Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Life isnt always good to me. But most of the time it treats me so well.

One of the ways I deal with gloomy weather is by looking or stalking my nephew and nieces.

They are such joys in my life that they never fail to carve a smile on my face, even during the gloomiest times. Power of innocence huh?


When this boy grows up, he's gonna be soooo handsome! He's sweet, cheeky but possessive sometimes.hehe

Ikha is sweet. Almost everyone from kids to grandpas and grandmas love her. Her neighbour in Kulim always invite her to their house. She melts your heart with her sweet smile and voice. But sometimes she got on my nerves too.heheh ikha Mak lang rindu la...


The day she turned 3. Time flies....

The latest addition. Ayfa the bambam!


Haish... chubby babies always have special place in my heart. Geram!
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