Monday, October 31, 2011

5th day of working

Today, there weren't many customers around since the SJK school was on holiday. 

I arrived at the shop at 6.35am. The earliest.muehehehehe I have 2 different stories to tell. Here we go!

Story 1

As usual, I grabbed an apron, put it on and started doing chores. There was a man, walking into the shop. Note: I dont wear glasses while working because it's not comfortable especially during peak hour: Sweat!. But it's good since I usually feel awkward when all eyes on me while taking orders =D

Aaaanywaayy, this man, about late 20s walked in. He looked lost. He ordered Nescafe Tarik. I made the drink and delivered it to him. Guess what? He took my picture while I was serving. I was so angry! I didnt say anything because I'm still new there and I dont know most of the customers. Not only that, he was eyeing me wherever I went and tried to talk to me. I ignored as much as possible.

About some time later, my auntie was talking about a man who slept in someone else's chicken coops. hahahaha Turned out it was the psycho man!!!!!! He was high from glue smelling (hidu gam - sukati aku je kan hahah) ended up sleeping in the coops. Dang! I laughed and all the anger went away because, I dont know, Mat Lalok je kot.

My auntie said dont mess with that kind of guy. Be nice to him or else he'll do something bad. Lucky I was able to control my anger when he took my picture. Phew!

Story 2

Since the first day I started working, my auntie has never failed to introduce me as a teacher to her customers. I shy ok! I'm so touched when most of them especially the pakcik, makcik, chinese uncles and aunties and Indian uncles and aunties always give me encouragement words. It shows how much they respect teachers ok. But there was one sentence that made me feel like I was being punched in the stomach.

Cikgu ke?? Ooo baguslah sementara tunggu kena panggil kerja macam ni. Bukan senang budak2 muda sekarang nak kerja kedai makan kalau masok unibersiti. Kluar jewww nak keja besor2. Duit nak banyak.

I felt so embarrased. If only the pakcik knew how I was since few months ago. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Pakcik. Wanna know who's the pakcik? One of the senior lecturer at UITM. =D

I enjoy working there because most customers are so friendly except for some guys in big expensive cars. muehehehe. I meet people from all path of lives, learn bits and pieces and try to connect it to my own. Some of the things I heard make me feel more thankful than I've ever been. There are lots and lots of people who are less fortunate than me. But you know what, they dont come to the shop not looking less than happy. I is in shame.

Well, life is a learning experience right? I hope to gain more experiences that will be useful in building my character and prepare myself for the future. wahhh gtewwwww ayat buat karangan.hahahahaha but hey, i'm damn serious with the message.

Ok bye!

The Sexy Cucumber

The other day, Abah came back home with a cheeky smile on his face. He asked whether I want to see something sexy.bahahahahahaha

One and only curvaceous Cucumber.hahaha

Hourglass figure *err not so..* with butt crack.hahahaaahahahahaha

..... hahahahahahahahahahha

This cucumber had been sliced to make ulam for sambal belacan. hihi

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Baju Nikah Story

Yesterday, B told me that his parents were buying cloth for our solemnization ceremony. They were in Miri visiting old friends. Of course I was worried about the color but also excited at the same time since they're excited about us.hehe

In the evening, B emailed me the picture of the cloth.

It's a cream satin =D

They only bought the satin without lace of chiffon as the outer layer. I honestly love the colour as it is not too dark or too light for me.mueheheheh later we gonna find the outer layer. My FFIL offers to tailor the baju for me but I'm more comfortable to do it here coz it's more convenient for fitting and alteration purposes. Did you know that my FFIL is a great tailor? and my FMIL is really great at beading??muehehehe B's baju melayu for solemnization will be exclusively tailored by his dad and his mom will add details like embroidery on the cuff and some places la.hahaha save budget uollss!

I consider this rezeki orang kahwin =p

picture googled.

I emailed this picture to B and he loves it.hahaha

But my baju wont be this heavy with details. Wanna wear it again for raya. Shy la if too emos kan.muehehehehe

Since we have cut quite a number of budget, i can splurge on beaded chiffon la kan?? Not into lace though.

Till then. Adieu!
Saturday, October 29, 2011

Visiting the Doctor

I felt the worst of my condition at dusk yesterday. My head was heavy, my throat was burning and all body ached. Mom told me to see the doctor.

The doctor did I see today. I brought Mom along coz my instinct said the bill will kill me. We went to Klinik NoorShila, the only female doctor available in Masjid Tanah to Alor Gajah. I've never felt comfortable with males doctor.tee hee...

During the consultation hour, I asked so many questions because I was worried about tonsillitis.

