Monday, June 27, 2011

Misi penting!

Today I'll be flying to Kuching again to attend my induction course at my teacher trainee college. Woot woot! Am super excited, mainly for these reasons:

1. I will meet my long time no see best friend from school. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa The last time I saw Aya was on the last day of SPM which is 6 1/2 years ago. I only got to see her in pictures. Not only meeting her, I'll be staying with her tooooo. She made me.haha Ok diam.

Aya, in yellow shirt.

2. I hope to pass my kissm exam so that I can get into permanent position as government servant a.s.a.p then I can get a raise in salary and if God's will, further my study. That's why this course is super important. Plus, we are among the blessed one since we got to attend this course way before starting job which some people have to wait years in line to attend. Alhamdulillah~

3. I get to meet my boyfriend. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaa. He will be flying down from Bintulu on Thursday, so after the exam, I get to see him.hehe It's been 2 months since we saw each other. Takdela lama mana pon.hehe If I dont see him this week, we'll not know when to meet again. He might not come to my convocation due to work commitment. Takpela...takde rezeki.

B, in yellow shirt too..haha

4. I will get to go around Kuching, visiting B's aunties and uncles too. I've met some of them long before and cant wait to see them. Ni bukan tipu bodek2 bakal keluarga mertua eh. Truth is, his aunties are all sporting. Friendly.hehe Plus, they also invite me to visit them too. Alang-alang dah pergi sane. =)

Some of the aunties.

p/s Currently I'm waiting for my choc moist cake to be perfectly cook. It's a special request from B to eat cake bake by me. Thank you =). If the cake turns out perfect, I;ll blog about it. If no post regarding the cake, you know the signal. hahaha
Sunday, June 26, 2011

Reading for Kursus Induksi Sistem Saraan Malaysia

I've just started reading for kissm few hours ago. So I'm pretty nervous, shoving every details into my rusty, unused brain that has been on rest state for almost 2 months. So, I wanna ramble here, trying to remember bits by bits the things that I've read. This is craps. Feel free to click the exit button. Thanks =)

12 Tonggak Etika

  1. Menghargai masa
  2. Ketekunan membawa kejayaan
  3. keseronokan bekerja
  4. kemuliaan kesederhanaan
  5. ketinggian peribadi
  6. kebijaksanaan berhemat
  7. bakat
  8. kesabaran
  9. nikmat mencipta
  10. arrggggggggggggg tak ingat
*terus rasa down~~

Nurul mok merepak tok~

These few days.......

1. I met a guy who shamelessly cut my line for a parking and dig his nose shamelessly too. Too bad, his daughter was in the car looking at me and her father interchangeably (bombastic word alert!..haha)

2. Toured around Masjid Tanah town for 2 days in a row looking for a parking to buy my favourite brand of contact lens (which can only be found at that specific store). The first day, it was a payday day so people went nuts to pay bills and what not and Masjid Tanah was crowded. And today, not only I got a parking, but a parking right in front of the shop door. Too bad, it was closed! huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

3. I met another guy at the same place. I was queuing up at the counter. He was right behind me. Too close in fact that he bumped my basket several times. He called somebody. and he was loud too. Eh stakat shopping kat Family store pon nak kecoh ke? Not only that, he was hitting on the girl in front of me. Blerggghh~ Apparently the girl knew him too. After she's done paying, she joined him standing behind me. Dan bermulalah adegan throw up in your face. The guy repeated asking the girl where she's heading after that. merengek2 macam budak nak susu.  Pegi tingkat 1 family store pon nak kecoh kot. After I've done with the bill,  I looked back and saw the guy's face for the 1st time. Tak hensem pon~~~~~

4. I'm halfway into packing my stuffs. Imma bring 2 luggage. Emos tak?? Hahaha I'm bringing more clothes this time as I dont know if i ever get to wash my clothes. So bring more la kan>>

ok udah kmk ngerepak. Bye!

p/s sik paham baca nota kissm. perlu ka?
Saturday, June 25, 2011

My favourite pancakes =)

I learnt to make pancake about a month ago and been loving it since. Now, every time I feel hungry and have nothing or lazy to cook, i'll just make myself pancakes. It's very very simple. In 15 minutes - this include preparing and cooking, your pancakes will be ready. That simple.

