Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wedding Budget @.@

Mom used to tell me that Guys dont always budget/ control their financial. This leads to me forcing B to prepare a budget for the reception on his side i.e. Sibu. Am lazy to paste the whole breakdown of the expenses but imma show the gross budget for the whole reception.

If you feel rajin, click the picture for a larger view.

Anyway, B was astounded with this amount, something that he did not expect. If you notice, the upper column contains all KIV matters, things that we are not sure of. Berapa eh bayar kadi?

But this is just a budget. Along the way we will try to cut some of the things that may not be necessary and will focus more on things that need the utmost attention. Me, as a future wife to be will try very very hard to help him along the way. Semoga rezeki kami murah!

So to all potential husband to be, please please please get ready with a budget for your wedding. Wedding is the only occassion in your life where you'll fork out cashes just like you poop in the toilet. 

k tengs bai

p/s Rezeki will come in many forms. InsyaAllah~

p/p/s Baru teringat we have not attended Kursus Kahwin. T___T sebok nak kahwin =p


Sue Andy's said...

Kadi mun sitok im not sure. but masa i nikah dlok, berik nya cash money (tpulang tp jangan la rm5 oo? hehe). kain pelikat or sepasang baju melayu. it's better to see the tok kadi before nikah. bincang or tanyak nya apa lafaz akad negeri or apa yang perlu gik untuk majlis akad. just my opinion :)

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