Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Not sure what happen in there but my stomach has been giving me super discomfort since morning. I feel nauseous most of the time, indigestion and bloating.

It's too much that I dont think I function well today. I feel exhausted and headache wont stop visiting. I want to cry. B and I seldom sent sms today. He worked night shift last night so when I left for school, he slept till noon. When he was awake at noon I was in a meeting. When I was done with meeting, he was in deep nap preparing for tonight's shift. Now that I'm home he's working.

It's hard sometimes to be away from your partner. I know I live with my parents, but I never tell them anything. I never tell mom I got headache, nauseous, bloating. I never tell her how worried sick I am with my anemic condition. I dont even tell her anything after every check up. That's just how we are =)

so when I cant contact B, I feel lonely. Lonely is more depressing than all the symptoms.

 Every time I feel like crying, I look at Ayfa's photos. I want my baby to be as happy as she is. Ayfa, help maklang pleaseeeeeeeee.

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