Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fiqh Keutamaan Memilih Perawat

First off all, please read with an open mind and heart. I'm no Ustazah nor any better but we are all searching for His blessing in every way.

One of the topics that were highly debated (ok not debated but discussed) among my colleagues is choosing the O & G, should the doc be female, male, muslim or non muslim. I will always go for female doctors because I am super uncomfortable having stranger male touching me. That's before we had the discussion. After the heated discussion, my heart is going firm towards female and muslim doctor.

I have no hadith or strip from Al-Quran to share because I'm scared it will mislead. But I found this when googling:

Some people argue that in case of emergency, dibolehkan. I'm talking about normal, expected delivery with no complications. One of my colleagues shared a story about the clerk in her former school. She's just a clerk but she made effort to save every penny to have a female doctor for every delivery. Aku ada tersentap sikit di situ. She has high determination in protecting what she believes is the right way to do.

My argument has no basis at all on whether you can afford the medical fee or not hoccay. Even if you go to gov hospital, if you are lucky, you will get a female doctor. For me, I'm preparing to go to a private hospital. I've met the doctor once and fell in love with her.hehe Of course it's going to cost me a bomb but if I can save for Korea trip why not for something more important?

But again, my baby journey is highly in God's hand...I can plan to go here and there but He has the final say.  I'm preparing to have a female doctor to be my O&G. Alhamdulillah my husband is on the same side with me about this too. Alhamdulillah..

I humbly share this topic because I wasnt awareabout this if my colleagues hadnt told me. I'm hoping that with some piece I share here will bring good to all my readers.

if you are looking more on this topic, you may google but I have one here to share.

Have a great short Holiday everyone!
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