Sunday, December 29, 2013

Random Thoughts at 3am

Currently doing my mommy duty now - pumping...haha. I'm so sleepy so to avoid any spill due to sleepy head, let's blog. Ahhh just a random thing I have in mind at this hour

  1. So many hijab styles nowadays. Good thing though I have never had any nafsu to try the new styles. and hubby loves to see me in Bawal. There's this situation with my bro.We were watching TV when this ads about over-the-top hijab brand appeared. Suddenly he told me 'jangan pakai tudung macam tu.bertingkat2 kaler2 macam badut dah'. hahaha Gituuula hidup surrounded with all boys.No offense ok. 
  2. Not sure why but I just bought a manual breastpump. Unimom Mezzo. Will do a review about it once I've used it ok. Bought from PumpOntheGo for RM79 ONLY!
  3. My phone's condition is getting critical. Have been postponing to get a new one because budget is tight now. I dont think it can wait. Which phone should I buy?? Hmmm I'm not a gadget freak. I'll be happy as long as the camera is good, can surf the internet, call (no need video call oso can), msg you know the basic apps.hehe
  4. Looking around, god this house is so messy.I need extra time in a day to be able to do everything. But I think with extra time I would choose to sleep.hahaah
  5. I need my own house. The stuffs are mountaining till my room becomes so suffocating. Aslam you better keep your promise!
  6. My heart cringes everytime I see couples together. Be it on Facebook or in reality. When can I have that? =(
Now that's just sad. Should stop now. Bye!
Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Abdul Muhaimin is 4 month-old now


Just a quick update. Yesterday, 24/12/13, Min hit 4 month old as a baby. 

My baby boy is growing fast *shed mommyhood tears*

Minmin - a week old. He was still looking reddish.

 Minmin, 4 months old =))) He's grown bigger than the rubber mat.haha

Minmin with Azim, a colleague's baby who was born a week earlier than Min. But Min is definitely bigger in size.hehe

At this age, Min is able to:

  • recognises me as his mommy - jyeahh!
  • grasp on things and pull them back. Even your face.Love his curious look.hehe
  • sing - no kidding.Everytime I sang Twinkle2 Little Star, he would go 'maa,,,maa..'.First language imitation
  • Can turn to the side but not flip over. wah ganas gitu bunyi flip over.macam pancake.haha
  • hates lying on his back. He would cry non stop till someone picks him up.
  • coo, laugh, babble to himself
  • put everything he picks up into his mouth.
His food intake has increased also. If you dont direct feed your baby, you sure have this thought. How much milk is enough for my baby?hehe I always had this especially when Min was super fussy. Since a week ago, everytime after feeding he would cry or became fussy. He was taking 3.5oz by the way. So I did another calculation to estimate how much milk he needs:

Weight (lbs) x 2.5
16 x 2.5 = 40 oz

So 40oz divide by how many times he feeds in a day

40/8 = 5oz

So I tried to increase it to 5oz but he vomitted after every feeding (could be a sign of overfeeding) so I tried with 4oz. It went well.

He isnt fussy or cry anymore and he slept 3-4 hours at night. Before this, he woke up every 2 hours. Now mommy got extra time to sleep.

Curious at Ayah's watch.

Grow up and be a hero yea!
Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Being pregnant, giving birth and taking care of a baby have started to take a toll on me. I'm not whining please, I'm just human. I'm exhausted mentally and physically.

I'm tired most of the time. I cant remember the last time I slept through the night since I got pregnant. Pretty much, close to a year now I'm deprived from my beauty sleep.hahaha

I just cannot imagine how things going to be when I started working, in less than a week.

That's why I crave for a little getaway now. I really want to be near the beach, just close my eyes and sleep with ocean breeze gently slapping my face. (Get real Nurul, it's monsoon season now =__=')

A mom can only wish now, right?

Cant wait to return to work. My mind needs to get busy on things that matter.

A pang of sadness

Like other human beings, there would be my low moments when I feel sad, sappy and melancholic. I just want to shut off the world and sleep.

