Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How's your raya? =)

Mine was moderate but good. Not so happening like the previous year but I still had a good time. (Ceh baru raya ke-2 kot??)

I wasnt expecting any duit raya this year but still uncles and aunties were super kind giving me some. Initially I refused but they insisted. Rezeki jangan ditolak. ye dak?? So total earning of duit raya this year isssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss RM140. Hehe cannot beat last year record. But still, rezeeekiiiiiii =p the perk was when my cousins who are working right now were RM140 poorer than me. how cool is that?

Dont like this year raya pic. Didnt take candid shot because we were rushing to go to Nenek's. So I made the size the smallest. Keji tak? The camera is showing sign of it's-time-to-get-a-new-one. T___T. Most of the pics taken are blur.

This is my favourite. At 1st my sis wanted to take her picture in front of Pak Hitam;s house. A traditional house of Melaka. Suddenly everyone wanted to be in. line people! haha All girls of Mustafa's.

and of course the center of attention, this girl. Every where we went, she never failed to attract attention. Witty!

So how's yours?
Friday, August 26, 2011


looking for 'kit' (cat) together

Riding on Ikha's car. =D

Hopping on Pak Ngah's back

Rempiting on Atok's bike when Adam accidentally pressed the 'minyak' too loud and both got shocked.hahaha

The entity was Ikha, disturbing Adam on his Tahiyyat Akhir.

Adam was mumbling, like he was really praying.hahaha

Am so happy today. been laughing non stop watching my babies playing together.

At this moment, I just dont want to care about posting. Nak raya kot. =p

So any news about posting, rumours, gossips, I'll just close both eyes.hehehe

Selamat Hari Raya.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Mode

I have 3 main reasons to be happy, in a good mood today.

1st: My second batch of Honey cornflakes was a success. Thank you Kak Zizi and my sis Iffa for the tips =)

2nd: Achieve one of my goals for Ramadhan: Khatam Al-Quran. I'm so grateful and thankful to be able to finish what I started. Alhamdulillah.

3rd: My bro, Umar and Co arrived today, late afternoon. Been playing with my cheeky nephew since stepped into the house =DDDDDD

This is the first time he posed in front of the camera. Mak Lang is super happy la...

My second brother will arrive tonight, late midnight InsyaAllah. He's driving from Penang with my SIL and Niece. Tomorrow, I'll be in much happier mood. And all my siblings will be homed too.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Things to do TODAY

Tomorrow both brothers & Co will be homed. Am waiting till the last minute to do the house chores. Naahhhh. truth is yesterday was too caught up doing the paper flowers.haha

So list of things to do today:

  1. Wash all the bed sheets. Literally ALL.
  2. Wash the bathrooms. tho I already did that. Just to get in the spirit.ngeee
  3. Sweep and mop the floor.
  4. Arrange the kitchen. my kitchen looks like reban ayam with all baking stuffs, ingredients and what not laying around. =.='
  5. Clean the rooms.
  6. ...
Enoughla with 6. Nak patah pinggang ke?hihi ei cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait!
Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The other day, I have this thought whether the way I perform my prayer is right. And today, Mom bought a book from her colleague. This book. God works in the most mysterious way, right? =)

Ensiklopedia Solat by Datuk Jahi Md Hashim Yahaya. A good read with detail explanations and illustrations.

The book is divided to many sections: types of solah, and other permasalahan wudhu, mandi wajib, etc. Bottom line: almost perfect.

The first thing I went to look for was Sujud Syukur. Honestly, I didnt know why I wanted to go specifically to that page but I did. And on the introduction page, I feel embarrass to Allah, and myself. There was this hadith from Muhammad PBUH about being thankful of everything that you have.

(I dont dare to translate it to English using my own words. Lotsa apologies )

Sabda Rasullullah S.A.W:

"Sesiapa yang tidak bersyukur dengan benda yang sedikit, dia juga tidak akan bersyukur dengan benda yang banyak".

(Riwayat Ahmad dalam Musnad Ahmad, Kitab Awal Musnah ahli Kufah: Bab baki Hadis al-Nu'man bin Basyir r.a.)

Those words speak to me, to my soul. I feet small, embarrased, ungrateful, timid. Because they are true.

