Monday, March 11, 2013

Maternity Jeans

I was looking for a good pair of maternity jeans in Melaka. Searched high and low for it but couldnt find any that I love. In Melaka, only Jusco has it but the cutting.....made me feel like Ah Soh. So when B flew back few days ago, I suggested we go to KL. Actually not to find the jeans, but to buy stuffs for our trip. Killing 2 birds with one stone, I took the chance to find a good pair of jeans too.hehe

Anyhoo, I need jeans because we are going to visit a cold place. I cant sleep in an air-conditioned room what more to tolerate a cold city. So B insisted I buy jeans. Ok tipu. I insisted.haha We first went to a boutique at The Curve Damansara. Googled about good maternity boutiques and read one about this boutique called 9 Months. It has the cutting that I wanted which was boot cut.heheh Tried both S and M size and decided to go with M because S fits me too perfectly. I dont think it can cater when my belly expands some more. The sales girl was super friendly, she let me tried on the jeans by myself. No awkward staring or strangers standing very near to you.hehe super comfy!

I have altered the jeans and made it lost its sexiness. Wore heels just to bring out the cutting.haha dasar katik!

The waist can be adjusted to fit the growing belly. this size I think can cater till I get to full moon stage.hehe

The jeans has functional pockets 3 in front, 2 at the back.

Then B said 'Choose another one, one jeans wont do' wah gituuu husband paling memahami.hahaha Unfortunately, the store only has 2 designs - boot cut and slim cut. Slim cut isnt me so we left. So the next day we went to Setia City Mall. My God this mall is heyuuuggeeeeee *kampung mode on* hahaha we went there to shop for winter apparels actually. However, there was H&M also. Heard so much fuss about it but had never been to. After walking around, I told B let's go inside H&M to see whether they have winter collection. Walked further in, my eyes caught something 'MATERNITY WEAR'. HUYEAHHHHHHHHH! AND THE BEST PART THEY HAVE JEANSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! hhehehehehe and the jeans priced from RM119-149 cheaper than the one I bought from The Curve. They also have many cuttings - boot cut, slim cut, straight cut. hehe So B bought another one for me. Thank you B!!!

Till I took this picture, i didnt realise that both jeans are the same colour except this one has a bit of wash out effect on the front part =___='

Kangaroo pouch!!!!!!!!! 

I used to wear size 34...have gone up 4 sizes.haha 38 now =)

The purpose of this post isnt to show off, to brag. Nauzubillah. I'm just sharing my findings because for me, it was a hard search to find a good pair of jeans. Couldnt find one in Melaka. I even considered buying online but the price was wayyyy too expensive. Alhamdulillah, I got 2 pairs with reasonable prices and with the design I like and thank you B for being super understanding =)

See you soon!
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