  • I asked about the white thingy on the wall of my throat.---> she said it's kinda ________ (i dont understand this part but it's nothing to be worried about. hahahaha)

  • I asked about the ewwww fluid coming from the back of my nose area. - it's mucus actually. Since it doesnt come out like normal flu bla bla bla.... she said I have Sinusitis

  • I asked about the possibility of tonsillitis. ---> my throat is totally fine.

  • I asked about the red dot like blood coming out with the mucus.--> She said it's because of the inflammation area behind my sinus bla bla bla

After consulting with the doctor, I swear I feel 60% good, like I dont have to see the doctor actually. Why the because? I was so worried about having tonsillitis, to have to go for minor surgery (I was more worried about the cost than the actual surgery thing...hahaha) bla bla bla. Alhamdulillah, there's nothing to worry about.muehehehe

After that, my mom and I waited for awhile before my name was called at the dispensary. The lady explained about my medication till she said the antibiotic was quite expensive. Before that, mom handed me RM50 for the meds. I knew in my heart the bill's gonna be more than that. Taraaaaaaaaaaa! 


Mom's already making faces when she dig into her purse and pulled out another RM50 note. I was giggling looking at her reaction. hahahaha sorry mom!

Clockwise: Imflammation med, panadol, lozenges and the pricey antibiotics.

To make up with her, I prepared tea: Roti Jala and Tea for my mom. tee heee....

I still laugh whenever I recall her face at the dispensary.

Love you Mak!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

4th day

And I'm down with fever. But feel a bit better after a bowl of chicken porridge.

Everyone says I get sick because of work. Actually I dont. It's the ice. The cold drinks I drank yesterday. I shouldnt drink 'em knowing that my throat couldnt handle hoo... tomorrow gonna see doctor. My throat is swelling with white thingy on the wall.

Aaaanywayyyy...have interesting story today. A guy was hitting on me today.muahahahahahahaha

Ok that's all. Am gonna spare the rest of the details.

I hope to have more interesting stories to tell.

My blog is gettin' boring these few days.

Have a great weekend everyone. Oh ya, I'm free on Sat and Sunday since the shop only opens on weekdays.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

3rd day of working.

I would say I was more confident today. I made drinks, took orders and not a single mistake.miahahahaha I'm happy.

One day, if I'm tired of teaching, I wanna open a cafe. not a restaurant. a cafe, selling cakes, cupcakes. I just realise that I love to talk to people. I no shy ok like I used to. Maybe because I've not met any mean customer yet.hihi

Today, there was a baby, about 8-9 months, a boy. He is the cutest baby I've ever seen. Sorry Adam, somebody has taken your place. He's fair, chubby, with a pair of pretty eyes. His eyes were clear with dark black pupil, complemented by long and curly lashes, bottom and up hoccay. It's not exaggerating to say that he has Snuffy's lashes! And he is also blessed with cleft chin! Gosh he's gonna grow up and becomes so hunky i tell you!  I didnt take his picture though since I dont think it's appropriate to publish a baby's picture without his mom's consent. 

Snuffy from Sesame Street =D

Tomorrow will be Kak Ina's last day since she'll go back to Johor for good.. Next week am gonna be the waitress, make drinks, deliver food, cashier and cleaner. Phew! But again, I'm happy. 

I hope to lose at least 2kg in a month.thehehehehehehehehehe

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I've wronged you.

I crossed the line. I'm sorry. Terribly sorry.

Sorry k Saiful Fikri. Siti Nurul Ain says 'I love you'

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This is Askar. My auntie's cat. But it's a she =.='. Her son named her 'Askar' (soldier)

This was taken at my auntie's shop. I work there now. I'm happy. No stress except during peak hour which is from 10-11 am. Most of the time the crowd is bearable. I used to work here back in 2007 when my parents were away for Hajj. So I am quite familiar with the working environment. Chewah!

The customers are mostly the villagers and UITM Lendu staffs/ lecturers. Pretty regular I would say since my auntie knows most of them. The cook, Cik Intan is a very friendly lady, so does the waitress, Cik Ina. I'm super comfortable being there, working. I made mistakes also but never got scolded instead were taught patiently how to make things right. I'm touched T__T

I dont really care about the pay, because I'm only looking for something better to do rather than being at home and be depressed. At the shop, I communicate with real people, real customers instead of my Cafe Life's =.='. I also simultaneously learned how to make drinks and cook..lalalala and improving in Math since most Chinese Uncles love to challenge me to count the bill without using calculator.hahahaha

Only that my auntie loves to introduce me to the customers as teachers. Woo woo.. it's tiring to answer the repetitive question about my posting.hehehe But well, they are nice people. Shouldn't complain right.

One word: Happy! Isnt that what we seek everyday?

I'm blessed. Alhamdulillah.

