Saturday, February 23, 2013

Of Kerang and Liver

So I went for another check-up last Thursday. The result was devastating. Ok, I think devastating is too strong haha. My HB (Hemoglobin or red blood cell) has returned to its original reading. The normal reading should be at least 11 and above. Mine is at 9. So the nurses have started to worry bla bla bla and when they are worried, I'm scared.haha

This is Iron tablet. Nurse has added my dose from 2pills once a day to 4 pills. The taste is just......

I also asked about the possibility of having normal delivery or caesarean if my HB remains unchanged. She said I could have either one but for sure they will put my case under GREEN code which means risky so my delivery hospital is kinda fixed already which is at Malacca General Hospital. Let's pray with me so I can get a female O&G okay? =))

People around me who know about my condition urged me to eat lotsa cockles and chicken/beef liver to increase HB level. I'm a cockles-phobic after they gave me food poisoning till I passed out at Kuching Airport in 2005. I had 2 servings of cockles goreng kicap coz it was damn good but I spent that night away in the toilet. I was so dehydrated that when I was waiting for my flight to go back to Miri, I passed out in the toilet. I was even denied from going on board for my flight coz I didnt seem as fit to travel alone but when the attendance was not looking, I sneaked into the plane. huahahaha I couldnt afford to buy another ticket. So since then, I HAVE NEVER TOUCHED cockles. and will never in the future.

For liver, the sandy feeling it gives when you chew is uncomforting. I have never eaten it except for few incidents where I mistook it with meat.haha

Next week I'm going to another check-up at Putra Specialist. I guess in my condition having a second opinion is good to give me better insight. So I'll stick with this routine where I will go for both government and private check up. And next week I'll get to see Baby Tangerine as the doc will scan my belly.

If you ask me the difference between government check-up and private, I would say both have their advantages. For government, the doc has not scanned me belly but she fixed a date in March. For private doc, she scanned me belly for every visit and updated me with the baby's progress.hehe
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