Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm not fit

Today was ingredient hunting day with mom. Ingredient to bake cookies that is. We went out around 2.30 pm, to Masjid Tanah. Our first destination was Cocoa Bake House, a shop selling many baking stuffs. After that, we walked around the shops selling clothes for Raya. Mom was hunting for her Baju Raya while I helped and gave comments on her choices.

When we arrived at the 6th store, I literally collapsed on my feet. I sat down in front of the store, ignoring all the passers by looking at me. I must've looked like a peminta sedekah. =p Mom bought her baju. Yeeay!

Then we walked to the nearest Bazaar. The weather was humid, the sun had no mercy on me. It was scorching hot!! But I realised something today. While I was dragging my feet walking around the stalls, Mom looked very active. I was left behind her about 3-4 feet while she walked around. Sometimes she had to stop and wait for me.

Boo hooo~~~

When we got home, I went straight to my room, lied down and fell asleep. But mom, as hard as steel,was busy preparing meals in the kitchen.

Later that evening, I went to see mom in the kitchen and talked to her about my tiredness. Then she said 'I'm more fit than you"


thanks for reading this.



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