The best relationship is when you two can act like lovers and best friends. It's when you have more playful moments than serious moments. It's when you'll stay up all nights to settle the arguments and problems. It's when you can completely act yourself and he can still love you for who you are.
I love <3

 I'm surrounded with love these few days. So my heart goes flowery most of the time. =D
Sunday, October 23, 2011

Step by Step to Apply for Malaysian Passport

Next month, my youngest brother with another 25 friends will be going to Singapore for a school excursion *pout*. We heard saying that at least 3 months left for a passport before it dies to visit another country. So yesterday we went to the Immigration Office at Ayer Keroh and asked the lady at the counter. She confirmed the rumor so needless to say, my brother has to renew his since his passport will end its service January 2012.

FYI, selected immigration offices open on Saturday and Sunday too from 8am - 1pm. Good service!

First of all:
Fill in the application form. Make sure to attach 2 Passport size Pictures and a copy of IC. If the applicant is below 18, a copy of the birth certificate is deadly necessary! --- we forgot about this and miss our turn and had to come back later. dang~

Take a number at the counter. The officer there will go through all the documents and the form thoroughly - attach also the original of your IC. Then you'll be given the number.

Wait for your number to be called -- we waited for almost 2 hours =.=' .. Hand in all the documents, bla bla.. finger print, bla bla... then go back to your seat waiting to be called for payment. -- another 1 hour

Pay RM100 for 2 years/ RM300 for 5 years. You'll be given a receipt, stating the day and time when you can collect your passport. Supposedly the passport will be ready in an hour, but it depends on the crowds too. We need to collect on the next day. Bummer!

You'll need to collect your passport in 3 months time or it will be.......

Ok that's all. Bye!

Since we forgot Adik's birth cert, we were asked to go to the Jabatan Pendaftaran and apply for Cabutan Sijil Kelahiran. Of course we didnt know what it meant but off we went. Luckily the office was just in the next building. Apparently the cabutan is just like a copy of the real one. Only at the bottom of the cert is written tarikh cabutan. Had to pay RM5 though. But better than go all the way back to Lendu =D

Honeymoon Story

in your dreams baby!

Today I wanna talk about our...ehem... my honeymoon plan. We have to scratch our initial plan to this wonderful beach place due to time constraint. Not cancelling it but postpone it to the time that we both are free since to go after the wedding might be too rushing. Where? Wait and see la...

Since then, we plan about going for our pre-honeymoon. Ceh..perlu ka? It's not a real honeymoon la. Just a short getaway. Muehehehehehe

Where? *drum roll pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee* 


*excitement dies*

Yeah I know. So near right? hahaha anyway, we got this idea since the day after the reception, B's family - parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties, cousins are flying back to Sibu to be busied with the reception on their side. So we might wanna send them to the airport in Sepang. Which is already sooooo near to PD.hahaha

I've googled many hotels and resorts in PD and came  across this wonderful and to-die-for hotel which issssssss...

why this hotel???? Because it each units has its own private pool!!!!! Omagashh I'm gonna die of excitement! Plus all the reviews I read were convincing: romantic, relaxing, friendly, 5 stars treatment, worth the money -  which I like the most. A perfect place suits for every occasion -  Hornymoon Honeymoon, family getaway, business meeting bla bla bla.  haha Ish even writing this post makes my heart flowery la. Eh enough talking. let's wash eyes!

Can straight away jump into the pool right?

almost shed tears with excitement. Mak over ok!

4 feet deep. I'm 5'. yeay!

Dressing area

Mini kitchenette.

The room also comes with free WIFI with 100kbs speed you know!. and 42 inch LCD TV with DVD player  which you can rent DVD at the counter for RM5 each.

Lalalalalalalala kenot wait!

Oh in case you're wondering, the rate starts at RM425 per night =)

Thank you for reading. Happy weekend everyone!

p/s picture credits

Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm damn serious...

about losing my weight!

Today I used Microsoft Word to create a table for tracking all the food I eat in a day.


I dont like what I see on my body. Bukan tak bersyukur but because I know it's not healthy. I'm not healthy. Instead of complaining when people complain about my body, it's time to change. =). I gradually work out from the past few days. I still have cramps everywhere but I need to push myself or else I would end up in my comfort zone for a longer time.

In case you're wondering, I check on the food calories here.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A baby is on the way!

This morning, my mom banged on my door to wake me up for Subuh prayer. Well, it happens every morning -  i mean the scene of banging.hehe I do set my alarm every night but somehow my body prefers the natural alarm which is mom's banging.hahaha

aaaanyway, I was still very the blur even after I prayed. The second thing I did as usual was to check on my phone. I received a message from Leen.

She sent a simple one. Peaches! 3cm.

At first I was like....*frowning*..... trying to digest her message. Then I remembered our code. Peaches = in labor! We took the one in Ice Age 3.hahahhaa

At the time of writing, she's still waiting. Still can send messages to me la.hehe

InsyaAllah. If you are reading this, please pray that she'll have safe delivery. I'm excited to be an aunt again. My niece and nephew are no longer babies.huhu

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday.....