I still have food in my belly.
I still have clothes on my skin, lot more in the cupboard.
I still have roof upon my head.
I still have laptop to play computer games.
I still have loving supportive family.

I cursed the government on daily basis.
My curses have replaced my dzikr to my Creator.
I cursed and cursed.
I cursed of the uncertainties.

But looking back, the government has made me happy for 6 years. The government gave me money to study, to buy clothes, to go for vacation, to prepare for my engagement. and I cant bear to be jobless for few months?

I know in few months, weeks, days if this situation continues am gonna collapse again. But this time I will curse no more. Like Kak Zizi said, "Crying doesnt meant that we are weak, but it means we have been standing for too long". Thank you kak *hugss*

There will be times that I feel like giving up because sometimes I do. But I wont stop believing that soon my rezki will arrive. I just dont know when. we just dont.

Malu. VERY.

p/s Belajar bersyukur Nurul. BELAJAR!!!!!!!!!!

Tolong la....

Please tell me that these are gorgeous. Pweeesssssssssssss...

Using crepe papers: dark purple and blue. The Blue one's kinda big. The purple one is the correct size. 

I'm planning to use this for hantaran deco. Biarla nampak murah. Coz memang cheap whatttt... Those are not end product FYI. I just wanna see how they look like after the arrangement. thee hee...

1 crepe paper = RM0.50
Can be made into 4 flowers.

One tray approximately needs 9-10 flowers.
Might have 9 trays.

So total:

10 flowers (lets round up for this time) x 9 trays

= 90 flowers/4

= 22.5
= 23 sheets of crepe papers x 0.50


For polisterine base, 1 = RM1.80

9 trays - 2 trays (cake and sirih junjung)

= 7 trays x RM1.80
= rm12.60

So grand total
= RM11.50 + RM12.60
= RM24.50.

heheheheheh ai sukoooooooo. 

Other stuffs like wires, glue, extra flowers, I still have those extra for engagement. So I dont need to buy them. But am gonna round up the total budget to RM50 la. coz who knows what might turn up in the future.hihi

Ok la. For Ambun, ok sik tok??hehe

p/s Learn to be frugal. Need to be more money wise starting from now.hehe Bye!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hari ini

Pertama kalinya, aku menangis di hadapan Tuhanku. Aku malu. Ke mana hilangnya semua iman dan ketabahanku? Aku kecundang hari ini.

Raya semakin hampir. Dan semakin nipis ku rasa harga diriku.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

4 months

Shafiq pointed out yesterday that the last day we sat for exam paper was on 20th of April and yesterday was 20th August. 4 months!!!!!!!!!!!! i have been unemployed, praying for miracle everyday.

Now I now how tired to be waiting for something uncertain. sometimes when my iman is wobbly, i would want to curse everybody. if we can collect and see curses, I believe Muhyiddin might be buried in curses.

If you have a job, be thankful.

Lately when B was talking or complaining about work, I kept quite. when he;s done talking, I said:

'Sekpala masalah sikit ya. Ujong bulan tetap dapat gaji. at least ktk gik ada keja"

Ya I;m that psycho now. B, sorry if I seem not to listen to your grumbles but... well, my situation is just a phase. it'll go away once I get to work =D

p/s penat dah nak jawab soalan bila posting. but on a different note: at least people will stop asking coz raya is approaching. hopefully there's news after raya. InsyaAllah.
Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rozita Che Wan: Apa nak jadi?

I'm not trying to create any provocation. But have you noticed lately, how often Rozita Che Wan appears on our national newspapers? Be it Bharian, HMetro. What more gossips board. And the same stories are being featured every time. Undeniably, you have a true Malay female beauty, great figure, soft voice. But that's not the license to sell yourself that....err.... cheap.

"Rozita minat lelaki muda
Rozita bakal berkahwin tapi tak ada calon
Rozita tak minat VVIP
Rozita bla bla bla.."

Never a single news regarding her career. I think she's portraying bad images for all single mothers out there whom main intention is to grab any man available.