Fluffy. I happened to take picture of my home made pancake yesterday. So I blog.hehe

My cousin, Anis is the biggest fan of my pancake. Whenever she comes back from Pahang, she'll ask me to make for her. Awwww....

my recipe for pancake (I've modified it according to my own taste)

2 senduk nasi wheat flour. 
(we dont have specific measuring cup at home. bantai sajork..aku kalau masak pakai ape pon bole..lalalala)
1 egg (beaten mildly)
A lil bit of tartar cream
A glass of fresh milk (Atau sampai adunan cair)
A lil bit of soda bicarbonate ( I dont put tartar or soda at the same time. I use either one.if you use both, it will make your tongue feel funny)
One spoon of sugar
A lil bit of salt


1. Beat the egg in a bowl.
2. Pour flour accordingly. Stir.
3. Add Soda/ tar tar
4. Add fresh milk till the mixture is err..what's cair in English..err....till it's light? =p)
5. Add sugar and salt. Stir.

Now your mixture is ready for the pan.

1. Pour 1 senduk nasi mixture on to the pan.
2. There will be bubbles on your pancake. Wait till it burst then only you change side..ok my English is funny here..hahaha you flip la...aiyaa)
3. Wait for a while.

Now you can enjoy your pancake with maple syrup/ chocolate/ or any other way you like it. 

I love it plain =)


Guess correctly!

 Guess what are these:






I'm not sure what is this but it looks like a caterpillar. At first I thought it's a twig. Lucky I didnt step or kick it. =.='

I found these two tiny creatures on the same floor, only different days. I guess Abah is bringing home new friends. haha

p/s I'm really really really really really bored =(. And I havent at all started to read Kissm notes. 

Another cousin has gotten engaged!

Banyak pulak sepupu bertunang kan? =)

Today, another cousin, Naim has gotten engaged to his girlfriend, Pika. Naim is Anis's brother, same age with my brother, Pdoh. Pika stays about 10minutes away from our houses. Dekat je...hehe

Enjoy =). Not many pictures since I was shy to take them.

Mini dais and gifts from both sides.

Yaya, Me and Anis. Pardon the oily skin =(

From Naim

From Pika

The process was really fast. The discussion took not even 10 minutes. Simple kan? =)

Welcome to the new family.

Us. I wore the baju, freshly taken from the tailor. haha

Have a great weekend everyone!!
Friday, June 24, 2011

Who am I meant to be?

Today, my FB friend posted something on her wall that caught my attention. It's a personality quiz from the Oprah Magazine. I have always loved personality quiz since I know I dont really know myself that well. =p Plus, it's from Oprah, so the validity of the quiz might be high. I answered a series of question, in less than 5 minutes. When I got the result, I took some time to acknowledge, agree or disagree. I want to share my result with you. I'll highlight  the points I agree with yellow and blue for something that I dont agree.

You are a stabilizer: You are the rock in a storm, the one others lean on. Loyal and com-mitted in your relationships, you maintain a support system of like-minded people whom you look out for. (So what if you do it behind the scenes and don't get credit?) You're careful with money, cherish the familiar, and defend the traditions you care about.

What to watch out for: Rapidly changing environments (like a shaky economy) are very hard for you. As a result of such instability, you can spiral into a state where everything seems catastrophic and you're sure life will only get worse. You can also become overcontrolling, rejecting any suggestion that doesn't conform to your idea of the way things should be. To avoid being too rigid, each month try changing one habit. Exper-iment with clothes, drive a different way to work, initiate conversations about subjects you wouldn't normally discuss. And when the opportunity arises to do something new, avoid the impulse to immediately say no—this may be nerve-racking, but the more you practice, the less anxious you'll feel.

Looking ahead: You find meaning in pursuing safety and certainty. Focusing on family can give you great satisfaction. Also consider planting a vegetable garden, hosting class reunions, volunteering as a lifeguard, teaching at your church or temple. In the work arena, look for positions where you're responsible for others, and for making sure everyone is following the rules. You work well in any environment that is stable and consistent. Careers in government, finance, the military, law enforcement, and product manufacturing are strong options for you.

Find careers that match your striving style. 

Many people have two or three strong striving styles, and they can all be important in leading you to the person you are meant to be. If you have a few "highest" scores, read each matching description, and see what rings most true.