First attempt wrapping my head with pashmina without pinning with brooch. hahahaha berjaya!

Ok I know. Chubby!

Life is too short to remove thumbdrive safely =)

Well, that's what Iera said.haha

Anyway, Congrats to the KPLI groups who got posted yesterday. It's your rezeki. I admit that I broke down crying for a while yesterday due to the endless waiting for good news. I was fine in the morning when the news broke but when I heard a dear friend of mine received her posting news, it felt like I was punched in the stomach. We used to whine together bah... and now....But I'm good =). She is going to be posted to Johor yawww...and she's from Miri. woot!

Apparently the KPM has forgotten about us. Even the Deputy seems to not know about the existence of our course which is quite unbelievable. And what's worse is that we are not like the 1st batch of this program but the 4th! So it's quite ridiculous for all the mumbos jumbos right now. Well, it's not the first time being stepdaughter-ed. We are the twinning program students who spend 4 years in teacher training college and another 2 years in Uni. So..... most of the time we were left behind. Ke aku jer yang rasa macam ni?hahaha

Aaaanywayy... nobody likes to be not in control of things like right now. I have no control over this posting issue ergo several incidents of breaking dawn (ok not funneh, down). But crying makes me feel better =p.

I've started my diet program yesterday. Based on my calculation, I took about 1100+ calories yesterday. Not exceeding the limit which is 1200. Should be less but I lost in the battle again my lust over Murtabak and Ayam Percik. DANG! They're hard to resist!

But I worked out this morning. Only lasted for 20 minutes though coz I felt dizzy and my body just refusssed to move! First time bebeh. SHould be ok.hhehehe I'm expecting sore limbs, hamstring, cramp stomach and other things that come with the rest. But I'm happy!

Should be off right now. Going to the market later. Bye beautiful peeps!

Scared the frog outta me!

As usual, I swept the floor this morning. Kitchen floor. I pulled out the chairs from under the table, sweeping dust. I ducked to get a clearer picture when this suddenly just popped in front of me!!!!!!!!! I literally jumped of my feet and almost banged my head on the side of the table. Yikes!

It was a very skinny long bean! I thought it was the small green


I wasnt the only one got fooled by this. I threw this at my sister and she was shocked. and later she threw it at another sis who was as scared as me.hahahahaah

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blogger Masterchef

Masterchef Malaysia is airing in a couple of days. 

I'm here to congratulate one of my friends in UKM, Wawa for winning the 2nd Best Masterchef Malaysia Blogger! Congratulations Wawa!

I met Wawa in 2009 when I joined Malam Citra Tari. She was our PR i think. haha Anyway,, I visit her blog often just to check out her recipes. She really really really loves to cook. And she made cooking looks easy ok!

Visit her blog today! More on her there!

Anyway Wawa, if you are reading this, Congratulations!!!! =)))

How to calculate how much calories you need.

I am a small person, with a small frame and bone structures. So even if I gain 1-2kg, it is noticeable. This is what the experts say, not me.

saiz pipi increased by 1cm.hahahaha even the tudung cannot make sharp point. bulat sudaaaa..

Anyhoo, my ideal weight is 45kg and I'm still far reaching the target. I'm gonna go for dresses fitting for wedding in December (uuu cant wait!!!) so losing weight is deadly compulsory. =D

So last night I googled to find ways to lose kilos in a healthy way as well as how to control what I eat. How many calories I should be taking daily. And thanks to Kevin Zahri for his awesome website which provides ample information about food, health tips and calories knowledge, <----- Love the name. I love the websites because it is applicable for Malaysians in general, the food, the culture etc. I think the only one kot in Malaysia.

So wanna know how to calculate how much calories you  need per day??


Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the amount of energy you need to sustain your life. This includes breathing, organs functioning etc.

Men       = 66 + (13.7 x weight in kg) + (5 x height in cm) - (6.8 x age in years)
Women  = 655 = (9.6 x weight in kg) + (1.8 x height in cm) - (4.7 x age in years)

After you got the result:
factor in how active you are by using the Activity Multiplier - necessary to see how much calories require for you daily:

  • Sedentary = BMR x 1.2 (little or no exercise -- this me)
  • Lightly active = BMR x 1.375 (light exercise/ sports 1-3days per week)
  • moderately active = BMR x 1.55 (moderate exercise/ sports 3-5 days per week)
  • Very active = BMR x 1.725 (hard exercise / 6-7 days per week)
  • Extra active = BMR x 1.9 (hard daily exercise/ sports& physical job or 2 times per day)
(source: Cekodok .com)

So have you calculated yours????

Mine is 1229.9 PER DAY. But I strongly believe I took more than 2000 and someday up to 4000!!! Apuuuuuu...

