more optimistic but can you tell me how to calm yourself when your husband almost got killed by his own car? Tell me. B's car is at its worst condition. We both have given up on it. We are ready to sell it but to repair the damage isnt cheap. B didnt get into any accident, it's just the way the car is. and this time it tried to kill my husband.

Of course B didnt tell me earlier about the incident. He waited for few days, and he chose the day I was at my calmest.hahaha and I think he chose the right time.I heard the news with sooo much calmness that I couldnt believe it was Nurul who was listening at that time.hahaha But hours later, in prayer the thought of losing him when I was not there scared the hell outta me. And with the baby on the's just...... But I humbly thank Allah for sparing his life and not taking him away. Lend him to me for a longer time Ya Allah..

Lately, things were not on our side. Finance, the stress, the baby and now the car are too much sometimes. All these made us think, maybe we have done something bad or not doing enough to chase away the bad lucks.hehe But we are positive that things are going to change and be better. InsyaAllah.

I dont know whether I should tell about all these in blog but I cant keep it anymore. I hope this will not disturb your happy day. I'm happy, Alhamdulillah and the baby too. Cant wait for next check-up to see its progress =)))
Monday, February 18, 2013

Little Discovery

It was a full day today. After school, we had Skuasy training session to prepare the team for the upcoming tournament in early March. After the training, I went to Jusco in search for a stopwatch. My Chief Examiner advised me to get my own stopwatch in case the provided ones didnt work. This could be my long term investment into being an examiner, so I bought a new one.

Stopwatch is not a common item we buy so I had dificulties searching for it. Went to Daiso, found one but it didnt work. So I literally walked around Jusco just to search for that tiny item. Tired of walking, I went into Jusco Department, the top floor where they were having sales for baby items. Gosh...terkeluar dari landasan yang lurus sekejap.hahaha I got two pairs of newborn suits for a colleague while surveying for my future baby stuff.

Guys, it's confirmed. Gone are the days when I could spend hours surveying blouses, shoes or handbags. I have no interest on those items anymore.hahahaha I spent about 45 minutes looking at baby stuffs, reading the labels, the tags, the instructions, calculating the budget and picturing how cute my baby would look in those outfits.hahaha mothers~~~

At the last minute I found the item I needed, took less than a minute to think and headed straight to the cashier. Only after that I realised the instructions were in Chinese =____________='

My brother managed to crack the code and set the stopwatch for me. Phewww!

Anyhoo, what's my little discovery again? Almost 2 hours walking in Jusco, I went to toilet more than 5 times!!! After every 15-20 minutes I felt the urge to pee. Ok nothing strange there but a pregnant lady. But! After the lil shopping I did, I had a quick dinner at Pizza Hut. (Anyway, Pizza Hut is having 50% off for certain meals everyday. go cekidaut!) I ordered one glass of juice and one set of chicken chop. I drank the whole glass and sat there for almost 30minutes. No urge to take a leak.hahaha

I know it's pretty long just to tell a simple story. To sum up, when I walk, I need to pee. When I sit, I dont feel the urge to pee. There, the world is normal again.hahahahah

Entering the second trimester, my baby bump is visible now coz I'm still wearing old baju kurung to work which now has become quite tight around the waist area. But the feeling of touching that bulge is.....comforting. I dont feel the stress when I had the bulge when I wasnt pregnant.hahahaha

Ok bye!
Sunday, February 17, 2013

Let's Be Happy

I have found the reason to all my negativeness lately.

It's the long holiday.

Yup, definitely that is. hehe Long holiday is bad for me when B is not around. The long lingering time gives me space to psycho myself, to start feeding my mental and emotions with negative thoughts. No matter how stress I am at work, work keeps me company. Keeps my mind away from endless personal stuffs.hehe So I found the reason.

Nobody wants to be pessimistic. But if you feed yourself with the wrong thoughts, everything will be negative. And I ALWAYS do that to myself.

It's bad for me and it also directly feeds to the baby. Not good guys. Not good. So I'm trying to be happy. So let's see how long this optimism lasts.haha because it's not easy to fight hormones guys. Hormones are good but sometimes bad.hahahha

Let's flood this blog with cute baby pictures from now on. Shall we? =)

I'm sooooo happy the school is starting tomorrow. No this is not sarcasm. Am really looking forward to work tomorrow =))

 Module for Form 3
Friday, February 15, 2013

Next Step

I've been so edgy lately since B told me he was going to confront his Boss. He didnt stop fighting although the Boss said 'NO' in late December. Partly because....well....I've been harassing him.haha He went to see the boss twice and the last one was supposed to be yesterday. But when he went the boss said to come back today. I was so agitated yesterday only to be told that. ciss!

