Friday, May 9, 2014

Allah is great

After a heart broken incident where my milk supply dropped drastically, another thing happened. After we came back from Terengganu, Minmin was down with fever. Brought him to see a doctor and the doc spotted 2 ulcer in his mouth.

Because of that, Minmin refused to drink milk. Luckily he still accept food so I'm not that worried that he's hungry what.

Since we came back also i've worked hard to increase the supply. Still not producing as much as i did before but because of minmin's sickness, i managed to stock back and for now adequate for his daily needs.

I've stopped giving formula too but to avoid wastage, am gonna mix once in a while till he finishes the whole can. Susu tin mahal wooo Y.Y.

Anyhoo, my point is Allah is the greatest. I hope everything will go back to normal and Minmin will be free from ulcer.hehe


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