Striving to help: 11
Striving to be recognized: 9
Striving to be creative: 12
Striving to be spontaneous: 14
Striving to be knowledgeable: 10
Striving to be secure: 14
Striving to be in control: 10

You scored: 11

You are a nurturer: You are caring and supportive in your personal relationships as well as in your job. Unselfish and altruistic by nature, you often anticipate the needs of those around you before they are aware of them. If there is one thing that brings you satisfaction, it's tending to others.

What to watch out for: When you're doing things for people only to feel valued, you can become resentful. And if you sense that your help is not appreciated, you may end up playing the martyr. So before giving your time to everyone else, make sure to take care of yourself (physically, emotionally, and spiritually). And practice waiting until someone asks for help: While you may be able to perceive what a person needs, that doesn't mean she wants you to attend to it.

Looking ahead: It's important for you to be genuinely of service in acknowledged ways. Whether you foster a child, care for an elderly aunt, rescue animals, or support a rock star's career as her personal assistant, look for opportunities where you can help other people or bigger causes. Volunteer work has your name written on it, as do many careers: nursing, teaching, customer service, healing, social work. Don't feel pressured to run the company or lead the project; you may be even more effective as someone's right hand. And you'll likely find working with other people more meaningful than flying solo.

Find careers that match your striving style.
Back to Top

You scored: 9

You are an achiever: Ambitious, competitive, and hardworking: That's you. With a clear image of who you are, you work tirelessly to make sure your accomplishments are recognized. Your drive for success extends to your family, and you invest a lot of energy in helping them live up to your expectations. Thanks to your knack for diplomacy and abundant charisma, you often inspire others.

What to watch out for: You are prone to becoming a workaholic, slaving away toward success while neglecting your personal life. Because you're driven to gain approval, you can find yourself performing for others like an actor; if you become overly concerned with your image, you end up feeling superficial. To keep your ambition under control, get involved in group activities that require cooperation. Also practice listening to those around you and think about sharing the spotlight from time to time.

Looking ahead: Any career that allows you to scale the ranks and gain recognition, status, even material rewards, lights you up. Actress, entrepreneur, salesperson, politician—you get the picture. And consider balancing your professional challenges with personal ones: Run a 10K, train for a triathlon, compete in a tennis tournament, bike from one end of your state to the other; or join a debate team, play in a poker circle, enter your purebred spaniel in a dog show. Whenever you can win at something, you're happy.

Find careers that match your striving style.
Back to Top

You scored:
You are an artist: You came out of the womb with a paintbrush in your hand. Or maybe it was a flute or a castanet or a fountain pen to go with your poet's imagination. The point is, you're an original, and you know it. Even if you don't have a singular gift, you're drawn to the arts—anything creative, for that matter—and you have a unique way of looking at the world. Your need for depth and authenticity in relationships can lead to both great joy and profound sorrow, depending on whether others reciprocate. You don't care so much about adapting to group or societal expectations; your independence and sharp intuition propel you on your own path.

What to watch out for: When fear of conformity overrides your creativity, you can assume the role of "outsider" or "orphan" and end up feeling alienated. You may even go so far as refusing to vote or pay taxes. This lone-wolf stance might be a defense against feeling vulnerable. Try to be aware that blaming others for your banishment, or pushing away those who want to get close, only makes things worse. Also, dramatizing your emotions can interfere with your creativity.

Looking ahead: As long as you genuinely express yourself, you feel like the person you were meant to be. How you do it is irrelevant. A chef or architect can be as much of an artist as a painter or sculptor. Many advertising and public relations executives are also highly imaginative. Beyond work, there are opportunities everywhere you look to coax out your inner artist: Design your own jewelry line, create an innovative blog, dream up a comic strip. Relationships are another avenue for self-expression.

Find careers that match your striving style.
Back to Top

You scored: 14

You are an adventurer: Action-oriented, curious, outgoing, and often technically gifted, you live for new experiences. You are drawn to risk-taking and aren't afraid to fail. Generally restless, you tend to job-hop or choose a field that offers constant novelty. If you had to name your favorite place, it might be the center of attention—you're a born entertainer, and can easily adapt to any audience. While you collect many acquaintances, you're less likely to develop deep, committed relationships.