Recently she made a statement on a newspaper that she prefers younger men than older men. What the? If the statement she made about men is like once in a blue moon, it still acceptable. But to be reading about her proll for men, younger men specifically, it's disgusting. Have some pride woman! You have children to look for. Dont sell yourself like a cheap tart, boleh akak? =)

p/s Tak sanggup nak baca statement beliau pasal bertudung. Semoga ahkak Rozita terbuka hati untuk menjadi lebih baik. =)
Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm not fit

Today was ingredient hunting day with mom. Ingredient to bake cookies that is. We went out around 2.30 pm, to Masjid Tanah. Our first destination was Cocoa Bake House, a shop selling many baking stuffs. After that, we walked around the shops selling clothes for Raya. Mom was hunting for her Baju Raya while I helped and gave comments on her choices.

When we arrived at the 6th store, I literally collapsed on my feet. I sat down in front of the store, ignoring all the passers by looking at me. I must've looked like a peminta sedekah. =p Mom bought her baju. Yeeay!

Then we walked to the nearest Bazaar. The weather was humid, the sun had no mercy on me. It was scorching hot!! But I realised something today. While I was dragging my feet walking around the stalls, Mom looked very active. I was left behind her about 3-4 feet while she walked around. Sometimes she had to stop and wait for me.

Boo hooo~~~

When we got home, I went straight to my room, lied down and fell asleep. But mom, as hard as steel,was busy preparing meals in the kitchen.

Later that evening, I went to see mom in the kitchen and talked to her about my tiredness. Then she said 'I'm more fit than you"


thanks for reading this.


Tak bagi duit raya baru tau.

I hate Government. I hate KPM. I hate Muhyiddin. 

at the moment.

But I also have reasons to love government, KPM but not Muhyiddin.

I believe those monkey infants are fatter and we are left being skinny,

Eh bukan ko nak jadi skinny ka nurul?

Betul jugak. eh biar la aku jadi skinny,

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DIY Bunga Tissue: Carnation

This afternoon I was feeling really bored and the weather isnt helping at all. I decided to make carnation flower using tissues. My first attempt didnt go really well, so I decided to try again. This time I took pictures of the step. Just to share with all my lovely readers =)

First of all, lemme show you how carnation looks like in real.

Beautiful right?

Since I still have pink tissues in the cupboard, I decided to try making my own carnation. Here's mine:

Sama tak? hik hik *gedik*

 here are the steps. Very easy and it takes about 5-10 minutes to complete one flower.

1. Cut the tissue into half.

2. Pile each ply onto one another. Make a stack.

3. Fold them like making a paper fan. *ala macam kraf time tadika..hee*

This one for clearer view

4. Tie using wire or threads in the middle. Make sure it's tight. After that, pull each ply slowly.

Pull each ply according to the arrow.hehe macam kopak satu2 jadi kelopak.


I made 2 sizes. One is L size, the other one is S size.

I feel soooo proud of myself. Yerpp i know this is a very simple DIY but knowing that those comes from my 'jantan' hand, the feeling is unbelievable.

One note: pull the tissue slowly, if too rough you might spoil I did. I read that we can use crepe paper as well. Might buy them the next time I go out. Happy trying yalls!!!

p/s Anyhoo, I was inspired by this:

Check out this Kakak's works here. She made them look really gorgeous. woot woot.

You can also check this blog for another tutorial =)
Monday, August 15, 2011

felt phone pouch

This is my latest craft.haha a phone pouch for ma galaxy. Actually not so latest la.completed last 2 weeks oredi.

It's kinda plain and a bit big the size. Well at least my phone screen will be kept safe in my handbag with this thing!

My next project would be MP3 casing but feeling lazy at the moment.

P/s am really bad with color combination.will try to figure out soon =_=
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I love this! Different shades of purple :-)

I just learned that purple in old malay sarawakian dialect is 'kodok' =_='

When is this love-hate relationship with frogs going to end?

Picture was taken at Jusco Bandaraya 2weeks ago.
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Sunday, August 14, 2011


My life is just plain boring lately. Hence the 'updateless' blog.

Since I posted about whining, err...banyak pula yang terasa.

That post was meant specifically for one person only. Kenapa tiba-tiba ramai yer?

Saya minta maaf jika ada yang terasa. Raya jemput datang rumah =)

Friday, August 12, 2011


If you truly care for somebody, make doa for them. If you truly dislike somebody, make doa for them. Doa is universal. It heals 

I retweeted this quote from I love Islam. It's simple yet meaningful. I never thought of this before. And since the knowledge, I've been practicing this. Alhamdulillah, it takes away some burden and resentment. You should try.

