Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pregnancy Update #Week18

Alright now for pregnancy update:

How far along? 18 weeks and 5 days! Alhamdulillah!  =)
Size of the baby? My baby is the size of a bell pepper

Weight gain? Havent had the time to check

Stretch marks? takdeeeeee
Energy level? Normal.
Sleep? Now that I am in a colder place, sleep is disturbed with nasal congestion.
Maternity clothes? some =)
Comfort level? Been walking a lot these few days. I could use some massage
Cravings? I want KFC, fries, pasta, malaysian food
Best moment of the week? Baby A's gender issss....hehehehe
What I miss the most? Eat to my heart's content

What I look forward tO? Flying home =)
Friday, March 29, 2013

Love Again

Pose gedik

We were at a place filled with love.

Cant wait to be back. I want kfc.
Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pregnancy Update #Week 17

What we've been up to since 12 hours ago...

Thanks Penny for letting me belly and arms to fit into you.hehehe

My Mommy sandal died on Thursday. Been walking in flip flops since but today my back couldnt take it anymore. So much pain on the back and calves so B bought a new pair =)

Today we went to several places looking for stuffs for the trip. I never knew I had so much energy to be walking that long.haha anyhoo, we got what we want except detergent. Lupak! So tomorrow after extra class, going for check up then a quick shop for last minute things.hehe

Alright now for pregnancy update:

How far along? 17 weeks and 6 days! Alhamdulillah!  =)
Size of the baby? My baby is the size of a turnip.

Weight gain? 1kg 

Stretch marks? Alhamdulillah....
Energy level? Normal.
Sleep? Excellent
Maternity clothes? some =)
Comfort level? Heartburn visits regularly now...
Cravings? Midin....die die
Best moment of the week? When B rubbed my belly and had indescribable look on his face =)
What I miss the most? Feeling taller. Y__Y

What I look forward tO? Our big trip tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Howdy people?? Been busy lately and didnt have time to ramble.hehe quick update for things that happened from the past few days.

 Debate Parliamentary Divisional Level - Bukit Cina

We are going to the final dunno-when-yet. Congrats guyssss and also thanks to the ex-debaters who trained the team, came and support on the day!

Dora the Explorer came to visit

 Ikha has grown so much. The last time I saw her was in January =)

Congrats lil bro!

Adik scored straight As in his SPM. Congratulations yo! The plan is to further his study in Japan, regardless of the courses. As long as it is in Japan. Manga freak!

Sending Mom

Today the whole family lepak-ed at KLIA to send Mom. She's gone for Umrah =)

Allah, protect her and bring her back to us safely =)

I was too indulged with family. wah gitu indulge.haha I was having fun spending time with family. B is around too so blog, fb and twitter are abandoned =p

See you people soon!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Last week B went back to Sibu. The last time he was there was early December. He took this picture, our frame on the wall of grandpa's house. MIL hung it there =)

After much conflict with our photographer, they finally delivered what's been promised even it took 7 months.. Thanks guys for keeping your words. I hope what ever happened between us bring good for both of us to learn. Good luck in future and hopefully you will grow even better =)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Superb Weekend

Mom is going for Umrah next week so today we had a kenduri doa selamat. Most of my siblings were around except Amir&Co and Hidayah. Still, I enjoyed every moment surrounded myself with family =)

Hot weather made Ayfa cranky =)

Keji sebab paling kecik. B said I looked 'motherly' wearing instant hijab. Benc! Wore the hijab coz I was too lazy to iron bawal or the weather was too hot to wrap me head with shawl. 

Maxi from Poplook. I didnt look pregnant here.mueheheheh

B is coming home in 4 days. I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 15, 2013


HAHAHAHA Ayfa Maklang geram!!

A conversation between a colleague and me today:

When are you due?

After raya I guess

waaahh so you might miss all the delish raya food la kan??hehe

krik krik*

 Slowly, I rubbed my bump and said:

Baby, please come out slightly later ok. You dowanna miss your first raya food right?? please please please...

The thought of watching other people eat rendang, ketupat, lemang, cookies, mom's penang laksa while I'm wearing sarong, with Kardashian hair bun..........

Work with mommy ok =)  

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pregnancy Update #Week16

Went for a test today. The bump has no difference than last week's =)

How far along? 16 weeks and 2 days! Alhamdulillah!  =)
Size of the baby? My baby is the size of an avocado. Around 12cm hehe
Weight gain? Gained 500g to date
Stretch marks? Still no but my skin is stretching. and it's itchy!
Energy level? Normal.
Sleep? Excellent
Maternity clothes? some =)
Comfort level? i get headache every morning. sometimes it lasted till evening.
Cravings? Chocolate!
Best moment of the week? Baby high five-ed me inside.hehe ticklish!
What I miss the most? My wedges. I feel 'katik' without them.huhu

What I look forward to? B coming home next week. weeeeeeeeeeee

Weekly Wisdom? B's bosses need their 'nuts'. Should shut off the thought of punching them.haha


Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Not sure what happen in there but my stomach has been giving me super discomfort since morning. I feel nauseous most of the time, indigestion and bloating.

