Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Mommy

B has gone back to Bintulu. But he will fly back to Melaka in 11 days.

I hate going back to an empty room seeing his shirts lying around and the perfume smell still lingers. I do. But I made a promise to at least try not to be sad. I want to be a happy mommy. Because it will affect my baby too.

I said so because you see, my niece Ayfa is such a good and happy go lucky baby. She smiles a lot, hard to see her crying. If we left her on the mattress, she would happily talk to herself, entertain herself. Very easy to take care of. So of course I digged out the secret from my sis in law. She said, she was happy through out her pregnancy with Ayfa. When she was having Adam, she cried a lot. 

So, I think, a baby like Ayfa suits me better.hahaha coz I dont have that much patience in me. bunyi jahat tak?hehe

11 days left. 11 days left. Then we'll go enjoy our honeymoon =)
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