In this holy month let us speak with manners, no profanities, no hatred. Hopefully this practice will take you miles even after the month has ended.

Approximately, 18 days left before Syawal. What have you done@ achieved? 

Hopefully all of us will be blessed with health, wealth, happiness. InsyaAllah.

p/s ada bunyi Ustazah tak? hihi
p/p/s I hope for something different this Ramadhan and I'm making it different. Life's good so far. =D

Yummiest Roti John Recipe!

For this fasting month, Mom has decided to make home made Roti John since the ones sold at Param (Pasar Ramadhan) are always too-much-egg kinda. Mom learnt this recipe from her colleague at school who's husband is selling Roti John at Param =)

I feel like sharing because this home made Roti John tastes 1000x better. Guaranteed!!

As usual, we start with ingredients:

Chicken or Beef patty. Mix with 2 eggs (beaten mildly) and onion and daun sup (optional). 

2. Small slices of cabbage + carrot + mayonnaise.

This special bread for Roti John. All the ingredients are enough for one bread.

The step:

  1. Spread the beef patty mixture on the bread. Heat the frying pan. Fry the bread.
  2. Wait until the meat is cooked.
  3. Spread the salads on the bread.
  4. Cut into slices.

Ok I know the picture is not tempting at all. I forgot to take it when it's freshly cooked =.='

Anyhoo, you can also use minced meat but the meat has to be fried first. Because it's thicker than beef patty.haha


Happy Fasting everyone! =)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blessing that is~

There's not even a day in my life I would not ponder and think why I am still at home, not working.

And today my question has been answered.

It happened 2 hours before iftar where I sat in the living room, folding clean laundry.

There was an advertisement/scene in the tv that brought me thinking: "When was the last time I spent the whole Ramadhan at home?"

My degree years? Err nope.

My foundation years? Double nope.

My secondary school years? Nope nope nope.

Then only I realised, the last time was when I was in Primary 6. Which is about 12 years ago!!!

I've been living in the hostels for 12 freakin' years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I smiled to myself upon this realization. Am totally at peace now. Though I'm worried, whining, stressing about being unemployed, little did I know that I've been blessed actually. To be at home, having sahur and iftar closest to family, perform Tarawikh together at the mosque... Thinking back, when will I get this chance again in the future???

Plus whenever I talk to mom about work, she will ALWAYS says this: 'Allah wants you to be at home for Ramadhan'.. see see..hee... and for this Ramadhan, I have targets and goals I wanna to achieve. And if i'm working right now, those goals might not be achieved.

InsyaAllah this year will be the final year I'm celebrating Ramadhan and Aidilfitri as a single person. Next year I might be in Sibu for Raya =)

It's nice when you can see from different perspective, positive view that is.

I've been blessed all along. Alhamdulillah!

Wedding Budget @.@

Mom used to tell me that Guys dont always budget/ control their financial. This leads to me forcing B to prepare a budget for the reception on his side i.e. Sibu. Am lazy to paste the whole breakdown of the expenses but imma show the gross budget for the whole reception.

If you feel rajin, click the picture for a larger view.

Anyway, B was astounded with this amount, something that he did not expect. If you notice, the upper column contains all KIV matters, things that we are not sure of. Berapa eh bayar kadi?

But this is just a budget. Along the way we will try to cut some of the things that may not be necessary and will focus more on things that need the utmost attention. Me, as a future wife to be will try very very hard to help him along the way. Semoga rezeki kami murah!

So to all potential husband to be, please please please get ready with a budget for your wedding. Wedding is the only occassion in your life where you'll fork out cashes just like you poop in the toilet. 

k tengs bai

p/s Rezeki will come in many forms. InsyaAllah~

p/p/s Baru teringat we have not attended Kursus Kahwin. T___T sebok nak kahwin =p

step by step tutorial for Blanket Stitch


Today is less words Thursday.  I wanna share a Blanket Stitch tutorial or 'jahitan selimut' @.@'

I hope the pictures need no explanation as I already made it very detailed. Hope so la.. =)









Repeat Step 4 - Step 6


Blanket Stitch is traditionally used to edge blanket. But now it is widely used in Crafting since the effects is so obvious and I just love this stitch. Below are some of the things I sew using this technique. But my workmanship needs more practice =.='

For more info regarding this technique, please visit this blog =)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Self worth

At the moment, my self worth has gone down to almost zero because I'm unemployed. I feel like I'm worthless to my family and most important thing to myself. that's the most devastating facts that I have to live for till the call arrives.