It's too much that I dont think I function well today. I feel exhausted and headache wont stop visiting. I want to cry. B and I seldom sent sms today. He worked night shift last night so when I left for school, he slept till noon. When he was awake at noon I was in a meeting. When I was done with meeting, he was in deep nap preparing for tonight's shift. Now that I'm home he's working.

It's hard sometimes to be away from your partner. I know I live with my parents, but I never tell them anything. I never tell mom I got headache, nauseous, bloating. I never tell her how worried sick I am with my anemic condition. I dont even tell her anything after every check up. That's just how we are =)

so when I cant contact B, I feel lonely. Lonely is more depressing than all the symptoms.

 Every time I feel like crying, I look at Ayfa's photos. I want my baby to be as happy as she is. Ayfa, help maklang pleaseeeeeeeee.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Maternity Jeans

I was looking for a good pair of maternity jeans in Melaka. Searched high and low for it but couldnt find any that I love. In Melaka, only Jusco has it but the cutting.....made me feel like Ah Soh. So when B flew back few days ago, I suggested we go to KL. Actually not to find the jeans, but to buy stuffs for our trip. Killing 2 birds with one stone, I took the chance to find a good pair of jeans too.hehe

Anyhoo, I need jeans because we are going to visit a cold place. I cant sleep in an air-conditioned room what more to tolerate a cold city. So B insisted I buy jeans. Ok tipu. I insisted.haha We first went to a boutique at The Curve Damansara. Googled about good maternity boutiques and read one about this boutique called 9 Months. It has the cutting that I wanted which was boot cut.heheh Tried both S and M size and decided to go with M because S fits me too perfectly. I dont think it can cater when my belly expands some more. The sales girl was super friendly, she let me tried on the jeans by myself. No awkward staring or strangers standing very near to you.hehe super comfy!

I have altered the jeans and made it lost its sexiness. Wore heels just to bring out the cutting.haha dasar katik!

The waist can be adjusted to fit the growing belly. this size I think can cater till I get to full moon stage.hehe

The jeans has functional pockets 3 in front, 2 at the back.

Then B said 'Choose another one, one jeans wont do' wah gituuu husband paling memahami.hahaha Unfortunately, the store only has 2 designs - boot cut and slim cut. Slim cut isnt me so we left. So the next day we went to Setia City Mall. My God this mall is heyuuuggeeeeee *kampung mode on* hahaha we went there to shop for winter apparels actually. However, there was H&M also. Heard so much fuss about it but had never been to. After walking around, I told B let's go inside H&M to see whether they have winter collection. Walked further in, my eyes caught something 'MATERNITY WEAR'. HUYEAHHHHHHHHH! AND THE BEST PART THEY HAVE JEANSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! hhehehehehe and the jeans priced from RM119-149 cheaper than the one I bought from The Curve. They also have many cuttings - boot cut, slim cut, straight cut. hehe So B bought another one for me. Thank you B!!!

Till I took this picture, i didnt realise that both jeans are the same colour except this one has a bit of wash out effect on the front part =___='

Kangaroo pouch!!!!!!!!! 

I used to wear size 34...have gone up 4 sizes.haha 38 now =)

The purpose of this post isnt to show off, to brag. Nauzubillah. I'm just sharing my findings because for me, it was a hard search to find a good pair of jeans. Couldnt find one in Melaka. I even considered buying online but the price was wayyyy too expensive. Alhamdulillah, I got 2 pairs with reasonable prices and with the design I like and thank you B for being super understanding =)

See you soon!
Sunday, March 10, 2013

Thank You

As usual, withdrawal moment when B left me to go back to Bintulu.

Since this morning, I have heartburn, indigestion and bloatedness. None of these I had when B was around. When B called just now I told him bout my condition. He told me when he was around for few days, he was actually waiting for all the symptoms to emerge but they didnt. The worst I had were headache and backache.hehe

So I started to think whether these symptoms are psychological.hehe

That could be true also. Coz when people learnt that I dont have morning sickness they said I was strong. My O&G from Putra also said the same thing. If the mom is strong, InsyaAllah everything wont be as bad as the tales. Psychology huh?

Taken last week when I almost passed out while walking. Low HB has started to show it's effect right now .hehe

To B, thank you for showering me with all the attention.

Thanks for waking up at night when I groaned for back pain.

Thanks for massaging my back tho you were scared you might disturb the vein.

Thanks for rubbing my belly when I had cramps.

Thanks for still holding my hands in public tho I now walked like a penguin.

Thanks for finding all the food that the baby wanted to have.

Thanks for telling me how beautiful I am despite my distorted tudung.