B told me he was going to meet the Boss before Jumaat prayer so I expect it would be around 11.30am. He called me around 10am, asking about my condition (I'm feverish since last night). Then he hung up. I was lying under the blanket on the couch when B called. The meeting's done! So fast! I didnt even have time to feel nervous or psycho myself.hahaha

Anyhoo, the Boss is asking for another year or a year and a half. Then he promises to let B off and even offers to find B a spot in PPM Melaka. I was so overwhelmed with the headache and flu I didnt know how to react. Well, in this case, that is considered the best offer for us. I'll take it.

So dear readers, please be my witness and remember this day together. If the Boss goes against this deal after the agreed time, I will transfer myself to the city, be the teacher for the Boss' children and psycho them and make he regrets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahaha psycho much??

So just now I bought B's return ticket for Raya in August. Actually because of many uncertainties, we have been postponing so many things like buying flight ticket. Since now we can see a lil bit of light at the end of the tunnel, life resumes. My next big step would be buying a house. Since I started working, buying a house has been on top of my list. Hopefully after my confirmation into the service, I would find our dreamed house. InsyaAllah.

Are we ready for this big commitment in our lives?

For better or worse =)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

I had fun today. Waking up and saw many arguments about Valentine's Day from the Muslims.  Fatwa is fatwa dear brothers and sisters. =).

Me, I made love to myself today. I'm celebrating too but not the V-day. (everytime I read V-day, my mind reads it as 'v****a day' =___=' effect of reading too much pregnancy stuffs.hahaha)

I'm celebrating that my lil tadpole and I are now entering the second phase of our journey - 2nd trimester! Woot!I dont feel nauseous, and my strength are returning. I dont feel very tired, just my normal tiredness before i got pregnant. Buttttttttttt! my appetite is getting bigger! Ok dowanna talk about food. Mommy is stress!

Today I went for pampering session. I've got headache since few days ago and a friend said it might be due to 'angin'. My hair was super messy too and I'm losing them too. sooo scary to see all of them lying on the floor. I will blog about this Muslimah hair salon I found in Melaka in different post. 

Anyhoo, I opt for Bob Cut hoping to look like Victoria Beckham. Victoria has edgy face while yours the result definitely...


I look like a 15-year-old girl instead. =______='

Mom said "Apsal ko tak buat fringe je boleh sama macam Ikha"

Haha tak terfikir nak buat fringe sebab pakai tudung. nanti fringe jadi huduh sebab asyik sikat belakang =p
Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Dos and Donts

It;s just normal to have people telling you the dos and donts when you are pregnant.

Last Friday, I had a morning breakfast with usual colleagues. In our small groups, we have 3 mommies-to-be so our discussion or morning talks are usually based on pregnancy or baby stuff. Pretty boring for non mommy to be .hehe

Anyhoo, they talked about all the dos and donts. They shared about tips from their moms, moms-in-laws, family. About what to eat, what to avoid, what shoes to wear you know all the safety precautions. Some of the tips include:

Dont eat orange

Dont eat grapes

Dont drink soy milk too much

Dont eat spicy food

Dont eat this...dont eat that

Eat lotsa veges but depends on the types

Drink more plain water

Sleep on your left side

Wear cotton clothing...

 I frowned the whole time.
Then I blurted:

My mom never said anything about those thing. Neither my mom in law.....

Yea my mom never gave me any tips, never prevented me from eating anything. No advice how to sleep, what to eat, what to drink none so ever.hahaha This morning I was tweeting about whether to cut my hair since I lost a lot lately. My cousin told me not to cut too short coz during comfinement usually the moms will tie their hair into Kim Kardashian Hair Bun (nak jugak kim k tuuu) to prevent from angin etc. So I asked my mom about it. She kept quite for a while then let out a small laugh and said:

Iye kot....agaknya la...Truth is...I never really followed all the steps when I was pregnant or during confinement.....isokay.... you all grow up fine...hahaha


Despite her kampung background, mom is pretty stubborn modern when it comes to pregnancy.hahaha she is indeed true, we all grow up super fine =)))))

But really you know, sometimes all the dos and donts are very cultural based.
 For example:

My jawa friend said kenot eat grapes while the Malay said grapes are good for baby. seeeeeee! 

ok that's just one example, cant justify anything.

Ok la. Bye!

p/s to date, I havent had my puke moment. Praying it will be like this till the baby's out.
Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fiqh Keutamaan Memilih Perawat

First off all, please read with an open mind and heart. I'm no Ustazah nor any better but we are all searching for His blessing in every way.