Beginning of Season 4 of How I Met Your Mother, I watched how Marshall struggled to get a job, to find reason to put on pants every morning. While watching that, I laughed at his silliness. And now, while this happening to me, I dont have any power to laugh at myself anymore. I am just worthless.

Last year my dad told me something, an advice that father not usually tells his child but damn true. He said: Money is not everything but money gives you confidence.

Now how many of you agree with this? it was one of the reason why my dad transferred to Brunei last time, because of money. not primarily but that reason still stands.

Nowadays, when I hang out with cousins, my self confidence is being peeled layer by layer. when we sat and talked, the topic of discussion would always be about workplace, colleague, salary, life. And I have none. the worst part is I used B's as my shield, I talked about his workplace etc. I know I'm that pathetic.

Sometimes reading tweets from cousins about their work made me feel like deactivating my tweeter account.

Without a job, I have no power over myself. I have no right to say no to people. and I have zero reason to shop. I have no say in discussing my wedding. I have no in most of the deals la~

I want to feel confident again. I want to feel like I'm worth more than just a bibik at home. I want to feel in control.

B and I did talk about postponing our date for wedding. I thought of doing it end of next year but B is against the idea. I have soooo many plans for my own wedding but because I'm lagging like 2 months of working, so far I have to scratch few things from the list. If this continue, I might want to get married at Jabatan Agama je noks!

I can complain, whine all I want but it wont change a thing. Plus, some people is in more tense condition than me. Like my friend Leen, she's expecting a baby in early October. She;s gonna need all the money in the world, like PRONTO!

Ok la. Bulan Puasa. Banyakkan doa. Banyakkan solat. Banyakkan berQuran. InsyaAllah rezeki itu datang.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good old days =)

Today my auntie uploaded pictures on her FB. Pictures when she was still young, when we were still young. I couldnt stop smiling looking at those pics and started to reminisce. Ahh...good old days always bring smiles to my face. I saved some pictures - well I admit, pictures that I think I look cute in it.hahahaha

I'm the cute girl in the pink dress. Haha the dress has been in our family for generations. Now my anak buah in Kedah has it now =p

I have always been the shortest and chubbiest....till now....=.='

ceh..ceh..ceh...ko rasa kachakk??? ok weol dah besar orait. One was missing. Raya 2010 =)

I lurveeeeeeee this picture. and I still remembered the dress. When we were younger, Anis and I have always been 'fighting' to have the most fabulous dress ever.hahah but looking back now, the dresses looked soooo old fashion yaww~

I also notice something. I looked like Adam or Adam looks like me when i was younger, no?

Monday, August 8, 2011

About Baju Raya~

I've got some smses from cousins about my baju raya. feel like a little girl again =)

For this raya, am gonna reuse back my engagement attire. That's been the idea since I bought the baju kurung. I want something wearable.hihi

This is the baju. hee now i need to find a matching tudung bawal.


p/s what's your baju raya?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

losing words

I've been losing words to blog lately.i did have some drafts waiting to be edited and published.but i dont seem to be writing at the moment. My words feel lifeless, boring and dull. And i'm not sure what's the cause.

Hopefully i can get back in full speed to blog again. I just love reading my own posts :-D lalalala~~

Anyhoo, i dreamnt about posting last night. In that dream, i received a letter regarding my posting. Guess what? I got Ipoh Perak as the area o_O hahha now that's scary.

Tonight i went to the mosque for tarawikh for the 1st time this year. I felt so much in peace. A feeling i couldnt describe.

Hopefully this ramadhan will bring much blessings to all of us :-)

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Different paths

Assalamualaikum and morning everyone.

Today am feeling a lil bit gloomy and wanna pour what's been inside my head for too long.

When I was in Form 5, I was one of the higher achievers among my batch. and when SPM result was announced, I ranked at 4th or 5th among my batch. Most teachers I went to say thank you patted my shoulder, hugged me or the ustaz recited duas for my future. I felt important. Many people I know didnt do really well.

