Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2nd year wedding anniversary

Just like last, we were not at the same place to have any celebration. Had a small argument that morning. Came afternoin, a delivery lady arrived and passed me a bouquet of chocolate......while my mouth was full of rice. ��

Anyhoo, i hate posing for camera.that's the closest i could do as a proof to B that i had received the gift.hahahha

I'm not a person of sweet words but B thanks for being the patient-nest husband from the past 2 years. I know I'm difficult sometimes but you were there for me. That matters to me.

Lebiu ��

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Dearest Hubby

I dont know how to start this post but lemme give the loudest virtual shoutout ti you Bbbbbbbbbbb!!!


Now you are officially older than me but worry not i'll follow suit in 10 days. Tee hee hee

Sorry we cant be together on your birthday but we sure gonna have a blast in 1 week+++ time.


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Minmin 8 months old

Minmin is 8m3w old today. Let's see his progress so far

He eats more solids now compared to when he just started. More solids means less milk consumptiin.phewww for mommy

He is yet to crawl but lately i notice he is able to lift his bum already. Soon he'll crawl.

He loves pasta! Hahaha proven by the amount of pasta he ate compared to rice porridge.tee hee hee dari dalam perut dah feveret khennnn

He recognises faces. Mommy, ayah, atok,nenek and wan. He knows these people listen to his demand.

He knows who will entertain what. In the morning, he knows atok will be his buddy. In the evening, he would scream until nenek picks him up coz nenek is the buddy who will bring him out for evening stroll.and come night, no one should touch him except mommy coz he knows mommy will fly him to lala land.hahaha ayah? He FREAKIN' knows that ayah will do everything for him so he is very demanding when ayah is around

He hates toys. Ok hate is a strong word. Everytime we bought a new one for him he would play with it about 10mins and then went 'ok this is where's the remote control?'. He LOVES remote control and my glasses. Weird.

Erm...what else?

Oh he now knows to move his finger like twinkling star everytime i sang the song to him.hahaha smart boy!

Whenever someone coughed around him, this cheeky boy would mock back the sound.  Not sure how he learnt to do that though...

Weighing at 8.6kg. I think he lost a lil bit of weight after we came back from terengganu. He was down w cold and refused food for a few days.

He responds well in coversation. He would answer back in hisbown language. When i sang to him, he would make sounds which i guesses is his own way singing with me.hehe

I think that's all.there are a lot more which i think are just improvements of skills that he has acquired before

Love you Minmin!��

Friday, May 9, 2014

Allah is great

After a heart broken incident where my milk supply dropped drastically, another thing happened. After we came back from Terengganu, Minmin was down with fever. Brought him to see a doctor and the doc spotted 2 ulcer in his mouth.

Because of that, Minmin refused to drink milk. Luckily he still accept food so I'm not that worried that he's hungry what.

Since we came back also i've worked hard to increase the supply. Still not producing as much as i did before but because of minmin's sickness, i managed to stock back and for now adequate for his daily needs.

I've stopped giving formula too but to avoid wastage, am gonna mix once in a while till he finishes the whole can. Susu tin mahal wooo Y.Y.

Anyhoo, my point is Allah is the greatest. I hope everything will go back to normal and Minmin will be free from ulcer.hehe

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How I travel as an EP Mom

I have received a few emails regarding how I managed when travelling.hee

There's no easy way that I will have to stress upon you all mommies.

If you have just started to be a pumper, it could be quite stressful but after sometimes you will get use to it.

I think I've bought all the gadgets needed to travel.

Let's start, shall we?

1. First and foremost, the breastpump. The types of breastpump shall depend on the length of the journey, mode of transportation and conveniences. 

Situation 1: Long journey by plane: Manual pump
Reason: It's mobile, quiet (in case you are seated next to strangers), and small. I use Unimom Mezzo, a manual pump and it works wonders. You dont have to be worried about connecting the tube, or get strangled by them hahaha

Image courtesy of Google.
Situation 2: Long journey by car: Electric pump
Reason: more space, no strangers and yield more milk than manual.

