Sunday, October 23, 2011

Honeymoon Story

in your dreams baby!

Today I wanna talk about our...ehem... my honeymoon plan. We have to scratch our initial plan to this wonderful beach place due to time constraint. Not cancelling it but postpone it to the time that we both are free since to go after the wedding might be too rushing. Where? Wait and see la...

Since then, we plan about going for our pre-honeymoon. Ceh..perlu ka? It's not a real honeymoon la. Just a short getaway. Muehehehehehe

Where? *drum roll pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee* 


*excitement dies*

Yeah I know. So near right? hahaha anyway, we got this idea since the day after the reception, B's family - parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties, cousins are flying back to Sibu to be busied with the reception on their side. So we might wanna send them to the airport in Sepang. Which is already sooooo near to PD.hahaha

I've googled many hotels and resorts in PD and came  across this wonderful and to-die-for hotel which issssssss...

why this hotel???? Because it each units has its own private pool!!!!! Omagashh I'm gonna die of excitement! Plus all the reviews I read were convincing: romantic, relaxing, friendly, 5 stars treatment, worth the money -  which I like the most. A perfect place suits for every occasion -  Hornymoon Honeymoon, family getaway, business meeting bla bla bla.  haha Ish even writing this post makes my heart flowery la. Eh enough talking. let's wash eyes!

Can straight away jump into the pool right?

almost shed tears with excitement. Mak over ok!

4 feet deep. I'm 5'. yeay!

Dressing area

Mini kitchenette.

The room also comes with free WIFI with 100kbs speed you know!. and 42 inch LCD TV with DVD player  which you can rent DVD at the counter for RM5 each.

Lalalalalalalala kenot wait!

Oh in case you're wondering, the rate starts at RM425 per night =)

Thank you for reading. Happy weekend everyone!

p/s picture credits


Zainal Abidin said...

huih cantiknya tempat...

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