When I got into Matriculation College, I was proud of myself. Then I got offered into teaching course. I felt even prouder.


6 years down the road, am still sitting at home, unbath, messy hair typing in front of the laptop.\

Some of my friends have tasted a lil bit of their success. Some did well in business, accounting, admin and many other jobs. Some have bought houses, cars, 'wives'.hehe. Me? still here.

My point here is.....i dont know how to put them in words. Without many A'SSES in the certificate one can really succeed with will power.

Yes I'm jealous with my friends.even with B. 

I dont look for being rich. I just want  to feel like I'm worth of something, feel important like years ago. Now people just look at me with pity.dem!

heck. I'm babbling. 

mandi la wehhhhhhhh


p/s this post is not intended to boast. 
Friday, August 5, 2011

Granted Buffered Earning again after a year.


Today as usual I logged into my Nuffnang account just to check on traffic. and to check on the earning. Usually I didnt bother to click the earning button, just enough to move the cursor and see the pop-up effect showing how less my money is.haha but today, I was surprised because in a day RM10 was added to the value. So I then clicked on the button to see the break down of the ads that are on my blog.

Surprise surprise!

I got buffered earning baby!! woot! woot!

I last got it last year, in my previous blog. when I created, as expected I lost all my buffered campaigns. However, to my surprise I've been earning since May 2011 actually. Alhamdulillah. My part of rezeki has finally arrived. I couldnt stop smiling =)

The red box shows the last time I got buffered earning which is almost a year ago. and I was granted back on May this year. If I had known earlier...hee

Though I'm blogging for fun, i'm still excited to get some income from my writing. Who wouldnt? Dont have to fork out a single cent yo, dont have to brain my rusty brain for post. hehehehehe

and again Alhamdulillah. at least I have some side income for wedding right?

p/s anggap ini rezeki nak kahwin =p
Thursday, August 4, 2011


I just hate it whenever I log into Facebook and have to read very depressing status.

that's why I only visit my fb like once a day. i now tweet instead.

if you really have nothing else to do, go cook, sew, dance, garden or any other physical activities that not only take your mind off being unemployed but beneficial too.

Kudos to some of my classmates who spend their time cooking, dancing, bibiking, part timing or sit quietly at home.

And kudos to Shafiq also who has never gone tired working on our posting thingy.

some people just sit around and whine and wait for other people to do something.

I can hide you but i've hid you from my wall too many times already and am tired had to undo the hide thingy.

ok now i'm done whining.

p/s just fyi, i have emailed KPM 2times and and called once and the answers were always depressing =,='

p/s in case you dont believe me, here I paste the reply I got from KPM. It didnt help at all anyway. hee this letter might be useful for GST la...

This is my letter to KPM. 

Saya Siti Nurul Ain, pelajar jurusan TESL ambilan Julai 2005 bawah tajaan BPG. Saya ingin bertanya bilakah kami akan diberi penempatan kerana sehingga kini masih belum mendapat apa-apa maklumat mengenainya.

Kami sudah mengisi borang penempatan 2 tahun sebelum tamat pengajian. 
Harap mendapat maklum balas secepat mungkin dari pihak kementerian.
Terima Kasih.
Kementerian Pelajaran

AND this is the reply:


Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia ingin merujuk kepada pertanyaan Cik/Puan Siti Nurul Ain Binti Abdul Razak rujukan : 204056 bertarikh 11hb Julai 2011 berkaitan dengan Permohonan Guru Sandaran Siswazah Terlatih.
Untuk makluman,  bagi calon yang memiliki Ijazah Sarjana Muda Pendidikan dari Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Awam perlu memohon sebagai Guru Sandaran Terlatih (GST) melalui aplikasi atas talian (e-GST) di laman sesawang Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia melalui capaian

Untuk pengetahuan puan, permohonan temuduga Guru Sandaran Siswazah Terlatih melalui aplikasi e-GST telah dibuka pada 20hb Disember 2010 dan telah ditutup pada 15hb Januari 2011 yang lalu. Namun begitu, tiada tarikh yang tetap bagi sesi permohonan seterusnya akan dibuka.

