Friday, August 12, 2011


If you truly care for somebody, make doa for them. If you truly dislike somebody, make doa for them. Doa is universal. It heals 

I retweeted this quote from I love Islam. It's simple yet meaningful. I never thought of this before. And since the knowledge, I've been practicing this. Alhamdulillah, it takes away some burden and resentment. You should try.

In this holy month let us speak with manners, no profanities, no hatred. Hopefully this practice will take you miles even after the month has ended.

Approximately, 18 days left before Syawal. What have you done@ achieved? 

Hopefully all of us will be blessed with health, wealth, happiness. InsyaAllah.

p/s ada bunyi Ustazah tak? hihi
p/p/s I hope for something different this Ramadhan and I'm making it different. Life's good so far. =D


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