What to watch out for: When you can't satisfy your thirst for variety and excitement, you may see yourself as trapped, which can lead to impulsive and self-destructive behavior—drinking, drugs, breaking off relationships, ditching financial responsibilities. Try to find value in some traditions; if you learn to appreciate repetitive experiences, you won't always feel the urge to bust free. And when a new opportunity thrills you, keep in mind that just because it sounds exciting, that doesn't mean it's good for you.

Looking ahead: Life will have meaning for you as long as you feel stimulated. That might mean chasing twisters, exploring the polar ice caps, getting a degree in dance therapy, or becoming an astronaut. It might also mean reading new books, attending workshops, or letting yourself get swept up in an intoxicating romance. As a risk-lover with a lot of energy, you're a natural entrepreneur. You'll be happiest if you change jobs every so often and travel extensively. Movement is what keeps you going.

Find careers that match your striving style.
Back to Top

You scored: 10

You are an intellectual: As a leader, you're often ahead of your time. As an employee, you try to surpass the competence level of peers, even managers. Incisive and curious, you're driven to deeply understand how things work. But that's things, not people. Oh, your family and friends are important; it's just that you don't need to spend hours engaging with them. Social validation isn't your goal—you're secure enough in your cerebral pursuits.

What to watch out for: When you can't find a way to be the expert, you may withdraw or simply withhold information, which can make you seem smug or arrogant. If you feel yourself retreating into your own world, seek a friend's help to pull you back. Also balance your cerebral tendencies through physical activities like jogging, hiking, or dance.

Looking ahead: You discover who you are meant to be through accumulating insight and knowledge. So follow your curiosity. Are you drawn to learning Mandarin? Join-ing a philosophy society? Studying and practicing Buddhist meditation? Delving into the complexities of computer programming? Writing a historical book? Pursuits that place you near the leading edge of technology, science, psychology, academia, or business are good bets. But any situation that allows you to work independently with freedom to investigate and innovate will fuel your drive.

Find careers that match your striving style.
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You scored: 14

You are a stabilizer: You are the rock in a storm, the one others lean on. Loyal and com-mitted in your relationships, you maintain a support system of like-minded people whom you look out for. (So what if you do it behind the scenes and don't get credit?) You're careful with money, cherish the familiar, and defend the traditions you care about.

What to watch out for: Rapidly changing environments (like a shaky economy) are very hard for you. As a result of such instability, you can spiral into a state where everything seems catastrophic and you're sure life will only get worse. You can also become overcontrolling, rejecting any suggestion that doesn't conform to your idea of the way things should be. To avoid being too rigid, each month try changing one habit. Exper-iment with clothes, drive a different way to work, initiate conversations about subjects you wouldn't normally discuss. And when the opportunity arises to do something new, avoid the impulse to immediately say no—this may be nerve-racking, but the more you practice, the less anxious you'll feel.

Looking ahead: You find meaning in pursuing safety and certainty. Focusing on family can give you great satisfaction. Also consider planting a vegetable garden, hosting class reunions, volunteering as a lifeguard, teaching at your church or temple. In the work arena, look for positions where you're responsible for others, and for making sure everyone is following the rules. You work well in any environment that is stable and consistent. Careers in government, finance, the military, law enforcement, and product manufacturing are strong options for you.

Find careers that match your striving style.
Back to Top

You scored: 10

You are a leader: You approach everything as though you were born to be in charge. Confident, assertive, and decisive, you know what you want and you go after it. You also look out for family, friends, and community—you feel you know what's best for them—and have no fear of confronting anyone who challenges your ideas. Taking the driver's seat, you also generously donate time and energy to people and neighborhood projects.

What to watch out for: When you feel threatened, or others refuse to go along with your agenda, you can become confrontational and domineering, sometimes to the point of being dictatorial. Practice letting someone else take charge on occasion. Also try meditation; it can help you be-come more aware of your controlling impulses and ease the anxiety that may be provoking them.

Looking ahead: You discover your purpose when you take control of your environment. For you, finding a decision-making role is key. That could mean anything from producing a play to spearheading a global campaign for something you care about. In work, you're suited for leadership positions in education, government, industry, finance, religious institutions, or politics. But you can find satisfaction anytime you're given the autonomy to do things your own way.

