Saturday, October 8, 2011


Last week, mom told me about her missing convocation picture. Hers and Abah's. But I told her the pictures were safe in our old album. She didnt believe me. So I dug out old albums searching for those pictures. Found them.

The next day, she sent both pictures to be framed. And today, Abah and mom worked together drilling our wall to hang those.

Top left: Abah then Mak
Middle left: Amir, Umar and yours truly.
Flowers: Reserved for another 2 brothers, yet to graduate =D

Saje letak dua hehehe

she melts my heart =). she's coming back for eid adha =))))))))

Adam at I-City, Shah Alam... tak rindu Alanggg ke??hee


DauS said...

setahun lg gambar aku plak naik..

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