Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pregnancy Update #Week 17

What we've been up to since 12 hours ago...

Thanks Penny for letting me belly and arms to fit into you.hehehe

My Mommy sandal died on Thursday. Been walking in flip flops since but today my back couldnt take it anymore. So much pain on the back and calves so B bought a new pair =)

Today we went to several places looking for stuffs for the trip. I never knew I had so much energy to be walking that long.haha anyhoo, we got what we want except detergent. Lupak! So tomorrow after extra class, going for check up then a quick shop for last minute things.hehe

Alright now for pregnancy update:

How far along? 17 weeks and 6 days! Alhamdulillah!  =)
Size of the baby? My baby is the size of a turnip.

Weight gain? 1kg 

Stretch marks? Alhamdulillah....
Energy level? Normal.
Sleep? Excellent
Maternity clothes? some =)
Comfort level? Heartburn visits regularly now...
Cravings? Midin....die die
Best moment of the week? When B rubbed my belly and had indescribable look on his face =)
What I miss the most? Feeling taller. Y__Y

What I look forward tO? Our big trip tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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