I know you are tired from reading.haha If you are interested to know about yourself, go here =)
Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kursus Kahwin

watched Semanis Kurma just now. Topic: Engagement.

Not interested with the topic anyway. Mum was more interested than me.haha

When Elly said the she hasnt gone for kursus kahwin, i start thinking too. Bila aku nak pergi ni????????

I was supposed to take it ages ago but I postponed it many many times already.

Reason: Going alone, not to my liking.

Who wants to go with me?????
screw you!
Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Last night I took my allergic pill. It was a wrong move. I feel tired, restless, fatigue and sleepy all the time. After Sahur, I slept and woke up at 10am!!!!! First time since the holiday started. The latest was 8.30am.

I immediately hit the shower in order to freshen up a bit. But it was useless. My whole body was on autopilot mode. Everything became heavy, even when I hang the clothes outside. The clothes weighed almost 2-3kg in my condition. Then I folded dry clothes too. All feel heavy!

at 11.55am I lied on the bed. Fell asleep and was awaken by a call from B about 2 1/2 hour later. I barely remembered what we talked about. My head felt heavy. After that, i dragged my feet, forcing myself to be awake. I sat in front of laptop, playing around with FB for a while and continued typing my KISSM assignment. Alhamdulillah, siap satu soalan. Another one will be continued~~~ =p

Basically I spent the rest of the afternoon lying on the floor, the couch. I even arranged two dining chairs side by side and lied on them. Even Mum pun hairan. well...

Now at 10pm. my lids are super heavy. Gonna hit the sack now. till then.

p/s I know because of this, I gained nothing from fasting. Only lapar and dahaga. Too much sleep woooo~~


  • I woke up early today for sahur. Have to fast for another 2 days. Funny thing, when my phone alarm rang, I shut it off, Satan telling me I can always fast any other day. Few minutes later, I had this urge to pee so I went to the toilet. Then only my right mind told me to fast since I'll be busy next week. Fasting month is approaching in 5 weeks plus. 5 weeks seem long but what if I fell sick? What if I dont wake up early for sahur? what if? what if? See...satan memang kuat la kalau bab bab nak bangun tido. Damn you satan!!

  • I went to UKM yesterday to settle for Convo fee. It was quite there, maybe because the new semester is wayyyyy long to start. Haha and for the first time I got wholf-whistled from the young workers there. Before this, I didnt stand a chance when I was with Leen or Ain. Even with Ambun pun! Rasa hot kejap. Boleh???hahahhaha Now I cant wait to graduate =))

  • Apart from that, met Shatierr in Shah Alam. After almost 2 months, I got to talk non stop with her.! Now I'm having a slight sore throat. Ye la kat rumah sapa mok layan aku bercakap kan??haha

  • Finally B gets his hand on his 1st car! Alhamdulillah. After waiting almost for a year. It's a second hand car but in excellent condition. He bought it from his uncle. I'm soooo proud of you dear! Bangga ok. Biar la bukan new car or expensive car. But it's the effort that I admire. He's been postponing to buy his car because of our engagement and financial situation. When few weeks later his uncle offered him the car. He's got eyes on the car btw. So he got a car, not only any car, the car he's been eyeing for soo long. Eh terpanjang pulak. haha

  • My KISSM is currently in process. I'm so lazy to type. Hopefully can be done before I fly to Kuching.

  • Heard the news about pembekuan pengambilan staff bla bla bla. As much as I hate being jobless, I hope my rezeki will come fast. Try not to whine about it. Be cool bebeh! InsyaAllah. Must be a reason right if there's a delay?
That's all. Bye!
Monday, June 20, 2011


nope, not missing my boipren. I'm missing my niece, Ikha.

She was soooo manja with me when I was in Penang, Langkawi and Sik. When her parents ignored her, she came and sulked on my lap. When her head hit something, she asked me to rub that area till she's satisfied.( Got one time I rubbed just like a pat on her head. Tak puas hati. So kena la gosok sampai dia puas hati.)

