Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Melaka - Sepang - Jempol - Melaka

Last Sunday, my family and I had this mini trip visiting 3 states in one day. It took about 7 hours being on road and only 1 hour on land.

The journey started off at 10am. As usual, Abah had to run errands before we really took off. One of the errands was having brunch. I was lazy to get out of the car so I stayed in. I took some pictures though.

Focus on the banner please. Special promo for Ramadhan. I was like.. what???? Ramadhan left us about a month ago. Melayu punya stail berniaga.

lalalalalal ~~~~

After that, we continued our trip to Sg Pelek, Sepang. As usual, Abah refused to use the expressway and of the course wholeheartedly  chose winding roads. I just hate the roads. Too many cows, goats and lorries. But Abah loves it though because he can lipat at every corner which made all of us super dizzy. @.@  When Mom told him to slow down, he said we were insulting the car since its capable of doing such stunt. Gosh`~

Anyhoo, the drama started when we arrived at Sepang. My cousin gave us the coordinate to another cousin's house. Anyway, his son was getting married.  However, the coordinate led us into palm plantation area. We were hungry and dizzy and it was easy to get upset. The 3 of us, mom abah and me became so emo in the car that we argued constantly. When we were lost, Abah and I teamed up against Mak so that she called our relative asking the right direction. Mom refused till we know our location so that our relative can come and picked us up. Whatttttt?

Anyhoo, the drama ended when my cousin found us stranded in front of a school. And you know what, the house was about 300m from the school... 0__O

We arrived at the perfect moment because the bride and groom were going to berarak.haha 

The theme color was quite unique to me because its the combination of Fierce red, grassy green and yellow. I couldnt help but thought that the groom must really like african football team.hahaha

The groom is my cousin's son. I dont know his name.

See, red green and yellow.

Only these 3 uncles were the Kompangs~ =D

Aaaaanywaaayyy, the food were delicious. They didnt use catering services. and the cooked all traditional dishes from our Kampong in Kedah. My cousin told Mom that he had to ask his sister to bring  banana trunks (batang pisang) for the dish. Import yo!

After fulfilling the growling bellies, we left the reception and headed to Jempol, to send my brother back to school. And again, Abah refused the highway. We survived the winding road till Seremban. We decided to pray in Seremban and again we looked for a mosque. We found one in the housing area at Paroi. However, we went the wrong way whichwas the back of the mosque. The back gate was locked so we thought maybe it wont be opened till Asar. Turned out we missed a small junction that leads to the main gate. When we passed the junction I told Abah about the gate. At that time he already searched for another mosque using GPS and decided to follow. Unfortunately, the GPS made us a bit lost by losing satellite reception countless times and the delayed instruction didnt help too. Funny thing, after about 10 minutes driving around the GPS brought us back to the first mosque. Gosh!

So bla bla bla...... sent bro bla bla bla.... stopped for quick dinner bla bla bla we reached home at 7pm. I was tired, grumpy and dizzy.

The three of us slept early that night.



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