Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rozita Che Wan: Apa nak jadi?

I'm not trying to create any provocation. But have you noticed lately, how often Rozita Che Wan appears on our national newspapers? Be it Bharian, HMetro. What more gossips board. And the same stories are being featured every time. Undeniably, you have a true Malay female beauty, great figure, soft voice. But that's not the license to sell yourself that....err.... cheap.

"Rozita minat lelaki muda
Rozita bakal berkahwin tapi tak ada calon
Rozita tak minat VVIP
Rozita bla bla bla.."

Never a single news regarding her career. I think she's portraying bad images for all single mothers out there whom main intention is to grab any man available.

Recently she made a statement on a newspaper that she prefers younger men than older men. What the? If the statement she made about men is like once in a blue moon, it still acceptable. But to be reading about her proll for men, younger men specifically, it's disgusting. Have some pride woman! You have children to look for. Dont sell yourself like a cheap tart, boleh akak? =)

p/s Tak sanggup nak baca statement beliau pasal bertudung. Semoga ahkak Rozita terbuka hati untuk menjadi lebih baik. =)


S.A. said...

Betul la, most of her stories not at all related to her carrier.

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