Sleep?? Oh yeah, I have a baby now. It's impossible.
Friday, December 20, 2013

Exclusive Pumping is a booby trap

hahahaah so cute Booby trap.

Received one email from a reader asking about exclusive pumping (waves excitedly :p ). I'm not an expert and is still very new in this but I love sharing. Hope this can help as many as possible.

If you choose to become an Eping mom, you have to bear this in mind: Pumping is harder than direct feeding. It's a booby trap because many thought it's the other way round. It takes a lot of commitment and patient and motivation and encouragement. But we are moms right??? We rock the world with our hands.

If you cannot directly feed your baby, you have to decide whether pumping is the best option for you. There shouldnt be 'I'll try' attitude because most likely half way you will give up. You have to have 'I MUST' attitude to be one. For me, I didnt decide to become an EP mom initially. I started pumping without even knowing this group of moms exist. I started out of my common sense that Muhaimin needs the milk. He was fed formula first before my liquid gold, and till today I couldnt erase the guilt I feel in my heart. I've said it and repeated it million times in my head that formula milk is still a form of rezeki but the guilt just wont go away. I hope with Allah's help, I can at least do this till Min reaches 6 months milestone.

That's why, a week into 4 months, I'm still pumping, 6-8 times per day. I still try to directly feed Min once in a while ut he still couldnt latch properly. I hope miracle will happen one day and he can latch like an expert.hehe 

Back to booby trap, pumping is so much harder than direct feeding. Because pumping isnt the same as direct feeding, the stimulation to the breast is also different. I know a mom who feeds her baby directly and she could get up to 10oz in one pumping session. For me, it depends. Sometimes I could get 7-9oz which is super rare hahaha but the usual one is around 4-5 oz. It's not much but enough to keep my baby's tummy happy. and the fact that he gained 1kg every month proves that he received enough milk. Alhamdulillah.

If you decide to be a pumping mom, avoid the word 'try' at all because you'll lose the motivation in the end and say 'i've tried but failed'.

Remember this, pumping means an endless cycle of pumping, storing, heating, feeding, cleaning, sterilizing. You have to follow strictly the pumping schedule to ensure good supply. And if you plan to travel, be prepared to carry extra bags - cooler bag, baby bag, thermos, thermal bag and if possible warmer. I did and sometimes it became soooo stressful. Trust me. I've travelled by plane and on road and so many preparations including mental preparation  needed to be done. You have to have contingency plan if suddenly you are out of hot water to warm the milk and the baby is screaming. and what if suddenly the journey took longer than your ice packs can hold on.Even my mom was stressed looking at what I had to do.hahahahaha

Cooler bag, and beloved warmer. Ran out of hot water while in Brunei. Gigih tak mak? At Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque. Orang pandang pon mak dah tak peduli.hohoho

 Since the twin girls dont receive natural stimulation from the baby, you have to be extremely careful about your emotion, your food, your health because all these affect the production. I've had few periods of being so stressed that my production plummeted drastically. I took the wrong food, boom! down to 3oz from 5oz. I got sick twice and the result, Min had to be fed formula coz at that time I was down to 1-2oz per pumping session.


Tho very tiring, it is also very extremely super duper rewarding. To see Muhaimin burped, smiled and gained weight consistently, is the best reward ever.

And this is something new that I just learned 3 weeks ago when Min was down with fever, cough and flu.

Did you know, when a baby under 1-year-old catches cough and flu, there's no medicine for that other than the mom's milk? Adala ubat but it is not advisable to give to a such young age. The baby needs to develop his own immune system to fight the virus with the help of mommy;s milk. At first I didnt believe this. I went to two different doctors, a paeditrician and a doctor from a government clinic. Both told me the same thing. Both doctors didnt prescribe any medicine except for fever and told me to continue breastfeeding Minmin.

