Friday, August 5, 2011

Granted Buffered Earning again after a year.


Today as usual I logged into my Nuffnang account just to check on traffic. and to check on the earning. Usually I didnt bother to click the earning button, just enough to move the cursor and see the pop-up effect showing how less my money is.haha but today, I was surprised because in a day RM10 was added to the value. So I then clicked on the button to see the break down of the ads that are on my blog.

Surprise surprise!

I got buffered earning baby!! woot! woot!

I last got it last year, in my previous blog. when I created, as expected I lost all my buffered campaigns. However, to my surprise I've been earning since May 2011 actually. Alhamdulillah. My part of rezeki has finally arrived. I couldnt stop smiling =)

The red box shows the last time I got buffered earning which is almost a year ago. and I was granted back on May this year. If I had known earlier...hee

Though I'm blogging for fun, i'm still excited to get some income from my writing. Who wouldnt? Dont have to fork out a single cent yo, dont have to brain my rusty brain for post. hehehehehe

and again Alhamdulillah. at least I have some side income for wedding right?

p/s anggap ini rezeki nak kahwin =p
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