Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This is Askar. My auntie's cat. But it's a she =.='. Her son named her 'Askar' (soldier)

This was taken at my auntie's shop. I work there now. I'm happy. No stress except during peak hour which is from 10-11 am. Most of the time the crowd is bearable. I used to work here back in 2007 when my parents were away for Hajj. So I am quite familiar with the working environment. Chewah!

The customers are mostly the villagers and UITM Lendu staffs/ lecturers. Pretty regular I would say since my auntie knows most of them. The cook, Cik Intan is a very friendly lady, so does the waitress, Cik Ina. I'm super comfortable being there, working. I made mistakes also but never got scolded instead were taught patiently how to make things right. I'm touched T__T

I dont really care about the pay, because I'm only looking for something better to do rather than being at home and be depressed. At the shop, I communicate with real people, real customers instead of my Cafe Life's =.='. I also simultaneously learned how to make drinks and cook..lalalala and improving in Math since most Chinese Uncles love to challenge me to count the bill without using calculator.hahahaha

Only that my auntie loves to introduce me to the customers as teachers. Woo woo.. it's tiring to answer the repetitive question about my posting.hehehe But well, they are nice people. Shouldn't complain right.

One word: Happy! Isnt that what we seek everyday?

I'm blessed. Alhamdulillah.


cindyrina said...

interesting!!!! meet may types of people all the time. Can improve your managing people skills

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