Sunday, January 18, 2015


It's the 18th day since we entered 2015. Gotta say I feel better each day. I feel fresh. I feel optimist. I havent felt stress or depress or unhappy. Or negative. Unlike my 2014

This by far the longest time I feel relax since forever.haha Alhamdulillah for this blessing.

I can just pray for this good feeling to continue. Be positive everyone!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

What goes around.....

....comes around....eventually.

This is one fundamental concept I learn this new year. There was so much fuss on my Fb timeline about this expose vs expose in Singapore. Not gonna talk about the expose but I was curios why there are so much hatred against this lady. So I did a little research. Well, useless coz it doesnt concern me but hey,I was curious.

Well, to sum it up, this lady loves to throw stones at people since she was younger in the industry. The one thing I couldnt accept how she would insult someone else's baby and now that she is her mother herself, the stones were coming back at her. Though it is NOT RIGHT to involve young innocent baby in the hatred-conflict, she had it coming by the way. I pity the baby though coz to me, the baby is super cute. hehe

Anyhoo, that's karma, or whatever concept you believe. Things you do today might turn back at you, to hurt you or worse your loved ones. Unless it's a good one.

Since I become a mother, I am really scared anything bad or harmful happen to Minmin. Nauzubillah...I hope he will always be under the blessing around the people who love him.

So, let's be a better person today. Whenever you feel like bashing someone on social media like FB, twitter, blog, stop and reflect. We are not perfect. They arent too.

Be nice. One day it could be our turn.

This is so true. We could realize it, but so much later after endless of reflections. 

Be nice. A strict reminder, to myself!

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