Super bulky pump but I love it dearly=))
Situation 3: Short journey by car: Electric pump
I pump on the way to and back from school. It's easy. Who said we need a handsfree kit?? I do it like a pro without them. *mode bangga* hahahaha

Actually, It really depends on the situation

2. Cooler bag or cooler box
So far, I dont need any cooler box. I managed well with only Autumnz cooler bag and Autumn ice packs. I usually prepare 2 bottles with EBM and 8oz of EBM in a storage bag.Enough for 8 hours journey. Plus, I pump on the way to the destination and so far, I havent had any shortage moment. You just need to be careful with the ice packs. I used medela ice brick before but it could only hold up to 8 hours. But Autumnz ice packs are the bomb. 14 hours of journey? No problem!

That's my Autumnz cooler bag. The longest journey we went was the visit to Brunei last year, a day visit which lasted for almost 14hours. It's small but ok for me.hehe sayang cooler bag!

3. A good thermos and warmer
I would suggest  you to invest into a very good one since you will be needing it all the time. Thanks to my diligent research, I found Avent thermos which also works as a warmer. It's a bit pricy (got it for RM129 from Lelong) but I have no one to thank but myself for buying this. Before, we had a normal thermos and the problem came whenever we need to warm the milk. We had to bring along extra cup, or at one point we had to buy Maggi cup, dump the maggi just so we could use the cup to warm the milk.hehe That's why I did my research for this.hehe If you are not a fan of Avent, Tommee Tippee also has this product.

Avent thermos and a bottle of chilled EBM

This is how the thermos works. You dont have to be worried about hot water spilling all over you during bumpy ride because this was geniusly invented where  you can cover the top.teee heee

This is from Tommee Tippee. Photo courtesy of Google.

4. Storage bottle or bag
I used to travel with storage bottles but the amount of bottles that I need to handle - feeding and storage drove me crazy a lil bit. Plus they are not space friendly. After a few times, I started using storage bags instead because they dont take much space and light weight. But you have to consider the budget also la because storage bags aint cheap yo!.But..... If they can help to lift some of the stress while travelling, why not? =p

Ok, done with all the gadgets, now let's go to the tips.

1. Pump when you are on the way to your destination. It's quite a task to pump when you have actually arrived. YOU DONT HAVE to wash the parts everytime after you pump. What you can do is put them in a sealed plastic bag/ zipper bag (can get this at Daiso for RM5 for 10 sheets) and dump them in your cooler box/bag. Then, it can be used again for next session.

2. Work smart. My advise is to get a pump that is compatible to any storage bottles to make your life at peace. Why at peace?? To avoid spill. Yeap..been there done that a few moments when I tried to transfer EBM from the pump bottle to storage bottle when the car suddenly hit a bump and there goes.....2oz spilled all over my pants T____T. If you already bought one pump that isnt compatible, like yours truly here who is using Spectra S1, you can buy neck bottle adapter from Pumponthego for RM12 each.

If not, like me, I just transfer EBM into storage bags.haha wide opening and also save space to store more. =p. 

3. Dont worry about running out of hot water to warm your milk. So far, in my experience, I had no problem with this because I always topped it up when we stopped for a quick rest or meal. Usually, we buy a glass of plain water for 20cents right? But, when I showed my thermos to the shop owner, they all gave the hot water for free. Mungkin niat sedekah kot untuk baby.hehehe 

Just be smart ok mommies. Know when you should top up/get a new batch of hot water to warm the milk.

I hope I have answered some of your questions mommies. If not, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email =)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Broken hearted

My family and I have been on a road trip since Thursday. And since tuesday,i worked hard during the day at school for the upcoming seminar and drained so much energy.

on the road,I pumped consistently (what else would you do in a 7-hour road trip?hahahaha) but to my disappointment milk production is very low. As of now, i only have one more bottle left for the next feeding and in the next few hours we have a function where there's no way i could squeeze time and pump. Breastfeeding advocates, before you all go all crazy with all the hadiths bla bla and stupid statements, the event is my brother's solemnization.

I thought by keeping to the routine this trip wont affect the production.  It does. Because another reason for the decrease is my body is tired. Even when i pumped regularly i yielded only as much as 3oz,sometimes 2oz, 30mins of pumping. See??? My mind failed to lie to my body that i'm not tired. Boo hooo

I am a bit panic now and hoping the supermarket will open its doors early. I dont want to be in the situation where my baby is out of milk but crying for it. I really  dont. Such a heartbreaking scene to imagine.

If Allah wills, Minmin will survive this. If not, Friso Gold, be nice to mommaaa!!

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