One of the topics that were highly debated (ok not debated but discussed) among my colleagues is choosing the O & G, should the doc be female, male, muslim or non muslim. I will always go for female doctors because I am super uncomfortable having stranger male touching me. That's before we had the discussion. After the heated discussion, my heart is going firm towards female and muslim doctor.

I have no hadith or strip from Al-Quran to share because I'm scared it will mislead. But I found this when googling:

Some people argue that in case of emergency, dibolehkan. I'm talking about normal, expected delivery with no complications. One of my colleagues shared a story about the clerk in her former school. She's just a clerk but she made effort to save every penny to have a female doctor for every delivery. Aku ada tersentap sikit di situ. She has high determination in protecting what she believes is the right way to do.

My argument has no basis at all on whether you can afford the medical fee or not hoccay. Even if you go to gov hospital, if you are lucky, you will get a female doctor. For me, I'm preparing to go to a private hospital. I've met the doctor once and fell in love with her.hehe Of course it's going to cost me a bomb but if I can save for Korea trip why not for something more important?

But again, my baby journey is highly in God's hand...I can plan to go here and there but He has the final say.  I'm preparing to have a female doctor to be my O&G. Alhamdulillah my husband is on the same side with me about this too. Alhamdulillah..

I humbly share this topic because I wasnt awareabout this if my colleagues hadnt told me. I'm hoping that with some piece I share here will bring good to all my readers.

if you are looking more on this topic, you may google but I have one here to share.

Have a great short Holiday everyone!
Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Challenge

Am I up to it? Doubtful but excited =)
Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Life isnt always good to me. But most of the time it treats me so well.

One of the ways I deal with gloomy weather is by looking or stalking my nephew and nieces.

They are such joys in my life that they never fail to carve a smile on my face, even during the gloomiest times. Power of innocence huh?


When this boy grows up, he's gonna be soooo handsome! He's sweet, cheeky but possessive sometimes.hehe

Ikha is sweet. Almost everyone from kids to grandpas and grandmas love her. Her neighbour in Kulim always invite her to their house. She melts your heart with her sweet smile and voice. But sometimes she got on my nerves too.heheh ikha Mak lang rindu la...


The day she turned 3. Time flies....

The latest addition. Ayfa the bambam!


Haish... chubby babies always have special place in my heart. Geram!
Tuesday, February 5, 2013


At this stage of marriage, being separated from B should be normal. Actually from the past 8 months, every time we bid goodbye, I was pretty okay. I didnt cry at all.

For the first time since we got married, I cried 3 times today.

The first wave of flood came early in the morning. Woke up, ironed my baju, hugged B who was still sleeping and sobbed like a little girl.

The second time when I reached school. Called B. Was cursing his boss and again teared up.

The last one was when I got back from work to an empty house. I entered the room. B had it tidied up. He left the shirt he was wearing last night (on my request) on the bed with some notes for me. I sobbed alone.

Damn  you hormones! I blame the hormones because I have never felt this emotional. Worst, I cried. urghhhhh~~

I will see him again InsyaAllah 21st of March. A month ++ from now. If this is written in my path, I will accept it. Allah knows best. But still, if I'm given the chance, I would like to hit his boss in the nuts.

Ayfa, ayfa ayfa ayfa ayfa ayfa, mak lang rindu....

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our interesting activities

Weeks before B got back here, we  planned soooo many things about how we would spend the days together.

Like going for a movie

or going for karaoke session

or going to lepak at any beach

or going to all pasar malams

or pretend to be tourists around bandar hilir.

We did NONE of those.

B was not at fault. He's always so excited about going around. But his mak buyung-in-the-making wife stopped him. Boo hoo

I got tired easily peeps. We went to the mall twice in a week but after one hour I begged him to go home. Before this, it was always him who begged me.hahahaha the table has turned. I now love my bed more than anything.

Today is Sunday. Guess what interesting activity we did.

Please ignore the background. Limited space.hehehe we baked cookies!!!!

Extra chocolate chips.


the 6 hours baking produced only this much of cookies. Booooo

Actually I baked to compensate the fact that I didnt cook anything for B since he got back. I was too lazy+tired to do anything after I returned from work. So I thought the long hours of baking could make up.hahahaha lazy wife!

At the beginning B kept coming into the kitchen asking whether he could help with anything. Arrogantly I said no. However, my hands were not strong enough to handle the batter so he came to rescue. It continued since then where he did the dough, checking the temperature, controlling what's going in and out the oven while me........ err playing with The Sims.hahahahhaa

annndddd after that I left him to finish while I dozed off in the room. =______='

So much of compensating. pfft!!

So in the end, it's not my project after all. All I did was telling him what to do and played games. hehe

We are such a boring couple. Oh well~
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