Thanks for being my husband =)

*away to go nangis kejap*

Saturday, March 9, 2013


My younger brother has started working in December. Since then, I noticed one thing. I couldn't boss him around anymore. When he was jobless, I would order him to do house chores but since he became 'a man', he started to ignore me. Few weeks ago he was home during weekend. So as usual, I ordered him to vacuum the living room. I gave him my excuse, why I couldnt do it. It's because our vacuum has got no long handle (yang panjang tuuuuu) so if I wanted to do the work, I would need to do a lot of bending. With growing belly, it's painful okay. So after I bla bla bla, he just asnwered 'nanti aku beli yang baru'. PERGHHHHHH orang ada duit dah skarang.haha

Anyhoo, last weekend he was home. So opkos I reminded him every second about the deal. Before he left, he gave some kachingggg and yesterday, despite all the tiredness in the world, at 5.30pm, this walk-like-penguin pregnant lady braved the traffic and landed in Jusco.hahaha 

A quick survey, I bought the vacuum, within the budget, and opkos my favourite color.hhehehehehehehe It's hard for me to resist anything purple. some more on vacuum cleaner??? where the colour is usually black, silver or grey?? anddddd the carpet prop as the illustration?? I have one liddat in my room!!!

Ok dah. bye!

Happy Mommy

B has gone back to Bintulu. But he will fly back to Melaka in 11 days.

I hate going back to an empty room seeing his shirts lying around and the perfume smell still lingers. I do. But I made a promise to at least try not to be sad. I want to be a happy mommy. Because it will affect my baby too.

I said so because you see, my niece Ayfa is such a good and happy go lucky baby. She smiles a lot, hard to see her crying. If we left her on the mattress, she would happily talk to herself, entertain herself. Very easy to take care of. So of course I digged out the secret from my sis in law. She said, she was happy through out her pregnancy with Ayfa. When she was having Adam, she cried a lot. 

So, I think, a baby like Ayfa suits me better.hahaha coz I dont have that much patience in me. bunyi jahat tak?hehe

11 days left. 11 days left. Then we'll go enjoy our honeymoon =)
Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pregnancy Update #Week15

I think I used the wrong title for the 2 posts about updates. Should be pregnancy update instead of baby update?? @.@ what evs.

Going to school cross-country event. Wearing B's shirt coz my shirts have become tight around waist area so not appropriate for all-boys school =)

How far along? 15 weeks and 2 days! Alhamdulillah!  =)
Size of the baby? My baby is the size of an apple. Around 11cm hehe

Weight gain? Static. I've been controlling my food intake =p

Stretch marks? Still no. phewwww~

Energy level? Better. I like to walk around now.

Sleep? Love to lie on my back but it's not good for the baby. haish
Maternity clothes? only pants and skirts =)
Comfort level? I need a small pillow for the lower back now
Cravings? Pasta, Pasta, Pasta - Still =)
Best moment of the week? When the nurse confirmed that the fluffy feeling I felt were my baby's movement. MashaAllah...indescribable. Every now and then I would feel like the baby is knocking on the belly wall and said 'Hi mummy'

What I miss the most? My jeans. I really do. I hate pants other than jeans. Make me feel like I look like Ah Soh =(

What I look forward to? Our big trip. Hopefully everything will go well.

Weekly Wisdom? HB is playing. All is well =)
Sunday, March 3, 2013


There are times where I would complain to B about backache, headache, heartburn, indigestion, dizziness, bloatedness and 1001 symptoms of being pregnant. and as usual, he would always be so sweet about it, giving words of kindness, assurance that all those would pass. Sometimes I would ask him "How do you put up with all my complains?"

and he answered "Well, you are being possessed sayang"

Yup, that's always his answer. Actually he took it for Ust. Azhar Idrus.hehe

It's comforting to have a husband like B. At least I dont feel like I burden him with my symptoms. But......not everything is beautiful aye...there were times where I took mood swing too far and lashed it on him.hehe Sorry B =(
Friday, March 1, 2013

Cat ouf of Bag

It's no surprise that my wardrobe selection has become limited. I have problem choosing something to wear to work. Today I chose a modern Jubah I bought about a year ago. As you can seem, I look rounder.It's a little tight around belly and butt area.hahaha

And I think because of this Jubah, the whole school has found out that I have a package i.e. growing belly. It happened first in my Form 6 class. After we finished the lesson, I was walking out when a girl stopped and asked me:

'Teacher, are you pregnant?'

'Yes. Eh I thought you guys knew already?'

'I have suspiscion la teacher coz you look 'bulging' but I just wanna confirm'


Then in the afternoon male colleagues asked the same question too.
hahahahaha well, it's nice to let people know. Even my Form 3 boys found out too from other teacher. No wonder they were sooo nice to me this week.

Anyhoo, the cat is out now. No point of hiding. Happy instead. No need to hide my bulge with books or file =))

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