Monday, August 1, 2011

My Ramadhan Stories #1

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

Today I feel like sharing funny stories that happened to me or I made it happened during fasting month when I was still innocent. I have soooo many to tell so I've decided to post one story each day so that I've something to blog about everyday.hehe

So let's start with this story.

I couldn't be any younger than 7 or older than 9 year old when this happened. You see, when I was young, i love reading. When there was a newspaper on the table, I would read ALL sections though I couldnt understand some of them. Anyway, I remembered reading a column where this person asked the Ustaz or ustazah about this question: What if I was eating something then suddenly Adzan Subuh was heard? Meaning time to start fasting la. The ustaz@ ustazah said you're allowed to swallow the last piece in your mouth, and dont continue eating. Sooo my innocent thinking thought something like this:

I planned to stuff one whole burger in my mouth, and keep it there and only swallow it in the afternoon.hahahahha Bole? 

To tell you, I was really serious with this idea that the next morning, I kept a I-couldnt-remember-what in my mouth before Imsak. Imsak was about 10 minutes before the actually Subuh prayer call. So you know la when you keep something in your mouth for too long, your mouth become watery and the food becomes like too bluweeekkk to swallow? In the end, I spat the food in the toilet. That's when I learned that my plan would never succeeded. and that's when I grew a bit of my maturity.hahahah

Selamat Sungkey Everyone!!!

p/s Pic was googled =)


sword said...

Hehehehe mcm xsgka gne ndak ka leh pk mk plh kdk ya.hehehe

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