The website also provides information about how much calories found in any food. For example, a slice of chocolate cake contains 300+ calories which is the same for a complete set of lunch!! aigooo aigoo~~

My next target is to lose at least 1kg -2kg per month. InsyaAllah. I want to feel energetic and confident again.. And I hope I can stop eating fast food or at least once per month. The other day I promised myself not to have anymore fastfood except if it is someone else's treat. keji tak?haha so far I'm sticking to it. lalalalala

and to wake up early everyday to work out. InsyaAllah... 8 weeks to go baby!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Move on

I've been caught up with meetings, photo shoot sesh (ceh tak boleh blah ayat..haha), doing accounts, survey stuffs for the baby business that my sister and I are currently working on.

I forgot that today is the 17th, the sacred day which might  change our lives (tesl grads) until I saw the updates on the tesl group. I really forgot!

I guess I've moved on. I'm done waiting and whining and I'm proud of myself for being that.From the updates, seems like I'm not gonna get posted anytime soon so this business comes in the perfect timing. Whether I like it or not, I need to do something rather than just sitting around and stalking Dr Wee's Twitter. =D

AAAAaaanyyyywaaayyyyy talking about business, my sister and I decided to target Bruneians as our customers since they hijab markets there are still very few and limited. Not to mention expensive. Alhamdulillah, a friend to my sister is willing to help us to sell (since she'll be getting commission too). it's more like dropshipping style la. Hopefully this thing we are working on will be a success. Not so huge pon ok as long as its enough to pay for my wedding =DDDDDDDDDDDDD

Alhamdulillah. YOU closes one door for me and opens many more, God. I should be thankful.

Sunday, October 16, 2011
Though there were times when I got into arguments, disagreements with mom, I still love her. 

Tonight she made me laugh. =D


Wedding stuffs~

I dont remember the last time I talked about wedding prep. 

Not excited at all actually. Why the because? 

No money = No say.

Right now Mom is controlling everything.eheheh well...

I think I need to loan some la  from her. After the wedding, I'll pay back. Monthly installment.hahaha

Few weeks ago, mom, her colleague and I went to search for this bridal shop. Mom's colleague said this bridal offers the cheapest rate in Melaka and the service is very satisfying. I, as the person who has no say followed them. The bridal is located in the remote area of Belimbing Dalam, Melaka. It was my first time heard of a place called Belimbing Dalam.

I didnt expect much because I thought it's just for go and see, survey stuffs. The small shop was located at the roadside and easily missed. Very small indeed. The outer of the shop looks new. But very small for a shop. About the size of our hall. Our arrival was welcomed by the owner, Abg....errr.. crap! I forgot his name. Let's call him Abang je la.haha

Abg was very really super friendly. I give fullmark for his PR skill. Inside his shop was very interesting. On the left side of the shop, hung all the bride dresses neatly, according to size and colors. and on the right side was the grooms. A small table in the middle with pictures of his artworks were on it. I took one and looked at all the pictures. While mum and Kak Ina bla-bla-ing with Abang.

After some discussions, he asked about the date, theme color, and what not. At that time, I already felt comfortable with him and told him bit and pieces of what I want on my wedding day. and as usual, mom.... eh malas la nak cakap....

Anyway,..towards the end of the meeting, Abang told me to come again on December and bring B too for date booking and clothes fitting. He also said more dresses will be coming on December and will try to save some for me. Itu kate die la...haha

His package also was the cheapest I've seen from all my surveys. Dais + 2 set of attires + accessories + bedroom dec0 = RM1200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. OK emos!hahaha lagipun pelamin just for taking pictures. We ols tak buat renjis2 baling beras nih. =p

and he can make dais according to my preferences. But since there's no deal signed, not gonna be too excited about it. Now waiting for December to come, with B to seal the deal baybeh!

Dont ask me about the bridal's name because I dont know. I dont even have the phone no coz I'm yet to ask from Mom.

I've told mom about my DIY ideas and she is against it. I'm still gonna proceed with them anyway because...  I want to cut unnecessary costs that she will need to pay if I'm still jobless next year. 

Kalau aku kaya, aku tunjuk jer semua benda aku nak. Tapi aku buat ape yg aku mampu je la.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

If it is meant for you...

....then it will be yours =)

This morning I had a lil bit of chat with mom. I expressed my concern regarding the posting issue to her. Then she told me she managed to catch one of the big guys in KPM when she was in Cameron Highland. She told him about our problems and asked the possibility about posting.

