Monday, August 1, 2011

a reminder to self

after reading about the issue regarding our football player and his fiance, I have decided not to talk about private life, specifically my relationship too publicly. What happen to both of them is kinda sad but I believe they have their own reasons. But because their relationship was exposed too much, and every bit of their journey was made known to public, it make small issue becomes so big with the whole country can just go to her blog and read.

So I'm now scared that what ever things I put on blog about us will one day be used against me, that's why I wont talk much about it anymore. B is more than happy about this.

And because of this too I realized not everything in our lives we should tell in this borderless world. Pardon me for being too ignorant. and not all readers have good intention on you. God forbid, some might just hang around to use all your words to go against you when the right time comes. Nauzubillah.

To this football player and his fiance, good luck for both of you. one small step you can take is stop telling the world about your problem and try to settle it between both of you. Because too many extra hands 'helping' bring more wounds than to heal.

Good night.


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