Oleh yang demikian, adalah disarankan kepada puan untuk membuat semakan di laman sesawang Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia dari semasa ke semasa bagi mendapatkan sebarang pemberitahuan dan maklumat terkini berkaitan dengan permohonan temuduga Guru Sandaran Terlatih melalui aplikasi e-GST tersebut.

Berikut adalah syarat-syarat asas bagi permohonan e-GST :-

    1.   Kewarganegaraan - Pemohon mestilah warganegara Malaysia.

    2.   Umur - Pemohon mestilah berumur tidak kurang dari 18 tahun semasa pada tarikh tutup iklan dan kurang daripada 50 tahun pada tarikh permohonan.

    3.   Kelayakan :-
              i. Memiliki Ijazah Sarjana Muda Pendidikan yang diiktiraf oleh kerajaan; atau
              ii. Memiliki Ijazah Sarjana Muda yang diiktiraf oleh kerajaan serta Diploma Pendidikan yang diiktiraf oleh kerajaan; dan
              iii. Mendapat kepujian Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia (termasuk lulus ujian Lisan) pada peringkat Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia atau kelulusan yang diiktiraf setaraf dengannya oleh kerajaan.

    4. Calon yang telah disahkan Senat Universiti telah tamat pengajian dan layak dianugerahkan Ijazah/Diploma berkenaan juga layak memohon.

Panggilan temuduga Guru Sandaran Siswazah Terlatih akan dikeluarkan dalam tempoh enam (6) bulan dari tarikh permohonan e-GST. Sekiranya tiada maklumbalas diterima dalam tempoh tersebut, permohonan tersebut dianggap gagal dan disarankan untuk membuat permohonan baru.

Selain itu, pengambilan Guru Sandaran Siswazah Terlatih adalah berdasarkan kepada kekosongan tempat, opsyen pengajaran dan juga keperluan perkhidmatan di sesebuah kawasan. Penempatan Guru Sandaran Siswazah Terlatih juga akan dikeluarkan dalam tempoh enam (6) bulan selepas tarikh temuduga dijalankan. Sekiranya tiada maklumbalas diterima dalam tempoh tersebut, permohonan tersebut dianggap gagal dan disarankan juga untuk membuat permohonan baru.

Walaubagaimanapun tiada tarikh yang ditetapkan bagi panggilan temuduga dan juga pemberian penempatan bagi Guru Sandaran Siswazah Terlatih. Oleh itu calon-calon disarankan untuk membuat semakan dari semasa ke semasa di laman sesawang Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia melalui capaian seperti di atas bagi mendapatkan sebarang pemberitahuan dan makluman terkini berkaitan dengan perkara tersebut.
Diharap maklumat/jawapan yang diberi dapat membantu Cik/Puan Siti Nurul Ain Binti Abdul Razak.

Sebarang maklumat lanjut, sila hubungi, Khidmat Pelanggan KPM (KPKPM)  di talian 03-77237070 dengan memaklumkan nombor rujukan puan seperti di atas.

Terima kasih kerana berurusan dengan KPKPM.



Yang benar,

Eksekutif Khidmat Pelanggan
Bahagian Khidmat Pelanggan
Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia
Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Ramadhan Stories #3

I was at my mom's village at Sik, Kedah. Mom wanted to go to Sungai Petani to shop for raya. I badly wanted to go because I was bored staying in the house with no one to play with. Mom said 'no' because she said it would be tiring to tag along. and she said I would find excuses not to fast. =.='

When she left, I was soo angry. I was like fuming. But I didnt want to make a scene. So I just sat at the kitchen chair. My hand suddenly grabbed for 'kacip pinang' and buah pinang. I started to slice the pinang like my grandpa, 'Che' did. I made few slices. and put them in my mouth.

I made slices like these. hehe

I chewed like my grandma did. Slow motion. I ate almost half of the pinang. That's a lot considering that I wasnt a pinang fan. After that, I felt really thirsty. I wanted to drink some water. then only I remembered I was fasting!!! I cursed myself. I learned that if not purposely eat, my fast was still valid. I cursed because I was parched yet couldnt drink.

You see, I was really angry that I didnt realize I was eating. However, few minutes later I was secretly hoping that it was real food I was eating. Not pinang. I looked at the wall clock. It was around 1pm. A long way to go before dawn. T______T

I had to bear with parched throat that whole day.
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