I dont wanna make speculations so let's just say pray harder. or the hardest you can. KPM is facing lotsa problems lately. If you follow my twitter you know la.hehehe

Anyhoo, I'm excited! Because I'm helping my sister with her business right now. She wants to have small business, selling hijabs to her friends in Brunei and asked for my help. Yeay! Apparently she receives request from her Bruneian friends since the hijab trends in Malaysia managed to catch their attentions! I'm praying that my sister will success in this unfamiliar path that she's venturing. =))

Mom brought back strawberries, corns, pickles, potatoes (all kinds), clothes for Adam and Ikha and all kinds of tea from Cameron Highlands. Have many things to munch for days ahead. =DDDDDD

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jawapan kepada Teka betul dapat Top-up RM10!!!!!

Hari itu aku bosan. So buat la pertandingan teka gambar dengan betul.

Hehe terima kasih kepada yang sudi meneka. Ada jugak rupanya pengunjung blog haku ini. Anyway..... semua jawapan yang diberikan adalah SALAH sama sekali. Takpe. Bukan rezki ye dak?

Nak tahu jawapannyaaaaa???



Kuih ni dapat dari kenduri orang kahwin. ala yang giant size punya.....heheheheheheheh

jangan marah yer~~   


Hello hello hello~

I woke up late today. Went back cuddling on bed after subuh prayer. I crushed my own plan to workout with Jillian today.hahah

All the mumbo jumbos regarding posting have been erm.... eh  I forgot what to say.hahah

Anyway, seems like we have to go for SPP interview first before we'll get posted. I dont know what SPP is.haha but here a few tips from B's dad about the interview. (B's dad used to work at IPS Miri since B was born and few years back the family moved to SMK Song as the father got the offer to work at the school. so he's quite familiar with SPP).

  1. Basically, the interview seeks to find out whether you are a suitable candidate to be a teacher. The panels wont ask administration questions like who's the DPM, the tukang buang sampah etc. They wanna see your confidence in general.
  2. If you fail the interview, fret not, you will still get posted. Except that for 6 months in service you'll be observed by the Principal, PK1 when you teach. ala macam time practicum.haha
  3. then you will have to go through the interview again after that.
Correct me if I'm wrong ok. This is secondary info as B's dad told him and later he told me. Might have changed here and there.hahaha But he did say this is a new pekeliling/system for new teachers la. Interview first the baru boleh start working.

Apparently my future-in-law also get really worried about me not working.hheeehhehe I feel loved =DDDD

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Teka Betul dapat Top - up RM10!!!!

***** this is a sticky post. Scroll down for new entry(s) *********

Adik adik abang abang kakak kakak makcik pakcik atuk nenek.

Hari ini aku bosan. Jadi ingin membuat satu pertandingan teka gambar dengan tepat.

Senang je ni.

Terma dan syarat:

  1. Teka gambar diatas dengan betul. 
  2. Jawapan mestilah detail. Contoh: Kalau kereta, mesti bagitau jenis kereta. (ok ini bukan jawapan yer..contoh jerrr...)
  3. Kalau dapat teka dengan betul, hadiahnya adalah top-up for any tel line worth RM10!!!!!!
  4. Siapa cepat dia dapat.
  5. Jawab di ruangan komen.
  6. Pemenang akan dihubungi.

Senang, tak perlu buat blog post. tak perlu amik gmbar posing2. tak perlu lengkap slogan.heheheheh 

p/s Best kan kalau selalu boring. abis duit =D
p/p/s Kalau dapat sambutan, nanti buat give away yang lebih gempak hadiah nyerr pun.

I'll take that

Last night Dr Wee tweeted about the possibility that all IPG TESL and KPLI graduates will get posted by the end of the month. I was ecstatic of course but my mind keeps reminding me to contain it first until there's black and white from KPM.

I'm so happy that I told my mum about it, she was thankful but reminds me not to get too excited until the news is proven true.

Anyway, I'm disappointed to see certain individuals, making their own speculation about posting. It's sad.

Just be patient can? wait for the full clarification from him, from KPM then only make statements that will bring yourself down and spread all the negative vibes around people who still have hopes. 

When there's no news, you went crazy. When there's news, you complaint so much. the world doesnt revolves around us la wey.

Be thankful will ya? At least ours are much better luck than those ISMP whom future are 100% blur. Ours only 70% blur =D.

Like Bill (winner of The Apprentice Season 1) always says: I'll take that. At least there's still hope ok.

I understand we've been living in the dark from the past 5 months but it's not right to show our 'unthankfulness'. 

I believe Dr Wee has worked as hard as he can and I think his efforts worth recognition.

A reminder to myself: Try not to complain so much right now because there are more problems coming my way when I start working. If I complain now, people will say, "aritu nak sangat kerja, dah dapat kerja komplen banyak'.

Cuba jadi orang bersyukur.

p/s kalau tersilap cakap maaf la. in this time of situation, staying positive is the only thing left.

Monday, October 10, 2011


My mood improved a lot today. Alhamdulillah. Now busy editing slides for client. Ceh client.hahaha

Few incidents happened between Mom and I from the past few days.