Ikha, Mak Lang rindu ni. canerrrr~~


I'm soo loving this picture. Suka gak bermanja ngan nenek.hehe 

She knows how to rock the pose =p

Sila fokus kepada Ikha sahaja. Abaikan wajah maklang yang..... (isi tempat kosong)

Semoga ayah Ikha dapat cuti raya yang panjangggggg~~ Takpon Maklang posting dok penang je la kan??hehehe 

p/s kalo jumpa ikha nak kiss pipi kuat kuat!!!!!
Sunday, June 19, 2011


Today started off bad. I promised mom to go for a jog with her. And I overslept till 8.30am. This was the 2nd time. I was supposed to go with her yesterday morning too. And I too, indulged in the nikmat of sleeping. Aish~~~ Very bad me. But she still went by herself. Go mak go!

I'm going to pay my convocation fee next week. Helping Ambun and Leen also. Anybody else wanna me to help??hehe

Then going to fetch Iera at Shah Alam. Lamak sik jumpa eh.

Ok la. writer's block. bye
Saturday, June 18, 2011

Geli weh~

I dont do PDA (Public Display of Affection, in case you dont know). Even wanna put picture together2 with boyfriend pun I will think not twice but thousand times. Even some people say 'boypren aku sukati aku la'. haha No I dont do that. If kadang2 kalau uolss ternampak juga gmbar seperti itew...itu dah semasak mungkin aku consider nak letak. Percaya tak tahap masak aku tu sampai aku tutup mata and press the 'Publish post' button?

Aku geli. Tapi tak tahan. Nak cakap jugak.

I miss my boyfriend super much. eh salah...I miss my fiance super much. Eww.. geli gile panggil tunang sendiri tunang or fiance.haha ok la. Miss my cumuk super much.

Ok dah.


p/s Will meet him end of this month. yeay! He's gonna treat me at Steamboat Garden. Woot Woot! 
Thursday, June 16, 2011

Langkawi Underwater World, Pantai Cenang

Hola chicos en chicas!

So, our journey in Langkawi continued the second day where we started the day by visiting Underwater World. This place is situate at Pantai Cenang, so if you stay there, it's within walking distance. Butofcourse we took the car there instead of walking. We also checked out that morning too. With all the baggage, walking was insane =)

We arrived there around 9.50am, the place opened at 10am. So we walked around for a while

There's a restaurant, a chocolate shop and a small mall attached in the same building as the Underwater World

Ikha was so happy to get out. =)

The choc shop

The mission to luring Mom into buying me a perfume failed miserably =(..

The big tank at the entrance. Mom and I decided not to go in since the fee was super expensive. RM28 for Malaysian, RM38 for Foreigners. I've been there before and the ticket wasnt that expensive. Therefore, only Amir, Kak Shida, Adek and Ikha went in. Mak and I walked around the mall.hehe

Since I didnt join them, I dont know what to comment on each picture.hehe Pics were taken by my brother.

Hello gorgeous.

Fish Drift


Notice that Ikha looked grumpy. She was scared of the bird.hahaha


Close up penguin. This is NOT a duck.

The tunnel. I prefer the one in Singapore  because the floor escalates... ala like the one at KLIA.. THis one 's just rock and cement.

She was hooked!

Sejok ke dekkkkk?

It says Pink Cucumber. I dont see any pink there~


Hello there!

Ikha was already tired

This reminds me of the scene in 'Finding Nemo'.

Mom and I were waiting at the cafeteria.

Discussing where to go next. Kota Mahsuri!!

Sorry for the lack of explanation since I didnt enter the tank.hehe But was happy to window shop with Mom. The next entry will be about our visit to Kota Mahsuri, formerly known as Makam Mahsuri.


Facebook bores me~

Yea it is~~ (Marshall Erickson style )

Usually, logging in Facebook is something that I look forward everyday. Now not anymore. Most of my friends are MIA. Even I feel like I'm partially MIA too. Nothing interesting on Facebook. The only reason I check in everyday is to find out if there's any recent news in my Tesl 4 group : updates on Kissm or Convo. That's all.

Apart from that, erm...should I say this..erm..........................

I find that Facebook has become a medium to hurt people using words. I used to do that too. Now that I think I'm wiser or at least try to be one, I couldnt bear to read those comments anymore. Especially if it involves people I know. So if I stumble upon those type, I will straight away hide the status. If that kind of status occurs constantly, I'll just hide that person. Hmm....