MasyaAllah, the power of mommy's milk =)

Again, I need to stress how hard it is to be an EP mom but IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE.It takes a lot of commitment and support be it internal and external. Talk to your husband and make sure you receive an endless support from him. Because you will be surprised with the many people who will kill your spirit and will tell you that you will FAIL. I get this even from doctors. Be strong and know you are fighting to give the best for your baby. God will reward you plenty =)

It's rewarding, both seen and unseen. Good luck Mommies!

p/s I still hope Min will latch properly one day. Pray for me ya!
Thursday, December 19, 2013



Aaaa it's good to be back on this one sided space.haha

I have not been well since a week ago. It got worst after we came back from Bintulu. Cough and flu.

This by far, is the worst I have ever had. I couldnt sleep for almost 4 nights because I was coughing non-stop. It was really bad people that every single coughing felt like I was pushing my lungs out. My chest hurt and even my C-sec area hurt as hell.Since I'm the sole milk provider to Min, the doctor prescribed very mild cough syrup for me which I think didnt work at all. I had to endure this for almost a week till I couldnt take it anymore. I was sleep deprived and my abdomen hurt from all the coughing. Started rambling on Twitter and caught my cousin's attention.hahaha She suggested to try lime + honey with a glass of warm water. Heck, she even bought the ingredients for me. Thank you Dieraaaaaa =)))

After consuming them for 2 days, I could feel the difference. My throat became less itchy, so less coughing. My flu started to get better too. Alhamdulillah..

One thing  learnt from this is avoid being sick at all cost. Because I'm a mother now. I have a baby who needs my attention 24/7. It was very frustrating and extremely tiring when I had to handle Minmin yet I had to stay away from him as much as possible.

I'm getting better now. I still cough once in a while and have to clear my nose every now and then. Most importantly, I can kiss my baby as much as I want. For a week, I avoid kissing him because I didnt want to pass the virus to him. You know how hard it is to do so? Extremely.

Sama tak muka kami?heheh taken at Masjid Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, Brunei.

I hope my antibody is stronger this time. I cannot get sick.Min needs me!
Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Soft Structured Baby Carrier - Boba Carrier

Hola peeps!

Gosh, I miss blogging. I miss typing nonsensical stuffs. I miss recording my life.haha

Today I would like to write a review on Boba Carrier, a carrier I was willingly invest for my baby and us.

The story started when I was googling about baby stuffs (currently my favourite thing to do during free time). Somehow I accidentally clicked on one article about baby carrier that stressed on the safety and comfort for both baby and parent. We already had one carrier at that time.

To cut it short, our then carrier was not safe or comfortable for Min. A pang of guilt for carrying Min in that all those time. Apart from that, after every session of carrying Min around with the carrier, B and I would get backache. It's not ergonomic.

My short research brought me to Boba Carrier.

Before that, mom suggested for a ring sling, also from Boba but Min is not ordinary baby. He's heavy.hahaha i dont think i can handle Min with only one shoulder. and I'm pretty sure B WILL NOT USE IT.hahaha So a SSC it is.

So here's my honest review.

  1. I.LOVE.IT
  2. Ergonomic. Carried Min around for 2 hours but no back pain. Min even slept the whole time.
  3. Easy to assemble. I can do it alone without help. 
  4. Love the design. B loves it too
  5. Comfortable
  6. Easy to wash
  7. Quality fabric
  8. Has small pockets to keep mobile phone or car keys. How convenient!
  9. There's a strap at the shoulder to keep my handbag from falling down. Extra point here!
  10. When it is not in use, the carrier can be folded into a small pouch. So we dont have to take it off and put it on again. Very super convenient. No picture la pulak...
The only thing I dont really like is the price la.hahaha but think positive, can use it for our next babies too. Insya Allah =))

Manual book with pictures!!!! I hate reading long instructions.haha

At the airport waiting for our flight. I can sit comfortably which with our first carrier, impossible to do so.

Another feature that I love is it has a hood that can be folded if not in use. Helps to protect the baby from sun and rain. and also when the baby is sleeping. Min was sleeping in that photo =) And also notice how my handbag is secured.hahah no need to sling it anymore.

Jalan-jalan at Bandar Hilir. Min slept the whole time =)

As comparison, this is the first carrier that we bought. We bought if for wayyyy cheaper because at that time, we thought all baby carriers are the same =__=' Membaca jambatan ilmu ye kawan-kawan.