Incident 1:

Mom: Bila nak pergi kursus kahwin?
Me   : Nantilah...
Mom: Time takde keja ni la pergi. Nanti-nanti karang kelam kabut
Me   : *sentap*

Sebenarnya mak, takde duit nak pegi.hahahahah nantila hint2 ngn mak mintak sponsor =p. Ok tipu. Ade je duit. tapi kemalasan sebab takde geng.

Incident 2:

Me   : Mak, Sepul kirim salam.
Mom: Wsalam.. die buat ape skarang? mesti die pon ghisau ko tak keja.
Me   : Risau la kot. bulan doblas nak beli barang hantaran. duit takde.hahaha
Mom: Kalau sampai taun depan ko tak keja jugak, cakap ngan die kawen tetap kahwen tau.
Me   : Of the course la kawen. Tiket dah boliiii...
Mom: Mane la tau... diorang nak postpone ke...

Incident 3:

tak ingat la pulak..ish.

Sebenarnya, tiada motif post ini. Saje mahu berkongsi few incidents of my lame and boring life. Toodles!
Saturday, October 8, 2011


Last week, mom told me about her missing convocation picture. Hers and Abah's. But I told her the pictures were safe in our old album. She didnt believe me. So I dug out old albums searching for those pictures. Found them.

The next day, she sent both pictures to be framed. And today, Abah and mom worked together drilling our wall to hang those.

Top left: Abah then Mak
Middle left: Amir, Umar and yours truly.
Flowers: Reserved for another 2 brothers, yet to graduate =D

Saje letak dua hehehe

she melts my heart =). she's coming back for eid adha =))))))))

Adam at I-City, Shah Alam... tak rindu Alanggg ke??hee

Me myself

As me myself know, I didnt get the writing job. No luck there.

Yesterday was a pretty harsh day for me.

3 isolate events kinda made me one to run away and scream my lungs out.

One friend bashed me with hurtful words.

Argument with mom which made me feel hopeless.

I didnt get the job.

At the moment I dont know where to value myself. Gonna take few days to pick up the pieces and move forward.

Few words to friends. I dont really share my problems. I dont make it public on Facebook. In my blog, all the problems I've complained before were not so serious. I choose not to share and bark on facebook about how bitter myself bla bla bla because there are MORE people who have bigger and serious problem than me.

So please dont assume that I have money, problem free, happy go lucky, all the time. I've had my share of falling with chicken poops on my face. Just I choose not to ruin your day by whining on fb.

Friday, October 7, 2011

oh well~

No one has ever urged me to find a job. Not even mom.

aaaanyywwaaaayyy, I've applied for a part timer writing articles. Hopefully I can get it. Leen has told me thousands of times before to apply for the job. But I dont have the confidence with my own skills in writing. I can write craps, not academic or formal one.

But Ambun's tweet last night kinda give me strength *thank you jeeee..* so I sent an email, got a reply to write a trial essay and sent it just now. Hopefully the guy will hire me. The pay is kinda good. 10 articles per week for RM150. A month can get RM600 olready. InsyaAllah.

Just now I read my friend's status on FB that all gov servant will enjoy 40% rise in their salary. THough the budget is yet to be revealed, she said her KSU told the whole office the news. Oh well, rezeki mereka. *Stress*

I need a job. just enough to pay for the wedding. That's all I want for now. I already sad coz we've to postpone our honeymoon becauseeeeeee of the financial issue. Oh well~

and actually, does a videographer necessary? if yes, where can i fork out another 1.5k?

Oh well~

Thursday, October 6, 2011
Life is funny. If you regard it as funny la. And mysterious too.

Today my sister and I ventured our way to Masjid Tanah looking for job vacancies. There were few, which I kinda like. The only thing is that the shift is up to 10pm. I straight away knew that my parents, ehem, my mom wont grant her permission because the road from that town to my house is kinda creepy, dark and infested with mat rempits. oh well..

My plan looking for a job might have flushed down the drain but I have a back up one. Hopefully, many many doors of rezqi will be opened for me

I'm happy.
Dont want to jinx it, yet
Wednesday, October 5, 2011
I really need to cry now.


I woke early this morning and started doing chores right away. Why? Because I have an important mission today, might be the turning point in my life, life changing. I'm going to look for a job today. I'm done waiting for the posting and I dont care about the contract shit anymore. They have no right to keep our lives hanging like this. NO!

Ceh emos pulak =D

I have had this very bad headache since Monday. When I told mom yesterday, she didnt believe me. Well that's one thing about mom. Anyhoo, after I sulked a lil bit coz she didnt believe me, she said maybe I'm stressed because of the posting stuff. I said nothing. And later that night I told her I want to look for a job, she relented.