The other day I found a blog, written by my junior. I was never close to her. I think even in school I only managed to exchange smiles. But something in her blog spoke to me. Her blog is the dakwah kinda style. And I NEVER like those blogs. But maybe God has some way to speak to me, I dont know but I truly enjoy reading her words. And through her words I have decided to be more careful of what I'm posting to Facebook. It's rather dont say anything if you have nothing nice to say kinda thing. So InsyaAllah, I'll try my best.hehe

I know lately my writings appear to be like I'm so pure ala2 gadis lindungan bulan gitu.hehe I've been doing lotsa reading and thinking. Reflecting on my past doings, about people around me, about my future. I'm not saying I've changed but in the process.hehe I want to know more about myself. Find my strengths that I yet to discover.

Hopefully I will get posted fast. My cousin Ziela has got an offer at KPJ Seremban as a radiographer. Now I'm left alone unemployed. When she told me the news, I feel like a loser. Still feelin' it now.hehe She was supposed to report yesterday but due to some mismanagement at the HR department, she'll start her work next Monday. Congrats weh! And my other cousin, Aisya has got an offer to work with AirAsia. Not as stewardess. Something to do with marketing department. You too Sha, Congratulations. Been reading your blog like forever. After what you've been through, I'm so proud of you. =)

I'm strayed from the topic. Anyhoo, have a great day everyone =)

Till then.
Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I'm broke now. When I tell people my condition, some dont believe me. Do I have to show my bank statement to satisfy your curiosity? And since when being broke is the new trend? It's embarrassing anyway. 

Some people I know always claim that they have no money. And this usually happen when I 1st said I have none too. But several days later, they came up showing new handphone, new Ipad, new LED tv. Were you trying to make me feel good by sharing the 'same' condition' as me? hehe

But anyway, I believe rezeki comes in many ways that you sometimes never expect to. 

I went to Langkawi, literally no money. Everything was paid off by my brother or mom. I felt guilty though. I even borrowed 100 bucks from mom to shop for chocolates. I felt sorry for myself. 

When we came back, I wasnt any richer than when I was in Langkawi. However, I really wanted to go for a movie. Since the financial problem, I tossed aside the idea, consoling myself that some day the rezeki would arrive at my door step.

And yesterday, while I was having my breakfast, my dad called and asked me to send my uncle and auntie to Melaka Sentral.  I invited Ziela my cousin to accompany me. When we dropped uncle and autie at the bus station, my autie slipped RM50 note in my hand. I refused at first. She insisted. In my heart, I said Alhamdulillah. I shared the rezeki with my cousin for a movie and lunch. Cukup2.hehe we watched Kungfu Panda. And there were only 7 pax in the cinema. =)

Later that day, I remembered that I hadnt bought a chicken. So I planned to stop by Tesco. But I changed the plan since Ziela has never been to Mydin. Oh before that, my car was going to run out of gas. And again, Ziela helped to top up that. And off we went to Mydin.

Mom gave me RM20 for a whole chicken.

Before that, I had run out of stock for facial cotton since last month. I use Kleenex to clean my face since its available at home. hehe  Since money was limited, I didnt stock it up. So when I was in Mydin, I bought one whole chicken, a twin pack of facial cotton and spinach. The total bill came up to RM17.75. That what I called rezeki because everything came so cheap that I can afford to buy the facial cotton.

It was the simplest example I could give. and it happened to me.

As I grow older, I'm trying to be more mature, and thankful to what I have. I try it everyday though someday I did question why no one money is coming in. But i try not to complain, just believe that someday it will be my turn for another round of rezeki =))

p/s Alhamdulillah.
Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cleopatra Stratan - Numar Pan'La Unu

I just found out about this girl today. She's super cute. Her voice's cute too! enjoy =)

Hop sha lalalalala~~
Monday, June 13, 2011

Langkawi Day 1 Part 2 - Langkawi Cable Car!

Kesinambungan Part 1.

After we checked in at our room. prayed and rested for a while, we continued our day to the one of Langkawi famous attractions, Langkawi Cable Car. If you visit this island, this place is a MUST!!! It is situated at Langkawi Geopark at Gunung Mat Cincang.

From Pantai Cenang, we passed by Langkawi Airport =)

We stopped by at Pantai Kok to take pictures.hehe And we tried to make Ikha feel the wave for the 1st time. She was scared!!

Finally we arrived at Oriental Village where the Cable car is.

