Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'll take that

Last night Dr Wee tweeted about the possibility that all IPG TESL and KPLI graduates will get posted by the end of the month. I was ecstatic of course but my mind keeps reminding me to contain it first until there's black and white from KPM.

I'm so happy that I told my mum about it, she was thankful but reminds me not to get too excited until the news is proven true.

Anyway, I'm disappointed to see certain individuals, making their own speculation about posting. It's sad.

Just be patient can? wait for the full clarification from him, from KPM then only make statements that will bring yourself down and spread all the negative vibes around people who still have hopes. 

When there's no news, you went crazy. When there's news, you complaint so much. the world doesnt revolves around us la wey.

Be thankful will ya? At least ours are much better luck than those ISMP whom future are 100% blur. Ours only 70% blur =D.

Like Bill (winner of The Apprentice Season 1) always says: I'll take that. At least there's still hope ok.

I understand we've been living in the dark from the past 5 months but it's not right to show our 'unthankfulness'. 

I believe Dr Wee has worked as hard as he can and I think his efforts worth recognition.

A reminder to myself: Try not to complain so much right now because there are more problems coming my way when I start working. If I complain now, people will say, "aritu nak sangat kerja, dah dapat kerja komplen banyak'.

Cuba jadi orang bersyukur.

p/s kalau tersilap cakap maaf la. in this time of situation, staying positive is the only thing left.


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