See, see how uncomfortable Min look here. The carrier didnt really support his back and when wearing this, we had to walk like we had a ball in between our thighs.hahahahha With Boba, it wholly supports the baby so the baby's position isnt inclined backwards.

And here is the strongest reason why I bought a new carrier.

The first picture resembles our first carrier. And to think that Min was carried in that a few times...and he's a boy some more....ouch! So Mommy gotta do something to protect our future generation.if you know what I mean.....hahahahaah

B and I love going out, we love travelling and seeing places. That's why we need a good carrier because we dont plan to leave Min when we go around.haha at 3 months, Min has gone to many places including Brunei. Next year InsyaAllah we plan to go somewhere further but the destination has yet to be decided.

I hope this so not detailed review helps you in some ways.

Min is 7.3kg now. It is impossible to hand carry him without any carrier. Hurts my hoo

Aku pun tak sure apa aku makan sampai Min membesar bagaikan juara.hahah he's not that chubby though, but he's tall which none B or me are.hmmmm....

post yang kelam kabut.hahaha
Monday, December 16, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Though I miss home, I miss even more seeing my two heroes together. Allah, cepatkanlah proses untuk kami tinggal bersama.

I miss you so much Hubby =(
Saturday, December 7, 2013

First Passport Photo

Hi peeps.
Min is still having the flu and still coughing but getting better.his immune system is working hard to fight the virus. A fighter this baby because he is still active and cheerful like usual.hehw
Anyway yesterday B and I went to take his passport photo at a studio. Next week my parents will fly over to fetch us to take us back to Melaka. But before that, we plan to go to Brunei as Abah wants to have his KLMJ moment there.yeay another road trip!
At the studio,the uncle there helped to.hold Min. The photographer had trouble taking a good photo because Min wiggled all the time. And he was super interested to suck his fists and when we stopped him he drooled pulakkk =____='
Many snapshots were taken but this might be the best one: with drool attached from his mouth down to his shirt. =____='
We had apologize to the uncle because the kid blazer that Min was wearing were covered with drool.hahahah
Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sick Day 2

It's the second day now. Min is not feverish but he still coughs and having flu. I really really want to have all those coz it pains to see him so gloomy today.

This morning we brought him to a government clinic.despite the massive crowd, i was very happy that we made the visit. The doctor was kind enough to answer all the questions fromo this worried new mommy.hehe there's nothing to be worried about. Just keep monitoring Min.

I couldnt sleep well last night though Min was sleeping soundly. I kept getting awake just to check on him, to check whether he's still breathing (Y.Y). Alhamdulillah he's fine.

He's a bit cranky today. Be strong little hero. Mommy and Ayah will always be with you.

Mommy loves you very much!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

3rd jab

Got his 3rd jab today. Slight fever and flu. Be strong my hero!

Alhamdulillah, Min is 3 month-old now. Time definitely wasnt flying for me.haha It's more fun to play with him now as he responds well. He chuckles,giggles and wiggles during play time.

Highlight of being a mother at this stage? Whenever he sees me or heard my voice,he smiles instantly!!Definitely worth every sleepless nights since he was born.haha

Apart from that, Min loves Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Baa Baaa Black Sheep.ehe very handy when he was cranky or needs to be entertained.

The only not so fun thing is  that i'm starting to lose hair. I first noticed this about a few days ago where i could spot my hair on Min. His head, body, blanket, swaddle. Dont wanna check the floor.too scared to face reality.haha

I love being a mom!

Monday, December 2, 2013


Hola peeps. How are you people? Aaaaa i miss blogging. Currently still in Bintulu. Will fly home again in 2 weeks.hehe

What else eh? Oh been putting on housewife cap since few days ago. I cooked,cleaned the house,did the laundry, baby sit pretty much the housechores la...boy was I tired. Phewww.

Some of you might not know but after being married for 1 1/2 year,it's my first time doing everything on my own.haha very tiring but totally worth it. Cant wait for 3 of us to live together like a normal family.

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