The village has many shops selling souvenirs, food and drinks. The view is beautiful. 

It was super humid and hot there. A hat would be a good idea.

We made one of this, but not here. We took one at Kota Mahsuri. That will be blogged in a different post.

Lotsa souvenirs here but it's a bit pricey.

Segway can be rent here. about RM17 if I'm not mistaken. You can also rent this for jungle trekking for RM30++.

Next to the cable car ticket counter is a wildlife area. =.=.... not so la...only got this animal and rabbits.


Spot the rabbit. Macro function automatically zoom for the branches instead of the rabbits =.='

Apparently Cable Car is having a promotion. Half price ticket from 5-7 pm ONLY. You see the crowd? They were all lining up waiting for the promo ticket. Normal price is RM30 per pax.

Spot my brother. hehe He waited since 4.40pm under the hot blazing sun!! Managed to get the ticket almost at 5.30pm. Lama kan??

While waiting for her Ayah to buy the ticket, Ikha met a new friend. They couldnt stop kissing each other. HAHAHAH Sikit2 nak kiss. 

Ngerepak indah ikha.haha

Yeay, finally we got the ticket.

DO NOT focus on my face. Please focus your eyes at the water bottles behind me.hehe It was super humid. Many visitors brought their own drinks. Unfortunately, food and drinks are not allowed. You can but them up there.hee I kept one bottle in my bag.tee hee..hee..

Stair way to heaven!

Macam semut!

Since the massive crowd, we waited another 30 minutes lining up. phew

The gondola. Fit for 6 pax only.

We were going to the top!

Less people already. Most of them were already queuing up.

The official photographer there. One picture costs RM35. Gila mahal!

We stood in lines from 1 to 6. The gondola wont stop so you have to get in one by one. Tapi ade je yang berebut2 masok.

Muka boleh buat goreng pisang.

Cool Arab baby.hee

Kak Shida was scared. ME? Muka confident.hahaha

Up up and away!

Pulau Dayang Bunting. Only Dayang's head was captured =.='

The famous Telaga Tujuh waterfall.

Family picture!

The first arrow shows the wave breaker. and Pantai Cenang can be seen from up there.

The tower. There were 3 towers all together.

Almost reaching the top. At that moment, the cable car stopped for a while due to heavy wind. I can see the cable next to ours (the one going down) was hit by wind and it went up and down like the cowboys always do with the rope. At that time, I was already traumatised! Rasa nak turun time time tu jugak. Nak nangis pun ader woo...

The suspension bridge, bridging the two tops of the mountain. Can you see the people there?

At the first station

At the second station. Buying drinks. 

Pantai Kok!

The Oriental Village from the top/

Notice the arrow: we went to the suspension bridge!

The route was slippery and curam

Station 1 from the bridge.


It was a bit tiring climbing down to the bridge. The arrow points at where we started to climb down.

Almost sunset. Perfect.

On the bridge. I sat down because I was soo gayat. When the wind blew, the bridge was kinda move too. And the planks for the floor macam dah longgar2. Kalau nasib tak baik pijak la papan tu yang goyang. seram beb! First time experiencing weak kness/ lutut longlai/ Ketaq lutot!

Penat woh daki tangga nak naik balik. Serious sangat penat. Plus the high altitude, breathing became kinda heavy.



Going down.

Nampak tak muka cuak??hahhaa

It was going to rain. Hence why we didnt wait till sunset.

It was the comulonimbus cloud. Awan hitam ya'll~ First time ada lam awan hitam nak hujan.haha

Candid! Hilang comel sebab takut.hahaha In my defense, I was still in trauma state.

Even this super active girl was quite too. Means she was scared like me.hee

It was 7pm and people were still waiting for their turn. By the way, the last ride to the top is at 7pm.

People chilled out by the lake.

Basically, that's how our first day went by. We were too exhausted to pose for more pictures. lagipun muka dah bersepah sebab peluh and penat. haha....By the way, this was my 3rd time there. The place hasnt changed at all. 

Later, we went back to our room to rest and pray.

To be continued~~

p/s I know my grammar was all jumbled up. Am lazy to reread the post. I've been sitting in front of the laptop for 4 hours. I just couldnt care anymore.hehe anyhoo, as long as you get what i'm saying, I'm satisfied. Pardon the errors ya!
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