Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Ramadhan Stories #3

I was at my mom's village at Sik, Kedah. Mom wanted to go to Sungai Petani to shop for raya. I badly wanted to go because I was bored staying in the house with no one to play with. Mom said 'no' because she said it would be tiring to tag along. and she said I would find excuses not to fast. =.='

When she left, I was soo angry. I was like fuming. But I didnt want to make a scene. So I just sat at the kitchen chair. My hand suddenly grabbed for 'kacip pinang' and buah pinang. I started to slice the pinang like my grandpa, 'Che' did. I made few slices. and put them in my mouth.

I made slices like these. hehe

I chewed like my grandma did. Slow motion. I ate almost half of the pinang. That's a lot considering that I wasnt a pinang fan. After that, I felt really thirsty. I wanted to drink some water. then only I remembered I was fasting!!! I cursed myself. I learned that if not purposely eat, my fast was still valid. I cursed because I was parched yet couldnt drink.

You see, I was really angry that I didnt realize I was eating. However, few minutes later I was secretly hoping that it was real food I was eating. Not pinang. I looked at the wall clock. It was around 1pm. A long way to go before dawn. T______T

I had to bear with parched throat that whole day.


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