I am tired being unuseful at home. Apart from being the domestic goddess. haha You know, my cousin who was as jobless as me in June already bought her 1st car, about a month ago. I'm not putting any material value upon myself but she achieved something in less than 3 months working. I want to have something too. And everyday I would do this very depressing routine which is looking at my saving book. And hoping somehow some where the amount reduplicate. Can?

Yesterday B just bought a return ticket to KL in December, a time to shop for  the cloth for solemnization and hantaran gifts. Know what it means? MONEY IS GONNA BE SPENT. All my plans have come crashing down. I have already cancel some things on my to-do list due to financial bla bla bla... My parents are paying for catering so at least I can pay for other stuffs. Malu ok kahwin macam ni =(

Aaaanywayyy on a bright side, I'm super excited to see him again. And to attend Crystal's wedding in Bintulu. Woot Woot! I just realized that I bought my ticket to Bintulu in February. Giler semangat ko nyah! Yesss semangat to see my friends (both bride and groom are my classmates) walking down the aisle =))))

On a different note, because of the headache, I had Bekam treatment last night, done my dad. Abah went for a bekam class few years ago when he got charged RM20 per cup. Now my family can have this free treatment anytime we want. My head now looks like this dude's. hahahahahahhaha i'm lucky to be blessed with such hairy hair. so the bald spot isnt really obvious. =D


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Melaka - Sepang - Jempol - Melaka

Last Sunday, my family and I had this mini trip visiting 3 states in one day. It took about 7 hours being on road and only 1 hour on land.

The journey started off at 10am. As usual, Abah had to run errands before we really took off. One of the errands was having brunch. I was lazy to get out of the car so I stayed in. I took some pictures though.

Focus on the banner please. Special promo for Ramadhan. I was like.. what???? Ramadhan left us about a month ago. Melayu punya stail berniaga.

lalalalalal ~~~~

After that, we continued our trip to Sg Pelek, Sepang. As usual, Abah refused to use the expressway and of the course wholeheartedly  chose winding roads. I just hate the roads. Too many cows, goats and lorries. But Abah loves it though because he can lipat at every corner which made all of us super dizzy. @.@  When Mom told him to slow down, he said we were insulting the car since its capable of doing such stunt. Gosh`~

Anyhoo, the drama started when we arrived at Sepang. My cousin gave us the coordinate to another cousin's house. Anyway, his son was getting married.  However, the coordinate led us into palm plantation area. We were hungry and dizzy and it was easy to get upset. The 3 of us, mom abah and me became so emo in the car that we argued constantly. When we were lost, Abah and I teamed up against Mak so that she called our relative asking the right direction. Mom refused till we know our location so that our relative can come and picked us up. Whatttttt?

Anyhoo, the drama ended when my cousin found us stranded in front of a school. And you know what, the house was about 300m from the school... 0__O

We arrived at the perfect moment because the bride and groom were going to berarak.haha 

The theme color was quite unique to me because its the combination of Fierce red, grassy green and yellow. I couldnt help but thought that the groom must really like african football team.hahaha

The groom is my cousin's son. I dont know his name.

See, red green and yellow.

Only these 3 uncles were the Kompangs~ =D

Aaaaanywaaayyy, the food were delicious. They didnt use catering services. and the cooked all traditional dishes from our Kampong in Kedah. My cousin told Mom that he had to ask his sister to bring  banana trunks (batang pisang) for the dish. Import yo!

After fulfilling the growling bellies, we left the reception and headed to Jempol, to send my brother back to school. And again, Abah refused the highway. We survived the winding road till Seremban. We decided to pray in Seremban and again we looked for a mosque. We found one in the housing area at Paroi. However, we went the wrong way whichwas the back of the mosque. The back gate was locked so we thought maybe it wont be opened till Asar. Turned out we missed a small junction that leads to the main gate. When we passed the junction I told Abah about the gate. At that time he already searched for another mosque using GPS and decided to follow. Unfortunately, the GPS made us a bit lost by losing satellite reception countless times and the delayed instruction didnt help too. Funny thing, after about 10 minutes driving around the GPS brought us back to the first mosque. Gosh!

So bla bla bla...... sent bro bla bla bla.... stopped for quick dinner bla bla bla we reached home at 7pm. I was tired, grumpy and dizzy.

The three of us slept early that night.


Saturday, October 1, 2011


I was digging into my drawer this morning and found a small yellow box. I opened it only to find the ring. B gave it to me for my 18th birthday and before I went off to Labuan Matriculation College. It still fits my sweet finger (jari manis). Hehe

I dont wear it anymore because 3@4 years ago it didnt fit but now it does. Have to send it for cleaning though. Looks a bit rusty :-)

Btw, his mom helped him to choose the ring. He's pretty bad when it comes to choosing anything for girls.

That's all. Just a random post for Saturday.

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