Monday, October 31, 2011

5th day of working

Today, there weren't many customers around since the SJK school was on holiday. 

I arrived at the shop at 6.35am. The earliest.muehehehehe I have 2 different stories to tell. Here we go!

Story 1

As usual, I grabbed an apron, put it on and started doing chores. There was a man, walking into the shop. Note: I dont wear glasses while working because it's not comfortable especially during peak hour: Sweat!. But it's good since I usually feel awkward when all eyes on me while taking orders =D

Aaaanywaayy, this man, about late 20s walked in. He looked lost. He ordered Nescafe Tarik. I made the drink and delivered it to him. Guess what? He took my picture while I was serving. I was so angry! I didnt say anything because I'm still new there and I dont know most of the customers. Not only that, he was eyeing me wherever I went and tried to talk to me. I ignored as much as possible.

About some time later, my auntie was talking about a man who slept in someone else's chicken coops. hahahaha Turned out it was the psycho man!!!!!! He was high from glue smelling (hidu gam - sukati aku je kan hahah) ended up sleeping in the coops. Dang! I laughed and all the anger went away because, I dont know, Mat Lalok je kot.

My auntie said dont mess with that kind of guy. Be nice to him or else he'll do something bad. Lucky I was able to control my anger when he took my picture. Phew!

Story 2

Since the first day I started working, my auntie has never failed to introduce me as a teacher to her customers. I shy ok! I'm so touched when most of them especially the pakcik, makcik, chinese uncles and aunties and Indian uncles and aunties always give me encouragement words. It shows how much they respect teachers ok. But there was one sentence that made me feel like I was being punched in the stomach.

Cikgu ke?? Ooo baguslah sementara tunggu kena panggil kerja macam ni. Bukan senang budak2 muda sekarang nak kerja kedai makan kalau masok unibersiti. Kluar jewww nak keja besor2. Duit nak banyak.

I felt so embarrased. If only the pakcik knew how I was since few months ago. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Pakcik. Wanna know who's the pakcik? One of the senior lecturer at UITM. =D

I enjoy working there because most customers are so friendly except for some guys in big expensive cars. muehehehe. I meet people from all path of lives, learn bits and pieces and try to connect it to my own. Some of the things I heard make me feel more thankful than I've ever been. There are lots and lots of people who are less fortunate than me. But you know what, they dont come to the shop not looking less than happy. I is in shame.

Well, life is a learning experience right? I hope to gain more experiences that will be useful in building my character and prepare myself for the future. wahhh gtewwwww ayat buat karangan.hahahahaha but hey, i'm damn serious with the message.

Ok bye!


valentine87 said...

harus hati2 jee..keja jdi waitress best uola..byk bertemu ngan orang.. ala2 retis bertemu peminat ..haha mun kat dapur, bercakap ngan periuk n mangkuk ja.. all the best jee~

Nurul Razak said...

heheh makseh jee. blaja mok ramah kdk kau tok.haha pakcik2 kg suka jah ada org mudak mlayan cdak klaka.hahaha

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